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Goq Gar
16-10-2006, 16:35
Help me write a list please+thanks

Limits: All the models ive got.
80 saurus (no spears) 20 saurus (w spears) 100 total
100 skinks
4 kroxigors
3 salamanders
1 slann (I can proxy the temple guard from saurus)
2 priests
Any number of saurus heroes
8 saurus cavalry
I can proxy cama-cama-cama-cama-cama-chameeleeon skinks
1 stegadon
I have to proxy terradons with other stuff.

I can pretty much proxy anything, but i'd prefer to keep it semi modular.

Thanks for the help, im too bogged down with studying to make a good list for the weekend.

Im planning on using these tactics:

Setting all my saurus in the centre, with a wall of skinks, salamanders and kroxigors in front of them, magic casters behind, and my stegadon and saurus cavalry on either side, wreaking havoc on my opponent.

My opponent... hes a norwegian skaven player. Named... Chris. Help me slay him warseer.

16-10-2006, 17:59
looking at your moddels and the tactic you want to play I think the thunder lizard is msot suiting.
take 4 blcoks of 20 saurus warriors ( or 3 and 1 temple guard).
place them all in the center and make them quetzl ( with or without the secret host) with the slann and his abttle standart you have a damn solid battle line.
would take atleast 60 skinks, let half of the skinks swarm in front of them and the other half scouts.
( that should be around 1500 pts).
use the remaining points for a slann ( I prefer second gen) ur priests, and the rest on an oldblood in a unit of 9 ( so a total of 10) saurus caf with the haunachi's blessed totum.
take 3 salamanders and put them on 1 flank
and put ur kroxigors on the other one.
should be around 3000 pts, if you have extra points take a scar vetren with nike shoes, and maby a stegadon ( terror is fun vs skaven)

16-10-2006, 22:43
585 2nd Generation Slann with Battle Standard, Diadem of Power, Plaque of Tepok, Plaque of Dominion
283 Oldblood with The Maiming Shield, Aura of quetzl, Charm of the Jaguar Warrior, LA, BSo Quetzl, Sotek, Tepok
163 Scar Vet with Gleaming Pendant of Chotec, LA, Shield, GW, BSo Quetzl, Tepok
150 Skink Priest level 2 with 2 Dispel Scrolls

323 16 Temple Guard with full command
300 20 Saurus with full command
300 20 Saurus with full command
78 13 Skinks with javelins, shield
78 13 Skinks with javelins, shield
72 12 Skinks with javelins, shield
84 12 Skinks with blowpipes, scout
84 12 Skinks with blowpipes, scout

232 4 Kroxigor
175 5 Terradons
90 6 Chameleon Skinks

The idea is for the kroxigor to stay away from shooting, wait until your stuck in and then have them come around and flank his army. The saurus form a wall for the enemy to hit. The slann and skinks pepper the enemy, targetting any shooting that they have first, so that you can force the skaven to come to you. when they get there, make sure your slann can cast bears anger on the oldblood. if he has that on him, he will be able to flank a unit and break them like the kroxigor. He'll have 10 attacks on the charge, at strength 7. :) The Scar Vet should go in one of the saurus units, and the saurus should be screened by the skinks. After the skinks are charged and broken, the scar vet will activate the pendant, and you can be sure that you will win that combat.