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16-10-2006, 20:24
I am looking at putting together Skaven for 7th Edition. I haven’t played them before so would appreciate any constructive advice forum members can provide.

Typically we play 2250 point games.


Warlord – Heavy Armour, Shield, Warpstone Amulet, Weeping Blade [169]

Chieftan – Heavy Armour, BSB with War Banner [99]

Engineer – Full Kit less Pistol, Scroll [110]

Engineer – Full Kit less Pistol, Scroll, Storm Daemon [135]


30 Clan Rats with Muso and Standard, Ratling Gun [225]

30 Clan Rats – as above [225]

30 Clan Rats – as above less Weapons Team [165]

30 Clan Rats – as above [165]

20 Slaves with Muso [44]

20 Slaves as above [44]

20 Slaves as above [44]

20 Slaves as above [44]

6 Poison Wind Globadiers [60]

6 Poison Wind Globadiers [60]

3 Giant Rat Pack – 18 Rats, 3 Packmasters [90]


15 Plague Monks – Extra HW, Muso and Deacon [135]

3 Tunnellers – Extra Weapon Poisoned [51]

3 Tunnellers – as above [51]

6 Jezzails [120]


6 Plague Censer Bearers [102]

Warp Lightning Cannon [100]

This leaves me with 12 to spend. Of the inclusions I am less wedded to the Giant Rats.

Appreciate any comments people have. Yes, I appreciate that there is nothing particularly exciting but I am keen to get the basics right.



16-10-2006, 20:33
I'd personally make the Poisoned Wind Globadiers into three units of four each (or four units of three). That way they will never cause Panic to anything nearby.

Your Plague Monks are too few for Skaven.

16-10-2006, 20:33
Nice list, like the fact that you aint gone ratling gun crazy as people tend to get upset at that.

You have a nice horde feel to the army which I like and you will outnumber most people, the globadiers are ace to keep behind your units then to pop out and chuck globes at knights:D

Would probably try to get some Warp fire throwers in there as they ace and people always under estimate them.

Also the storm banner on the bsb may be nice as a change as can mess up those nasty gun lines and cannons which can make a mess of your nice big clan rat blocks.

The tunnellers need to be bumped up a bit in size would use just one unit of 6 instead of two units of three as help get rear and flank bonuses and outnumbering is handy to help win against gun crew. As the dice always favour gunners in combat:eek:

16-10-2006, 22:58
I agree with NakedFisherman, need more plague monks. Maybe get the points by taking away some Globaiders, never seen them get their points back surprisingly.

And just curious...where are your ratling guns?:p

17-10-2006, 19:00
Thanks guys, appreciate the comments which are being taken onboard.

Dtrik - only 2, with the Clanrats

Any other thoughts people?