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16-10-2006, 19:48
I was re-reading The Sabbat Worlds crusade book today and came across the Civitas Imperialis. Does anyone know if this is just an Abnett invention, unique to the Sabbat Worlds, or has it been mentioned in any other source material?

16-10-2006, 23:36
I cannot remember it being mentioned elsewhere, although to be honest I cannot remember what the civitas imperialis actually was. Care to offer a synopsis, lonepilgrim. I really could not bare to read the Gaunt's Ghosts novels to remind myself...


17-10-2006, 11:09
I think it was mentioned once in a White Dwarf, although it is not necessary for 'approved existence', as the Gaunt's Ghosts is professional and realistic in its composition and sees to effects and causes of a multitude of things - such as rash actions - that some authors sadly tend to miss. The Civitas Imperialis is likely an bureau-arm of the Adeptus Administratum (and perhaps a hybrid bureau-arm of Adeptus Administratum and Adeptus Ministorum) that tries to guide planetary governments in their politics in favour of the Terran Agenda as well as having some impact on the day-to-day life of billions of merchant class citizen.

Commissar Rowe
17-10-2006, 15:41
Civitas Imperialis... Sounds to me almost like the old Civil Defence units from the '50s

17-10-2006, 16:36
I doubt the term would be used commonly within the Imperium, as the term Militantes Custodes (pig latin) or so would be used relatively often about the Imperial Guard, and something like that about PDF forces. It would most likely be called Imperial Citizen Defence units (ICD). Still, more than one planet likely utilise that term.

17-10-2006, 16:41
Civitias Imperialis
'To guarantee the safety and assurance of any citizen of the Imperium of Mankind, wherever he or she travels or sets foot within the length and breadth of the Imperiumm'.

17-10-2006, 16:44
The Civitas Imperialis exists for its intended task only on paper, then. ;)

17-10-2006, 22:46
So, as the poor Latin indicated, it might just be interpreted as the PDF? Fairy snuff...


18-10-2006, 10:15
I think it is just the 40k equivalent of the pax romana.

18-10-2006, 16:23
Sorry for the late reply, my 'computer time' is severly disrupted lately.

Anyway Daemonslave has it right. This is the full piece from the Sabbat Worlds Crusade book:

An often misused term assumed to mean, simply, the Imperial rule of law. Its actual meaning is more specific and, as scholars have learned from Warmaster Slaydo's personal diaries, of particular importance to the great leader. At the foundation of the Imperium of man, the Civitas Imperialis was laid down to 'guarantee the safety and assurance of any citizen of the Imperium of Mankind, wherever he or she travels or sets foot within the length and breadth of breadth of the Imperium.'

The Civitas was therefore meant to be the hallmark of refined Imperial culture, the measure of its power and security, and it was precisely this, the qualitative perfection of human civilisation, as opposed to the basic 'rule of law', that Slaydo was determined to restore to the Sabbat Worlds.

In the context of the Sabbat Worlds, the Civitas is suspended when the region is reclassified 'unstable/hazardous', is no longer considered to be under Imperial governance, and the court of the Lord Governor is removed to the neighbouring sector. Before M35 the Sabbat Worlds were condsidered beyond the bounds of the Civitas Imperialis and extremely dangerous.

Commissar Rowe
18-10-2006, 16:51
A galaxy spanning Chivilraic code... Hmmm nice!

cav da man
18-10-2006, 21:42
these things are never that hard to understand, just take the wannabe latin out of it and you'll get the rough idea

19-10-2006, 13:27
I presume there is some demands on individuals and exceptions due to malcontent behaviour or heretical signs in this code - naturally - and that one shall not perceive it literally that the chivalric code Civitas Imperialis are actually generally followed when it comes to 'common subjects'.