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16-10-2006, 21:04
Yet again Im back at the drawing board for armys. Since I want something challenging and with low numbers Ive floated on over to the inquisition again. Im not a fan of the bright silver armor but Im willing to look over that if this isnt possible. Im looking at a "Black Knight" scheme, primarily black armor with some red trim or details with a final touch of some red ink around the edges (Pretty much the exact opposite of the blue tint on normal knights). I know I can paint my army how ever I wish but I do like to keep within fluff limits.

Fluff Possibility for "Dark Nights"

They were working on exterminating a large infestation on some back water outpost. As their detachment cut its way straight to the heart of the fortress, they became confronted by a deamon prince the likes of which they had never seen before. He bore the mark of tzeentch. Warp energy cracked at his fingertips, his eyes stared straight through to ones soul as if looking for a possibility for corruption.
Numerous knights fell to the beasts awsome power as they threw themselves at him with righteous fury. Grandmaster _____ ported down with his private retinue of terminators to dispatch this pawn of tzeentch. They furiously battled it out, bone shattering blow after bone shattering blow landed on each other till the prince was near the end of his meaningless existence. As a final act of defiance against the emporer he opened a massive rift into the warp casting himself into it, but such a being could not go on living. The Master leapt in after the prince, and with him following the remanents of his entire force.
More then a decade had past with no communication from _____'s troops. A heavily damaged chaos hulk appeared at the edge of the Eye of Terror. As Cadian vessels closed in on the crippled hulk, A comunicae was recieved by all ships in the sector bearing the signature of ______. A small inquisition ship docked with this hulk and as the bulkhead opened out stepped Grandmaster ______ with his full retinue, with pitch black suits of armor. As Inquisitor ______ looked at the sight with great suspicion, ready to give the order to destroy the hulk at a moments notice, Grandmaster threw the deamons head at the feet of the inquisitor.
Now the Inquisitor and his cadre of assassins follows this "Dark Knight" force through out its many endeavors, waiting for the slightest sign of chaotic corruption, eager to give the final order of execution.

With this fluff, It would allow me to paint my force black with read trim, It would also explain the small numbers of troops, The Inquisitors presence and the Presence of a full collection of assassins.

Is this possible with current Grey Knight and Inquisition fluff?

P.S. the blanks are there as I have not chosen specific names as of yet.

Khaine's Messenger
16-10-2006, 21:21
Well sure it works, but it sounds like "the warp did it." That's not even on par with the changing of heraldry for various other reasons (mourning, piety, shame, etc.). It sounds like an awful lot of effort for the desired result....

16-10-2006, 21:23
To be honest, pretty much any colours can be done with grey knights. It's been done quite a bit already.
I've seen them in black, purple, red, white and gold. Gold wasn't too good, too close to the custodes but the black was very well done.

I don't know exactly why there is such colour variation among GKs but even in the DH codex, there is a red GK termie. Possibly because they are allowed to display their own heraldry and it's really only a small step from there. I don't think they have a chapter-master and certanly seem to have less central control than most chapters. It's easily justifiable.

Basically, go for it.

17-10-2006, 02:18
I know I've read some fluff about GK's having black armor with silver cuffs

17-10-2006, 04:13
Before the Grey Nights got the new models, their color scheme was black. Check the old Index Astares (spelling I know) for ref.


17-10-2006, 07:18
yeah i belive they were black eons ago. on the new models it would look awsome.

17-10-2006, 13:03
I always thought they were a darkish grey (being 'Grey' Knights).
In their IA article they are grey, and the only old models I had ever seen up to then were also grey .
Until the DH Codex came out I never thought of them as anything else, but it does at least show they aren't too strict about varying colour.

I liked your story.
All it may need is a bit more specific explanation for why the colour change happened...?

17-10-2006, 14:33
You could just say that the unit you field wears black armor to reflect their captain's personal heraldry. That or the good old "because Inquisitor Fred said so". Better yet - "Because we're the f-ing inquisition and we can wear whatever color we like! Only a heretic or traitor would question the inquisition! Burn the heretic!":p

Fulgrim's Gimp
17-10-2006, 18:59
They were always silver from ROC to the present. As in 'knights in shining armour' . The Index Astartes article was quite simply a muck up by someone in probably a cut and paste type way. As to having your own grey knights black, go for it. Mourning would be the theme I'd choose.

17-10-2006, 19:21
You could always have the colour as a repaint to represent that battle group in mourning; perhaps over the recent loss of their especially valiant ex-grandmaster battle leader.


17-10-2006, 19:21
I like the story, its quite cool. But as has been said, there are easier ways to explain the colour change if you want. If it were me I'd say they were a "best-of-the-best" unit, a cadre of veterans commandered for a particular purpose by an Inquisitor.

17-10-2006, 19:24
I've been working on my grey kngihts for about three years now, (is there a way I can post pictues). I oringally went with the black armour scheme, but found out that it didn't work well at all. I have to warn you that the knights are meant to be a birght color, gold, silver, etc. If you go with a dark color you loose a lot fo the detail of the model, one of the reasons to field those models.

My models are grey knights, chainmail. However, instead of using blue ink I used a fortress grey wash. I'm not a fan of the blue ink on chainmail.
Also, for my grandmaster I used gold, and that worked really well.

If your not fond of the grey remember, becuase of all the detail, you end up having very little grey at all, a lot of parchement, gold scripture, shoulder pad insignias etc.

18-10-2006, 15:06
Think of it like this, just because they have the word 'grey' in their name then they don't have to be grey. They could be called Grey Knights for different reasons. I'm not a fan of having to paint a unit a certain colour because they have a colour in their name. I use an Ulthwe list sometimes and they have White armour and nobody complains when I say they are Black Guardians, plus I've seen some Black 'Grey' Knights before and they looked awesome.