View Full Version : 2500 rogue trader tombkings(khalida list)

16-10-2006, 22:38
The tournament guys say we can use special characters so I wanted to try a khalida list for a while now and finally get to!



Hierophant: Lichepriest, hieretic jar, dispell scroll (should I replace either item for colar of shapesh?)

Lichpriest, staff of ravening

Iconbearer, standard of sands


Archers with asp blessing, 24 with banner

Archers with asp blessing, 24 with banner and undying legion

chariots, 3


Tombgaurd, 19 with full command and icon of rakaph

Ushabti, 3

Tomb scorpion

Carrion, 3


Screaming skull catapults with skulls of foe, 2 of them here.

I have 106 points left, I was thinking of either beefing up the chariot unit with banner, sacred eye and another chariot or getting another unit of 10 archers with poisoned upgrade or maybe change some points around to get 8 light horsemen with poisoned shots?

17-10-2006, 13:36
add another scorpion! ;)

17-10-2006, 14:45
Yeah I agree. Two scorpions is always great. I would add another ushabti though, 3 isnt enough, 4 seems to be a magic number with ogre like creatures. 3 ushabti leaves them very vulnerable to shooting, remember they are only toughness 4. With another 3 wounds they will be able to withstand enemy volleys and still deal some damage when they hit the lines.

Good work with the 2 catapults, I have seen these things win entire games. I would consider giving your hierophant the cloak of the dunes however.

17-10-2006, 16:56
I deploy the ushabti behind a line of archers and only warmachines can shoot them which ppl tend to focus on my war machines or archers for some reason. I cn always raise the ushabti back. :) I only have 3 models but plan on getting a fourth, good call there guys.

I usualyl use 2 tomb scopions, but one I found is enough to kill warmachiens which is all I use them for, I usually rolll pretty badly. I am trying out the carrion so I can have something to marchblock and that is pretty much it, aside from going after warmachine crew too.

My major question is in regards to my chariot unit, I can drop them and take another unit of 20 archers with banner or beef up the chariot unit, any thoughts?