View Full Version : LF Competition.

17-10-2006, 14:58
I just got my buddy into warhammer and hes adamant about getting a new army up and running. we went through all the army books and he's settling on empire as his first army. So we're looking for a place to start off, a simple 1000 point army he can use to combat mine. suggestions are much appreciatee, since we dont really know where to begin, and we want to start the brawlin as soon as possible :D

17-10-2006, 15:35
take a unit of 10 knights, wit a commander in it.
a helblaster, a cannon, 10 rifle man ( or what they're calleed)
20 spearman/swordman + a free company is detachment.
maby a wizard ( level 2) or a warrior priest with dispel scrolls