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17-10-2006, 15:14
Its hard being an ork. Harder still when you are one of the few unfortunates to be bourn white as the thousand teeth of the Grugula Beast. In a society where you are bullied because you are different, attacked, killed and eaten being an albino ork means you can look forward to a very short life span... that is of course unless you happen to be on serris prime.

It is unknown what causes the orcs of serris prime to grow the way they do, "something in the air," was the most scientific offering [given by commander Hemel 2 hours before sounding a 9th company retreat]. What is known however is that the lack of colouring in their skin has caused the orks to act in weird ways, even by ork standards. Videos taken by the 9th Imperial Defenders Guard company, show injured orks realising their arm had been removed screaming in pain, as another ork picked up the severed limb and offerd it back to its owner.

However things get stranger. Orks not native to serris prime, when introduced into the world are promptly killed and skinned, thier hide going to the largest of the orcs of the planet [named warboss Kilts'grath] other orcs seeking to emulate this will crush green things and smear the colour onto thier skin. In fact the orks become so fixated with this idea that they do little else for months, until the hide the warboss carries fades to a dull, rotting, black.

In combat the albino orks are viscious. even more so when they are fixated on the colour green. Whole squads of the 9th Imperial Defenders Guard company, were reported MIA or KIA during a recorded excusion onto the planet. while this is not a strage occourence, vidioes indicate that often it was due to 1 or 2 orcs rather then a large number of them. It is suggested that the orks see the strange green of the 9th's armour as rare and, in a struggle to get it before thier friends do murder and loot all the nearby infantry as soon as possible. A simple fix was suggested to just change the colour of the armour to red, white, grey or any other of the thousands of shades of non-green. However due to imperial regulations the idea was rejected and its orginator terminated [emperor rest sgt michal feastworth].

Continued study of the orks is underway, but due to the danger of the system coupled with its proximity to other orks, has made progress rather slow. The imperium is now recruiting civlians into its "white ork reward program" which will give you all the skills to be a useful reseacher on the front, in return for 10 years of service [and almost 100% chance of a horrible death]


cav da man
17-10-2006, 18:42
im sold, apart from the little bit about the wounded ork that just doesnt seem to fit. Have a thumbs up :) , original is the step forward for us all

17-10-2006, 19:49
The wounded Ork doesn't sound quite right. Something more like an Ork just realising his arm had been severed, and another helpfully picked up for the other or something like that. I say that only because it seems you want these Albino Orks to have something of a sense of comradeship above the average Ork.

Otherwise, itís a very interesting idea. I like the idea of them feeling as though something is wrong and so they cloth themselves in green items, be it local cloth or the hide of another Ork.

18-10-2006, 02:25
Two thumbs up. Like the idea of the ork helping his friend with his arm. It just adds to the strageness.

18-10-2006, 04:07
I like it. I also agree on the part of the arm, though it could make sense. If it has something to do with a lack of the algae in their blood (which is how I would assume an Ork is albino, similar to human albinos....kinda), then maybe they feel the pain more. I think maybe something a little more than that, though, behavior-wise. Again, it was all good.

18-10-2006, 14:36
hahaha i didnt intend for this to be a real army, it was just something that came to me while i was bored

cav da man
18-10-2006, 20:20
how can you suggest this and then smash the whole story! :eek:
Personally i would see if any ork players want to take this a step further. Maybe we can move onto possible quirky rules for said orks?

18-10-2006, 23:04
There was an army of albino orks in a an Aussie white dwarf a while back...