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17-10-2006, 19:17
So, I managed to spy my next opponents army(ok he played 1600pts today, we're having 2k game but still...). He had 3 necromancers, big (3 bases, boasted having more available) unit of ethereals, one or two units of black knights and 1 one each bats wolfs skeletons and zombies. Now of course he can&will take somethin else&more, but that'll give some sense of direction. Here's what I came up with, lots of magical attacs, anvil, shooting(not enough?) and IMO enough of magical defence.

Note: every hero and machine has some sort of macical weapon against ethereals. either Ini or WS, so I either strike before them, or they hit on 5's.
-anvil, RO stone, RO speed, 3xRo spellbreaking (In4)

-RO stone, shield, RO cleaving&fury&striking(4 S5 WS7 attacks)

-Ro stone, shield, RO cleaving&fury(4 S5 WS6 attacks)

Thanes go to blocks of warriors facing his ethereal models.

25 Warriors=250
-shields, FC

20 Warrios=245
-shields, FC, GW

25 Longbeards=355
-Shields, FC, Ro courage (at least my core won't be running anywhere *touch wood* )

Bolt thrower=85
-Valiant rune, Engineer(BoP)
Hah! War machine that ain't going anywhere! http://home.comcast.net/~silashand/images/Smilies/rofl1.gif

-Valiant rune, RO forging, Engineer (BoP)
And another one!

Grudge thrower=130
-RO penetrating, RO accuracy
Mmm... S5 plate goodness, skellies...

Organ gun=120
Thins down the everpresent skellies, bats and other nasty things. maybe even knights.

1997ps, 7DD+2scrolls, 93 models
Enough models, enough magic protection, enough (shooting)power, not too many mistakes?

Any hints of what to do and not to do against VC, other than turn your units around and wait for a rear charge? http://home.comcast.net/~silashand/images/Smilies/rofl1.gif

17-10-2006, 20:09
I assume you don't have the models, because this is where Hammerers with a Dwarf Lord would excel.

Likewise, Rune of Stoicism would be handy on something as well, but I can't see the space for it.

Remember: if your opponent leaves his necros visible to your cannon, it is considered rude not to smash them to the four winds.

Anyway, concentrate on stopping Invocation of Nehek (the rising spell). Everything else pales into significance. Target-wise, as only Zombies and Skellies can be raised, shooting up other units tends to be productive (especially Black Knights).

17-10-2006, 20:27
Hmm, didn't consider that one(invocation only raising skellies&zombies)! Not like TK with raising everything up to starting strenght? Cool.

I do have a block of 20 hammerers (lord included), but as I wanted some form of macig defence too. It is IMO rude not to take anvil, when taking runelord. Plus I had AMAZING game with anvil+gyrocopter combo against O&G a while ago. If I find the points, I'll try to upgrade organ to gyro, or should I? RO stoicism would indeed be nice(no autobreaking), but with RO courage I don't even care about fear/terror so IMO that is better(of course it is!). And there's no other place for magical standard, is there?

ps: dwarf lord on shield bearers+some runes=about 200 if I go cheap, then there's the runed up hammerer block of ~300pts, and of course I now have to take Rsmith with about equal amount of dispel power, so about 150pts more for that. Now, Rlord plus anvil costs only 400, so I need about 200pts more from somewhere... So, no dwarf lord without seriously hampering my shooting power(2 warmachines). IMO

thanes will have to deal with hosts, as my machines just got themselves a new target(knights and bats). :P

17-10-2006, 21:02
Ahh, better warn you then. VCs Invocation only works on Skellies and Zombies, but they can increase above their starting number, or even entire new units (minimum 5 models raised though).

True enough about the cost of Lord+Hammerers, but they are my favourites in my army so there's always a space for them.

About the only other thing I can see, and again, it's very minor is maybe to swap the cannon for quarrelers. Doing that will, however, reduce your number of anti-ethereal shots, although you'd probably be able to tough them out...

17-10-2006, 21:08
Yap, knew that one. I was only surprised about the invocation only being able to resurrect skellies and zombies(and of course healing multiwound models, iirc). I could change cannon for a 10-dwarf regiment with shields(iirc) and champion with BoP, used two of those vs that O&G army too :) . I'm not very fond of quarrelers, although they're my only fully painted regiment :D I'll play with army builder for a while, maybe tomorrow I'll come up with a bit different list. The thing is: cannon doesn't care about terror, dwarfs do. Cannon can decimate his knights, characters and everything, thunderers not so well. Cannon can fight somewhat, with its engineer and hopefully a hill. Thunderers can too, as they have engineer too, but when they lose...