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18-10-2006, 04:36
The pink terror awakes :D
Its head has been converted to remove the eyes and add the madible claws to fit in with my ravener brood. Unfortunately I only have webcam right now and it took a bit of colour correction to make it look anything like the real thing :P hopefully I can beg borrow or steal a real camera in the near future. The head is finished, tonight i begin the torso!

(UPDATE: I finally got a digital camera, first pics replaced and more pics of the wip torso and tail added in last post

18-10-2006, 04:37

18-10-2006, 04:50
I freaking love those scales, pic quality or not. :)

18-10-2006, 04:58
Thanks man, they took about an hour and a half just by themselves :P I'd been putting off doing them for the longest time, but i just sucked it in and did them in one go. Besides, the back is going to be worse :S

Bestial brown basecoat, purple ink wash, striped back in with thin layers of bestial brown, bronzed flesh, bleached bone, bleach bone/white mix all going towards the trailing edges, and final hilights of skull white more towards the tops of the ridges. This is then shaded and blended back to the dark part with a thin wash (or two) of chestnut ink. Turns up a winner every time :)

18-10-2006, 18:50
Awesome patterning on the crest there. you will have an awesome model once its done, keep up the good work.

18-10-2006, 20:52
I love the crest detail and also the eyeless thing, makes it look even more like a mindless killing machine. Never seen pink nids before, not to say it doesn't look good.

18-10-2006, 21:15
wow perfect colour mate I hope to see some better pics couse this one deserves it right away! Wow the mouth looks more nasty than anything I ever seen the plates is alos great painted now get a real cam give up your social life and finish this one for me ;) just kidding great stuff man take your time

19-10-2006, 01:36
Thanks guys :D I should be picking up a digital camera on saturday so i'll try find one with decent macro :D

All models in the army are blind except for genestealers, lictor and the zoanthrope (which is made from an old genestealer magus and some genestealr familiars :) ). And as i have 30 bases of rippers, 4 raveners (3 of em plastic conversions), 16 gargoyles (plastic conversion- when i get arount to em!) and a flyrant without eyes, that is a lot of annoying converting i have done/have to do :P but the effect looks good, like you said, makes them look like mindless killing machines, and then by contrast, by just having eyes, it makes the other models seem to have more of a malevolent intelligence. Or am I just reading too much into little models? hehe. I have a ton of painting to do on this army, but i think i will finish the Trygon as a centrepiece first, and something to look at on the shelf when painting seems like a drag (we probably all have one of those inspiration models).

I sculpted the base yesterday, it looks pretty cool but i suspect it will look better once flocked. It has a bunch of cute lil 2nd ed metal rippers coming out of a tunnel between the rav's tail.

I began painting the chest too, i think it will look pretty good. I've painted the detail between the ribs in pink as they have sculpetd fleshy organ looing parts, and the ribs and carapace surrounding them are blue. I have to say it is a great model to paint, it almost looks like it could be a real creature :) The design just flows a lot better than say that of the plastic carnifex. It makes me fear what GW are going to do to it when they released it in plastic :|

19-10-2006, 01:40
Here are some other WIP models from Hive Fleet Barracus© to whet your appetite for the colour scheme:

http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/7135/ripperseh9.th.jpg (http://img97.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ripperseh9.jpg)

http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/7247/stealer2br5.th.jpg (http://img97.imageshack.us/my.php?image=stealer2br5.jpg)

http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/7074/rav2wv1.th.jpg (http://img222.imageshack.us/my.php?image=rav2wv1.jpg)

http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/9421/rav1wa0.th.jpg (http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=rav1wa0.jpg)

19-10-2006, 02:06
Those look sexy.

I like how you've stuck to the original Genestealer theme. Well, I only got in the hobby during 2nd Ed, so if there was a theme before that, sorry.

19-10-2006, 02:21
Yeah that's when i first saw the nids and genestealers, around the space hulk time frame (and was a kid and couldn't afford the pocket money to get any :D ). I thought it would be interesting to see a bunch of the new models up in the classic scheme :)

19-10-2006, 04:27
Yeah man, those are rockin!

20-10-2006, 14:54

I finally got with the times and bought a digital camera!

When it's assembled, i think i will add some water effects drool stringing between the teeth.

20-10-2006, 14:58
I started to basecoat the torso-


And did most of the base, just need to stick sand and junk on.


20-10-2006, 15:07
Absolutely LOVE that Genestealer!!!

The work on the head is excellent, really looking forward to seeing the progress on this.... good work.

20-10-2006, 15:36
75hastings69- Thankyou, Cthulu Stealer just for you!

20-10-2006, 15:48
Here is one of my Broodlords (I made another with feeder tendrils previously, don't use that one much)
Painting is still WIP, feet are finished though! they are made from rending claws hacked to bits and greenstuff. I didnt cut the tyrant guards hooves off, just worked around them.
My 'Zoanthrope'. still have another wee tyke to add to the other floating podium, and painting needs finishing on the magus of course! I just got the blending out of the way first thing.
And an aborted mini that i don't need anymore since i decided to take a flying tyrant instead, my "Taking a bullet for the president" tyrant guard

Well.... this is turning into a whole army blog. So be it ^_^

20-10-2006, 16:03
Dude I think I have some of the old GS hybrid minis knocking around, they are yours if you want them?

20-10-2006, 16:28
Thank's for the offer mate but its all good, i have a bunch of hybrids in another 'stealer squad! (counts as scuttlers :D)

16-02-2007, 11:15
OMG minor update time!
I'm putting the nids in a 1500 point per player mega-battle in a few months so I'm going to aim to at least finish this sucker!

I finished base colouring the torso and began adding rubble to the base.

16-02-2007, 11:46
this is gonna look awsome once it's done, can't wait to see it.


16-02-2007, 11:50
very impressive work !
i will keep an eye on this thread (always keep an eye on tyrannids!!;) )

16-02-2007, 14:25
Nice work!
I particularly like the floating cult leader.

16-02-2007, 17:05
I like the Genestealers and definitely the crests, but that pink is... strange on non-stealers. :)


16-02-2007, 17:52
Absolutley fantastic. I am humbled. I am using a simpler less cooler version of the carapace scheme on my bugs. I can not wait to see this finished

Angel Robertson
16-02-2007, 17:56
I love the zoanthrope!! Such an original idea and the colour scheme is awsome, looks strange untill its finished though.


16-02-2007, 18:11
I'm not a fan of the colour scheme, but those scales are freaking awesome!

Rabid Bunny 666
16-02-2007, 18:23
Thats looking pretty danm awesome*

*NB: This is the only time you will ever hear me say i like a Big Pink thing. Ever.

20-02-2007, 11:48
lil bit more done!

20-02-2007, 14:22
Thats very nice work indeed, some of the best around here and thats saying a lot. Bit unsure about the color scheme, but I can see why you've done it like that

Angel Robertson
20-02-2007, 14:43
The head looks great but i certainly wouldnt add any more colours to it now!


20-02-2007, 14:44
the carapace detailing is splendid. love the trygon base as well. puts mine to shame!

20-02-2007, 15:00
Even though they are PINK *shivers* they are not fluffy nor have watery black eyes saying "hug me", so, all is not lost. The carapace I officially lable as the best I've ever seen, and the painting is so brilliant I can live with the scheme (although horrible images of Barbie 'Nids playing with glitter-covered My-Ponies enter my mind...NO!..must-supress-them...AARrrgghh!!!!)

You are one talented painter, sir!

Hideous Loon
20-02-2007, 15:05
Is your Hive Fleet called Baracus? As in, you pity the fools who lose against you? Jolly nice work, I must say.

Joseph Vintila
20-02-2007, 15:28
really nice work an i love the colour scheme

Angel Robertson
20-02-2007, 23:59
Hideous loon that is worthy of a quote! Sheer genius!!


21-02-2007, 01:00
Slaanesh would be proud! Hell of a scheme, cool. :)

21-02-2007, 02:02
Hideous Loon- Yes exactly! And in addition to fan-worshipping Mr. T, my surname is Barr, so I had to do it.

21-02-2007, 02:04
I don't know if i mentioned it but my scheme is ripped off from the original Space Hulk genestealers :) just a bit less grungy


21-02-2007, 02:08
That is the most impressive trygon i have seen, ever.

Well done mate keep it up, love the bone plates they're just sublime.



21-02-2007, 09:32
Woohoo! i still remember how to paint the carapace *phew*
finished highlighting the blue and toned some pink back.
Next- back carapace. eek.

09-05-2007, 14:03

Tail started:


Base done, but will add water effects goop and slime once it is all sealed and mattcoated, will probably gloss coat all bone carapace bits too.


Spot the red scorpions shoulder pad :P

09-05-2007, 14:08
That is amazing, Jesus, if I saw an army of them I'd just sit and pray!

Hive Fleet Spectra
09-05-2007, 14:18
I havn't posted on here in ages, so i'm going to try and pluck up the courage to do so more often.

I thought it best to show some appreciation of my favourite projects, this being one of them. The coulours are very vibrant, I especially love the blue on the ribcage kind of area. Inspirational and fantastic work here very well done so far :) .

The carapace is also amazing, I recall seeing something similar before but can't recall where from.

Good luck on the rest of the model, can't wait to see him finished.

09-05-2007, 14:33
Thanks for your wishes! I just wish I had more time!

09-05-2007, 16:06
Don't listen to the naysayers (always with the nay saying!), the colour scheme WORKS. Stick with it, it's awesome...

10-05-2007, 07:25
I'll be doing the craws tonight, I was thinking of mounting them like this:


so they can match Barney


Yay or Nay?

10-05-2007, 08:43
I say yay! Barney? By day hes an annoying dinosaur, but by night....

10-05-2007, 09:52
I like the pose of the arms.

It makes it look very intimidating and hints at its dexterity and speed. Very nice log you have here.

10-05-2007, 14:33

Definitely! That really is a good pose, like he's duelling a dreadnought or something which is just a fly to him but which managed to smack him in the chest, so the Trygon's really annoyed and is about to kill it dead.

I have too much imagination...:rolleyes:

10-05-2007, 15:56
Haha well if it can inspire that sorta image to you, i will keep it!
I meant to do it tonight but i got busy unfortunately.

10-05-2007, 16:03
That looks SOOO amazing, the carapace is drooll worth. The pose looks wicked, like its about to open up a can or ownage.

Tsen Out

floyd pinkerton
10-05-2007, 22:38
That, Sir, is a damn cool model. Being a guy who is man enough to use the word "pink" (hey, it's in my name:D), I like the vibrant colourscheme.

Best of luck

11-05-2007, 14:05
Base coat painting is now done, just going to assemble a genestealer whilst the ink is dry and then I shall assemble it proplerly (she has her first game tomorrow morning ;-) )

Hive Fleet Spectra
11-05-2007, 14:51
I'm liking the pose fattdex. Looks to me like that trygons saying "Hug Me!!" lol. :p

But seriously I like the pose its very intimidating as murag mentioned.
Also i'm a fan of barney the carni (nice name choice ;) ).

I don't think my 2 monoliths would be enough against that beast :D . But my pylon? perhaps :evilgrin: .

Keep up the good work.

11-05-2007, 22:04
very nice, I too have gone for the original purple and blue scheme in my Tyranids and GS Cult. Nowhere near as good as yours mind.

I love the idea of using a Magus as a Zoanthrope, may have to swipe that.

Were you serious about a plastic Trygon? is that happening?

11-05-2007, 22:24
Plastic Trygon- yeah apparently, even still, according to the latest rumors in the 40k rumours section as a release for Apocalypse. I wouldn't get it unless it was in a totally different pose though, the resin is lovely.

11-05-2007, 23:23
I've just spend the last ten minutes drooling over this blog. Awesome. :cool:

Strangely enough, I've always hated the pink and blue 'Nids from 2nd edition with a passion because they looked horrid, but for some strange reason the scheme works perfectly on your bugs.
I even like the Screamer-killer. I still like the current Carni better (he's twice as big and doesn't look like Kirby with claws) but your conversion has certainly improved the old one. :)

That Zoanthrope is pure gold. Five stars for you! :D

11-05-2007, 23:35

That is totally osome!


15-11-2007, 01:09
Hey, hey you what happened...i was looking forward to some magnifacent beast of a trygon but you never posted the end pic...please post the pic id like to see it youve done an amazing job so far lol


The Laughing God
15-11-2007, 02:06
I 2nd that!

I really want to see how it turned out.

15-11-2007, 08:38
Yo, it still pretty much looks like the last pics but with basecoated/inked arms- I moved house and it's buried in the garage somewhere :) I shall post pics whichever year I get around to finishing it ;-)