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18-10-2006, 11:50
HI guys, I made beeŽn mocking around with my woody list so here it is.

4 lvl. 3xd. scroll p 325

lvl 1
A cluster of radiant p 140

Alter Noble
hail of doom arrow
Healm of the hunt, L. armour, shield, G. weapon p 158

L. armour p 115


10 gladeguards p 120

5 Scouts, standardbear, Banner of the zenith (march blocker 12") p 122

3x8 Dryads p 288


2x7 wardancers incl champ p 280

5 Wildriders full command
warbanner p 191

5 Wildriders Full command p 166


Treeman p 285

Great Eagle 50

Total 2240

The scout unit is mostly because i can, and works great in teori ;) To slow the enemy down and make the combo charges. Wildrider shuold be able to reack som havoc in the flanks. Standardbear will proberbly join my wardancers close 2 my treeman.

Any comments?

18-10-2006, 13:43
I would up the number of wardancers to 8 each. It seems to be a magic number for them and works wonders for me. I'd consider giving the alter noble the briarsheath because he will sadly be targeted as soon as the enemy has the chance.

Other than that, it's a pretty solid list. Looks good.

god octo
18-10-2006, 17:44
i totally agree with Alathir. Wardancers are VERY vunerable to any kind of missile weapon, and the more of them there are, the more likely they are to survive. I also agree on the Briarsheath bit, as he is also very vunerable to missile fire, being only T3.

However, i am going to make the suggestion that you make space for a unit (or two) or either galde riders or warhawks, as they can both aid you in the shooting phase, and can support your wild riders when the attack.

19-10-2006, 07:48
I have thought about the gladerider bit, i like the wilderiders much better. And i have thought about degrading my spellweaver, there by I can affort the wardancers, and stille have the many dispell dices. Or is that a bad ideer?

14-11-2006, 21:33
Wand of wych elm on the mage vs 2 dispell scrolls.

I have to ask, why do people buy light armour (a 6+ save) on a T3 elf? yeah it's only 2 pts but you're never going to get it.

Take musicians on your wardancers.

Drop the champ from the Wild Riders.

Best of luck.

FYI the Banner of Zenith is overrated.

Flying Elephant
15-11-2006, 02:08
Dude, the one question that really pops out at me is, what the heck is your battlestandard bearer doing? None of your units (minus the treeman) are designed to (or even benefit) from stick around after lossing a combat. I haden't ever thought of sticking him in a dancer unit, which is actually a pretty good idea, as he adds that static combat rez to them, and they are capaple of killing everything in contact with them, thus limiting the harm your enemy can do to him. Even so, 113 (after dropping the useless armour) is a lot of points to spend on a dude who will give you +1 to combat res but will be killed if he ever has more than 3 attacks directed at him. I would either give him a ward, or drop him for more dancers/a dancer noble who can add a bit more strength 5 punch to and ensure that nothing is still alive to poke your fellows back.

Last two things are that I would give the mage calenagor's staff, allowing him to spam treesing to his heart's content (one dice a spell x 6 dice + bound spell + the branchwraith = mucho tree movage), as a skirmishy army like this will benefit from it more than most other Loren spells, and I would consider merging 2 dryad units together, as 16 of em seem to hit A LOT harder than 2 x 8 in my experiance.

19-11-2006, 23:10
Why take light armour on your BSB? Think it'll help? Also they don't cost 115 pts?

Take a musician on your Glade guard.

Wardancer units are best in size 8 w/ full command.

drop your champ from your wildriders. You're nto putting a hero in there and 18 pts for a single dice attack?

A single banner doesn't do a lot for Wildriders also.

21-11-2006, 17:41
cant find any fault in this list in theori pretty watertight all the way round id say