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19-10-2006, 11:45
I was wondering how everyone uses their magic. Either in a supportive role, or to do big amounts of damage.
It would also be interesting to mention wich race you play with and wich magic lores you use.

I'll begin with my view on using magic....

I play Chaos mortals (Marauders, Knights, Marauder Horsemen, Chariots) with a touch of beasts (Beast Herds, Spawns) and daemons (Furies). The lores I have used in most games are Fire and Death.

Since Chaos doesn't have any (decent) shooting I like to have some missile support from my wizards, and that's what Fire and Death are good at. They both have 2 magic missiles and some other spells that can deal damage. Damage spells are nice to deal with some of the lighter units of the enemy or to beat the ***** out of one of your bigger threats by flaming it with magic missiles and such.

In a battle last night I used the Lore of Shadow (in combination with the Lore of Beasts) for the first time. I kinda liked it but I had the feeling that I missed the damage spells. Another aspect that I don't really like about Shadow is the number one spell. It is only usefull in some situations so mostly it is better to have a magic missile wich you can cast anytime (when your not in combat).

Now I am interested in your opinions about the use of magic in your army (especially in Chaos armies). Do you use it in a supportive role (boosting units, granting extra movement) or do you mainly use it as missile support to deal some damage....

19-10-2006, 13:48
I play ogres, so with Gut Magic I can do a little of everything :D

19-10-2006, 14:26
With undead, I'm just looking to move my undead units with the Danse Macabre or raise zombie units.

With my bretonnians, I'm just looking to get the first spell of the life lore off when I charge. It cuts their flee distance in half, which means that I'm probably going to run them down.

So, both of my armies use magic in a supportive role.

19-10-2006, 15:20
With wood elves I generally just take a defensive stance on magic, otherwise i try and Humm to the Bushes and get them to move. If im lucky and i can get a heavily armored unit in some woods then i use tree singing's alternate effect and deal damage to them. Is actually very good if your opponent makes the mistake of moving their unit through the woods.

19-10-2006, 16:33
I play Vampire Counts, and my magic is usually used in a few different ways. If I take Lore of Death, it's supplementing my army's pathetic ranged abilities, if I take Necromancy, I'm raising zombies on flanks or behind my enemy's units and then using Danse Macabre to let my skeletons move like Cavalry :)

19-10-2006, 16:55
I play lizzies witha 4th or 2nd gen slaan if i feel nasty. I like beats because it's ease to cast and balanced spell lore, and either heavens or if fighting cavalry metal. vs orcs and gobbos i quite like shadow tho

19-10-2006, 21:22
I play Beasts. I started out using Nurgle magic as a ranged weapon (Having multiple Pestilence's can be really nasty) which was all fine and dandy. But with the advent of 7th Edition I've started using Beasts Lore instead which, from my experience, has helped me much more. Having a wargor strike with 6 strength 6 attacks on the charge is pretty damn nasty (thanks to Bear's Anger) in a block of B/Pestigors - chucking out 11 strength 6 attacks. Also Oxen Stands is amazingly useful to somewhat compensate for Beastmens poor leadership.

So yeh, I use magic as a support now rather than a direct attack.

20-10-2006, 08:25
I use Gut Magic, where I'm trying to get as many spells off as possible, and with 9+ spells going off every turn at 2000 points, that isn't hard. I start off with buffs and then move on to damage spells.

On the other hand, my Necrach's use Death and Necromancy. Death for the Count, because +6" range to those spells is evil (especially if I get the "within 12" spell) and the Necromancers use Necromancy to buff my units with more models or help in charging.

Finally, Bubonic Court magic. This is focused entirely on doing damage. I focus on the enemies combat blocks or fast cavalry in the early turns, and then switch to attacking the support units once my lovely frenzied blocks of Monks are in combat.

20-10-2006, 08:41
I've never used a magic focused army, so I only take scroll caddies for my brets and chaos. I think I'm going to have a pop at a peasant horde army in the future though, led by a lvl 4 and maybe 3 lvl 2s. But in answer to the OP, I go all out to negate magic and then do it the old fashioned way with a big pointy stick.