View Full Version : 19th Krieg armoured + 1st Heavy battlegroup

19-10-2006, 22:30
thought you may all like to see these
armoured company of 15 AFV + a super heavy company with 3 super heavys.

whole battlegroup done with a city fght theme.
and before any one asks, No I did not paint them
they where painted for me By the legendary Fred Reed

Follow the link to my photobucket


will be adding a regimental command tank in the near future and a new FW Gorgon with a platoon of fw krieg troopers.

will try and post some pics of my Elysians soon which will support these guys.

20-10-2006, 00:48
they look good mate :) looking forward to the Elysians.

Metal Fingered Villain
20-10-2006, 00:55
Why elysians? Do Death Korps damnit! Those tanks are bloody amazing, I love the super heavy demolisher with the razor wire on the sides. Where is that razor wire from?

20-10-2006, 01:27
Wow those are sweet, love them!

20-10-2006, 01:41
Lovely stuff. Truly amazing and inspirational. My only question is why the mix of infanry riders?

20-10-2006, 01:54
Really nice! I love the rust/dirty looks of each vehicle.

Makes me wanna play guard......

Still learning
20-10-2006, 09:53
Show Me More!

20-10-2006, 12:06
I do like those. The weathering and the camo looks real. My only complaint would be that your sandbags are too flat, they look half-empty. That spoils the effect of an otherwise superb force.

20-10-2006, 12:56
awesome work. 10/10

20-10-2006, 13:12
Ohh, a fantastick army. I especially love the troops and sandbag on top of the tanks.

20-10-2006, 14:38
Gorgeous army you have there; I have a few questions. What does the army list look like for this entire force? How much did it cost you to have these tanks painted, and did you do the assembly and conversions youself?

20-10-2006, 18:02
wow, that is freaking amazing. The troops on tank with sandbags is like a mobile base. =)

20-10-2006, 23:43
the mix of troops riding the tanks was becasue at the time FW did not do Death koprs models. Although im going to be changing the troops on the shadowsword to 3 FW Krieg heavy weapon teams, probaly heavy stubbers. going to be leaving the elysians on the stormsword beacuse my Force is fighting in built up urban areas where casulaties are high and troops get seperated from there original platoons either in the confusion of the fighting or they are all thats left of entire platoons. So they have thrown there lot in with the advancing tanks. I feel it fits well with the theme that superheavys in a urban battle would become almost moving fire bases which is why i had troops mounted on them.

As for the cost trust me you dont want to know Fred Reeds work is an amazing quality imo the best (a perfect blend between pretty add realism).
the pics dont do the models justice at all. but quality comes with a hefty price although to me it is well worth it.

The reson my next froce is elysians is I want to use them in large games to grab mission objectives then hold them against the numerically superior enemy untill the tanks can reach them. these are being painted in a urban scheme.

As for the army lsit is a straight version of Imperial armour vol 1
with an attached heavy company of 3 super heavys.

glad you like them I will post the drop troopers soon, around 80 troops so far some Valykrie's , Vultures and a T-Bolt

Still learning
21-10-2006, 00:47
wow, how much has this cost you?

21-10-2006, 02:10
Hundreds of pounds just for the tanks and men - I'd not be surprised if the whole thing approaches 1,000 plus.

21-10-2006, 10:56
I wish that what they cost the Forgeworld bill + all the little extras from the like of verlinden ran to way over a thousand pounds. All models have had no expense spared.

thats before you have to add what Fred Reed charges to paint em

21-10-2006, 11:16

Ouch. Looks good, but not even I would spend 1,000+ like that...

21-10-2006, 11:47

Ouch. Looks good, but not even I would spend 1,000+ like that...

I'm guessing closer to 3 or 4 thousand pounds myself, given the amount I charge and I sure as hell ain't a ex GW employee

21-10-2006, 14:20
looking good. the only thing that doesent look right would be the sand bags as T-Tauri stated they are too flat and look empty. also you should try modeling some sand coming out of the bullet holes in the bags to actually seem like they have been shot just not some holes.

21-10-2006, 17:36
well knowing fred from back in the day, i know he can pull of some real cool looking yet realistic stuff.... must be all that driving for the army :)

22-10-2006, 00:44
Can you get us a groupshot with all tanks on it?

11-11-2006, 15:13
will take a group shot once iv finished moving house they are al packed in boxes at the moment.

29-11-2006, 18:57
with re to the sandbags looking too flat the ones on the tanks have been made this way on purpose as they are providing extra protection on the weak top armour and have been laid out to give the best coverage.

The ones that the troops are behind look just about right imo check the stuff from companys like tamiya or verlinden they are just as flat probaly flatter. as for the painting of the sandbags the pics dont show to well that they have 3 subtle highlights appied to them.

I said Id post pics of the elysians and I have just had word form the guy who painted these for me (Kev Downey) that they are very nearly done (2-3 days). Ill post soem pics asap.

thanks for all the great comments.

Lord Hjamlar
29-11-2006, 19:16

Man this army is just... I don't even how to describe it... Are you going to make Titan patrol force to make it fluff wise?;)

29-11-2006, 19:27
Okay, I suppose I'm just stupid, but if you want to show a picture on a thread, write name. Your army is fantastic. :)

29-11-2006, 23:10
Brilliant. It's nice to see real treadhead modeling in a GW army.

I can certainly understand your desire to do Elysians next, but if you feel like throwing a bit more cash around once those are done, I would _love_ to see what you and Fred do with some Death Rider models.

02-12-2006, 19:09
Im afraid no titan at the mo, possibly may add a reaver titan when its released for IA6.

should be getting the elysians real soon.