View Full Version : A littlehelp with a hard Empire list please

20-10-2006, 15:59
In two weeks the Glen Burnie Bunker is having a fantasy team event. One 2250 list run by two players. The prize you ask....the winning team each gets a new Empire boxed army!!! So the cheese will be flying. I know there will be atleast two sea guard lists. I need ideas for a hard army to win this.

My current list has
Arch Lector ( mounted with heavy armor, shield, speculum, white cloak, sword of striking)
2 level I's (one with 2x scrolls, the other with rod of power)

9 IC knights with full command and war banner
10 IC WW knights with full command
2x12 crossbowmen
5 huntsmen
3x5 knights
10 Volands Venators
Steam tank (ram version)

Any ideas?


Fallen Scholar