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21-10-2006, 12:10
Hey guys, i've recently decided to do a project to have my goblin army painted, so far i've planned to get a fwe more things, but first of all i've gotta finish my first 20 goblins which so far have taken a long time, and see as their all gonna be different colours i need your imput on how i can improve them, anyway first i will post my first 3 goblins or so, and updates will follow, a list of what i have to do so far:

Goblin Mages 2x

Goblin Archers 20x

Forest Goblin Spider Riders 10x

I also have to finish my plague zombie army, and so far i have a horde of models which i still haven't finished painting, so tell me what you think of my 'Zombie Mechanical Giant' which will count as my deamon prince lord and a list of what i have to paint for them.

40x Zombies

6x Big Mutants

1x Giant

Also here are the pics of my first few goblins and giant, tell me what you think.

21-10-2006, 12:11
Goblin Pics

21-10-2006, 17:58
Sweet painting on the goblin, an entire unit, let alone army will look completely badass if you do them all to that standard.

I love the giant too, are you planning to add more mechanical bits and bobs to it? I feel his body/shoulders could do with a bit more mecha stuck on/in to make them match the feel of the leg (which is very very cool looking).


21-10-2006, 18:23
that giant looks pretty badass. i think you should use him in a 40k army would look i'll nasty as a demon prince or some crazy abomination.

that goblin looks pretty kick ass cant wait to see all of them.

Wolf Scout Ewan
21-10-2006, 19:21
Inspired giant conversion there m8!

21-10-2006, 19:46
the goblins rock

22-10-2006, 03:43
Thanks alot for the comments guys, i do plan to use the giant in my zombie skitarii army. Whereas for more mechanical parts, i'm still thinking about it as i managed to aquire some orc bike engines or the like, and its looks really good so i do plan to add that, more updates will follow as i have now painted a few more of my zombies, but heres another goblin i did last night for the time being.

22-10-2006, 11:21
Update: Here are the zombies which i did today, tell me what you think of them, also i did more work on the zombie giant and i've added what seems to be some sort of orc contraption onto his back, tell me if it looks any good, or it is too bulky.
The first batch of my 'skitarii zombies' the story behind them is that they were a adpetus mechanicus expidition which landed on the wrong planet and well the rest of quite gruesome.....

Side of the giant

Size comparison compared to the new goblins (which are quite small)

22-10-2006, 11:43
Totally DAMNED amazing! Love the goblins :)

22-10-2006, 12:27
Any plans on a Tech Preist Necromancer? That'll be intresting...

22-10-2006, 12:36
Wow, I love the Goblins, really nice painting.
Also the giant and the zombies are well done, cool idea overall. The only thing I don't like so much, is the giant's weapon, it's simply too big imho.
Keep it up...

22-10-2006, 14:06
Thanks for the comments and critism everyone, it really motivates me to continue with this army. I know that the gun i currently big, i had actually planned to actually intergrate it into his arm or something of such but i scrapped the idea as it would be too hard and i can't picture something like that, or i would've gone for a lascannon, but i felt it didn't have that 'wow thats one big gun....' effect.

Also i was planning to do a techpriest varient, but as of yet i haven't really found i model i can get, which would make for a good conversion as i don't really want to use the guardsmen techpriest, and i would be open to any good ideas. I still have some possessed to build though so i'll try get them up soon, that and more zombies and the big mutants.

22-10-2006, 15:36
the zombies rock. you can try converting one of the psyker models into a necromancer.

23-10-2006, 06:31
Hey guys, thats for the help and comment Ziljin, i might use the pskyer, or some elements of it in my techpriest conversion, but for now i've painted up a test goblin for my spearmen unit, that and i've got some insight into the foul mechanations currently behing devised by the worshippers of nurgle, so heres a preview of the 'zombie preatorians', tell me what you think of the first one.


Zombie Preatorian

23-10-2006, 07:03
More pics, beware 56k...


Also who would the goblins be fighting?

23-10-2006, 07:06
OK, the imperial symbol on them has to be a copy of the Strogg symbol. They're just plain wicked!

23-10-2006, 07:26
Thanks alot for the comment! I'm was afraid that my crappy greenstuff skills would make the sign rather obscure. Besides that i'm not aware of the strogg symbol, i'll go check that out now.

23-10-2006, 07:53
Strogg are the necro-mechanical bad-guys from the Quake series. They have a mechanized winged skull for their logo. The irony has always pleased me. Look up the designs for their enemies. The infantry in particular could be of use to you.

23-10-2006, 07:56
Thanks for the help, i just checked them out, and they have some pretty cool designs, i'm already getting some ideas for many of my special troops i might work on.

23-10-2006, 13:46
Zombie Preatorian

hehe, love this one, very stylish :D

23-10-2006, 17:35
Ahh hell I've got some ogres and a pile of green stuff, might as well give it a bash - thanks for the inspiration matey and very nice work I must say

24-10-2006, 07:27
I'm glad i could help you asmodai, thankyou for your comments as well. Here's an update on what i was doing all last night, tell me what you think of the colour scheme guys, i also got more zombies done.

24-10-2006, 07:29
More pics

24-10-2006, 19:38
Fantastic army so far, T_55! Love the color scheme on the zombies, especially the flesh - which looks particularly nice on the ogre. I dig the giant too, and I think the enormous gun is sweet and works with such a huge model.

My one critique is a rules-oriented one: you said the giant was going to be a statured lord for this LatD army, but that means he's an allied HQ choice. Is the Techromancer the 'proper' HQ choice? Just curious what you've got planned, is all ;)

Keep it coming!

- Salvage

25-10-2006, 00:28
the zombies freaking pwn.

25-10-2006, 07:44
Thanks alot for the comments everyone.

@ Boss_Salvage: In the LaTD army list i think there is a chaos space marine, which is called the Arch Heretic or something along those lines, the one with 1 wound....Yeh that is pretty much what i'll use the techpriest as, as those rules fit pretty well with the IG Techpriest, and the increased str and toughness could mark him out as someone more important, and a deamonic gift or two and he's set, so in essence, yes he is the 'proper HQ choice'.

Here are also more pics! i call this one the 'Aussie Goblin' and the other one is the other Preatorian, i've gone with a rusted effect with the metal so tell me what you think of it, mind you they are both still WIP, so of somethings still don't look quite right, it may be that their not finished.

28-10-2006, 10:16
heya tristan, hows it hangin, ur orgres and giant look inspirering, especially that orgre with the wheel for legs so far i give them 5 paddles (out of 5 to prevent future discussion on paddles) ;) :)

cheers chris (frodo lookalike)

29-10-2006, 10:42
Hey chris, good to hear from you, and thanks for your comments! Anyway i've been busy away recently and so far i've got the rest of the 6 zombie ogres near completion, so pictures of those later, also i've got a few more goblins painted and i've started on the giant! and lastly i recently purchased a snotling pump wagon and vyper, and so far i've done the hull of the vyper so without further or do here are the pics:
Command Goblin

Vyper hull

29-10-2006, 10:46
5th goblin (hurray 1 rank and a goblin boss done!!!....14 more to go....)

And the Snotling Pump Wagon (loved the concept of a bunch of little guys having a go):

30-10-2006, 18:00
That last goblin is especially solid - what paints did you use for him? Like how the browns work with his green skin ...

But more zombie pics!

- Salvage

31-10-2006, 09:47
Thanks again, the last goblin was done in a few different colours, the darker drown of the goblins clothing was done like so:

Scorched brown base coat
First highlight was scorched brown mixed with bestial brown
Second highlight was bestial brown
Third highlight was bestial brown mixed with snakebite leather
Last highlight was Snakebite leather

The bone-ish colour was done with:

Basecoat of Snakebite leather
First higlight, 6:1 6 part snakebiteleather, one part bleached bone, and so on a so forth, adding more bleached bone for successive layers, and final highlights being bleached bone.

The bad news....the event at my local store, which i'm painting up the goblins for is coming up in a week from now! Thats not enough time for me to finish them....guess i'll have to setlle for the giant.

Now here s small update, done 3 more 'Zombie Preatorians' and all that has to be done on them now ia the battle damage and such, i'll ahve more pictures of the 30 zombies it is now up later! (only 10 zombies to go!)

31-10-2006, 14:49
Double rockets FTW! Perhaps a Resident Evil: Apocalypse or Evangelion reference? Or just awesome?

Great stuff, and hurray for Zombi AdMech on Halloween!

- Salvage