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21-10-2006, 19:00
Hey guys,
I am starting a warband and I wanted something a little different from an Inquisitor to lead it. So I decided to make a sort of mercenary/adventurer warband. Anyway it is still in the works and here is the leader of the warband.

Scott Yorah - Mercenary/Adventurer (Don't know what else to call him)

Scott Yorah was in the 32nd Tesna Drop troops for 7 years from the age of 18. He saw action in campaigns against tyranids, orks and finally chaos.n He witnessed many horrors, which hardened him to the sight of death. He rose to the rank of Sgt, not nesseceraliy because of his leadership ability, but the fact he managed to survive so long.

During the Campaign agaist chaos his entire platoon was wiped out during a forced suicide attack on a chaos stronghold. During the slaughter, Yorah radioed to a nearby Space marine force fro help. They refused and left the survivors to die. Yorah survived, but was furious at the Space Marines and the over-zealoyus commisar who had ordered the attack.Yorah had seen death before, but never his whole platoon. They were his family and now they were dead. He went on a binge of drinking and in a fit of sorrow and anger he killed the Commisar. He then went on to hijack a chimera and drove it on a joyride.His journey ended in the vast spaceport on the planet, where he narrowly escaped from the pursueing Imperial Military police. He stowed away on a supply ship bound for another system. He has been on the run ever since.

Yorah took on mercenary and bounty hunting jobs to pay for his alcohol, which was the only way he could forget about his past life, and he had a lot of memories of friends dead that he wanted to forget.

Yorah is a fairly intelligent man, but he often overestimates his abilities and trys to take on opponents to strong for him. He usually dosen't think anything of trying to take on space marines of more than one person. This arrogant side of him usually works against him though. He is fairly hot-headed, but not to an idiotic degree. Sometimes after a traumatic experience he gets flashbacks of his times fighting with the Imperial guard. Which leaves him in a state which is a mixture of sorrow, fury and remorse. This only serves to further his alcohol addiction.

He has extensivly modified his weapons as was the common pracitce for soldiers from the tesna drop troops. He has procured a pair of las-pistols which he has sucessfully modifies to his liking. His technical prowess is limited to weapon only, any sort of machinary or computers and he is more the lost with them.

Yorah is currently working his way across the galaxy, trying to find a place that he feels at home. Dodging the next bounty hunter that is after him and taking on jobs to survive. Yorah has a strong sense of morality and will not harm innocents or do any job that would put in danger others. This changes when he is under the influence of alcohol however. Most likly he will spend the rest of his days traveling through the galaxy, jumping from one danger to the next.

Scott Yorah

Also here is his profile:

WS: 69
BS: 71
S: 59
T: 60
I: 67
WP: 73
SG: 67
NV: 81
LD: 83
Yorah is right handed

Talents: Force of Will, Gunfighter, Fast Draw, Dodge, Heroic
Weapons: Dual Las-Pistols* with one reload each, Sword, 2 Frag grenades, 1 Krak Grenade
Equipment: Carapace Armour on chest, Flak on groin/abdomen, 2 points everywhere else except head.

* MkIV High-Yield Godwyn Pattern Laspistols (Thanks to Charax and Helst)

Type: Pistol
Rarity: Common
Range: E
Mode: Single/Semi (2)
Acc: +5
Damage: 2D6+2
Shots: 30
Rld: 2
Wt: 20 (23 loaded)

Reload Weight: 3

I was thinking of making up some rules for his flashbacks in the middle of a fight. Also Due to his technical inability he makes any technical relatedd tests with a -40% modifier.

For his flashbacks I was thinking a modification of the catalonia rule, with some stat changing outcomes depending on whether Yorah is depressed or angry after them.

Bear in mind this is just the start of his background and I have a bit more to go which I will post at a later date.

Any thoughts?


21-10-2006, 19:32
just one or two ideas.

first off in the background, it's very (very) unlikely that an imperial guard sergeant would be able to make radio contact with space marines, let alone then have the guts to request help from them. you might be better to change it to storm troopers or someone else better than him from his regiment. other than that it's a very good start.

to represent his drinking you could roll a D6 a the start of every scenario and on a 1 or 2 he suffers from the effects of psychon for that game.

for the flashbacks thing, maybe the catatonia thing is a bit harsh. Again you could roll a D10 at the start of every turn, and on a 1 he counts as being affected by the My Hands... rule for Hallucinogen grenades, and is stunned for that turn.

Hope that helps!

p.s. your youtube link doesnt work anymore!

21-10-2006, 19:52
Firstly, I'd call him a Deserter ;)

It occurs to me that a veteran of conflicts against three of the nasties brutal enemies of the Imperium who has escaped unharmed (phisically, anyway) has some tremendous luck on his side (especially a drop regiment) perhaps an ability to reroll tests to avoid harm could be a nice tweak? Anyone who has a grudge against Marines would need SOMETHING to stop them becoming a nasty smear on the ground.

It's a hefty change to the stuff you've got already written, which is all fine, but perhaps he could have killed the Commissar in the aftermath of the fight that saw his his platoon get wiped out, one Guardsman outa pile of dead Guardsmen wouldn't be noticed necessarily and he could dispatch the, probably badly wounded, Commissar there and then, making good his escape un-noticed.
The trauma of the Wars he's seen combined with the dislike for Marines (not to mention being responsible for murdering a Commissar) could suggest he's particulary distrustful of any Imperial officials and keeps moving for fear that he is wanted without knowing for sure that he is....

Flashbacks could easily be represented by having a small chance of his becoming pinned at any time, decide on the likely triggers, explosions/fire seeing a dead body etc etc.
If you want to make him an alcoholic, give him a flask of his favourite tipple and allow him to ignore the flashback/pinning by taking a swig, which will reduce his stats (Ws, Bs, I, Wp and Sg).

Good stuff though. :)