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21-10-2006, 21:49
pg 86 "If the machine has no crew...have broken from combat or are wiped out, the enemy automatically destroys the machine and is immediately free to pursue or overrun ..."

If the warmachine crew (WC) is destroyed in combat but the enemy unit (E) is still in combat with another unit (A), can it be assumed that the enemy unit (E) has destroyed the warmachine?
How automatic is that automatic destruction?:D.
A unit locked in combat is unable to do anything else. Can it somehow destroy the machine which it is not in btb contact with?
The rules seem to imply that the unit can destroy the machine when it is free from other combat commitments since it is 'free to pursue'.

Thanks in advance.

Murderous Monkey
21-10-2006, 23:12
After closely reading the half of the paragraph you highlight it seems to me that it can be broken down in the following way. (From the point: If the machine...)

1. If a war machine has no crew left to defend it at the end of a combat then the enemy automatically destroys the machine.

2. Automatically destroying the machine will not preclude the enemy unit from making a pursuit or overrun move in the normal fashion.

3. A war machine will be considered to have no crew left to defend it in the following circumstances; the crew fled from the charge, the crew were broken from combat or the crew were wiped out in combat.

The only point left to make is that the rules specify "at the end of a combat" NOT "at the end of a combat phase" - consequently the war machine will not be destroyed by enemey units still engaged in close combat, only when the combat is over.

At least, that's how it seems to me - hope my line of thought was clear enough to make sense!

22-10-2006, 19:49
Good point and makes sense too.
'at the end of combat' indicates that the unit reponsible for the total loss of crew only automatically destroys the machine if it is no longer in combat after slaying the crew.
If combat continues then the automatic destruction does not occur even if the unit responsible for slaying the crew survives.
What if it flees though?
Taking the rules as RAW, automatic destruction does occur but
a unit that flees is incapable of doing anything else.
Combining the 2 rules, I'm in favour of no automatic destruction from a fleeing unit responsible for crew destruction.