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21-10-2006, 22:30
With the release of the new O&G book, I had a go at redesigning my list with the new rules (plus I have about 90 boyz and I've spent a lot of $$ to get some of the limited edition characters).

Black Orc Warboss Blagtoof 'Eadsplitta [Lord, General] 235 points
Martog's Best Basha, Armor of Gork, Amulet of Protectyness

Black Orc Big Boss [Hero] 104 points
Huge Array of Choppas, Enchanted Shield, Heavy Armor

Black Orc Big Boss [Hero, Battle Standard Bearer] 164 points
Huge Array of Choppas, Heavy Armor, Mork's Spirit Totem

Goblin Shaman [Hero] 105 points
Hand Weapon, Staff of Sneaky Stealing

30 Boyz [Core] 210 points (Warboss joins here)
Full Command, Choppas, Shields

30 Boyz [Core] 210 points (First Big Boss joins here)
Full Command, Choppas, Shields

30 Boyz [Core] 240 points (BSB and Shaman join here)
Full Command, Two Choppas

20 Black Orcs [Special] 298 points
Full Command, Huge Array of Choppas

9 Squig Hoppers [Special] 135 points

Squig Herd [Special] 30 points
3 Squigs, 2 Herders

Squig Herd [Special] 30 points
3 Squigs, 2 Herders

2 Stone Trolls [Rare] 120 points

2 Stone Trolls [Rare] 120 points

3 Power Die, 7 Dispel Die, stealing 1 Power Die from opponent
1999 points

The basic plan is to deploy the two Choppa/Shield Boyz units in the front, Trolls on one flank, Black Orcs on the other, with the double-Choppa Boyz unit in the back as a countercharge unit, and to protect my BSB and Shaman, who create my magic defense while I advance up. Once I get stuck in, they will act as a counter-charge/reserve force.

The two lone Squig Herds are there as little missiles. Just run them up at the enemy, either they'll die quickly (and for 60 points, who cares right?), or they'll kill off all the herders and the unit explodes (hopefully amidst the enemy's battleline), which is plus for me.

Squig Hoppers run around and cause havoc and merry mayhem on the battlefield.

Basically, anything is up to tweaking except for:

The fact that I have 90 boyz in my army. I've bought them, cleaned them, assembled them...they're staying in my army. Configurations can change. And...
Any character I take, barring a Shaman, is going to be a Black Orc. This is just me loving Black Orcs to the point that I don't want anything BUT Black Orc characters. Again, gear configuration can change.

So...thoughts? Criticisms?


22-10-2006, 13:14
looking very sturdy, and can't think of anything big to change. Only thing i want to say is try getting some boars beneath your black orcs, they can use the extra save.

23-10-2006, 11:53
Yeah everything big & tough... Very Orcy... but it´s not so good looking in reality as on paper... any fast maneuverable army is making a great mess in your lines... They are dictating rules against you... also a gunline is deadly for you... You get march blocked, you get shoot into pieces!!!! Don´t you forgot you have lil friends called Gobbos???? Get yourself Wolf Riders, Spider Riders, Night Gobbos w/ Fanatics... They are in our army for security... They keep guarding flanks and rear of your blocks from being passed and charged from the back...

I´d drop Squig Herds & decrease number of Orcs in units to 25...for getting yourself at least two Wolfie units...