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Seleucus Nicator
22-10-2006, 12:39
As I have neither Codex: Tau or Codex: Tau Empire to hand, I was wondering if someone could tell me how old the Kroot species is, if such information was ever disclosed by GW?

22-10-2006, 12:49
I'd estimate their 'civilsed' (argh, that deceivful word. well, well, everything are relative) age to about 14'000 years - perhaps longer, but I don't know, since I'm no kroot-ist.

A neutral shade of black.
22-10-2006, 13:47
No info on it, actually.

As for when you'd think the Kroot became "civilised" is, a word of warning: the Tau have no clue what's on 80% of Pech's surface; 80% of the planet's surface where immense power surges are regularly recorded. Remember the Kroot have Warp-capable spaceships and have had them for as long as the Tau can remember...

22-10-2006, 15:29
I have been able to find no insight into the actual age of the Kroot species either.

A big problem with Kroot is that they show eveidence of many changes from a "root" species to the many branches seen in 40K. So are we talking about the common ancestors of all the Kroot species or the species we see today?

Of course in either case...there is no evidence that I have seen in print on the subject....

22-10-2006, 17:15
Given the generic Krootform, it's possible they were an Old One created species that met what seemed a 'Dead End' on Pech a while back. That said, there is merit in suggesting that the Kroot themselves have been 'as they are' genetically for thousands of years. Given their typical pre-Ork society being essentially a primitive hunter-gatherer format which was in a rough equilibrium with itself, I'd happily put them at 'uncountable'. They could be as old as the Eldar, or as young as modern humanity, if not younger!

It's a shame they never detail stuff like this, for instance: we know pretty much nothing of value about the Vespids. Woo! :rolleyes:

A nice bit of information of the Vespids, Kroot, Niccassar, Galg and Demiurg would be really neat for the purposes of both fleshing out and adding more questions to the general make-up of the Tau Empire.

They could make the Vespid helm more conpicuous and morally questionable by having it as a method of bringing ape/dolphin like intelligences up to our level but training them like canines...or they could give them a varied intelligence across their entire species! From bugs to brainbugs!

They could add ambiguous origins to the Niccassar, they could make the Galg really mundane but go to great length on how interesting their society is. They could have the Demiurg implicated in the Eldar-Ethereal plot, or they could add some 'amorphous formless horror' to what many folks consider to be neo-squats.

They've an opportunity that everyone would lap up...but they don't pursue it!


Seleucus Nicator
23-10-2006, 19:56
Thanks so far.

So are we talking about the common ancestors of all the Kroot species or the species we see today?I was hoping to date the current Kroot civilisation, as we know them, to just after the Age of Apostasy.

They could be as old as the Eldar, or as young as modern humanity, if not younger!Either being younger or older than humanity is good enough for my purposes. :D

23-10-2006, 20:30
I wouldn't say they're as old as humanity. Humans grew up, grew back then re-grew again as the empire we know today. Kroot havn't really technologically created anything above a powder gun (and I seriously debate their technological grasp - which I believe can be attributed to the orks "if we believe it can work it will" mentality in their DNA).

23-10-2006, 20:56
I would say they are a young race in the current form. The fluff about evolution through selecting genecodes of consumed tissues of other species would dictate a rapid progression from lower life form to current state.

In theory anyway....

As far as an actual timeline for this....your guess is as good as mine.

23-10-2006, 22:03
Well, it is difficult to talk about a Kroot "species" or "race" in the biological sense, as they are so genetically variable and in a way "breed" with almost everything they eat (difficult topic: They extract genes from their meals and put them purposely into their genome, having a special stomach brain for that).

Having said that, an old WD article on Kroot background states that "thousands of years ago" the landing of an Ork Space Hulk changed the Kroot society from simple hunters and gatherers to a space faring culture. I am not aware on information prior to that incident. Here the quotes from "Index Xenos: The Kroot":

Thousands of years ago, when an Ork asteroid fortress, known as a Rok, crash landed on Pech, the survivors found themselves in the unenviable position of being outnumbered by a warrior race with a taste for flesh. The Orks were quickly destroyed and their bodies consumed by the Kroot. The Kroot laired in the Rok and, several generations later, they manifested the ability to mimic certain aspects of technology learned from the DNA of the dead Ork Meks. Around the remains of the shattered Ork Rok, the first Kroot city began to take shape as the inherited knowledge of technology became more commonplace.

Within the space of a few thousand years, Pech's prime continent was home to five Kroot hives, and factory farming and mining were commonplace, This became known as the Kroot expansionist phase and saw the Kroot construct warp-capable warspheres to take them to the stars.

(...)Imperial forces first encountered the Kroot during the Damocles Crusade on the world of Syílíkell when troops from the 17th Brimlock Dragoons were ambushed en route to the front from their landing zone. The Dragoons' forward scouts were killed by Kroot Carnivore squads without alerting the following troops, and the remainder of the column was attacked as it advanced through a narrow, forested defile. Acting in fearsome concert, three Kroot kindreds fell upon the unsuspecting Guardsmen, killing scores in the opening moments of the battle. Only the steadfast leadership of Colonel Konstantin Griffin and Commissar Eigerman held the Imperial troops together long enough to fight their way clear of the trap. The Kroot continued to harry the soldiers through the forests until Colonel Griffin mas able to link with Space Marines from the Scythes of the Emperor. Thus reinforced, the Imperial forces turned to destroy their attackers, but the Kroot had vanished back into the forests.