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22-10-2006, 14:14
Well, since I haven't been on Warseer for a long time, I though that I should post my BoC Tzeentch list:


Wargor 166
Mark of Tzeentch
Heavy armor
Crown of Horns (5+ Wardsave +1 to rally the unit he's with)

Wargor 64
Light armor

8 gors with 2 hand weapons S/C 126
8 Ungors with spear and shield

5 gors & 5 ungors (same setting as above) 60
5 Warhounds of Chaos 30
Tuskgor Chariot 85

14 Tzaangors FC 218
Mark of Tzeentch.

PD: 5
DD: 3
Model count: 48

Tactics: the general goes into the Tzaangor unit, which will be flanked by the smaller unit with the unmarked wargor. The small beastherd will be ambushing and the hounds will protect another flank while the chariot goes out to find small unit to pummel smile.gif

22-10-2006, 15:57
Don't use shields on the Ungors. It is generally better to take more Ungors then giving them shields.

Maybe you can find some ponts to give your Wargor of Tzeentch a Spell Familiar? Would be nice to have three spells to choose from when casting...

22-10-2006, 16:53
Tzaangors are typically a point sink for a unit with limited utility. They're not as versatile as beast herds.

You could take a full herd(12 gors, 8 ungors) with full command for cheaper, and it'd perform better.

Agreed on the shields. You always take full command on beast herds. Don't skip the musician, cause herds will run, and rallying on 8 instead of 7 is HUGE.

To sum it up

1)Add musicians
2)Beef up the herds
3)Take out the tzaangors(they sit lonely in my case, never seeing use)
4)Maybe add another herd
5)Try to squeeze in tzeentch mark on that 2nd wargor.