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22-10-2006, 20:35
hey everyone im in a border prince campaign and tonight im playing a friend of mine who has a heavy cavalry high elf army.
me and my other friend are playing him. i have 1450 pts of wood elves and he has 200 pts of lizardmen allied with me.We need all the help we can get beating him. the HE player has 1450 pts. this is roughly what he'll be using:

lvl 2 mage with seer ability and magic bound spell ring

6 silver helms

6 silver helms

6 silver helms

6 dragon princes
with war banner

20 or so white lions

this doesn't include his extra 200 pts

this is roughly what we have:

wood elf noble
eternal guard kindred
80 pts

annoyance of nettlings
90 pts

spellsinger lvl 2
2 dispell scrolls
175 pts

10 glade guard
120 pts

8 dryads
96 pts

8 dryads
96 pts

14 eternal guard
full command
210 pts

5 glade riders
standard musician

5 wild riders
full command
162 pts

3 warhawk riders
120 pts

3 tree kin
195 pts

15 saurus

keep in mind that this is really rough and not quite even

also, although we have more pts we are the underdogs here. any help you guys could give us would be most appreciated!
thanks in advance!

22-10-2006, 20:54
If you have 200 points more then him, how come you are the underdogs?

As for tactical advice, hide as much as you can behind terrain and in forests and try to get the charge on him, since you have a much easier time moving through terrain.

Try to kill his mage early with some spells or with the warhawks, and then blast his mages as good as you can with your own magic. Be sure to get the charge with your own knights against his, and they will be history.

The Treekin can probably take on some knights, but you might be better off if you use the treekin together with the sauruses against the white lions. They will probably kill 'em.

22-10-2006, 21:22
thanks for the advice.

we are underdogs because he is a really good player and we aren't as good or experienced as he is. anyways he deploys his mage in the white lion unit so it might be hard zapping him. also he flees from most charges against him and if i get too close with the wild riders he will charge me and i will have to take it because they are immune to psyc. i could hide in a corner but doing so gets rid of all the manuverabiliy Wood elves have. i need help

Your Mum Rang
23-10-2006, 07:37
3 Treekin won't stand up to a Knight charge. However, if you take 4 and a BSB nearby they should.

Also GR are one of my weaponsof choice against Knights. Bait, flee, repeat. Altough the opponent may not take the bait.

I think some Waywatchers would be useful for you. Also ignore the White Lions until later on.

Use a combination of Warhawks and GR to take out that mage.