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22-10-2006, 21:22
Hey guys,

I have gone through these forums and for the life of me, I cannot find a Dwarf army list lower than 2000 pts.

I have only just started Fantasy, and I bought the Dwarf 50 box, and I basically need to work out a decent army list from that box set, so I can put the minis together and start learning how to play Warhammer.

So, can anybody recommend me a nice 500/750 pts army list so I can start to game?


23-10-2006, 16:32
This was taken from Latro, look for the thread call dwarvs on the move in the fantasy tactics forum.

Can you hear it? Yes, you’re right. It’s the sound of marching boots! Boots on their way towards victory! … towards gold! … and most of all, towards beer! They’re proud boots, proud to be on the feet of heroes … every last one of them. They’re good boots, they’re dwarf boots!

Thane (General)
- Great Axe, Gromril Armour, Shield
- Rune of Stone

Thane (BSB)
- Gromril Armour
- Rune of Stone

- A minimum on clothes
- A maximum on axes … in all sizes!

19 Dwarf Warriors (lead by General)
- Standard, Musician
- Shield

19 Dwarf Warriors (lead by BSB)
- Standard, Musician
- Shield

2x 10 Thunderers

2x Bolt Thrower + Engineer

Points: just under 1000

… let ‘er rip, boys!

23-10-2006, 19:58
Nice one mate! I'll hopefully be splitting BfSP with my brother, he gets the Orcs, I get the Gobbos and the Dwarfs...

I like the idea of this army list a lot, good find!



Any others?