View Full Version : Short, squat, and plenty of beer.... Slaaneshes_Own's Dwarf Army

23-10-2006, 00:18
Well ladies and germs,

I finally got the inspiration to get started on my Dwarf army. I want to learn how to play the games, and I figured, having an army that I wouldn't mind using would help! And, seen as I had the cash, around Christmastime just gone, I bought myself a Dwarf 50 starter box. I am now doing this log type-thingy to make sure I actually complete this project. ATM, I'm just assembling the minis. Don't matter which ones, I'll work out an army list later on... but...

Hopefully, by the end of tomorrow, I should have a unit of Warriors assembled and possibly primed...

Pics will be coming, prob when I get my camera!