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23-10-2006, 13:43
My club is hosting a tournament, I plan to enter mainly for a good set of games, so I'm just making this semi-competitive. Going more for composition: not taking stanks or helbasters. Also going for a southern empire, tilean-esque theme.



Elector Count 186
>Great Weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Holy Relic, Van Horstmann's Speculum

Battle Wizard 140
>Level 2, Rod of Power


24 Swordsmen 243
>Command, Griffon Banner
+10 Free Company Detachment

12 Crossbowmen 96

6 Inner Circle Knightly Orders 196
>Command, Inner Circle

6 Inner Circle Knights of the White Wolf 208
>Command, Inner Circle

6 Knightly Orders 203
>Command, War Banner


20 Greatswordsmen
+10 Halberdier Detachment 60

2 Great Cannons 200


24 Pikemen 294
>Command, Heavy Armour

10 Norse Marauders 100

Any thoughts? I've never entered a tournament before, I'm entering mostly for the fun of playing the battles, but I don't want to do too badly.

23-10-2006, 16:37
Greetings FlameKnight,

Initial reactions: usually when I see 5-6 strong Knight units I consider them to be disposable support units weighing in at just over 100 points; and tooled up Knight blocks of 10-12 for use as steamrollers.

Watch out for bolt throwers.

Next, I've never used mercenaries in the Rare slot. A big block of pike like that should do well, however you will have to take extra precaution to guard their flanks. However, if they can survive a round of flanked combat, 7th Ed. rules should allow them to turn an face the enemy, no?

Not sure what 10 Marauders will do for besides apply to the theme?

Finally, despite the fact that I can field 20 of my own Greatswords, I've almost always regretted it. (Perhaps its a luck thing). Stubborn is great, but if you roll poorly you will lose a whole mess of points on a single dice roll.

At 2250, I'd expect that your opponents can bring a lot of magic, artillery and/or knights against you (depending on the army).

What plans do you have to combat that?

I decided just today that I'm going to hold off on playing my Empire until the new book comes out in December.

Good luck,

24-10-2006, 11:09
With just a few changes, i would atleast take a Hellblaster or Some Ogres Leadbelchers. You need some thing more scary to confince your opponent that you mean game. you need time to redirect ( ?) your units. So hunters to stop some marching. Not so expensive. 3 knights units is cool. Yep, i'm sure i would take ogre mercunaries to support the knights. Deploy your (great) swordmen in 6 or 7 in the frontline.