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23-10-2006, 14:49
With all the talk about the new Wraithlord model and 'twin linking' of weapons.

What are the weapon options availible for this model? Do you only have shuriken catapults and flamers for the underarm positions?

I have a idea for suping-up a classic Wraithlord, and I want to know if its legal and how the new rules affect my custom idea.

What I want to do is move/remove the catapult/flamer weapons from the arms to the head (in a scorpion mandiblaster fashion using a twin-linked unit from a jet bike) twin-linking them and moving the heavy weapons and adding another from the shoulder to the under arm positions.

I have been inspired by the Forge-world Titan which has pulse lasers on each arm (similar to brightlances) and the new Wraithlord rules.

So I am left with Wraithlord stats (3 wounds), two heavy weapons (e.g. scatterlasers/Starcannon/Bright lance), twinlinked shuriken catapults (mandiblaster-esque) and obviously I doing to have to upgrade the power unit to compensate for the extra weapons.

Help and comments on the legality of this.

As far as I can see it is legal as long as I pay for the extra heavy weapon. changing from a seperate catapult and flamer to a twinlinked catapult should not cost anything extra.

23-10-2006, 15:05
I haven't laid hands on the actual model, but from what I've seen all the weapons on the new WL are interchangeable. Early design sketches on the GW site showed a WL with catapults on the shoulders and a heavy weapon mounted under each arm (brightlance & scatter laser?). Also, you can outfit it with dual SC, dual flamers (my favorite), or one of each.
Point wise, just pay for the extra heavy weapon at full cost - treat as twin linked if both are the same or 2 separate weapons if different.

23-10-2006, 17:04
The new model has spaces for the weapons on the shoulders and the top of the forearms. Technically, the range of the weapon is determined from the base on a non-vehicle unit, so feel free to mount them where ever you want. I know the heavy weapons count as twin linked if taken the same (who would waste the points!?), but I'm not sure about the flamer/shuriken catapult. But personally, I like flamers instead of the catapult. They have the same strength and AP, but flamers ignore cover, hit more than 2 models, but have a 9" range. If they are twin linked then you get to reroll wounds!

I too plan to modify my old model. Maybe add some epic titan fins to the back, replace both weapons on the arms to flamers, put him on a larger base and pose him better.

23-10-2006, 17:43
I bought a Warwalker with a fin of Ebay and had no idea what it was, but I modified the walker as a sort of WW Exarch until you said it was Epic, I thought it was Battlefleet gothic (a wing or something).

Exactly the same idea, go for it.

I currently scratch building a new fin based on the Forge world Titan.