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23-10-2006, 21:13
I am very new to Warhammer. I have bought and built a 1000pt army. I have played two games and have been utterly DESTROYED both times. My two opponents are Skaven and Lizardmen.

The Skaven basically surround me and make me run.

The Lizardmen army is full of little posion blow dart shooter guys.

Anyone have a 1000pt Dwarf Army list they would be willing to share?

The one I am currentl running is something like this:

Battle Standard

Thane General
Oath Stone

15 LongBeards
(Thane with OathStone deploys with these)

16 Warriors

16 Thunderers

2 Bolt Throwers


Both the armies I have faced have some magic (I get no dispell dice, because no runesmith)

Remember I am new to the game so you may have to point out exactly the names of runes and things.

Thanks for the help!!

23-10-2006, 21:33
I've just started a Dwarf army myself and the list I have been using has done very well so far:

Thane (general)
- great weapon, gromril armour
- rune of stone

Thane (BSB)
- gromril armour
- rune of stone


2x 19 Warriors (lead by both Thanes)
- standard, musician
- shields

2x 10 Thunderers

2 Bolt Throwers
- engineer

The battle-reports of the battles I've playes so far are here:


And a great site for all things with beards:


... and another thing, Dwarf armies always start with 4 dispel dice. Runesmiths and Runelords add more dice, but they always start with at least 4.

23-10-2006, 23:22
I wouldn't recommend a slayer character against a skink opponent. Also yes you get 4DD basic for being dwarfs. Otherwise the above list looks like a very good idea. A stone thrower with rune of accuracy will set you straight if skaven numbers are giving you problems.

malketh the witch king
23-10-2006, 23:57
I would defiantly bring a few dispell scrolls if magic is giving you trouble

Holy Crap! Manticores!
24-10-2006, 00:35
geez, you lost your first two games. It happens. Even with Dwarfs.

There are a lot of subtleties to the game that will take a few games to pick up on. The list itself isn't bad, in a way it's pretty cool, with the lack of cannons and all. I wouldn't neccesarily change anything, just give it a few more games with this list and try different things out...

25-10-2006, 01:50
Its not that I mind losing, it just seemed like my army didn't even have a chance.

I am sure some of that will improve with simple tactical experience. I appreciate the advice!


25-10-2006, 07:24
Your army does have a chance, it´s a good one. With experience you´ll develop countertactics. I would recommend avoiding the oathstone, which allows you a few things but then your unit is stopped. Avoid runesmiths below 1000 points (you already have no one), you still have 4 dispel dice. Try some possibilities...perhaps deploying a warrior unit as rangers could be an experiment.

27-10-2006, 10:02
I'd lower your thunderers down to 10 , as 16 is overkill for points , and increase your warrior unit up to 20 for the +3 ranks. You will always get 4 DD as dwarfs even if you dont take a runesmith.

The 2 Bolt Throwers seem good , however against the Lizards you wont hit much , and against skaven a grudge thrower is much more effective. :)