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23-10-2006, 23:27
Fairly self explainatory. C&c appreciated.

LORDS (16.6%)

Dwarf Lord 184
Shield Bearers
Rune of Stone
Great Weapon


Rune Smith 148
Mro Balance
Ro Spell Breaking

CORE (47.25%)

20 Warriors 195
SB, Musician

20 Warriors 195
SB, Musician

20 Warriors 195
SB, Musician

10 Quarrelers 110

10 Quarrelers 110

10 Thunderers 140

SPECIAL (21.8%)

12 Hammerers 186
Full Command

Cannon 125
Ro Forging

Grudge Thrower 80

Bolt Thrower 45

RARE (14%)

Flame Cannon 140

Gyrocopter 140

TOTAL 1993
Dispel Pool = 6
Model Count = 120
War machines = 5

24-10-2006, 07:07
Good solid list, by my thinking! But not so traditional with the copter and flamecanon. Maybe use miners instead of hammers (and the copter)and a extra bolt thrower with runes. Give one unit of warriors great weapons and make them rangers. Then you can put one unit down after your opponent deployed. But it is a good list so maybe just lose the name "Traditional"

24-10-2006, 18:57
I guess I meant traditional as in no anvil.

To me, a dwarf lord is only worth it if he has a bodygueard of hammerers, they are just too good to ignore with stubborn, Ld 10, and immune to fear and terror.

I might try to free up some points for some bolt thrower runes, but making the warriors rangers is too expensive, without sacrificing effectiveness ie numbers.

C&C appreciated