View Full Version : 2250 Tomb King list

Divine Shadow
23-10-2006, 23:37
I don't have the exact points (or spelling)but it should be close.

Tomb King w/destroyer of eternities, collar of shapesh (runs with skeletons)
Tomb Prince w/ hand weapon, la, enchanted shield, blue khepra(runs with tomb guard)
Priest w/cloak & jar(heirphant)
Priest w/ 2x dispel scrolls
10 skeleton archers
10 skeleton archers
20 skeleton archers
25 skeleton w/hand weapon, shield, full command, banner of undying legion
23 tomb guard w/ icon of rakaph
1 tomb scorpion
5 carrion
3 ushabti
screaming skull catapult w/ skulls of the foe
screaming skull catapult w/ skulls of the foe

I got a bunch of other stuff like 3 chariots, horsemen, giant, more priests, casket, but I'm thinking this is a pretty solid list...What do you think?

24-10-2006, 05:06
Using only 2 Priests in 2K points and above is tough in my experiences.
I reserve my Tomb King for 3000pts+
A liche high priest is so invaluable he lends so much power to an army
I would also try to work in some kind of cavalry unit/s (maybe drop some archers) so u can have some solid flankers for some support charges other than the Ushabti
Other than that it looks pretty solid especially since your Tomb Prince is Identical to mine

24-10-2006, 07:53
I like the list, but the only way I'm fielding only 2 lich priests is if my tomb king has a crown of kings, but that's your choise.
it looks like a solid list for the rest.
maby get another scorpion in by making both archer units units of 15, and get rid of the 20 + 1 skeleton from the unit of the king and the blue khepra/or carrior(s).

Divine Shadow
24-10-2006, 22:51
I used run another scorpion and 3 chariots instead of the ushabti, but I like the models and there's only so many special slots :cries: As for the magic all I usually seem to need is to get one incantation off a turn and I think this list should be able to do it.