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24-10-2006, 19:47
I was reading a thread here on warseer about the harliquins and something struck a cord with me as an interesting concept I would like to try. Basicly the quote as I remember it was that harliquins have stared into the face of death and laughed.

I want to create the Sisters of the Emperior's Mirth. An order millitant who has seen the horrors of the universe and laughed, for they did not fear. Another thing I liked was the harliquin's paint scheme of hlaf black and half motley. I was thinking of black with different pastel shades designating the role (ie battle Sister, Sister Superior, Cestialian, Seriphim, etc.)

I was thinking of an amry with alot of exorcists and musicians as the equivlent of a imagfier. With the flagelants(sp? They're SoB horde unit published in a chaper approved article, not the arcos) marching with a song on thier lips as they go forth to do the will of the emperior. The vehicles will have the trumpteting angels aplenty.

My vision is not a group of happy go lucky Sisters, but more along the lines of a horde of bodies moving forward screaming songs of praise for the emperior. I guess the best way to think about it where the Old testiment jews marching arround the city of Jericho prior to the walls comming down. I'm trying to kjeep it a pure SoB army and nothing with any "Withhunter bag of tricks happy fun field day" tricks associated (Arcos, pentiant engines, etc.)

Think this has a place in the 40K universe? Anything like it I can look at or read up on that might be a similar concept?

24-10-2006, 22:16
i like it
and have Harley Quinz as an Inquisitor?

24-10-2006, 22:35
Yes. Anything Harley related is good.

Not sure it entirely fits with the background. The Imperium is a fairly humourless place. But it still is a decent theme.

PS I hadn't stuck a picture of my new Great Harlequin on Warseer yet, seems as apt a time as any...

Khaine's Messenger
25-10-2006, 01:19
An order millitant who has seen the horrors of the universe and laughed, for they did not fear.

Eh. Seems rather standard for SoB...remember, a lot of them are founded around corpses riddled with "holy wounds" (and sometimes still walking) and a whole anatomy textbook's worth of "holy wounds." As such, you'll probably need something more than "they laugh in the face of death." For the Harlequins it works because they worship a god of deceit and tomfoolery (oh, and almost all of their civilization was driven extinct overnight), but for Sisters of Battle you'll need a bit more.

25-10-2006, 12:52
You either learn to laugh or weep if death is your neighbour...