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25-10-2006, 21:57
Let's put some rubber to the road and see exactly how affected all Gobbo armies actually are w/the new book. With a 50% point increase in infantry from the prior edition and a 20% point increase in their cavalry, it seems like Gobbo armies have been very affected by changes in the army book.

Here is my basic 2000 pt Goblin Liberation Army from 6th ed.

Warboss w/sword of might, armor of Gork, shield, big boss 'at: 153
BSB w/la, Red Banner: 137
Big Boss (extra) w/Pigstikka, la, shield, on a chariot: 79
2x NG Shaman w/lv.1, 2 Dispel Scrolls: 110 (220 total)

38 Goblins w/full command, la, shield, spears: 172
3x 30 NG w/full command, spears, 3 fanatics: 185 (555 total)
4x 5 Wolf Riders w/spear, mus: 56 (224 total)
3 Snotlings: 75

2 Spear Chuckas 70
Rock Lobba 70
2 Wolf Chariots: 120

Doom Diver 80
Pump Wagon 40

Total: 1995

Notes: I was one of the only lunatics around to put spears & full command on all my infantry units, so my gobbos were expensive even according to 6th ed standards. I also have a Warboss and the Red Banner BSB to keep everyone around. Everything else is pretty standard Gobbo fare.

Here is the same list (as close as possible) in 7th ed.

Warboss w/la, spiteful shield, protecteyness, skewer, triksy trinket: 153
BSB w/la & Red Banner: 112
2x NG lv.1 w/2 dispel scrolls: 100 (200 total)

38 Goblins w/full command, hw, shield, spears, la: 210
3x 30 NGs w/full command, hw, shield, spears, 3 fanatics: 215 (645 total)
4x 5 Wolf Riders w/spears, mus: 71 (284 total)

2 Spear Chuckas: 70
Rock Lobba: 70
2x Chariot: 120

Doom Diver: 80
Pump Wagon: 40

Total: 1984

Notes: The idea and strategy behind the list is the same from edition to edition. I can use the exact same models from list to list.

Here's the interesting part ... In translating the list from 6th to 7th, I only lost the pigstikka extra big boss (not possible in 7th's army selection) and snotlings (an extra throw-in tar pit)--a total of 154 pts. The increase in the cost of the Gobbos (infantry & cav) set me back 188 pts, but I picked up 45 pts from decreases to the BSB & NG shaman. This amounts to the lost ~150 pts.

Conclusion: By and large, this list is pretty much the same. Losing the punch of the Pigstikka hurts, and losing the Snot tar-pit hurts. But, I think the army could be comparably effective under 7th ed.

Has anyone done a similar translation yet?


25-10-2006, 22:29
Also in 6th edition, with eight units, you were losing the use of 1.3 units to animosity per turn. Now, while you are still losing 1.3 units to animosity per turn, you are also getting a 1d6 bost to 1.3 units per turn, as well as the extra-boost of the turn you use waaagh on. While this may not seem like a lot, it does give the gobs the chance to do more than just sit a wait to get charged. (Of course, it can also screw up your carefully set battle line too).

Crazy Harborc
25-10-2006, 23:29
My first greenie army 7th game was Sunday. 40 NGs, 3 fanatics and command was 255 pts. In this case 2pts = 100% increase....Not a big deal IMHO. The boyz price decrease (for what you now get) goes a long way to make up for that mentioned 150 pts increase.

I didn't use a Black Orc unit just a hero LOADED to da teef!!!:evilgrin: It looked like my opponent's (he plays Orcs alot too) eyes crossed when I said hey, now it's time to decide what to use weapons wise.:evilgrin:

I'll likely be changing some of my preferred unit choices. I think I'll be able to live with that. I like the minies (Skull Passes), I like the armybook. I am discovering that it's best to try to forget 6th Edition and read 7th as a first timer would.

27-10-2006, 00:56
I don't really know where to stick this so here will do.

What from the book can Chaos Dwarfs take? Specifically, are goblin spider riders okay?