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El Big Man
26-10-2006, 16:17
Does anyone know where I can find a list of all the products released by Games Workshop over the last year, in all systems, and the dates they were released? Thanks

26-10-2006, 16:23
You could search through all your white dwarfs?

El Big Man
26-10-2006, 16:29
Haha! I haven't bought one for the last year as I've been away in France. I need the product release history for some research I am doing and was hoping there might be a webiste or somesuch that I could find all the information in one place. It's more the big product releases I'm looking for, such as when new armies/codexes/army books were released; when various world campaigns took place and their relevant sourcebooks became available; and when gaming sytems were released or re-done.

I've already tried Google, but no luck there. Ideally I'm just looking for a list of the history of release dates. If anyone has that information in a downloadable format or knows of a web-page where I could find it, that would be perfect and very much appreciated.

26-10-2006, 16:30
i would email GW and ask them if they can send u the info, fill em in on what its for and im sure they will help.

El Big Man
26-10-2006, 16:31
Thanks for that. Will do.

El Big Man
26-10-2006, 16:32
But if anyone happens to have that information anyway, or knows where I could get hold of it immediately, that would be great!

Thanks again.

27-10-2006, 01:57
there are some leak websites, that offer that kind of info. never been to one, but ive recieved info from people who have.