View Full Version : 2250 Orc & Gobbo List

27-10-2006, 00:15
Hey all. Haven't played Fantasy in quite some time. Giving shiny new book its first test run soon. Originally I had planned on going all gobbo's, but I love the orc models and can't leave 'em out. Plus I really couldn't stomach the thought of my general being ld6:rolleyes: . So here goes:

Oh and a shout out goes to Avian for the one troll and gobbo suicide bomber ideas. Not quite sure how the gobbo bomber boss will do but I'm willing to give it a shot. A regular opponent has wood elves and if I can get him to charge he could put a dent in a treeman.

All units have mus/leader/standard unless otherwise noted.

NG Great Shaman - LV4 250pts
The Horn of Urgok, Dispel Scroll,

NG Shaman - lv2 125pts
x2 Magic Mushrooms, 'Itty Ring or Mad cap Mushrooms

Orc Big Boss - 124pts
Ad Choppa, Effiigy of Mork, Guzzla's Battle Brew (I just think it's funny)

Goblin BB - 87
Wolf, One Hit Wonda, Brimstone Bauble

10 Wolf Riders w/spears & shields -170

5 Wolf Riders w/spears 65pts

5 Wolf Riders w/spears 65 pts

35 NG w/ nets, x3 Fanatics - 270pts

35 NG's with nets, x2 fanatics - 245pts

10 Spider Riders - 170pts

24 Orcs - 174pts

x2 Goblin Chariots 120pts

x2 Spear Chucka's 70pts

Rock Lobba - 70 pts

Giant 205pts
Troll 40pts

Should be 2250 on the nose......................whatcha think? I might need a BSB for really shooty armies like WE's.