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27-10-2006, 18:52
Hello, im pretty noob in composing armies but I want to have a strong chaos army.

Preferably not magic heavy, Im not really into magic.

I was thinking of the following:


1-2 groups of
5 chaos knights
(mark of khorne/chosen?)
I'd better include a full command here, altough im not sure about including a champion

(mark of khorne?)
chariots are pretty good but require good tactic

8 furies?

16 marauders
(heavy waepons/flails?)
mainly cover, weapons make them much stronger but maybe not so smart because theyre mainly for cover, but drawback, theyre slow

1-2 groups of
5 warhounds (cover for expensive knights)

12 warriors
heavy weapons/shields?
(choice between supreme hitting power or a juicy 3+ save, also a drawback is last hitting)
Im not so sure about warriors because theyre pretty slow, if I face up against shooty/magicy armies this might be a bad option?

1-2 fiend of slaanesh
absolutely no normal spawn, movement to unreliable


Aspiring/exalted champion (more attacks but at a higher cost, WS I dont care)
maybe a mark of khorne/nurgle for extra power?
-barded steed for 16 pt (this is worth it I think, +2 as and double speed)
-heavy weapon combined with helm of many eyes?
-halberd for nice s6 and early hitting?
-axe of khorne for supreme hero-killing?
-death's head for having a chance to decimate someone's main unit (useful against non-chaos/dwarves)
-maybe gaze of gods altough I dont really like
-enchanted shield? gives a nice 1+ as or normal shield if I use a 1-handed weapon
-war banner? CR never hurts but leaves little room for other items

It is a bit messy, but is there any good chaos player who can give me some useful tips for composing a strong chaos army?

Also any tips of defeating a mega shooty dwarf army (cannon, flame cannon, orgel gun, thunderes)

I also want to try 2000 pts also any useful tips?
useful items for a lord?

I have many questions so many people, please post.

Thanks in the advance!

27-10-2006, 19:08
This look a lot like the list in one of the guideline sections of posting lists (forgot where) that is an example of what not to post.

Judging by the detail you put in I'm guessing you have the book, ergo, I recomend you build a list (Regardless of how bad it could or could not be) and post that. It's a lot easier to tell somone how to make subtle changes than it is to make an entire list from loose information.

29-10-2006, 15:29
Ok I have made a list:


5x knights of chaos
-mark of khorne
-musician and SB
(fast and powerful, khorne is nice and chosen is worth it because the full unit can fight)

5x knights of chaos
-mark of khorne
-musician and SB

5x warhounds

5x warhounds
(to draw painful warmachine hits from the knights)


Exalted champion (general)
-great weapon
-helm of many eyes
(nice and powerful attacks, even if I screw up and get charged, when an enemy has a chariot, I'll try to deploy it before the chariot)

Aspiring champion
(joins another group of knights)

Aspiring champion
-mark of khorne
-axe of khorne

(lone hero to flank and challenge heroes)

This army totals 1003 points and 5 dispel dice (and some casting dice but not important)

This was it, I know it has not much wounds but much attack power, the 5 dispel dice will hold off most enemy spells but enemies with alot of warmachines (dwarfs) will be painful for me once they destroyed my warhounds.

I chose cavalry to be able to charge often and be faster at the other side against shooting armies.

I hope someone can help to make this list better, I dont mind if some beastman stuff is added (but I dont have the book)

Thanks in the Advance

30-10-2006, 09:12
You have too many characters and too few units. I don't expect the Warhounds will make many kills, so your two units of Knights will have to do all the killing.

I would drop the two Aspiring Champions and take some Marauders Horsemen (with flails and musicians) or maybe a unit of 20-25 Marauders with FC.

This will give you more strength in numbers ;)

30-10-2006, 14:40
Ok thanks for your comment.

I was already thinking the champions would be first to drop, Ive never tried marauder horsemen, but there speed and moveability propably makes them a solid choice to aid the knight's killing power.

But marauders? They have much wounds and ranks which is very nice, but with a cavalry army, wouldnt they be very slow and finally reach the enemy after the battle is fought?

31-10-2006, 16:45
If you want to make a cavalry army the Marauders on foot are too slow indeed.

In that case I would drop the two Aspiring Champions and drop the chosen status on your Knights.

For the freed points you should get 2 or 3 units of Marauders Horsemen with flails and musician. Maybe some Warhound units and possibly an other unit Knights.

01-11-2006, 06:53
Ok thanks, I'll try that, I'll post the new list asap.

01-11-2006, 12:55
The great weapon only gives +1S when mounted, and the helm of many eyes makes you take stupidity test even if immune to psychology. Drop those and take a sword of might and a shield if you want to have S6 attacks.
In my opinion you can never have enough attacks so a sword of battle for a total of 6A would also be nice, especially against large groups of infantry.
I also agree with shaitan that taking marauder horsemen with flails is a better idea than taking three characters.

01-11-2006, 19:05
I think the berserker sword is best for lots of attacks, and remember that your characters need the same mark as a unit they join

03-11-2006, 15:04
I might also field infantry instead, will this do any good:

24 marauders
light armor + shield
full command

25 marauders
light armor + shield
full command



5 marauder horsemen
full command

5 warhounds

5 warhounds

6 furies

This totals 1000 points, a slow army but with many units, not much hitting power, but chariots can deal some serious damage, and the combination of marauders and a hero with a strong and fast hitting general might be nice.

But maybe I should include some spawn?
Drop some guys for warriors or knights?

The helm is pretty good I think, because a undivided hero wont be hit to hard by stupidity, with berserker sword you got to have luck for high US enemies, the example is 2 ogres, but this is the best youll ever get, most likely it'll be 1-2 attacks.

I havent got marks now, but with these huge units fear might be nice but a tad expensive as I have to buy 2 marks, and fear on the 25 marauders (without general) may not be so good because they seriously lack hitting power.

What must I change in this list?

Or is a cavalry army a much better choice against most enemies?
(dwarf, o&g elves and undead)

05-11-2006, 18:01
Is maybe 1 unit of 5 knights in here good, it does suck up alot of points..

05-11-2006, 21:41
I think the same

08-11-2006, 20:37
IF I take the knights I need to drop something, the marauders hopefully not, as I wont have much beef left then,

Maybe the chariot, the impact hits can be very good, but my tactics isnt so well, so getting charged is a disaster with them, maybe drop one of them and decrease the number of marauders or drop 1 unit of warhounds?

IS trhis list good for the rest?

09-11-2006, 08:03
First of all some tips when you are posting army lists here.
- It is best to show how many points a unit costs. For example: "6 furies (90)"
- Furthermore your army list is illegal becaues it doesn't contain a general.
- Also sum up all the points of the seperate units and show the total point value of your army

Now about the list you posted... if I do a quick point-count, I come to a total of about 880 points.
This mean you invest the spare points in your general? If so, an Exalted Champion makes a good general.

If you need some spare points for a unit Knights, you can drop one Chariot, one unit of Warhounds and maybe a Furies or some Marauders.
A cheap Knight unit will consist of 5 Knights with only a musician.

I also noted that your army contains many Marauders. If you don't have the Chariot models yet, you could convert the Beast Chariots in the BoC book to Marauder Chariots. Their chariots do almost the same, but they are a bit more fragile. And that for 35 points less.

09-11-2006, 10:08
Oh lol, forgot to include the hero from my list I had wrtitten down elsewhere

- exalted champion
great weapon, helm of many eyes + undivided (so a small chance at becoming stupid)

Ill have to look up the list for the points Ill post them soon.

And I think dropping a chariot and 1 unit of warhounds is best, I need to drop a lol more to cover the costs but indeed furies and some marauders are a option.

I think frenzy knights are a good option and a musician certainly, standard bearer maybe?

Cheap knights might not be strong enough to break trough most units, but either way I think its best for me to avoid the more powerful enemy units with many ranks.

09-11-2006, 11:50
Cheap Knights work very well actually. When you charge a unit in the flank, or when you make a combined charge, together with Marauder Horsemen in the flank. Then you will be able to break most units I think.

11-11-2006, 11:14
24 marauders
light armor + shield
full command
= 193 pts

This will be nice in combination with a fast and strong hitting general

20 marauders
light armor + shield
full command
= 165 pts

Im not so sure about this, this has zero hitting power, maybe replace this for a small number (10) warriors with add HW and maybe mark of frenzy?

= 120 pts

Im not so skilled in charging so this is maybe a bad choice? Also weak vs powerful cannons, but when it strikes, it strikes hard! (useful in swiftly destroying weaker units)

5 knights
= 175 pts

I dont know if theyre going to make it with a few attacks, maybe mark of frenzy? I shouldnt be targeting heavy units with knights anyway and theyve got quite a chance against the rest

5 marauder horsemen
= 88 pts

Ive never used these, but in other chaos lists I see them often, almost always equipped with flails, and knight's power in the first turn (but what happens thereafter) is this a good choice?

5 warhounds
= 30 pts

Pretty useful for shielding knights against shooting armies, and if Im lucky I can reach the enemy's warmachine... I might drop this because I have so much support units

5 furies
= 75 pts

Useful for grappling enemy warmachines, but their power is limited and by the time I get to charge one, most of my units are already in combat (still nice for 60 pts) but anyway, these demons might not be powerful enough to defeat warmachine crew, so add some or drop?

exalted champion
great weapon
helm of many eyes
dispel scroll
= 154 pts

I think in conjunction with a big marauder block, this fast and hardhitting general is able to defeat most enemy units, but against the most powerful enemy units he might not be able to pull it off, I have also included a dispel scroll for if a powerful spell does over 25 points in damage, but when the enemy doesnt have magic, these points are utterly screwed

totals 1003 points

Im still not sure about many choices, I hear many people say that warriors are not worth their points in smaller games, but what would be my core unit in my army... the marauders? I might have got to much support only suitable in destroying weaker enemies, where is my power?

Im also pretty weak against magic, good thing's I use cheap units but Im not so sure, is it maybe better to fall back on my cavalry army?

Im also not so sure about the bare knights of chaos, I have no power unit so wont it be smart to upgrade the knights to be able to crush an enemy's power unit?

Please give me some info and experiences, then I can build up a strong list.
Thanks in the advance!

13-11-2006, 08:22
The list looks like a standard Chaos list but there is nothing wrong with that. Now you have to find out how to use the different units.

One comment however... the Exalted Champion can't have a dispell scroll. Arcane Items are restricted to wizards.

18-11-2006, 11:08
Okay thanks, Ill try to build around this then :)

19-11-2006, 16:58
Oh one last question, is it wise to include a beastherd?

I dont have the beast armybook but could lend one, but is it good and which composition should I choose?

Is it wise to swap a hero for doombull? Or something else beasty?

That was it (more then one though)

20-11-2006, 08:27
Taking a Beast Herd is not a bad idea. I think they work great as a 'light infantry' unit. They can also be used for protecting one of your flanks.

Taking a beast general in your list is not a good idea. Your list has only mortal units so a mortal general suits best to this army. If you take a beast general you should change your entire army composition.

20-11-2006, 13:36
Ok thank you, Ill think in replacing some support unit(s) for a single beast herd.