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27-10-2006, 22:36
i play with lizardmen and my friend plays with O&G and he has mainly a nightgoblin army with 4 units of nightgoblins each with 3 fanatics. i currently use salamanders to hit the unit without triggering the fanatics but because each unit contains about 60 nightgoblins i hardly make a dent. then he just moves his night goblins and triggers the fanatics anyway usually hitting me.I was wondering whether there is a better way to deal with fanatics with a lizardmen army?

27-10-2006, 22:51
I don't know how many skinks you need to make a unit (10?) but take a few with minimum equipment and sacrifice them. Once they are out I would use the blowppes and salamanders to get rid of them.

I dont know of any throw away units in the Lizardmen army so the Skinks would be your cheapest option. Sacrifice the least amount of points (and quickly), widdle the fanatics down and then go in for the kill.

4 units of 60 gobbos is just begging for a flank attack. Good luck!!

Hope this helps.


27-10-2006, 23:13
Once they are out I would use the blowppes and salamanders to get rid of them.

I don't believe they can be targetted in 7th Ed.

As stated, draw them out with weak units if you can. Fanatics are expensive, let them kill a little bit. Of course, if you can draw them into unfriendly situations (be behind tress, units, or other terrain).

Fanatics aren't amazing really. Once they're out, they're out. Their combat isn't impressive, so just fight them later on.

Generally you can out shoot/magic O&G with Lizardmen, so send forth your skinks, let them die or flee away, then wait for them to come to you while their own fanatics create problems for them.

28-10-2006, 08:47
As mentioned, you should draw out the fanatics before they get close to your lines. Send some fast and cheap sacrificial units (like skinks or terradons) to draw out the fanatics early - when they are released far enough from your own lines, they will cause more harm for your opponent than to you.

28-10-2006, 11:32
You may shoot at them at -1, but since you can't split your fire that will take a long time. O&G can play magic really well and don't expect to out magic them.