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11-05-2012, 08:36
Really great sculpt! And fantastic knight - the colours complement each other very well, with a realistic flair, that feels perfectly "warhammery". The owner of that mini can look at it with joy in his heart...

02-06-2012, 23:08
@Gargobot: As far as I know it's Rev and an undisclosed number of other people and I think we'll see a picture of all of the knights assembled around the time the fifth company of the Warseerers is seen together in one picture. :shifty:

@catferret: Geez, how could I forget about the bloke? :D Hope you never finish him because he sure looks more impressive than Sir Sigur.

@Rhaivaen: Thanks very much. Which one is the "Hellblade" cannon? The shorter one with the bigger muzzle break?

@Mathean: :p Goddamnit, appointed to something I am AGAIN.

@Satan: Cheers, I hope he will!

Hey people, believe it or not, I got an update to post in here!


Not all that impressive yet because she's as WIP as can be. It's Alicia, female rogue. At first I tried a green dress with red hair but decided to go with my first impulse - red dress and blonde hair. The neck region reminded me of the dress the princess in The Princess Bride wears for most of the film so ... yeah, just red and blonde and a more badass version of the princess in that film. ("My Wesley won't come for me - so what?")

She's the second miniature I'm painting up for my review of Hasslefree miniatures (of which I finally placed my first order last week and, true to the legend, I got candy in the parcel (along with very, very pretty miniatures of course ;) ). Plus,a hand-written "thank you" note. But I guess I should keep these infos for the actual review article.


03-06-2012, 11:34
Quick update on Alicia (now in her proper colours)


C&C welcome as always of course. :)

03-06-2012, 14:43
@Rhaivaen: Thanks very much. Which one is the "Hellblade" cannon? The shorter one with the bigger muzzle break?

The Hellblade is the optional weapon on the main turret of the Bane blade, I have 2, and need a 3rd for the eventuality I can make 1 group of 3 Eradicators.

Caiphas Cain
04-06-2012, 00:26
Lookin good sigur. :D

04-06-2012, 09:18
She's the second miniature I'm painting up for my review of Hasslefree miniatures (of which I finally placed my first order last week and, true to the legend, I got candy in the parcel (along with very, very pretty miniatures of course ;) ). Plus,a hand-written "thank you" note. But I guess I should keep these infos for the actual review article.

I also ordered their miniatures for the first time recently, and I was really impressed with quality of sculpts (I went for fantasy range). Also bubble gum, thank you note and free "Danger tapes" were really nice addition.
I will definitely order Hasslefree minis again, and not just only for their bubble gum.

I am curious how is their resin range quality, because miniatures I ordered were all metal. I'm interested in their resin Kylee, but my adventures with resin (McVey's sculpts and GW Finecast) aren't really that great. I would say that details are on the same level as in metal but resin miniatures are lighter, more fragile, and harder to work with.

04-06-2012, 13:29
@Rhaivaen: You got PM. ;)

@Caiphas Cain: Cheers!

@Iesthir: Thanks, I'll do my best to have the review up tonight. Until then I try not to spill the beans on my views on Hasslefree (although I mostly agree with you. ;) )

04-06-2012, 13:31
@Rhaivaen: You got PM. ;)

Jup, I know, read and replied already :P

04-06-2012, 17:04
@Rhaivaen: I know, I just didn't know what else to put in response to your reply above and I thought it was an acceptable phrase to put on there. :p

Right, the review of Hasslefree miniatures is finished and you can have a look here:

Sigur reviews Hasslefree Miniatures (http://sigur.tabletopgeeks.com/review-hasslefree-miniatures/)

From the very same review - finished Alicia:

In the review article you'll find more pictures of her along with her pal Hayden. Thank you very much for reading. C&C on both the article and the painted minis are highly welcome as always!

04-06-2012, 22:28
@Rhaivaen: I know, I just didn't know what else to put in response to your reply above and I thought it was an acceptable phrase to put on there. :p

Sure it was, lol.
PM send, with details. :shifty:

12-06-2012, 14:51
@Rhaivaen: Yup, I'll send the bitz of too you asap.

Today I received the minis for a Fantasy commission bit which I was really looking forward to to break up the massive amounts of space Marines I've been doing for the past year and will be doing for quite a while into the future. For which I'm thankful of course because I love that stuff, it's just that Space Marines and Space Marines only can get a bit monotonous with the time.

Anyhow, so I got a fine team of Dark Elves for Bloodbowl to paint. Judging from the website, really nice sculpts (and they are) sold by Gaspez Arts with whom I was very pleased with before. So I unpacked the models and was a bit terrified (as were my little friends):


Those guys a HUGE. From toe to top of the head exactly 40mm. I guess that doesn't quite make them 40mm minis because I think you measure from toe to eye but still MASSIVE Dark Elves. Not that it matters much for BB but I have to say that I was surprised.

14-06-2012, 12:50
Ohhhh Alicia turned out Quite nice. :D

15-06-2012, 00:07
So I unpacked the models and was a bit terrified (as were my little friends):


Hilarious! The space marine even looks a little doubtful... "Er... I'm not sure if the Emperor's finest bolter shells will drop them?"
And I'm not sure if it's intentional, but the thumbs down on the marine... ;)

15-06-2012, 13:52
@N810: Thanks very much. :)

@juicytomatoes: Glad you enjoyed the little joke. :D


First update on the Dark Elves team. Not all that impressive (apart from size of course) yet but as a sort of preview you can see the test mini amongst them. I predict that layering all the skin on the whole team will be fun on four miniatures, then will become a chore and then will be fun again for the last two minis. :D

Anyhow, that's that. Sooooo......What's your weekend plans?

Great horned owl
15-06-2012, 18:22
The test mini looks good. Maybe you can paint them in batches of four and do something else in between. Or is the customer in a hurry?

I'm working on 10 high elf maiden guards for the TOFP. So far I 've only done few base colours.

15-06-2012, 19:45
Thanks, I was considering breaking them up into two batches. No hurry on the customer's side really but these days I prefer to do projects from start to finish so I don't end up with a ton of "about 75% stuff" on my table. :D

Oh, the ToFP. Fond memories. :) Let me know how the Maidenguards turn out! Beautiful models.

16-06-2012, 11:51


Captain's Log, star date -310542.1530307631: Painting is getting kind of annoying today. No, wait, people are getting annoying. It's hot, humid and there's people running across the house so I'll take a trip to the FLGS.

Captain's Log addendum: Found out about another difference between me and Kirk. He would have never used "No, wait" in captain's log entries. Shifted myself away from Kirk and towards the "Archer" end of the spectrum. Once again. :( The use of an "unhappy smilie" in a captain's log entry probably requires me to add another layer to the whole thing to allow shifting towards Neelix....


16-06-2012, 21:01
Why do they have light blue hair, Captain?

17-06-2012, 09:21
As per the Prime Directive we are not to mettle with the internal affairs of alien peoples. The same goes for their hair colour or style. :p No, it's just the colour scheme the client chose for his team.

17-06-2012, 15:28
Captain's Log addendum: Found out about another difference between me and Kirk. He would have never used "No, wait" in captain's log entries. Shifted myself away from Kirk and towards the "Archer" end of the spectrum. Once again. :( The use of an "unhappy smilie" in a captain's log entry probably requires me to add another layer to the whole thing to allow shifting towards Neelix....

Neelix always spoiled the series for me, I hate him with a passion, but do keep it up, your work is amazing :)

18-06-2012, 04:28
Thanks very much for the review of the hassle free mini Sigur! Would you maybe be able to post a picture with one of your very fine empire scale models? Since the only scale shot you did was with a space marine and that makes it tricky to try to figure out in relation to fantasy for those of us with a small human sized fantasy collection. Thanks very much! Oh and great painting as always

18-06-2012, 14:19
@Rhaivaen: I didn't enjoy Voyage too much altogether but Neelix definately added to this general notion, yes. I think the character just wasn't really well executed. In my opinion Dr.Phlox from Enterprise was much better done in this regard. Anyhow, do you happen to be familiar with sfdebris' Opinionated Star Trek Reviews? Those might be right up your alley. :)

@constant_ones: Thanks for the comment and I'm glad that you enjoyed the review. Sure, here's a picture of both of the ladies next to two 5th edition State Troopers:


Keep in mind that the sci-fi Lady is standing on a bsase that's about 2mm higher than the Empire models' ones.

18-06-2012, 16:45
@Rhaivaen: I didn't enjoy Voyage too much altogether but Neelix definately added to this general notion, yes. I think the character just wasn't really well executed. In my opinion Dr.Phlox from Enterprise was much better done in this regard. Anyhow, do you happen to be familiar with sfdebris' Opinionated Star Trek Reviews? Those might be right up your alley. :)

Neelix was just plain stupid and annoying :), the girl he was after was cute though. Voyager on average was ok, I do liked the rest of the crew, specially Chakotay.

sfdebris, never heard of "it". :)

18-06-2012, 20:42
Thanks so much Sigur! They are close enough in scale to get away with it I think, especially for a female mini, as those should be, on average, a slightly smaller frame than the average He-man-esc male mini from GW. To me the most common problem with scaling occurs in the heads, as that is where my attention naturally focuses and GW's unique style, often leads to compatibility problems. Both those look ace, both in terms of your great painting and in "fitting in"-ness. Thank you again, now I know where barbarian for my log is coming from :D

18-06-2012, 22:41
@Rhaivaen: Chakotay was alriught but I think he lacked a bit in terms of character. The whole maquis-starfleet-thing should have been more of an ongoing subplot. Definately have alook at sfdebris' (http://blip.tv/sf-debris-opinionated-reviews) stuff. Very good mix of plain silliness and cleverness.

@constant_ones: You're welcome. Especially when it comes to Barbarians Hasslefree have quite a range of very cool models, both male and female.

19-06-2012, 13:22

Update on the Dark Elves! Next pictures will be better again. :P

19-06-2012, 14:33
Geeze! You breezed through them, eh? They're looking awesome. Is it just basing left to do?

19-06-2012, 15:11
@Lew_b81: Cheers. Well, there's still plenty left to do I'm afraid. I think I should redo some bits of the skin a bit, the lighter metallics have to be properly shaded and highlighted and the black parts (boots, belts) need highlighting as well.

Also, this rowdy bunch of surprisingly tall Dark Elves has to be kept in line:

WIP of course but just look how incredibly old-school she looks. Not sure if it's my painting but if you look at having vertical stripes of black on a white shirt and this flat, yellow hair - to me this looks very much old-school. :D The sculpt itself is motly really nice, especially the torso, the way, the tight shirt folds a little. Interestingly, the cleavage is a bit weird. It basically goes up to her collarbone so I had to paint it in a way so it looks a bit more "normal" which is why it looks a little rough.

Also, most amusingly, look at this picture:

It's not unlikely that the sculptor found some of his inspiration in this. ;) I'd love to take credit for finding this picture but actually the client I'm painting this team for did. :yes:

19-06-2012, 15:56
It's not unlikely that the sculptor found some of his inspiration in this. ;) I'd love to take credit for finding this picture but actually the client I'm painting this team for did. :yes:

Even freakishly tall dark elves would struggle to concentrate with her around.

Crazy Harborc
19-06-2012, 23:38
You get paid to paint that model/minie......Gee, life/painting sure can be rough sometimes. Well, try to hang in there sigur. Sorry, I am back now. I was just staring at.....

Mannnn...my wife would never believe somebody would pay me to paint her. Me pay them? Yeah. maybe:D

20-06-2012, 15:39
@Eldorad: Indeed. I really like what companies do with Bloodbowl Refs. I have yet to see one that looks boring. :)

@CH: :D Painting this mini indeed was a pleasure.


Finished! Apart form the base of course. To be honest, the Dark Elves altogether are almost finished by now, I just couldn't really do the static grass yet because it's like 35°C in here, I got the fan on and would probably collapse if I turned it off which, as everybody who ever tried to put static grass on bases with a fan on on the side will know, made it impossible during the day. I'll have to wait until the air cool off a bit.

20-06-2012, 17:57
Love that referee! And the team looks cool too altough I am not that much a fan of the actual models.


28-06-2012, 15:01
@Rhaivaen: Chakotay was alriught but I think he lacked a bit in terms of character. The whole maquis-starfleet-thing should have been more of an ongoing subplot. Definately have alook at sfdebris' (http://blip.tv/sf-debris-opinionated-reviews) stuff. Very good mix of plain silliness and cleverness.

On a note of Barrel again, lol, not movies..
I received your envelop! :)
The Envelop has been quite squished, but because the contents is hard plastic, there was nothing broken.

But the barrel is all in good order,

Thanks ever so much!


01-07-2012, 12:16
I almost cry when I see what you do with even basic models like the state troopers above.

Amazing the detail you get out of them.

Caiphas Cain
01-07-2012, 12:20
Sigur, are you giving barrels to people? I hope you brought enough for the whole class. :p

Nice cheerleader, er, ref. ;)

02-07-2012, 03:03
Sigur, are you giving barrels to people? I hope you brought enough for the whole class. :p

In this case, he told me he had a spare fellblade cannon barrel, because of my sig asking for anybody who had any spares.
He kindly send me one, so now I have a set of 3, to use for modelling Eradicators.

02-07-2012, 09:16
@Rhaivaen: You're welcome. I probably wouldn't ever managed to get around to using it myself anyway. ;)

@Orlanth1000: Well, these were pretty models these 5th edition fellas. :) Thanks anyway, I like those guys as well. They were test minis for my Marienburg colour scheme.

@Caiphas Cain: I'm like Donkey Kong in that regard - giving our barrels left and right. ;) Thanks for the comment!

Hey, hey, I know that the Dark Elves team got a little delayed but I will finish it within the next few days. Promised!

09-07-2012, 16:16
Time for some Dark Elves!



...and of course the referee:

Hope you like them. :)

09-07-2012, 16:23
I do like them.
Well, aside from the blue hair.
I assume the coloured stripes next to the numbers are there to denote the position of the players. That's a fantastic idea. Simple, but extremely helpful.

09-07-2012, 16:47
Thanks muchly. The coloured stripes are just there so you can tell Blitzers and Runners apart which is a bit hard on these models. The numbers are also on the backs of the bases so the player of the team himself knows what's what (from the back they're even harder to tell apart. ;) ).

09-07-2012, 18:14
Very cool! I really like the idea of putting white stripes on the bases. Simple idea but really helps make it feel like they are on a pitch rather than just a random patch of grass!

10-07-2012, 11:20
@Strewart: Thanks. It's really the only way to keep the "full lawn" look on Bloodbowl bases and stil make it look a bit more interesting without having to add stuff like thrown beer bottles/sandwich wrappers, blood stains and so on. ;)

Here's a quick snapshot of yesterday's late night conversion frenzy for the upcoming project:

10-07-2012, 11:22
Oooh, intriguing :)

10-07-2012, 12:30
Dare I say...Mordheim?
Please let it be so.

10-07-2012, 14:50
I'd guess that too. Which warband is it that can have an ogre, Ostland?

Caiphas Cain
10-07-2012, 18:47
Can't everyone hire an ogre as a mercenary? Looking forward to seeing what you can do with a warband sigur. :D

And why do you have a lighter on your painting table?

11-07-2012, 13:41
@Crube: 't is, isn't it? :D

@EmperorNorton: 't is so, mein Herr!

@mrtn: 't is ......Empire dudes!

@Caiphas Cain: 't's true probably that everybody may hire Ye Olde Ogre. Not sure actually. I played most of what is now "specialist systems" at some point but Mortheim was never amongst them. But then, this Warband is meant for play with the Bordertown Burning supplement which of course shakes up things even more.

First preview of the warband:

...and here's a closer look at the slightly converted Ogre:


Just making some custom bases for these guys and then it's off to the primer box!

11-07-2012, 15:04
Nice! Mordheim, BtB and Cadwallon all have a fond place in my heart...

11-07-2012, 15:10
Sorry, this is off-topic but: Picking that user name was pure genius. It gives every single post of yours an entertaining subtext. :D

Just to add soemthing on topic: Primed the whole lot, now painting a test mini.

11-07-2012, 17:02

Caiphas Cain
11-07-2012, 17:49
I've never seen that ogre before, is it Reaper? And a conversion is still a conversion. :D

11-07-2012, 18:55
@Anvalous: Thanks. ;)

@Caiphas Cain: Thanks for commenting. It's the Avatars of War Ogre sans his backbanners.

Right, here's the WIP shot of the first test miniature for the warband:

What do you think so far? Somewhere along the way SOMETHING happened with the face. Not quite sure but I'll make it look better again.

11-07-2012, 19:09
Mordheim! Woo! Shame you don't play. It would be good practice for you to sculpt a warband to go with your landship/pirate captain. ;)

11-07-2012, 19:13
:D Chairs, moight. I will be sculpting again very soon but until then I have to get as much stuff painted as possible so I have the time to sculpt lateron.

Caiphas Cain
11-07-2012, 19:28
Well he's looking fine and dandy. Perfect for crawling through a dirty, ruined city. :p

11-07-2012, 19:38
Looking good so far

As to the face, I actually lilke it... maybe more suited to a unit of Free Company, but youve captures a great expression :D

11-07-2012, 19:47
Just to chime in and say, your painting has inspired me out of my hiatus, Sigur.

I have admired your work since my friend brought a Salamander battleforce from you (the outstanding, no, ORGASMIC Vulkan included), and the Mordheim warband has done it again. Really like the Ogre!

11-07-2012, 21:15
@Caiphas Cain: Hehe, thanks. ;)

@Crube: Yeah, he'll be one of the Juves in the gang (excuse my Necromunda-ish there) so that facial expression probably isn't too far off what it should be. :D

@Nocculum: Thanks very much for the comment. I'm sure that the Ogre especially will come out really impressive looking.



As you can see I changed the facial expression a bit and did some definition, additional highlighting and so on. Hope you like the guy. :) Still WIP of course.

12-07-2012, 08:05
As I thought you still dare to do amazing stuff... Don't know what I should say about it ;)

12-07-2012, 09:44
I love it when you paint Empire! The face is fantastic!

Gold painting for the mermaid on his armour?

12-07-2012, 22:56
@Mathean: Besten Dank. ;) What can I say - I'm a right daredevil when it comes to sitting on my behind and painting tiny little plastic soldiers. A danger junkie. Some might say a madman but I say they don't know life as I do. Lock up your daugthers, there comes the guy who paints toy soldiers. :cheese:

@Tonny: Thanks very much. I enjoy painting Empire as well. No gold on this guy though, I'm afraid. He's just one of the younglings in the gang and the whole warband is supposed to be rather down-to-earth when it comes to decorations and such. (probably not the right word but I can't think of a more proper one)

Here's another update from a day on which I didn't get all that much done. Another WIP of the test mini and a snapshot of all the bases for the warband:


Hope you like them. I'll add some more dirt, sewage and whatnot to the bases after the models are finished. :)

12-07-2012, 23:02
Aw, he looks so lonely standing there all alone.
I hope the bases around him get filled soon.

Crazy Harborc
13-07-2012, 00:35
Oh, oh, oh.......I am eager to see the soon to appear WIP photos of the rest of that swordsman's band of happy shoppers.

Bye the bye...I liked what you did to the dudes eyes/face. Darn good improvement of that face of his.

Lord Azoth
13-07-2012, 08:04
as usual amazing...your quality is awesome.

Karak Norn Clansman
13-07-2012, 12:27
That is not far from a Golden Daemon standard for the rank and filers. :)

13-07-2012, 19:33
@EmperorNorton: Hehe, I'll do my best. ;)

@CH: Thanks muchly. ;)

@LordAzoth: Thank you. :)

@Karak Norn Clansman: Oh, don't remind me of Golden Daemons. x( My plans of entering this year are dead and buried. On top of all of that the thing I planned to do just won a Slayer Sword at GD Spain. :D (Excellent piece though. Probably better than what I would have done).

Anyhow, here's the finished test miniature:


Hope you like it. :)

edit. Er..yeah....all hail Photobucket's size restrictions...wait a minute...




13-07-2012, 19:40
That's amazing. Looks like a proper fop, duelist and gentleman, all in one packamajig.

13-07-2012, 19:57
YOU do army painting commissions? lol.

13-07-2012, 21:22
Well, he looks great.
What bugs me about that is that I have no idea what to do differently to make my stuff look like that.

13-07-2012, 22:12
@Harry: Who are you? Go away. :p :D Yes, now that he's finished I'll send him off to you as soon as possible. :)

I will just post here what I have said privately to Sigur.
Impressive as this mini looks in the photo's it is nothing compared to how it looks close up. I can't even see the detail sigur has painted without magnification never mind fathom how he has painted it. The consistency of the patterns on such an unimaginably small scale is astounding.

I feel Incredibly lucky to have the work of such a talented artist in my collection.
Thanks so much.

From the very same review - finished Alicia:
The blending on this mini is amazing. It makes me weep I am so far from reproducing something like this.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/sizecomparison2.jpg?t=1340028744Loving this state troopers.
You may have already posted this before but ... how did you do the yellow?

Can't wait to see more progress on the warband. Looking great.

14-07-2012, 00:40
@unwanted: Thanks very much. :)

@Rhaivaen: Well, I do try. :p

@EmperorNorton: Thank you. ;)

@Harry: Thanks for the tons of praises. Took me long enough with the knight so I thought Sir Sigur better looks well. ;) Layering that red on Alicia was fun and didn't take too long at all. Red cloth might be one of my favorite things to paint. The yellow on the State Troopers was done quite differently to how I ususally do it, starting with a basecoat of a light rusty red (Rackham Natural Leather - think of it as a lighter and a bit more orange-y version of GW's Dark Flesh, then added some yellow (I think again something unusual. Some Rackham yellow, basically the same as Golden Yellow.) and you go on from there using mixes of the yellow and rusty red, some bleached bone, white, maybe some red/orange/yellow/sepia coloured wash in between... stuff like that.

Reet, another update on the first batch of Mordheimers - archers and crossbowmen:

14-07-2012, 06:35
So do you layer up everything starting darkest first? (You never start with a base colour then a wash for shade and highlight up from there?)

14-07-2012, 09:07
Really liking the blue on those Mordheimers... I always struggle with getting a decent blue...

Morglum Necksnapper
14-07-2012, 09:34
The Mordheim warband colorscheme is beautiful. I like the suble highlighting on the metal breastplate.

Caiphas Cain
14-07-2012, 10:02
Nice work sigur, I like how the blue is coming along. :D

I also had a strange moment of realization; GW miniatures are terribly proportioned. I got a box of the Perry's European Mercenaries, and it really opened my eyes. :p

14-07-2012, 10:07
@Harry: Not always. Actually, I don't know, I just paint the stuff. :S I think I usually start with a dark mid-tone.

@Crube: Yus. I think that the main thing is starting with a very dark blue and rarely using enchanted blue for highlights. :D

@Morglum Necksnapper: Thank you. :)

Crazy Harborc
15-07-2012, 02:02
Oh...THAT is a start on those six Mortie boys.

IMHO the good OLD box of 20, Mortheimer plastic minies are amongest the best minies that GW did.

Two years ago at Origins in Ohio, I saw a siege army (the defenders) made up of (mostly) those Mortie minies.

15-07-2012, 02:34
@CH: Thanks. :) Help my old mind out for a bit - is that the empire militia box sprues you're talking about?


edit: Oh, and I dropped by at my LGS today for a test game of 6th edition 40k more or less. As I had my camera with me I thought it would be nice to show some pictures of the Battle for Skull Pass minis they still got in their gaming venue shop window. They are after all the minis that started this plog a while back. :)



(pay no attention to the nasty man behind the window. :shifty: )

15-07-2012, 05:02
Wow! The war and painting is fantastic! I really love how you brought some nmm technique into the sword, your stuff always continues to impress!

15-07-2012, 16:09
The Archers/Crossbowmen look great! I think that one day I need some Sigur Painted mini's.;)

Crazy Harborc
16-07-2012, 02:19

Yes they were/are indeed the Empire Militia box sprues. Hey, there IS hope for me....I did remember that fact! I know, I know...sigur said it first.:D

16-07-2012, 07:27

Yes they were/are indeed the Empire Militia box sprues. Hey, there IS hope for me....I did remember that fact! I know, I know...sigur said it first.:D7

I can sort that post of Sigur's out if you like... for a small 'fee' :D

Sigur, those are beautiful. Are the bases bought resin ones, or did you make them yourself?

16-07-2012, 09:52
nice work Sigur...and glorious moustache i see there!!...you keep getting more awesome my friend :P

16-07-2012, 15:17
@constant_ones: Thanks muchly. :)

@Tonny: Thanks very much and just contact me if you want something painted. ;)

@Crube: :D The open corruption amongst the Mods is getting more and more out of hand. As for the bases - both applies really. I made them myself and they are made of resin. I can cast a set of plain copplestone bases now and just add what's necessary on top of that.

@Breazer: God if I had realized that so much of this horrible human mask of mine is showing I would have cropped the picture to no end. :shifty: In my defence - it's not JUST the moustache. It's this kind of nerdy standard beard of the "trying hard to make it a goatee, hindered by the inability to make the chin and moustache parts connect"-kind. Just look at the dwarfds, damnit! :D

16-07-2012, 15:42
I only got my gold star back for the 'perks' :D

20-07-2012, 18:44
You are a regular Tony Stark then!
Facial hair rocks though....but -i am sure you have this too-....it is sometimes hard to knock all the women off your self the whole day long....

Duke Donald
20-07-2012, 20:07
I really like your finished swordsman. This Mordheim warband will look fantastic.

01-09-2012, 20:11
I still can't decide if this thread is motivating or demotivating. I guess I'll keep watching and see. ;)

12-09-2012, 21:37
@Crube: Yay, congratulations! I for one welcome our new black dog overlord! (please don't ban me :cries: )

@Breazer: :D Indeed, indeed. Sometimes I don't even have to mention the miniature wargaming and painting to work my magic on the ladyfolks.

@Duke Donald: Thanks very much. I'm fairly positive that they'll turn out really pretty.

@Sir_Glonojad: Hehe, I hope that the motivating part of the thread is in the majority here. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

Hey good people, after a shockingly long time I'm back to Fantasy things!

That Mordheim Warband should get some work done on it now so I did some painting on the already started missile troops:

Not quite finished yet of course. These are the least impressive minis of the group but still a vital part of course and full of character (which is an important bit about this Mordheim gang). I shall return soon with more updates! Well, maybe not tomorrow due to a bunch of appointments and whatnot. Geez, after that it's Friday again already on which I should get some stuff done. Saturday will depend on the evening planning, Sunday shall be proppa painting day as usual.... Hm, let's see. If I was you I'd expect another update on Friday.

12-09-2012, 21:52

Do you plan to sell those resin base tops ?

12-09-2012, 21:53

Do you plan to sell those resin base tops ?

Sorry for double posting :(

12-09-2012, 22:29
Mordheimers are looking grand Mr Squrrl. The uniforms are bright enough to grab attention without looking too vibrant for peasant attire.

Crazy Harborc
12-09-2012, 23:47
Those stone top bases would work very well for militia troops/city troops/etc.

Heck, those guys are the least?? Bring on the most impressive newly painted troops.;) I loooovve the eye candy in this threaad.

Caiphas Cain
13-09-2012, 04:31
I like the coloring on these guys. The little splashes of color really catch the eye. I like it! :D

13-09-2012, 09:18
oh yes - mordheim - WUHUUUU, MODHEIM!

13-09-2012, 11:30
I really like the colors of the mordheim warband, especially the blue.
And as always, it's nicely painted. So I hope to see more soon !

14-09-2012, 00:41
@kublai: Cheers. Those actually are full resin bases I made. Yup, I do plan to start selling them along with the other resin bases I do.

@Catferret: Thanks muchly for commenting, Sir. :)

@Crazy Harborc: Thank you!

@Asp: :D I knew I'd be able to lure you into the plog again with these.

@tancrede: Thanks very much. I'm also very happy with the blue. Alas, Necron Abyss, I never recognized your beauty before it was too late. :cries:

Unscheduled update! Well, looking at the clock it isn't actually because it's Friday already. ANYWAY, here are the pictures!

Quasi-finished missile guys:


Very WIP Swordsmen:

Hope you like them!

14-09-2012, 01:28
wonderful "old looking" cloth, they look very realistic in my opinion :) superb! another think i like is the face expressions, truly amazing

14-09-2012, 07:33
Looking good! Loving those strong contrasts!

You should try your hands at the old Cadwallon Militia, man those were some sweet miniatures...

15-09-2012, 10:47
@Catalip: Thanks very much. :)

@Satan: Cheers. I had a glance at these minis and they look pretty fun. When were they released?

Little update on them Mordheim guys:


Hope you like how they're shaping up.

Now I shall be off for some D&D gaming. Haven't played in a few years, should be fun. :)

15-09-2012, 12:48
very mordheim-y feel but they need laurels and fish - did client order from nordland specifically?

16-09-2012, 21:56
@Asp: Thanks for the comment. I had very specific instructions on what the models should look like. They're less Blanche-esque and a bit more on the "realistic" (with lots of inverted commas of course) side of things. :) The colour scheme is just a colour scheme the client and I made up by looking through pictures on the internet, picking a scheme he liked and working out how to get it onto his models.

Update time!


Faces only a mother or wargamer could love. :D

Swordsmen are mostly finished, I just need to do some tidying up now.

17-09-2012, 06:53
I don't know when the Cadwallon Militia were released, but you can get the complete set either on ebay or from maelstrom as resin pieces for silly amounts of cash: http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=pro&pre=lcy_con_cad_ess_101_000

Hm, actually looks like the new resin set doesn't even contain all the models. For shame.

Are those made with pieces from Mannaan's Blades? Could you describe how you did the stubble? I'm sure I've asked before but my memory is like that of a flounder. I think you're doing a really fantastic job with these - I remember (albeit hazily) the portent days and early days of WS and you can clearly see how your painting skill has progressed into a seriously high standard (if you ask me), you should be proud of yourself.

17-09-2012, 09:08
@Satan: Hmm, I like the little guy with the goggles from that Cadwallon Militia set.

Yup, many of the minis have bits from the Manaan's Blades set on them. Stubble is fun to do. It's all about finding the right balance of black wash, mix of grey and skin colour and so on. In this case I mostly painted the faces as usual, then gave it a very thin layer of dark grey and an inking of black where the stubble's supposed to be, then highlight up again using greys but I refrain from using pure, "hard" greys but for the higher highlights I add a hint of the colours I used on the skin. That helps making the stubble look like it belongs there instead of being painted on grey. Hope that helped. :)

Litte group shot (a bit more contrast-y than the previous picture):

17-09-2012, 11:51
Fantastic work, as always !

17-09-2012, 13:35
@kublai: Thanks, very much appreciated. :)

Again, a quick and tiny update on the next three guys:

Two more swords (one Young 'Un with feathery hat, an old veteran and a fella with a halberd).

17-09-2012, 23:17
Doop-de-doo, stuff slowed down a bit. Here's another little update...


Crazy Harborc
18-09-2012, 00:21
Satan's Cadwallon/link shows some great looking minies.

sigur's latest update shows his even more improved group of militia (Mordheim halloween trick or treaters perhaps?). Yes sir a fine looking group of city dwellers.:D

18-09-2012, 01:19
Neat! Those are shades of blue and purple you don't often see in miniatures. I'm pretty impressed by the skin tones, particularly the faces. Those unshaven guys are fantastic mate.

These "realistic", as you say, models have a kind of "on film" look to me, if that makes any sense at all. Kind of like a period movie with subtle lighting and clothing colours. Love it.

18-09-2012, 16:31
@Crazy Harborc: Hush, don't tell! These actually are Ogres dressed up as Empire soldiers for trick and treating. :D

@zoggin-eck: Thanks for commenting and: Very nice user name. ;) Yes, your "on film" comparison probably is closer. Warhammer minis never look "realistic", otherwise they'd look really boring. This is where I think style comes in. Some people make them look like they're out of a renaissance painting, others make them look blue and purple (like on most competition painers' stuffs) and these guys are basically based on one of those pieces (by the ever-impressive Ben Komets) but for the gaming table so the colours are amped but a tiny bit.

Right, instead of a proppa update, here is another group shot.


I really enjoy seeing how the warband grows as days go by. Soon the "regular footsloggers" will be done and I'll proceed to mercenaries and leaders. :)

18-09-2012, 20:49
Sigur still doing Great, I remember the Dwarf Models you posted in Bugmans Brewery, I am still jealous of your skills :-D , da muss ich glatt mal nach Österreich kommen und mir was beibringen lassen ;)
Dang, I love those last guys, make sme wanna play Mortheim again.

19-09-2012, 12:28
@Theatralic: Hey, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, it's a shame I didn't get to post much on Bugman's really but there was a severe lack of dwarves in my schedule. Thanks for the comment! Klar, ansich sollte ich ja Workshops veranstalten und so weiter wie die Burschen von Massive Voodoo und all die anderen Rampensäue. :D

Just a minor update to introduce you to the next three guys:

For this triad of fellas I kicked out one halberdier in favor of a Sigmar priest just to shake things up a little. :)



Box Art :P

edit2: Updated the thread index on page#1.

20-09-2012, 15:04
Little update on the priest and his spearmen:



That priest's robe really needs some more work. Beautiful colour but it shows the trouble with trying to highlight stuff with Foundation Paints. Needs lots of glazing.

20-09-2012, 19:11
oh my - how can there be a priest in a merc warband?

20-09-2012, 19:22
To my great disgrace I have to admit that Mordheim is amongst the GW games I haven't played. The warband is meant for the Bordertown Burning(?) setting though. I guess that might make it possible?

21-09-2012, 10:09
oh my - how can there be a priest in a merc warband?

21-09-2012, 13:05
Woah, time lapse! :eek:

Anyhow, here's another tiny update:


Weekends, innit? What are you up to this fine weekend of early fall (right after christmas surely the best time of the year if you ask me)?

21-09-2012, 19:47
Nice models and painting.
Would you mind explaining how you painted the priest 's robe (colors used and especially how you went from the extreme highlights (white tip) to the final darker result) ? Thanks

21-09-2012, 21:49
Well, if I lived in Vienna I'd surely like early autumn as I remember a week later, September/October visit quite fondly ;)

As for the warband - well, nice style and very interesting colours. I will not complement the techniques or neatness as I'd repeat myself and that would be spamming, wouldn't it? ;)

Just one, say, "logistical" question: Do You always paint miniatures in batches of three? Care to elaborate, why three and not, say, five or ten or two at once?

22-09-2012, 02:40
Just returned from a meet-up with old classmates. Usually an occasion for questioning what the hell I'm doing but it's nice and kind of reassuring to see those comments. Thank you very much. :)

@azhagmorglum: Hi and thanks for the comment! For the most part I used Necron Abyss, a colour whose real beauty I learned to know and appreciate WAY too late in its lifespan. Basecoat was basically just Necron Abyss with a hint of white (it's amazing. In itself the colour is pretty standard very dark blue but once you start adding white it becomes the most beautiful steel blue you can imagine), then I added highlights layer by layer using mixes of Necron Abyss and white and placed some shadows using black which led me to pretty much the result from my posting from the 20th. Next I did some glazing using mixes of Regal Blue, maybe there was a bit of P3 Exile Blue in there as well, and white to make the whole thing look a bit smoother, then add some new highlights, glaze again, use a bit of Blue Wash, add some new highlights and shades again and so on. Also added the yellow stripe. If you got a surface that doesn't look 100% clean and neat, add some pattern of contrasting colour which takes lots of the viewer's attention off the slightly uneven surface. Plus, it makes stuff look prettier. :)

@Sir_Glonojad: Cheers. I lived in London for about eight months and when I returned to Vienna and all the suburbs and whatnot I was completely awestruck because everything looked so insanely and over the top pretty and neat. That's not to say that London is "dirty" in comparison. It's an amazing city with tons of facettes, much more so than Vienna which is a bit like a jewel case (with a few dirty corners) - it's small, a bit "isolated and inwards" at times, it's expensive, it takes some work to get out of it and the shinier parts of it very artificial but there are quite some gems and overall it's just so darned pretty to be in. ANYWAY, as for your question - the number three evolved naturally during painting this warband. With things like the Space Orks I recently painted and showed in my Sci-Fi plog you can see that I started out doing all 23 or so at once and only split them up lateron in a batch of 13 and a batch of 10 or something like that. It always depends on what I feel works best for the project at hand. These minis are planned to look very, very good individually and have much individuality to them the way they're built so I break them up in smaller batches. With something like say a regiment of 20 swordsmen I'll do larger batches because overall they'll have to look good as a regiment and overall they have the same stuff on them i.e. the same steps to paint. In short - I usually paint in as large batches as possible when doing lots of miniatures of one or a similar kind and will probably break them up into smaller batches lateron when doing details. If I have a smaller group of miniatures with more individual details or a higher painting standard requested I'll break them down into smaller chunks or even paint them individually (which comes with its downsides as well) so I can pay maximum attention to each miniature. I guess that was a very long explanation that went in several circles but I hope that I got my point across. ;)

22-09-2012, 14:27
cool mordheim band, really like this game and empire so I appreciate to see you painting these miniatures


Crazy Harborc
24-09-2012, 23:44
oh my - how can there be a priest in a merc warband?

Um....perhaps...they "hired" him?:D

25-09-2012, 14:00
@anselminus: Thanks, I'm glad you like them even though they take away from Ork painting time. :) Mortheim does have a lot of fans worldwide and a really creative fanbase. More so than Necromunda, interestingly. At least that's how I perceive it.

@Crazy Harborc: "Hire your own priest! All shades ranging from "benevolent healer" to "raving xenophobe". Order now and get a10% off the salvation of your eternal soul*. When ordering your priest, please specify a set of beliefs you want your priest to come with." *Offer void in Utah I'll have to ask the guy I paint this warband for what's that about but I'm fairly sure that he uses some "unofficial" list. Not sure.

Anyways, here are pictures of the next fella in the warband:


25-09-2012, 21:51
Once again a fantastic piece of work.
What stands out to me is the bottle in his left hand. It looks remarkably glass-like.

25-09-2012, 23:36
He looks ace !

Could you make a comparison shot of him with the other fellows ? I always wonderd if he "scales" right with the archer models.


Crazy Harborc
25-09-2012, 23:39
I like the dude's "attention stick". He will gently tap you on the head to get your attention. Then he will "educate you" about whatever.

Soooo....what brand is his bottle?

26-09-2012, 01:00
@EmperorNorton: Besten Dank für's Vorbeischauen! ;)

@kublai: Thanks muchly. I'll add a comparison shot very soon, alright? Compared to the other Empire minis, he's pretty much the same size. About a millimeter taller than regular archers standing up equally but the same size as other champions.

@Crazy Harborc: Oh, don't overestimate that attention stick. It's just a glorified bottle opener. :D



Here's a detail shot of the label on the bottle with the vinyard's logo and year:

Hope you like the guy. It's really a fun model to paint. :)

26-09-2012, 10:06
Thats an insane amount of detail on that bottle! Fantastic work sigur! This thread is always great to look at.

26-09-2012, 11:46
@streward: Thanks very much and I'm glad that you enjoy the thread. :)

Especially for kublai, here's the size comparison shot:


In the far right you can also see the next guy I'm working on. He's the spearman who was kicked from an earlier batch in favor of the priest. ;)

Solun Decius
26-09-2012, 13:34
The Empire Captain looks amazing man!
The highlights on the blue and yellow fabric are really well done.

26-09-2012, 13:45
Thank you very much sigur !

The detail on the bottle is insane. I wish I could stuff like that :cries:

Sorry, again some questions:

What sort of, or brand do you use as your brushes ?

Did you varnish your models ? And when yes, do you apply it with a brush or do you spary it on.


26-09-2012, 17:52
@Solun Decius: Thanks, man. :)

@kublai: I'm using a wide variety of brushes. As long as its kolinsky sable you're most probably good. For the more important brushes (which to me is size 1 and 2) I'll get really decent ones though. Price usually tells you about the quality. I wouldn't buy a brush at under 2€ for single brushes but also wouldn't pay more than seomthing like 6 or soemthing like that. Haven't tried the latest GW ones but I guess they're alright. I varnish models if the client asks for it. My own models I varnish ...well, not often enough because I'm often having a hard time deciding that "this model is done now" because there's always stuff you can improve and so on so a shocking amount of my own models aren't varnished at all. Some time soon I really have to varnish my Infinity stuff.

27-09-2012, 01:10
I felt a bit sick today, hope I didn't catch that flu that keeps on messing with people's plans these days. Should have played a glorious game of Force on Force but the other guy got sick. :(

So browsed Warseer for a bit and such but didn't get too much painting done. That halberdier from earlier is finished now (at least painted to the point the other models are. As I said, they're all going to get a bit of additional work done in the end) and here's a pretty group shot:


Caiphas Cain
27-09-2012, 02:21
Those guys look done, what's left to do? Also, are these Empire guys made from just the state troopers and huntsmen/archers box?

27-09-2012, 06:52
You're probably going to hate me for this, but as great as those fellas look I really think they deserve a scenic base of some sort!

Now, give me more urban fantasy!

27-09-2012, 17:39
@Caiphas Cain: They are mostly made of State troops boxes, a few bits and pieces from militia, archers of course, crossbowmen of course, a few bits of Greatswords here and there and the Forge's Manaan's Blades kit. What's left to do: Some hired blades in the form of an Elven ranger (GW, next up), a Dwarven Slayer (Avatars of War) and an Ogre (Avatars of War, slightly converted). Then there's some more missile troops and more very cool heroes (namely converted versions of the Ironsides command models and the good old Captain with Hammer and pistol I painted a few times before).

@Satan: Yus, that thought passed my mind as well. Only thing it would require was ripping tge models off the bases again and modelling a large patch of street. And a house for the missile troops to stand in. And all of a sudden we're in Armies on Parade territory. ;)

Now, give me more urban fantasy!

Alright, how about this: Busses being right on time. Amirite? Ahahaha, I crack myself up. :cheese:

Okay, okay, just so there's more to this post than an idea which would look cool but which I won't end up doing and some bad humour, here's a new picture. :)


You see, the thing about this guy is that he's supposed to look a bit different to the rest of course whilst sticking to the overall scheme. The cloak is meant to be pretty drab and unremarkable on the backside and a bit more colourful on the inside which is an effect I really enjoy. Mostly on Tzeentch models on which you can go really crazy with the inside patterns. Did that on a Chaos Sorcerer... blimey, three years ago I think. On this one it's similar, just much more orderly on the inside of course. I'm also trying a completely new hair colour. I suspect the mold of this model to be pretty worn out already. There are some things that just aren't as crisply cast as they could be, especially the hair and cloak.

27-09-2012, 18:23
I had the flu mess with my plans over the last few days. Not fun.

Frankly, those minis look way too good to be played with.

27-09-2012, 22:23
Bah, it's all photoshopped. Not a single drop of paint on these models in real life. :D

"I'm an Elf! Rawr!"


Sword needs some more work, green side of the cloak as well I suppose. What do you think?

Lord Azoth
28-09-2012, 19:31
as usual..your paintjob is flawless... I would like to see more SW painted by you...;)

Caiphas Cain
29-09-2012, 09:40
Oh good. It's impossible to make then look that good without spending a couple hundred dollars then. :p At least it won't influence my counter. :D

The purple on the rawring elf is awesome. Actually, the entire model looks great!

30-09-2012, 12:59
@Lord Azoth: Too kind, thank you. :) On the matter of Space Wolves - ************** :D Naw, I wouldn't mind painting some more SW. In fact I will fairly soon if everything goes according to plan.

@Caiphas Cain: It's not that bad. The nice thing about the Ironsides or Manaan's Blades is that are perfect for use with leftovers from State Troopers or Musketeer boxes. Let's say you put together your 10 Spearmen or whatever straight from the box you're left with 10 halberdier arms sets and 10 swordsmen arms sets. Then you get the Manaan's blades minis and all you need to complete these models is a set of arms of your choosing. Alternatively, Empire players will probably have tons of extra arms for state troops lying around you can score for little money on ebay or elsewhere. It may sound silly in context but I think that the Forge's Empire infantry upgrade sets are some of the most exonomic things they (or FW as a whole) released. The thing that makes it REALLY expensive is having it painted by some foreigner. :D Just kidding. I paint for cheap. :shifty:

Sorry, no updates for now. Still trying to make a prettier web presence for battle brush studios and it shows that it's been quite some years since I last did some serious webnet stuff.

30-09-2012, 16:18
Thank you for your answer on the blue painting. I have a pot of necron abyss that I've never used ^^ so I'm going to try it on some clothes next time I paint my models.

Nice update by the way, the warband looks really great!

30-09-2012, 23:32
You're welcome. Necron Abyss is really amazing stuff. It looks like a colour you'd never really have to use because dark stuff will cover pretty well anyway but as soon as you add just a bit of white you start seeing the most beautiful blue. I'm so impressed with this colour that I'll totally use it as an allegory from now on! ;)

Okay, this whole website thing is taking longer. Maybe I should have hired someone instead but anyway. Currently redoing a bunch of old pictures of finished miniatures, watermarking them and uploading them in one place.

02-10-2012, 13:06
Okay, back to actual stuff. Here's the next Mordheim guy:



Yup, it's him again. Great model as always, this time less air bubbles in the cast but no conversions either.

02-10-2012, 14:23
Ok, the painting is outstanding as ever. I just think the bases are too... Boring. More contrast!

Nice cloak though =)

09-10-2012, 22:57
@MichaelJames: Thanks for the comment. The bases will recieve a bit of a spicing-up in the end.

Thought I'd dig up the last two regular guys from the warband:



09-10-2012, 23:22
They look okay, I guess, if you are into that whole 'painted perfectly' thing.

09-10-2012, 23:45
They look okay, I guess, if you are into that whole 'painted perfectly' thing.

Yeah, who wants perfectly painted minis anyway. Only three colors is the new black :)

Just kidding of course :) I would kill somebody for them, eh again just kidding :)

Crazy Harborc
10-10-2012, 00:13
Ohhhhh YES! I just poped in for a dose of "drooling to/about" visions. More band members oh yes.

Umm.......are there WIP updates for them yet?:D

10-10-2012, 19:44
They look okay, I guess, if you are into that whole 'painted perfectly' thing.

Now that was nicely said! :)

15-10-2012, 12:58
@EmperorNorton: Thank you very much. :)

@kublai: Hush, you. :D

@Crazy Harborc: Cheers, glad you like them. No new pictures of the fellas as of now because there was only little more work done on them recently but I will post updates of them soon.

@Sir_Glonojad: Yeah, EmperorNorton has got a way with words. ;)

Hey hey, update on an unlikely candidate - the Ogre!


15-10-2012, 15:43
Another update!


A bit of a change there. :) The blade of the scimitar looks pretty ***** at this point but will be fixed! I think I may enjoy weathering metals a bit too much after all the Space Orks painting but it fits the Ogre mini overall, don't you think?

15-10-2012, 17:22
He looks fantastic. I even think you could do more rust and stuff on his metal parts. On the other hand, he schould fit in with the other guys, so the weathering is probably fine as it is right now.

What model is this by the way. Kitbash ?

16-10-2012, 15:15
@kublai: Thanks very much. Not a kitbash at all, he's Avatars of War's Ogre, basically built right "out of the box". All I did was leave away some impaled skulls on his back and instead attached somt random stuff he collected around the town working as a mercenary.

Another update!



As you can see, the blade looks a tad better now, looks alrightish in real life, camera picked up the metallics in the worst possible way though. :D Guess I'll have to redo these parts a little and get some more work on the hair done. Casting's a bit dodgy on that too. (excuses, excuses, I know... :p )

16-10-2012, 15:58
Avatars of War !!!!!!!! HERESY !!!!!!!!!!!! or blasphemy ;) Where is the GW inquisitor when you need one :)

17-10-2012, 14:41
@kublai: Baaah, these AoW things are made to be used for GW systems. :D

Update! The Ogre's pretty much on that "not quite finished but finished enough" level like the other minis so far and is put aside for the final touch-ups along witht he other chaps. This project is taking a tad longer than I had planned (yes, big surprise there :D ) but it's really nice to see this warband come together with such a strong and striking colour scheme.

The last bunch of WIP humans in the warband:

On a different note, my latest Old Glory toys arrived remakably quickly:

Now just let me put them away real quickly before I start playing with them. Bought way too many minis in 2012 so far. Hereby I pledge that I won't buy any miniatures any more, starting This Sunday (because there's this wargaming event on Saturday and they surely will have those GREAT offers on historical stuff, you know...) and lasting until....well, probably right before Christmas! Yes, you heard it, that's ... oh well.... six, seven weeks I guess? :o

Crazy Harborc
20-10-2012, 00:34
Good luck sticking to your "no new minies pledge"

For myself, I'm awaiting the holiday(s) sales of goodies on line. Trouble is THAT'S six weeks away too.:eek:

20-10-2012, 08:00
Yeah, mini pledges are cool... keeping them is even cooler! And difficult - I wonder what do they add to these miniatures to make us so addicted...

Oh, as a side note - I really do like the Ogre ;) - the model allowed You to show Your skill very nicely and You used this opportunity indeed :)

Solun Decius
22-10-2012, 10:37
The AoW Ogre is so amazing man! It's alive with that paint job, just getting ready to burst out of my computer screen.

So now that you've worked with it, how do you feel about the AoW quality of sculpt&mold and how it fits together?

22-10-2012, 13:55
Hey Sigur, nice painting on the warband. And I agree, AoW minis are pretty ace for Warhammer - their marauder champion is miles ahead of the GW minis though.
I also feel your pain on taking proper photos with the metals looking right - never been able to get them on camera the way they look in real life. :/ Also good luck with your mini pledge, right with you there. I got two drawers full of miniatures and am currently working through my piles of Space Orks to finish minis and finally have a fully painted army. Wish it wasn't orks with tons of infantry though. :)

23-10-2012, 17:48
@Crazy Harborc: Thanks. :D What I forgot to mention is that I'm still waiting for a ~100 minis delivery I odered at the beginning of the month. :D That makes things easier. But just today I was tempted to buy stuff about three times. I may have to increase the timespan of my pledge because my airbrush compressor might be dying.

@Sir_Glonojad: Yes, must be the lead. ;) Thanks very much, glad that the Ogre gets so much positive feedback.

@Solun Decius: Thanks, man. I actually painted a fair number of AoW minis before. I think the first one I did was in 2009 as part of the Mordheim Dwarves. After this warband I can proudly say that I painted every single dwarf model AoW have done so far. AoW minis generally are of really nice quality. However, the older ones I think suffer from either worn out molds or maybe the metal wasn't as good or something like that. When I first got one of the AoW minis I was a bit disappointed with how some details just weren't very crisp. You always see these amazing greens on their website and they are of course great stuff but the final piece I had in my hand just wasn't up to that standard. As far as more recent ones go, I never had a problem. Absolutely on par with GW's quality I'd say.

@Kenzaburo: Well, that's what the AoW minis originally were made for, weren't they. ;) They're good stuff though and they seem to do stuff pretty well AND, as far as I know by hand and not by computer modelling which is always a plus in my book. Painting a model that was sculpted by a person by hand and everything feels like you're working on a piece made directly by mechanic skill. Painting a computer modelled mini more and more makes me feel like a schmuck. I know, I'm probably doing tons of people wrong there and I'm probably jus being conservative and silly but somehow the notion of computer-modelled minis just doesn't sit right with me. I guess I'm getting old and generally frightened of technology overtaking. On the other hand, over recent weeks I started thinking that there probably always will be wargaming because people like to play with real bits and pieces. I'm also certain that there is a kind of reverse migration from video games to tabletop wargaming taking place at a certain scale. Wait, what were we talking about? ;) Anyways, Orks are fun to play with tons of infantry! In my recent games I played I played this really small Orks list of mainly units I like to see on the table and with which I don't want to spend hours in the movement phase (I also like shooty orks) and got butchered every single time. So get more of them boyz!

Hey guys, I'm finally back from the 17th century and my own little metal puppets to Mordheim:



So these are two more Heroes who I think you saw before. Both are converted from the Ironsides command minis from Forgeworld. The Dwarf is another Avatars of War figure. The hero guys are as good as finished, the Dwarf is about half done.

23-10-2012, 18:08
Your metallics are outstanding as allways, love them all and thumbs up for painting a Dwarf!

23-10-2012, 22:13
@Theatralic: Dankeschön für den Reply! Ich hab mich vorhin nochmal durch deinen Thread gewühlt. Da ist ja einiges weitergegangen innerhalb nur eines Monats! :D Love the group shots you do with all the scenery and whatnot. I really have to get some additional "pretty-terrain", a new lighting setup and so on and so on... *sigh*

More WIP shots of the Dwarven Slayer:



Almost didn't dare to show the second photo. It kind of ended up weird. :p So yeah, stuff's proceeding at last. Update on my minis pledge: Still haven't purchased any new toys. :p

Crazy Harborc
23-10-2012, 23:51

Good luck with your airbrush compressor. Gee, if you "have" to buy a new, perhaps you can upgrade to a professional version, a commerical version, a much larger one, etc. That might allow you to speed up your painting time?;)

Heck, I LIKE your paint jobs, a very high level of professional painting. Those latest 3 Mordheimers really DO look GOOD.

By the by.....I am working on being able to post photos. I think I have solved the problems with actually taking the photos. It involves drinking 4-5 jiggers of rum before hand:D

24-10-2012, 00:10
Again amazing work sigur. This time I recognized that it was a AoW mini :D

Update on my minis pledge: Still haven't purchased any new toys. :p

Good luck with that:evilgrin: I think it is possible. I have managed to improve on this field. Well, to have no money helped too :)

Best regards

24-10-2012, 23:19
@Crazy Harborc: Thanks, man. :) Weirdest thing - the compressor works again. Still, I'm a bit annoyed with the weird behavior, especially as the general notion seems to be "compressors, unless super-cheap (which mine wasn't) will work FOREVER". Great to hear about the photos. Could it be that you solve any problem by having 4-5 jiggers of rum beforehand? :D

@kublai: Cheers, mate! It's weird, just now i notice how often I get tempted to buy stuff. :D I mean it's not like I buy all that much for myself, it was basically just the past four months or so in which I bought all that 10mm stuff and some other odds and ends. I just fear the lead piling up.

Hey guys, look:


Not the best shot in the world, that I will admit, but it looks rather pretty, doesn't it? :)

25-10-2012, 07:16
Fantastic painting.

25-10-2012, 09:27
It's looking great. It's also a very large warband since human mercenaries max out at fifteen, and even if hired swords aren't counted to that it's still very large. Something for all eventualities I expect.

25-10-2012, 10:28
The Warband does indeed look very pretty. :)

Are they a mix of Ostermarkers and Nordlanders, or is purple/blue just for flavour?

Anyway, I'm excited to see what you do next. = D

25-10-2012, 16:12
really cool band i will probably give for your paint job my battle sister band ^^


Casablanca Cat
25-10-2012, 21:21
Wonderful stuff, I love the mix of races.

25-10-2012, 21:40
Verdammte Kacke sind die Geil :D, sorry fürs fluchen, aber das muss man sich für besondere Anlässe aufheben:shifty:.

I love the Look, I love your work, your style is immediately recognizable. I really need to watch and try to "copy" your lighting and shading, its something I struggle with, I don`t use the whole contrast range ( I hope thats the right phrase) so my models often lack depth. Daumen hoch Sigur!

@Theatralic: Dankeschön für den Reply! Ich hab mich vorhin nochmal durch deinen Thread gewühlt. Da ist ja einiges weitergegangen innerhalb nur eines Monats! http://www.warseer.com/forums/warseer/images/smilies/biggrin.png Love the group shots you do with all the scenery and whatnot. I really have to get some additional "pretty-terrain", a new lighting setup and so on and so on... *sigh*

I am humbled :)

Crazy Harborc
25-10-2012, 23:42
I like the photo/group shot of the boys from Mordheim. Just a fun loving bunch of good time guys.

I have 40-50 guys from GW's, WHFB's, plastic Militia. NOT looking as good as your Mordheimers. Mine do stand-in for whatever....pirates, why militia even.;)

26-10-2012, 11:23
Nice Bunch! :)

26-10-2012, 15:13
@N0th1ng c4n b34t 3lv3s: I haven't copy-pasted a username in a while for one of these little "@[user xy]" replies but in your case I had to do it again. :D Anyhow, thanks for commenting!

@mrtn: Thanks muchly. Yeah, I guess there are several guys in there for different equipment options and so on.

@Malenky_malchick: Cheers! The colour scheme was chosen completely independent from any province colours. Just something that looked nice. :)

@anselminus: Sure, why not? ^^

@Casablanca Cat: Thanks for the comment. I agree, it's nice how complete this warband looks. Everything's in there really.

@Theatralic: :D Besten Dank. Lass dich nur nicht von den Mods erwischen. Zum Glück schaut Darnok hier nie rein. :shifty: Nice to hear that you like the stuff I do. Comments are always highly appreciated. Painting that "deep and high" is something I didn't do for a long time either and it really depends on the sculpt. Sometimes it's better not to have too harsh contrasts and there are lots of people around who do great painting in a different style. Not sure how to put it, I'd call it "flächig" maybe (if I remember correctly, Gargobot is doing that really, really well for example)? It's basically just a question of what kind of mood you're in or what you're used to.

@Crazy Harborc: Thanks once again for commenting! Yeah, the shot isn't that great, it was basically just a kind of "hey I'm mostly finished and I can PROVE it" kind of photo. :D Agreed, it's always nice to have a bunch of just minis lying around to stand in for what ever you require at the moment. Bands of drunk thugs, pirates, bandits, regular warbands and so on. That's why I painted up these several small 6mm Epic scale forces just so I got something to test "roughly platoon level" rulesets and such.

@kublai: Thanks!

Thank you for the feedback on the group shots, guys. I will do some final touching-up on the models and then make some more individual shots or smaller group shots too. Not sure if you can see it in the picture but being in an autumn moon, I made the cobble stones to look wet in some places and added some dead leaves.

To mix things up a little bit, I decided to so something slightly different this weekend. During weekends I like to do smaller bits and pieces instead of continuing what I did for most part of the week just to get some diversity in there.

So I started a little Dwarven/Empire conversion project I had been lying around for WAY too long (sorry about that. I'll finish it asap) and while I waited for green stuff and milliput to cure I started painting another fella:


Not strictly for WHFB but as part of a 40k army but whatever. Close enough to post it in here as well. ;) Rather early stages of painting though. Very fun model to paint and it's plain weird having such a big finecast model in hands. Of course I did similarly large Finecast models before but with this, knowing the sculpt and always associating it with being all metal it's weird holding it in its wobbly resin-plastic form.

Apart from that it's national holiday. And that model expo thing is taking place, this year without me. Hm, usually I'd start ranting and rambling about either of these topics but I can't really think of anything to add. ;-) Hope you like the Bloodthirster so far!

26-10-2012, 15:46
Woah my ears are burning. :P
Super sexy Mortheim group btw, really sparked the Mortheim bug with me and my buddies, at the moment we're trying to decide whether to give the Heroheim or the Coreheim rules a go.
Theatralic's post really made me realize how distinct your shading is. It's insane how much better your stuff looks now compared to a 133 pages earlier. (Don't get me wrong, it looked great back then already.) Really makes me hope I'll improve even half that much if I ever hit 134 pages.

Thitanium Prince
26-10-2012, 15:51
The imperial guys are one of my favourite mordheim team ever, I love the scheme and they're painted superbly; the use of FW kits plays a big role, cause they're buildt wisely :D
That daemon looks really promising, I like that flaming effect on the wings ^^

27-10-2012, 01:39
@Gargobot: Thanks muchly. Especially on the Dark Elves I went about with pretty weird, dogmatic ideas concerning choice of colours and so on. ;) Seriously, it's a bit scary how much your painting has improved since you signed up on Warseer. As for Mordheim - I know embarassingly little about either versions BUT of course try heroheim. It's super. Oh, and that Bordertown Burning supplement. I really should give Mordheim a try some time. It was released a tad late for me old group to play it sadly.

@Thitanium Prince: Thanks for the comment. :) Building those Mordheim guys was pretty fun too. I mean I had very specific instructions but try to find armoured human left arms holding a dagger in WHFB! :D That took some converting. Really good warband though. Well planned too.



Now the guy's getting a bit more colourful. :)

27-10-2012, 01:49
That Bloodthirster is starting to look fantastic! I really like the contrast between the very bright areas and the very dark areas, it really highlights his details.

27-10-2012, 13:09
@strewart: Thanks very much for the comment!

I thought I put together the parts of one of the other things I'm currently working on and take a few photos:




The aim basically is to convert the WD subscription model (http://www.brueckenkopf-online.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/GW_White-Dwarf-Abominiatur-2011.jpg) into an Empire witch hunter.

Karak Norn Clansman
27-10-2012, 15:31
The pirate White Dwarf? :eek: Heresy!

Still, he looks good so far, and everything else is of the highest level.

27-10-2012, 20:57
Witch hunter? That's a Dwarf Sculptor! :D

28-10-2012, 10:43
Actually, I thinked the same as mrtn, sorry XD

28-10-2012, 15:01
@Karak Norn Clansman: Thanks. :)

@mrtn, Irbian: Yeah, the pose still is a bit off. Still trying to fix that without having to hack up the whole miniature.

Hrm, things are dragging somewhat. Sorry. :S

Little update on the Bloodthirster:

Hope everyone's having a nice weekend!

28-10-2012, 16:04
Well, certainly not everyone had a weekend with a 'Thirster, if that's what You mean ;)

Crazy Harborc
30-10-2012, 00:09
Oh yes....the Thirster is progressing VERY well. Soooo.....are those skulls piled by him, his snack....his crunchy need appeasers??

02-11-2012, 14:09
@Sir_Glonojad: :D

@Crazy Harborc: Actually he loves to pile up his skulls but one of them (you can spot it in the dead grass in the right of the picture) rolled off the heap. That's why the big red guy is so angry. ;)

SO! In an updating frenzy of all of my painting logs here is a tiny update on the Dwarven witch hunter:


As you can see I added a twin-tailed comet badge thing to his hat, sculpted a bigger treestump for him to stand on and added a huge pistol on his back. Never mind the fact that the hat's main part is a bit off to the side, it's not attached to the model yet. Happy belated Halloween by the way, hope that everybody had a nice and "safe" as they say holiday with friends, family, films, foolery, fluids and food!

Caiphas Cain
03-11-2012, 05:19
I think if he held a writ or bounty letter of some sort in his left hand, that would eliminate the possibility of him looking like a mason/sculptor. Just a thought. :)

Und fröhliches Halloween zu dir!

03-11-2012, 07:09
That Bloodthirster is looking excellent, I love the effect you've created on the skin, like it's glowing with heat.

03-11-2012, 11:09
The dwarf witchhunter is a great idea... I have a mounted witchhunter conversion I'm working on myself. I doubt the painting standard will end up as high as yours though. Thanks for sharing. :)

Crazy Harborc
04-11-2012, 00:44

Why you are soooo correct sir. One of his DID fall off and roll away. Ohhhh well!:D

04-11-2012, 01:14
Great work on him so far sigur !

16-11-2012, 14:50
@Caiphas Cain: Yes, maybe but the stake was requested, plus: I want to make that thing work now! :D Dankeschön by the way. Hope you had a good Halloween as well.

@lorelorn: Thanks muchly! :)

@fondfarewell: Cheers. Sad news is that I won't get to paint this guy, I'm just converting him but I trust that he'll be painted to look very, very good as well.

@Crazy Harborc: See? I would NEVER EVER just throw skulls randomly onto a base without telling a story. :D

@kublai: Thanks, man! :)

Hello people, it's been a while hasn't it? I STILL got GS curing on the Witch Hunter guy because each time I give him "one last glance before declaring him finished" I think up something I could add. Oh well.

Here's a quick little in-betweener:




Special little commissioned piece that was much fun to do. The base I had to make myself because these lid bases from MAS don't come with any inlays. Oh well. The book quite obviously is for keeping track of rented books. Left: the name, in the right column the date and notes in between. Red notes might mean that some unfortunate student of magic was eaten by the rented book or worse.

The little phrase on the base's lid reads "As I am now so once were You" which is based on a quote from James Joyce's Ulysses (a particular favorite of the person who's to get the mini in the end) and of course a play on the fate of the Librarian, evolution and whatnot. Yes, I am Professor Highbrow there for a bit. :p

Hope you like the fella. As you may have noticed, this is actually the second time I painted this miniature. The MAS Discworld range is one I can wholeheartedly recommend. So excellent miniatures, albeit pricey.

16-11-2012, 17:10
Thats a really really fantastic miniature ! And you painted it up perfectly ! Just wonderful stuff :)

16-11-2012, 20:19
Librarians rule, OOK! As the saying goes. As to the saying on the base, "As you are now I once was" would be even more fitting. :)

17-11-2012, 05:51
Very cool looking model and amazing paintjob!

17-11-2012, 05:51
I can't put one phrase out from my mind: "space marine librarian"...

The model is, of course, painted excellent!

Solun Decius
19-11-2012, 11:28
The librarian is excellent. Very characterful mini. Love the catalog detail in the book.
Right now I'm quickly skimming all those Discworld minis from Micro Art. Lots of very good miniatures there. Good detail, but mainly just loads and loads of character.

19-11-2012, 22:08
I love Diskworld, and Terry, he is so witty imo.. yea, yr painted "monkey"is nice too, lol. *slap!* (gets backhanded by the librarian for saying monkey..)

21-11-2012, 19:42
Very well done Sigur...what is written on the base there though?

01-12-2012, 14:15
I love the librarian :)

15-12-2012, 13:41
Mordheim warband is amazing! Metals especially are first class.

23-01-2013, 14:04
@kublai: Thanks very much. Expect to see it in here again soon! :D

@mrtn: Thanks!

@Strewart: Cheers!

@Sir_Glonojad: Thank you, always appreciated. :)

@Solun Decius: Thanks very much. I'm really fond of this miniatures line. It's just like the artwork we're mostly familiar with, they're clearly done by people who know and love the novels and I especially like how there isn't overly much detail on those minis. Instead they "focus" on the overall mood and face of the miniature. Given how I've currently got a bunch of these models on my table again for a third customer now they also seem to be rather popular. My only gripe is that they are a little steeply priced but as they're clearly collector's items rather than wargaming figures you'll need a regiment of and how licenses of course cost money and so on it's okay.

@Rhaivaen: Cheers! There seems to be a great overlap between wargamers and a certain fondness for Terry Prachett's work. I'm a big fan as well.

@Breazer: "As I am now so once were you" it says on the base which is a bit of an adapted version of a quote from Joyce's Ulysses (which is a favorite of the person who got the mini in the end).

@Shush: Thanks! :)

@gogs78: Thanks very much! I just like metallics I guess.

One little additional bit on the topic of Discworld. I recently happened to face the ghastly cover of Snuff's German edition:

This is the cover of the audiobook but the printed version's cover is the same. Pretty horrid, I think. They also got a new translator for all the Discworld novels now who gets a LOT of flak for his choice of language and stylistic choices. Up to that point, I always found the German translations of Discworld novels outstanding. Not sure if I'll put up with the new ones though. Anyway, let's return to business as usual...

Hey people, I'm back. Sorry for the appearant hiatus from Warseer!

Well, here are some pictures so I can pretend that I wasn't completely useless over the past three weeks. I'm currently working on a set of Dreadfleet again which to me is very welcome because I'm a big fan of that game. Gorgeous and creative models, top quality materials and production value, fun rules. People calling it a failure I think usually never played the game but instead only measure "success" only by wether or not it sold out faster than Space Hulk two years prior. Dreadfleet though is a completely different beast. To me it very much felt like a "classic GW" game like they would have done in the early 1990s. Only loosely connected to WHFB/40k, a bit random, a bit clunky, very strong atmosphere and good creature/model design and good fun. This game defaintely deserves more of a chance than it was given by the wider public.

Anyway, let's go on to the models before I ramble on here.

Some of the islands:

The Black Kraken and Curse of Zandri:

Dragon!,treature markers (those came out pretty badly. They look good in real life, promise!) and a sinking Dwarven vessel:

Sea monsters:

23-01-2013, 14:05

Turn template and wind marker (both sides):



Two small squadrons facing off:

Now for the slightly WIP stuff. Starting with the Flaming Scimitar:

Then there is the Blood Reaver of course:


These are just some snapshots of what's finished (or a bit WIP of course) at this point. As you can see, the bases also need a bit more work. Mostly details and some more light reflections and such.

So what's left to do then?

.) Finish Bloody Reaver (needs sails and masts, otherwise finished)
.) Paint Heldenhammer (primed)
.) Paint Swordfish (primed)
.) Paint five Auxiliary Cogs (primed)
.) Finish Dwarven Airship (60% finished. It's tiny, about half the size of a thumb's nail so that should go fast)
.) Finish Flaming Scimitar (only thing that's left is some mermaids accompanying the ship)
.) Finish painting the bases

Okay, colour coding a list of stuff I still have to do probably wasn't a too great idea motivationwise but overall I would say that the set is 85% finished. Should take a week at worst until it's done.

Let me take a look around.... hmm, nope, no more fantasy stuff to report for now. I shall see you soon, C&C welcome as always!

23-01-2013, 16:51
Happy to see you again :) nice dreadfleet even i prefer 40k stuf ^^

ps: have you recive my mail?


23-01-2013, 19:36
Exception as usual Georg

23-01-2013, 20:16
You make some fair points about Dreadfleet. Maybe if I'd seen it more like that I would've appreciated it more, but at the time I could only see it as what it was not; Blood Bowl for example. Well if I do run into it somewhere I'll definitely give it a fair shake.
Interesting color scheme on the Curse of Zandri btw, kinda makes it look cohesive with your other bad guy ships. Anyway, splendid painting as always!

23-01-2013, 20:31
I agree with your view of the game ... and obviously I love the painting as always.
The markers look amazing.
Must paint my set.

23-01-2013, 22:30
Very nice work...i know the models are pretty small...and the amount of detail you put in there amayes me...the freehand on the flaming scimitar especially...im very much impressed.
You probably used that thingymagoo you got for christmas with the magnifying glass.
Great job! glad you are still brushin'

23-01-2013, 22:55
Very nice work on the Dreadfleet stuff! You're right the models in there do look really really nice, thats the main reason I bought the set. I still have lots to finish though sadly, you are painting extremely fast!

Caiphas Cain
23-01-2013, 23:51
Flawless blending on the elf ship's sails. Overall, I give you an... A. :D

24-01-2013, 19:41
Daaaaarn Sigur, those ships are smashing! I got my rulebook for Uncharted Seas today, and I actually originally intended to use the Dreadfleet ships alongside my US fleets (I've got Shroud Mages and Bone Griffons) and seeing these sure gave me the motivation to pick up what I should assemble and paint for those fleets from the box, like the dwarf ship, the Blood reaver, Skabrus and Curse of Zandri.

Really digging the paintjobs, how long did it take you to do all those?

24-01-2013, 20:48
Yuupppiiii ! Sigur is back :D

Never tried that game. I think many people shy away from it because of its boardgame character, meaning that you play with it three times and never again. The ships look awesome though. I would like to see Man o War back. Armylists and more ships would make it a "real" wargame and not just a boardgame.

The ships look fantastic ! Especially the Highelf one. The blue blending is awesome. Your client will be very happy with them.

25-01-2013, 10:45
Ha, I had completely forgotten how nice it is to get comments. :-D

@anselminus: Thanks! Got your mail and replied.

@75hastings69: Glad you like them. :-)

@Gargobot: Thanks muchly, pal. I can see how Dreadfleet was probably viewed as a bit of a letdown by BloodBowl fans. If one "Specialist Game" is in for a re-release it would be BloodBowl.

@Harry: Thank you! Yup, you should paint your Dreadfleet (as should I at some point). It's actually a very nice painting project because there's so diverse stuff in there. The only thing that might get a bit monotonous is the islands/cliffs and even those are very individual pieces.

@Breazer: :D Exactly, I'm using that "third hand" thing all the time now. :-p Thanks for the comment on the painting. The stuff on the sails of the Flaming Scimitar is just cast onto the sails, not much freehanding involved there I'm afraid. Still, cheers!

--- Intermission ---

What Breazer was referring to in his comment is one of those things:


How many of you have these things standing around (along with magnifying glasses of all shapes and forms), probably still in box, after they got them by well-meaning relatives or friends? :) Bless their hearts but I have yet to find a single bit of use for these things.

--- Intermission end ---

@strewart: Thanks. :) There is a bit of overcoming required to paint up your Dreadfleet set (I must know, I got my set standing aound since release and haven't touched it. ;-) ) because it's not part of the "regular" wargaming for which we all got mountains of lead and plastic to do already I guess. It makes for a perfect "side project" though.

@Caiphas Cain: Yeah, A as in Airbrush. ;-)

@Satan: Thanks muchly! The great thing about Dreadfleet (sorry if I'm starting to sound like a broken record here) is the "blanket". Good quality, large enough and suited for almost any naval battle game. The islands and such can be used in any Fantasy naval battle game too! (or for pulpier pirates games) Uncharted Seas is said to be pretty good. Maybe I should give it a try some time. Not sure how long the painting on the set took me in total but Painting the Dwarfy ship is always pretty fast, same with the Skabrus (the most fun parts on that one are going crazy with washes and inks and painting the base). The Bloody Reaver takes a fair bit longer (currently painting the sails), because there is so much detail on that thing. Pays off though. The curse of Zandri is a fun ship to paint. No annoying bits like masts or sails so you can spend more time on the details of the ship (like making the statues look all obsidian- or marble-like or turn the zig-zag pattern around the ship into gemstones). I would say that the ships you listed are mostly rather quick to paint but fun. It's usually the ships I start with. One final note - thanks for your really helpful PMs about website stuffs a few months ago (and on cameras a year before that). I really appreciate it and I feel really bad for not having replied yet. Once I start working that all out I shall report back to you!

@kublai: Thank you! If you get the chance, give the game a try. When some friends and I tried it for the review about a year ago we were surprised how much of a wargame this actually is. It may seem like a boardgame because it comes with all in one box and all but I didn't find it to be less complex than say Battlefleet Gothic (probably its closest relative in the family of GW games), just a bit more random (and that's not too bad because BFG is one of the less random GW games out there). Maybe you could say that Dreadfleet is like if BFG had a wacky pill and all "special characters" ships. You could even write up fleet lists so to speak if you want by adding some smaller ships and points values but with the ships in the box and scenarios you can already do quite a lot of stuff. It's a shame that GW didn't release more than one additional scenario online but that was to be expected as GW don't give a skaven's hinder about "supporting" anything they can't sell you more miniatures for (and I don't blame them).

Armylists and more ships would make it a "real" wargame and not just a boardgame.

:D Don't let a certain breed of wargamers hear that, otherwise you might find yourself in an endless discussion.

Right, no new pictures at this point, I'm mainly replying to your comments, which is always fun.

Speaking of fun - last night I finally had that game of Battle for Armegeddon a friend and I had planned to do for two weeks now. I had both earlier appointments implode, first by being sick, then by horrible weather (which is a rare one to intervene with gaming).


It's one of GW's board wargames, was released in 1992 and features a lot of cardboard chits along with a few cards. All printed really nicely onto very sturdy cardboard (2 to 3 mm each) and it's about the Second War for Armageddon of course. I played Orks, my gaming buddy took command of the Imperial Defenders and off we went.


The game surprised me in two ways - first: It's cleverer than I thought. It's actually a nice mix of simple rules with some elegant twists and a certain depth of gameplay. Each chit has three stats (Attack - Defense - Movement), you can stack up to three chits on one space to use as a combined army. You can attack each space from more than one other space. Battles are worked out by dividing the attackers' combined Attack value by the defenders' combined Defense value (so if Three formations of Battlewagons (combined attack value of 9) attack an Imperial position (combined defense value of 3) the defenders count as having the odds be 3:1 against them. If the defenders had a combined defense value of 4 for example it would be 2:1 and so on). For a certain random element attackers also roll a d6. Take the roll result and the odds of the battle, consult table and do as written. Even if attackers outnumber the defenders two or three to one you can still mess things up by rolling badly but there are all kinds of things that can go wrong during a battle (especially so if you're an Ork of course ;) ). All very basic so far (even though we had a laugh at how nowadays we're really not used to wargames requiring us to do maths as advanced as DIVING numbers).

Now for the "elegant" twist - Before that each player chooses two strategy cards in secret and place them in front of them in the order they will be used. The cards either say Movement and Combat, Combat and Movement or Build and Movement (I think the sets are the same for both sides) and dictate what your troops will do this turn. Initiative (i.e. "who goes first" or who reveals the first strategy card) is rolled for at the beginning of each turn so you basically make your plans not knowing what exactly the enemy will be doing (because how would you apart from interpreting his troop movement and the general situation) and who gets to do it first. So this adds a layer of "fog of war" on a strategic level.

As mentioned above, apart from Movement and Combat you can also Build new units a.k.a. call in reserves. This adds another layer to the game. Throughout the map there are factories. Those, along with the five hives, generate build points for the Imperial side (who are very much outnumbered at the beginning) who can build a whole host of stuff for that, ranging from hastily recruited hive gangs over tank batalions and fortifications (which double the defense value of anyone inside them. Ouch.) up to titan legions. Depending on how powerful the units are the more turns they take to be ready for action. Hive gangs are available immediately if I remember correctly whilst Titans take five or six turns. Orks "build" units in a very different way - for every two destroyed (captured) factories or hives they get to place one chit that was removed from play (killed) earlier.

The game lasts for eight turns in total during which each player gets to reveal two strategy cards each. At the end of each turn you check if anyside has achieved their victory conditions. For Orks that is trashing and conquering any three of the five hives, for the Imperial side that is holding all five hives (or having fallen ones taken back) and having Ghazkull killed.

And on top of all of that, there are supply lines which have to be taken care of (if no line from supply areas can be drawn to a unit for more than one turn they are destroyed. This is what happened to many of my units actually after the army got too streched out) AND each turn you get to draw a special card you can keep and play at later points in the game which get you benificial effects of sorts (or not if you're an ork and roll badly :p ).

All in all, it's a really simple game with more strategic depth than I had thought. The rules are simple but come in "layers" which in combination make up for more than what the single parts suggest. When it comes to games design, I think this is something you want to achieve. Of course it's a bit random but way less so than many other boardgames published by GW. Makes it feel like a legitimate wargame with a GW twist. 't was fun. Well, I lost of course but it was my first time playing and I think I made quite a few mistakes. With the Orks side, more so than with the Imperial side, you have to have a plan and you have to coordinate your troops well (as an ADDITIONAL twist, Orks are divided by clans. Roughly a third of your army is Bad Moons, another one is Evil Sunz and the rest of course is Goff Orks. Formations from different clans can not be stacked into one army and can not attack the same space at the same time). Orks get ALL their chits at the beginning of the game which leads to space being really tight in their deployment area while Imperial defenders start out being just a few but bunkered up in hives or at the Russo-German border edge of the Orky deployment zone. I basically spent the first two turns trying to get some order into my army , especially after not getting through the initial defences as I didn't really "got" the rules on the first turn.

Still, very good game. The lack of miniatures is a bit discomforting but it's fun playing with cardboard counters for once. Makes you feel like playing one of them old Avalon Hill games.

(pictures used above were posted by FatherSquee on the Underempire. There will be pictures of the game I played too which I'll post at a later point)

Sorry for all the 40k-related stuff there. Next time it will be all Fantasy again. ;)

25-01-2013, 11:16
What Breazer was referring to in his comment is one of those things:


How many of you have these things standing around (along with magnifying glasses of all shapes and forms), probably still in box, after they got them by well-meaning relatives or friends? :) Bless their hearts but I have yet to find a single bit of use for these things.

Me - had it for about 20 years now, used it maybe once or twice when I first bought it. I suppose it could be used (in game) as some form of giant imobile sun-focusing cannon which can pick up and crush (those pincers are lethal) any attacking infantry...

EDIT: Lovely work on the DF models by the way.

25-01-2013, 12:10
I have one of those things, too. Bought it myself, even. Haven't used it once.

25-01-2013, 12:13
I have one of those things, too. Bought it myself, even. Haven't used it once.

They seem like such a good idea at the time though don't they?

Solun Decius
25-01-2013, 12:46
On Snuff: Why in the world would someone recreate this characterful cover (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Snuff_cover_low.jpg) with cheaply rendered 3D graphics? There's no life in his eyes and no action in the scene.
The Dreadfleet set is looking awesome, and i love that old-school box art on Battle for Armageddon. Wasn't that same image or something very similar used on one of the Space Marine (Epic) expansions too?

25-01-2013, 13:31
Haha no one seems to have put a name to it, so I guess I'll refer to it as 'one of those things' as well. :) I used to work for an electronics company and those things were very very handy for a lot of fiddly soldering jobs, I often wondered while working whether it would be useful for assembling warhammer. I suspect it would have some uses for sure, but quite specialised. I considered it when I was wondering if I could solder metal models together, but I decided the metal probably wouldn't like the heat so I never tried or bought one myself. The arms on mine were a bit more flexible with an extra joint, and a bit longer, but did not have the magnifying glass.

25-01-2013, 18:51
What Breazer was referring to in his comment is one of those things:


How many of you have these things standing around (along with magnifying glasses of all shapes and forms), probably still in box, after they got them by well-meaning relatives or friends? :) Bless their hearts but I have yet to find a single bit of use for these things.

Its called 'Helping Hands'. I've owned one for many years and now use it to hold my airbrush when I'm spraying with it.

26-01-2013, 13:00
One little additional bit on the topic of Discworld. I recently happened to face the ghastly cover of Snuff's German edition:

This is the cover of the audiobook but the printed version's cover is the same. Pretty horrid, I think. They also got a new translator for all the Discworld novels now who gets a LOT of flak for his choice of language and stylistic choices. Up to that point, I always found the German translations of Discworld novels outstanding. Not sure if I'll put up with the new ones though. Anyway, let's return to business as usual...Yes, that is ghastly. So it's called Scheibenwelt in German? It might amuse you that I first read that as Scheißenwelt. :D

Great painting as usual mate. :)

26-01-2013, 21:37
The Dreadfleet stuff is exceptional. The High Elf and Vampire ships in particular are incredible. Love the Librarian as well :D

28-01-2013, 10:59
ok thanks i answer you :) I hope that you will see the answer quickly the package seems blocked on your post office :)

28-01-2013, 12:40
That dreadfleet set is outstanding Sigur, I actually fancy a holiday to those islands that you've painted up. Glad you've enjoyed Armaggeddon, both it and its sequel (Doom of the Eldar) are two great little games.

28-01-2013, 16:04
I like the ships, great work, especially the Elven ones!

As for the Dreadfleet I must say that I would also hesitate to paint models for esentially a "boardgame"... still, I was a little disappointed that X-Wing came with pre-painted stuff so I guess it depends on what one likes to paint ultimately ;) ... and I personally have an urge to spend what available time and motivation I have on WH armies. Will take till death if I keep buying more models than I paint I guess...

As for the "Helping hand" - same here, bought it myself... and even tried to use it. My idea was that it would allow me to paint eyes etc. better, but it turns out that it's not eyes, but shaky hands that are more of a problem for me.

02-02-2013, 16:43
@shelfunit: Thanks muchly!

@EmperorNorton: Yeah, I also have yet to find a proper use for it.

@Solun Decius: Thanks! Quite possibly the artwork was used for something else but I can't recall it at the moment. The cover art for the game's expansion, chaos attack, definately was used for Space Marine's expansion box Chaos Renegades (because it's an awesome piece of artwork).

@Wintermute: Interesting idea. The ones I got are both called "Third Hand".

@mrtn: :P Thanks! That B on the cover does indeed look a bit like an ß.

@Fanny Crowbar: Thanks, nice to hear that you like them. :) Vampire ship's finished now even!

@anselminus: Yes, thanks very much for doing the research as to where the package was. Most darned thing, I never got a notice that it was there at the post office, waiting for me. But the main thing is that I got the package now.

@Sureshot05: Cheers, I'll see if I can book a room for you on "giant turtle skeleton resort". ;) Oh yes, Armageddon is a fun little game- After the second game I had two nights ago (in which I got to play the Imperial side and got thrashed utterly within three turns. It was disgraceful) I still think it's fun. Proabably should have played Orks instead. Anyhow, in three weeks I'll be playing Horus Heresy. No Doom of the Eldar for now I'm afraid because my gaming buddy's got a LOT of old GW stuff but Doom of the Eldar he does have not.

@Sir_Glonojad: That's understandable. The models require quite a lot of work individually BUT it's worth it and makes a very nice view even if they're just standing on shelves.

Well, I said that it would take one more week until I'd have the Dreadfleet stuff finished. Seems like I overestimated my speed a little but the biggest problem is how I underestimated how much time those sails take to paint. However, everything is finished now BUT the Heldenhammer on which I got the body as well as the sails about 50% painted each. Bases are finished, auxiliary cogs are finished (including freehand sail designs, Swordfish's finished, Bloody Reaver's finished, etc.

Only the Heldenhammer to go. Also, what cost me two days last weekend were these fellas:

Group shot:

I really like that shot. All together they look like the cast of a tv show due to how every single one of them is so unique and many of them are really characterful.







As everybody who ever searched for modern 28mm scale civilians, they're darned hard to find and if so, they usually are kind of expensive (Hasslefree, for example, do GREAT civilians but they're about 4 pounds a piece including shipping which is a bit steep if you need a handful of them). As I was looking around two weeks ago, after my first two games of All Things Zombie I noticed how much stuff I lack for playing that kind of game. First and foremost - civilians and a few gangers. However, you can implement those guys in any present-day or futuristic setting as mission objectives, hinderances, hostages, annoyances - anything pretty much. Many Infinity scenarios also require you to have civilians so there you go.

During a late night search for suitable and affordable miniatures I happened across No Go Zone (http://www.no-go-zone.com/index.html), a miniatures wargame based on "the British Urban Sprawl where Chaos and Law collide". Immediately I felt reminded of the 2011 riots in England of course. Weird. Haven't really looked into the ruleset yet but as an intereesting twist, it seems to be based on a kind of rock-paper-scissors system. No, you really play rock-paper-scissors (with slightly different hand signs and five thereof). Interesting idea but a bit exploitable I think as the random element is reduced to "mind games", reading people and so on. Not my kind of thing but definately something different.

Anyways, the company who sells these minis does a pack of six civilians for six pounds per pack and a pack of six gangers for the same price. For a quid a metal figure you can't do much wrong really. Apart from that you also get some nifty base "tops" for the minis to stand on. They look nice but some are a bit thickly cast. You also get one plastic 20mm round base for each mini.

As for the minis themselves - well, this is not exactly top notch quality. You can read this as a positive, encouraging you to sculpt your own minis ("what is this, I can do that just as well if not better!" ;) ) but most people will see it as a negative. Casting is okay but there were some annoying miscasts as if small parts of the moulds ripped out earlier. Hands especially don't look very well done for today's standards. It certainly is no standard you're used to if you play some of the bigger name games with the expensive metal minis. But what the heck, it's 1 quid a figure and it's civilians and it would be weird if they looked better than your stars.

In terms of scale and size they're pretty much Heroic 28mm mins. Big heads, big hands, interestingly feet are almost in scale. Sculpting quality, as I said, is so-so. That said, once they're painted, they look really nice and what at first looks like clumsy, silly sculpted faces start to look surprisingly sympathetic and characterful once painted. Details are ....well, they are there but nothing huge. But again, they do the trick and I really grew fond of that lot.

I can absolutely understand if people don't like the sculpts but for me they work because they do what they're required to do - they're a diverse group of civilians (some of them shady or criminal looking) suited for many different games and settings. And for the price I'd say that those aren't half bad.

One word about the painting: I really had to finish those quickly because there's so much else to do so most of the models, especially the clothes, were painted very "roughly". Works perfectly fine for playing and seeing them on the tabletop though. Very much looking forward to using them in games.

I'd be really interested to hear what you think of these minis. If you paint a mini from A to Z and finished it you (or at least I) usually "bonded" with that figure after the painting process. I put effort into it and I usually end up liking them, even if I wasn't fond of the sculpt before. So what do you think?

Solun Decius
02-02-2013, 20:34
As you say, the sculpts aren't great and some poses, proportions, etc. don't really add up. That said they have character and each of them manages to portray a specific feeling and this far outweighs them not being perfectly proportioned.
Your painting brings this out perfectly where it matters - faces, hats, hair and color choice - even if some of the pants and jackets are a bit rough.
The guy in the black down jacket is just perfect though.

On the table top, where civilians are needed this will truly add flavor IMO.

02-02-2013, 21:49
I would say the scupltes have character :evilgrin:

One can see that their are not painted to your normal standart, but you made them look good enough me thinks.

Have you checked out foundry miniatures. Im not sure, but I think they have some nice "modern" minis. Altough, they are probably very expensive.

04-02-2013, 22:30
@Solun Decius: Thanks! Especially outstreched arms tend to be weirdly long on those minis. Despite all of that, they're fun. Most of the painting on these guys (except for faces and details) was done with an old (as in at least 10 years old) size 3 brush. I really tried to finish those fellas quickly and I did, given how each of them has their own colour scheme and so on. The sculpts don't really warrant a sharper style on the clothes because folds and such aren't too greatly done. Apart from that, these are either opposition or extras in skirmish-type games and due to how I don't have any Survivors yet at all I wanted to make sure that these guys don't end up looking better than the "stars" of the games, which would be weird.

@kublai: Cheers. :) Yeah, they're not the prettiest but individual and very different civilians in 28mm for 1£ a piece I don't expect to look much better really. I did have a look at Foundry for civilians (as I do with most stuffs and end up, as you mentioned already, deciding against it for their stuff is rather expensive), yeah.

Aye mateys, the Heldenhammer takes so much longer than I had anticipated, it's just insane. I really have to apologize for the delay. So instead of finished pictures, as I had hoped, I present you with a picture of the big capital ships of both fleets going toe to toe. The Heldenhammer (Big Red in the left) still is WIP as you can see on the flags mostly. The Bloody Reaver and the smaller auxiliary cogs are finished. As with the first Dreadfleet set I painted some freehand designs onto the sails of the small ships to indicate which capital ships they're supposed to go with (and I made the colour schemes fit accordingly as well). It's a fair bit of extra work but it makes the small ships look incredibly much nicer and more interesting.


In a cunning plan to motivate myself to get the ships done more quickly, I started watching the Hornblower TV films. Good fun, a bit "lighter" than Sharpe but all the naval stuff allows for a lot of interesting new adventurous situations However, the plan didn't quite work out as it only got me in the mood for playing Napoleonic skirmishes (on land). D'oh. ;)

Still, I plan to report back with finished Dreadfleets soon!

04-02-2013, 22:37
Looking fantastic Georg :) any pics of the swordfish?

Enjoy Hornblower..... I've got the box set :)

Caiphas Cain
04-02-2013, 23:13
Well, if you're going to be getting Napoleonic skirmish stuff, there's no better place than Victrix 's 54mms. ;)

05-02-2013, 00:48
@hastings: Thanks, glad that you like them. Here's the Swordfish:


I'm in the seventh film now and I enjoy it quite a bit. I think that the Hornblower as a character is a bit more interesting than Sharpe even and all the navy stuff leads to several interesting and new (to me) situations or setpieces for swashbuckling adventure. :)

@Caiphas Cain: :D Your comment actually made me laugh out loudly. I don't think I'll ever dare to get into 54mm wargaming. Great for showcase pieces and such but for actual wargaming it's a tad too big for me. What I'd look into ruleswise is of course Sharp Practice in which I'd end up with up to 100 figures on the table which of course would look AMAZING in 54mm but it's just not doable for one person who has about 1000 other projects on the backburner and more than enough stuff to do as it is. ;) Also - alas - nobody to play Napoleonic skirmishes with. It's interesting how I recently ran into the opinion of "surely it being interesting but big battles depict the period better".

Crazy Harborc
05-02-2013, 01:09
Say hey.....we had breaded fish for supper! OH....that really does look GOOD. I just love those little boats.:D. THAT is a darn nice ship. Good details, sharp lines.

Did some 54mm wargaming (with rolling marbles instead of dice). Good ol' HG Well's book gave us the idea. Thought about (using 54mm) when GW tried out their versions a few years ago.

05-02-2013, 08:24
Even if they are WIP they look very well. Your painting is always increbile to see unfold. Keep up the good work.

05-02-2013, 10:54
Ships look ace Sigur !

05-02-2013, 11:33
@Satan: Thanks muchly! The great thing about Dreadfleet (sorry if I'm starting to sound like a broken record here) is the "blanket". Good quality, large enough and suited for almost any naval battle game. The islands and such can be used in any Fantasy naval battle game too! (or for pulpier pirates games) Uncharted Seas is said to be pretty good. Maybe I should give it a try some time. Not sure how long the painting on the set took me in total but Painting the Dwarfy ship is always pretty fast, same with the Skabrus (the most fun parts on that one are going crazy with washes and inks and painting the base). The Bloody Reaver takes a fair bit longer (currently painting the sails), because there is so much detail on that thing. Pays off though. The curse of Zandri is a fun ship to paint. No annoying bits like masts or sails so you can spend more time on the details of the ship (like making the statues look all obsidian- or marble-like or turn the zig-zag pattern around the ship into gemstones). I would say that the ships you listed are mostly rather quick to paint but fun. It's usually the ships I start with. One final note - thanks for your really helpful PMs about website stuffs a few months ago (and on cameras a year before that). I really appreciate it and I feel really bad for not having replied yet. Once I start working that all out I shall report back to you!

While I haven't tried US yet, I did like Dystopian Wars, but naval fantasy has always been more my thing, so I do have some high hopes for it. Would've loved a skirmish game to go along with it, but won't be investing in anything like it if I can't use my WHFB miniatures with it.

I just finished building all the remaining ships and am currently looking forward to getting to grips with the Dwarf Ship, Zandri and Skabrus.

You're welcome regarding the web stuff - any help you need, just holler!

Those civilians look really great, especially if you only put 2 days into them! Insanely fast.

You're totally right about the small ships, the extra work really makes them pop. I too got an urge to watch Hornblower after watching Les Miserablés at the movies the other day but couldn't find it on Netflix.

All ships look great, I would've been proud to own a set like that!

05-02-2013, 12:57
I too got an urge to watch Hornblower after watching Les Miserablés at the movies the other day but couldn't find it on Netflix.


Here you go Satan :


05-02-2013, 16:42
wow stunning ship :eek: the free hand looks crazy, realy awsome congratz!

06-02-2013, 05:55
Great looking ships, and great painting on the civilians as well. :yes:

Your "test" URL doesn't seem to work.

06-02-2013, 13:21
@Crazy Harborc: Admit it, you were one of the playtesters, sitting down with old Wellsey himself. :D 54mm is very attractive of course but they take time and effort to make them look nice on the table. It would be great of course because you can make each guy a real character and all of that. Oh, and :yes: for breaded fish!

@Breazer: Too kind of you, young Sir. :)

@kublai: Thank you!

@Satan: Cheers mate, let me know how the ships come along. About the Skarbus, remember not to go too wild on the guts on the base. It's a real shame because they're so much fun to paint but once you put the rest of the corpse on top you end up seeing hardly anything at all. Dwarf ship and the Zandri are pretty straightforward and plain fun. Hope you enjoy Hornblower. In the same regard, I was suggested to watch Master and Commander too.

@catalip: Thanks muchly. :)

@mrtn: Cheers, mate! Yeah, that test link I just threw in there to check again how [url] codes work as I had to bolt together a new signature for another forum and forgot to remove the thing again lateron. There really isn't a single bit that escape the ever watchful gaze of the mrtn. :D (by the way and just because I forgot to mention it in your WHFB log - which i advise everyone to take a look at!! - yeah, photobucket are pretty poop about changing stuff all the time. I really liked Photobucket around 2003 to 2005 for being quick and simple but then they started changing things for the worse to a point at which I just stopped using it. Last year or so they reworked the whole interface and I have to say that I liked it again but I know that they'll mess it up again somehow just because every goddamn site wants to be a social network today whilst they basically are just a free dumping place for your photos. Photobucket is that old shoebox you collect old photos in, not a glamorously designed photobook you show around to everybody.)

In one of the most anticlimatic posts, I declare Dreadfleet to be finished! Pictures up later tonight! :)

06-02-2013, 13:27
Excellent, look forward to pics :)

06-02-2013, 17:09
cool ship :) in waiting to see more! really like your swordfish, i probably find one day the motivation to paint my dreadfleet :)

ps: answer you in private message:)

09-02-2013, 03:21
@hastings: Cheers, here they finally are!

@anselminus: Thanks on both accounts. ;)

Okay, here we go with the finished pictures of Dreadfleet, the Second.

Let's start with one of the most notorious ships, the Black Kraken:


Such a great model. I'm always impressed how much movement and depth they got into the tentacles of a three part model.

Count Noctilus' flagship, the Bloody Reaver:

The small byship (is there a word like that?) is painted in colours to go with the big ship as always. The freehand on the sail is a bit different to how I've done it the first time around. This time I tried doing a skull in what is called "three quarter perspective" in German. Is the English term the same? My dictionary didn't come up with anything.



Here's a shot of the sails, mainly because the smaller one is really hard to see in built form. Here's where I point out what is freehanded and what is not - Thee scrolls, skeletal emblems and so on are all cast onto the sails. The text is all freehanded.


Staying on the "evil" side of things, here's the Curse of Zandri:



Very lovely ship. The small cog got some made-up Egyptian looking glyph.


09-02-2013, 03:21
Staying in the lands far off the Old World we got the Flaming Scimitar:




Surely one of the most colourful ships from the box and investing extra time into it does pay off. One of the things which impress me the most about Dreadfleet is how unique every single ship is. Each one of the ships has a very strong identity of its own, all in colour, design, shape and "gimmicks". The auxiliary cog just got a ...well, flaming scimitar on the sail.

Grimnir's Thunder:



I won't pretend that I'm particularly fond of the new design concept that Dwarfs built EVERYTHING from metal or stone but in the context of Dreadfleet, this one fits in rather nicely (by not really fitting at all ;) ). Very straightforward ship and, as I remember form the review game in 2011, I remember that many of the players had their mind set on commanding this vessel.

Next we got the flagship of the "good" side, the Heldenhammer with it's shipwrecking automaton in the front:



Lovely model and pretty much encapsulating what I enjoy about the Empire (or Warhammer as a whole). Pretty much grounded in familiar real-life concepts from history but with some over the top things added. Of course you get away with that at a smaller scale much easier than at a large scale. On the sails I did the regular text this time. Upper sail on the front mast it says Sigmar, on the upper sail of the middle mast it says Vengeance and on the lower one Heldenhammer.


09-02-2013, 03:22
The Sea Drake is another visual highlight to me:


Bright, elegant, different to human ships and with a very Fantasy twist in the shape of a dragon. In true High Elven form, there are no cannons on the ship but instead it's all Bolt Throwers and if I remember correctly, that shows in the firepower ingame. But hey, they're maneuverable as heck and launch dragons against their enemies to make up for that.

As a complete counter-point we proceed to the Shadewraith:


I have a bit of a connection to this one because it's the ship I got to command in our review game (no, I haven't played since then because my own set is still on sprue of course). Very interesting to paint to say the least. I have to say that the less flashy this one looks the better, I really like the very classic ghost ship look with only a bit of a ghostly light from the lanterns.

Here's another one of the more notorious Dreadfleet ships - the Skaven's Skabrus:



It's a huge, ugly corpse of a fish turned into a warship by ratmen! What's not to like? The only thing I find a bit sad about this one is that there is a very fun set of fish guts modelled onto the base as the corpse's "inner decks" which end up being barely visible at all, so don't go too crazy with painting those. The auxiliary cog bears the Skaven symbol on its sail.

Last but not least, the Swordfish:



Another classic design but lots of fun stuff going on on the sails and stark contrasts. The big fish guys on the mid mast look like they're letting is know that they're "chargin' mah lazer". The little eeldragon thing on the sail of the cog is always fun to do.

So much for the ships. I'll upload some more pictures of the islands again and some more markers and so on. Hope that you like them.

09-02-2013, 07:21
Well ... there alright I suppose ... if you like that sort of thing. :D

Can you paint my set? :D

09-02-2013, 08:52
Love your Dreadfleet set!

I get what you're saying about the Ghost Ship, that's the first one I've seen that doesn't copy GW's 'ghostly green' scheme and it looks so much cooler.

09-02-2013, 09:04
Wow! Those are impressive. Excellent work as usual Georg.

09-02-2013, 10:14
I get what you're saying about the Ghost Ship, that's the first one I've seen that doesn't copy GW's 'ghostly green' scheme and it looks so much cooler.

I agree totally.

Wonderful work sigur !

09-02-2013, 10:51
Brilliant looking set of ships! The only thing I dislike is the colour chosen for sails of the Bloody Reaver, I would have gone for a red-brown "barked" appearance instead of the red-pink. But, that's only like... my opinion, man. The execution is great as usual. :)