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23-06-2007, 10:26
Looks really good mate. What have you decided with the banner bearer?

Nothing really. I'll do some more banners with GS I guess, maybe doing a 2-parts banner for the corsairs.

On a side note, one small of last night's drunk dream was that I found a really great stone for putting the Corsair standard bearer on.:rolleyes:

23-06-2007, 11:34
my friends swear by aluminium foil for making banners, it's thin enough to look like cloth and rigid enough to mould into shape in a couple of layers

other than that, great work!

23-06-2007, 17:38
For smoothing out GS (and getting those nasty fingerprints out), specifically on your banner, use the flat end of a sculpting tool with plenty of water. Rub 'em out!

I wouldn't throw away the GS banner yet - it looks really good.

24-06-2007, 13:50
Goddamn stupid fraggin' Greenstuff!!:mad: :mad: :mad:

24-06-2007, 15:17
Goddamn stupid fraggin' Greenstuff!!:mad: :mad: :mad:

Erm, having fun Sigur?.... :p

24-06-2007, 19:39
uuuh, sure, sure, thanks.




See, I enjoy painting, most of the time I feel confortable painting. But doing those banners does NOT make me feel confortable at all.:p Seriously, I think I just rushed it this time and tried to attach the banner to the pole too early. Have to figure out the proper curing time before cutting out and working with the banners I guess.

Apart from that, what do you guys think about the banner overall? I mean the size, position and so on.

How do I get to Carnegie Hall?
How do I get to Carnegie Hall?
How do I get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, man, practice
Practice, man, practice
Practice, man, practice
Practice, man, practice

Have a nice evening people.

Math Mathonwy
25-06-2007, 07:14
Thinner, and already "shaped". Stressing the word "sculpted" for this thing seemed blasphemous to me. Somehow I seem to have problems at getting the surfaces to be totally smooth. If any of the resident GSers has any advice for me, please let me know.
Take some clear plastic film (I use stuff from card sleeves for collectible card games) and rub some vaseline on it. Then put the green stuff between two sheets of the plastic and use a round object (a round pen is what I use) to roll it flat . Perfect smoothness. Wait a moment, take the sheets off, cut into shape and mould into form. :)

25-06-2007, 11:28
Hmmm... the Banner doesn;t quite look as smooth as it could be. Also, it looks a little bit too large, too flat and the pole also looks a bit odd as well....
Erm, so, sorry to say this but I'm afriad it hasn;t turned out that well to my eyes.

The cold one though... that I cannot fault :D

25-06-2007, 14:29
Tell you what Sigur, I might go and hack together a newspaper banner soon, and I'll post the result tomorrow. The great thing about newspaper it that it can be made to flutter realistically after you've painted it, so it removes the headache of painting non-straight straight lines on plastic banners... that drove me NUTS.

- Huw

26-06-2007, 14:30
@Math Mathonwy: Thanks for your suggestion. I tried waxpaper and before that I tried two sheets of plastic and oil.

@Huw_Dawson: Thanks for your offering, I think you convinced me. So I just slapped together a little flag for a CoK:


The biggest advantage is obvious: This thing took me about 7-10 minutes to do, other than my GS attempts which used to take me about two hours.

26-06-2007, 15:24
Yes, that looks a lot better Sigur :)

I presume some more movement will be put into the banner after painting?

26-06-2007, 21:57
Darn, you made the plastic Sorceress look great. In fact, all of your weedy poncy pointy eared elves look excellent. My hat goes off to you, sir!
Elves still smell funny tough. :D

Thinner, and already "shaped". Stressing the word "sculpted" for this thing seemed blasphemous to me. Somehow I seem to have problems at getting the surfaces to be totally smooth. If any of the resident GSers has any advice for me, please let me know.

Try flattening a blob of greenstuff between the plastic from two blister packs - it will be perfectly flat once it has hardened.
Don't make sculpting toohard on yourself either - on the cold one rider's banner it seems as if you've tried to sculpt every part of the banner in one go, which is tricky (and unnecessary).

This might work:

- flatten a bit of greenstuff and let it harden completely (24 hours or so).

- cut out some rectangles (a big one for the banner and several small ones for the thingies that attach the banner to the pole).

- shape the banner carefully into a wavy shape. Greenstuff should be bendable even when it has set, but it tends to tear if you're uncareful.

- glue the little thingies on to a banner pole, fold them double, and superglue them to the banner.

I hope that was clear .... the extremely professional pixely picture below is perhaps a bit clearer:


Crazy Harborc
27-06-2007, 00:51
I use unlined, white paper. I cut and shape paper. I use white glue. I apply the glue, covering the to be glued paper fully (no bare spots). I use a tissue to absorb the excess glue that oozes out when I fold the paper flag onto it's flag/banner pole.

I shape the flag into it's "wind blown shape" while the white glue is still wet. When the flag is dry it IS hard and ready to be painted.

27-06-2007, 06:34
Sorry to push in for a question. (or two).

@ squiggoth

It is still bendable 24 hours later?
How 'wavy' can you get it?
Does it eventually go rock hard?
How thin do you get the green stuff to work with it like this?

Great tutorial BTW

27-06-2007, 11:01
It is still bendable 24 hours later?

It depends on the temperature and on the ratio between yellow and blue that you used - more yellow means softer greenstuff.
It takes a bit of guesswork to know when your stuff is ready for shaping ... start too early and you'll leave fingerprints, begin too late and the stuff will be too stiff to shape.

How 'wavy' can you get it?

If you're careful and the banner is not too thick you can make fairly decent waves ... again, this a matter of trial-and-error and dependent on the mix ratios, drying time, and the temperature.

Does it eventually go rock hard?

Nah. Hardened greenstuff is a bit like ancient chewing gum.

How thin do you get the green stuff to work with it like this?

About a mm is okay ... thinner than that and it becomes too fragile for gaming with, and a banner that is too thick looks more like a wobbly plank on a stick. ;)

Crazy Harborc's method is also a good one - paper banners have the advantage that you can paint them before making them wavy, so it's easier to do extensive freehands on them. :)

Here's also a tutorial on DIY plasticard banners who look very good:

27-06-2007, 11:42
Having seen that I think plasticard is clearly the way to go.
Thanks for the help.

Apologies for hijacking your thread.
Carry on everybody.

27-06-2007, 22:56
Thanks for your explanations and suggestions guys (especially squiggoth and his amazing illustration ;) ). I'm pretty sure I'll still go for the paper banners though. It's just easy enough for me to do and isn't too time-consuming.

30-06-2007, 00:37
Tiny update - the first Cold One Knights test banner seems to be done:




I went for a classic DE icon I wanted to use at least once in my army. Do you think I should add one or two runes too or leave it as it is?

Imp of High Noon
30-06-2007, 03:10
Very impressive free hand!

30-06-2007, 10:11
That banner looks really good. :) Have you thought about putting something on top of the pole?

30-06-2007, 10:15
Yup, that's why the banner isn't too high up on the top of the banner pole. Maybe I'll put skulls or maybe if I find a really small serpent/snake/dragon figure, little demons, demon heads, something like that.

30-06-2007, 13:21
I think a little rune in each corner would look cool, but the banner is awesome as it is anyway!

30-06-2007, 14:43
Beautiful freehand. The two-pronged banner looks great.

It definitely needs to be made wavy but I assume you'll be doing that?

30-06-2007, 15:27
Why of course more waviness will be added, good sir.

Crazy Harborc
30-06-2007, 20:13
Could those banners be a way of awarding um medals to the wearer? Each pole tip could have a little different end as it were.;)

01-07-2007, 13:19
Great freehand Sigur; very nice work :)

02-07-2007, 01:16
Thanks for the positive replies guys!

Harry's Tale Of Many Gamers has officially started about 25 hours ago so I'm officially allowed to do some painting again.;) I assume that many of you are familiar with the concept of the whole project. For the rest of you, here's the main idea: Over the next 10 months, many gamers (see above) will paint 200pts worth of miniatures of a certain army - in my case Dark Elves - each month with the ultimate goal of getting 2000pts of their army playable within a certain amount of time.

For the first month, I'm planning to paint seven Cold One Knights (203 points). Today, I started painting the missing Cold Ones and started with the second banner:


I have one side finished although in the pictures I took, I noticed this ugly black stripe which I need to tidy up a bit. The freehand on the other side is halfway done. Note that this is my first attempt at more-or-less-NMM. I hope I won't run out of ideas for appropriate banner emblems for this unit.;)

02-07-2007, 19:41
For a first attempt at Pseudo NMM that looks excellent Sigur :) Just like the rest of the banner.

02-07-2007, 19:52
Paper banners, that takes me back to the good ol' days!

They look really good Sigur, excellent freehand work.

02-07-2007, 22:16
Thanks for the kind replies guys!

Just a few minutes ago, the most extraordinary thing happened. As I entered my room, I saw this:


A herd of Cold Ones!:eek: Before these little monsters fled into all kinds of dark corners, I was able to take a few quick shots of the scene and immediately sent them to different BigFootologists, Alien- and Yetiwachers who can confirm that those pictures aren't staged. So after all these years, I finally have a proof for my theory: It's not my fault that my painting table looks like a mess all the time because once I leave the room, a herd of small dinosaurs ravages the table.

Despite those difficulties, I'll try to keep on proceeding with my work, but much more cautious than before.

03-07-2007, 10:13
And you accuse us of being childish in the ToFP 40h thread? :p

Lovely smooth painting Sigur; very nicely done :D

03-07-2007, 10:39
And you accuse us of being childish in the ToFP 40h thread? :p


Hey, this isn't childishness, this is science!:p Jike calling dead people on the phone and recording 2 minutes of white noise. Thanks anyway.;)

03-07-2007, 10:49
What those Cold Ones need are some riders to keep them under control. Then your workspace will be forever neat and tidy.

03-07-2007, 12:21
Alright, alright. I'd just like you to know that highlighting CO scales is no fun.

01-08-2007, 03:49
Yay, update! (shortly before my thread vanishes even more)

I was really lazy in July and probably Harry will slap me for that but I got fed up those Cold One Knights. A few pictures of what I painted in the past 36 hours:




After working on those Shades, I realized that those are pretty stunning miniatures. The faces are very expressive and characterful; my favorite is the Shade rising his fist to the air as if grumbling "Those darned High Elves thwarted our evil plot once again, but I'll get you all next time!".;)

So get ready for some more updates within the next few weeks. Cheers guys!

01-08-2007, 10:41
The purple looks really good. I expect that, when Harry comes over to Asutaria and breaks your knees for playing a Joker, the lack of mobility will allow you to paint more, which will make me happy. :)

Now, get those Cold Ones done! Paint something you DON'T want to, then you can finish the shades as a reward. ;)

01-08-2007, 11:26
Sigur, I dub thee "Master of purple"! :D

01-08-2007, 20:37
Agreed with Dante; the blending on the purple is incredible. :D

02-08-2007, 03:51
Uuuh, thanks.;)

@McMullet: Interesting suggestion, I shall meditate on that.:p

Here's today's update:



Left to do on those:

.) Outer side of the cloaks & the shoes (both stay black)
.) Repeater Crossbows (let's hope I remember how I did those on the chariot)
.) Those arm...things (bracers?). Not sure about the colours yet
.) Hair (I tend to do that as the last thing on miniatures as I'm not too good with hair)

Tomorrow, after having finished those Shades, I'll start doing the bases. I'll go for ash wastes like bases with patches of snow. If I'm fast enough, I'll be really able not having to play the Joker this month in the Tale of many(x2) Gamers.

By the way, here are a few pictures of my last game of 40k (about a month ago, starting with the last picture on page#2): Linky (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/session/2007-07-04/?start=0)

Keep the comments coming guys!

02-08-2007, 04:12
wow, this updaste is a nice surprise! glad you've picked up work on the shades. ;)

here's to you not using a Joker for month #1 of ToP! :D

02-08-2007, 04:15
The bfsp dwarf models are terrible but i do like the goblins however you painted them all very well. The dark elves although they are well painted i dont really like the color sceme, you painted the cold ones green and red and most of your army has green red and purple with gold-for me thats to much color for dark elves. i like dark elves to be just that DARK elves, if i were to do some id probably have a very simple color sceme of shiny black armour and very pale skin using purple in small abouts on a few models as an accent colour.However thats just me and im very picky, your a good painter from what ive seen.

02-08-2007, 11:11
@McMullet: Interesting suggestion, I shall meditate on that.:p

Meditated, considered and rejected it seems. :p

Well, it's good to see you painting anyway. You've got a good chunk of that unit done, and if you can keep up the pace you should make the ToP deadline. And they look excellent, as usual.

Then you can paint the Cold One Knights. Right?

02-08-2007, 12:38
@Khorgan: Generally, I prefer colourful to DARK, especially when it comes to WHFB but I'm not sure about the colour scheme for the Cold Ones myself.

@McMullet: Thankee, good sire. Cold One Knights, eh? *meditates while cleaning 150 Chaos Warriors :p* Just kidding, I will finish the CoKs to and acceptable extend as soon as the Shades are finished. I'm stretching the deadline quite a bit but looking back I can't think of a deadline I haven't "streched" so far.

Thanks for the comments guys, I'll start painting in three minutes.

02-08-2007, 19:54
Lovely, lovely, lovely :D
Great stuff!

03-08-2007, 01:27
Well its not that i like everything to be dark i just feel that its too many colors for dark elves.

03-08-2007, 20:12
Update: Vallejo Model Colour Chocolat Brown (70872) doesn't taste like chocolate at all.:mad:

03-08-2007, 20:13
Update: Vallejo Model Colour Chocolat Brown (70872) doesn't taste like chocolate at all.:mad:

And does it say that on the packaging?
You could sue for misrepresentation of product! :rolleyes:

06-08-2007, 01:10

The Shades are finished now. To celebrate that, some photos (as always):




The first few Cold One Knights are also close to being finished, there were two problems:
.) I could only find five shields (damn!)
.) I didn't have any primer to prime them till a few hours ago

Anyway, I got the primer now so if I finish the shields and a bit on the Knights and Cold Ones within the next hours, I can still reach my painting goal for July (painting 200pts worth of DE) and post the result in the Tale of Fantasy Painters thread and don't have to play one of my two Jokers.

Critique and Comments are highly appreciated as always. Cheery, fellow painters!

06-08-2007, 01:21
Wow, these look brilliant Sigur, the purple looks perfect; rich, well blended and smooth. The bases are a little too dark/plain for me, but I believe somewhere you said you wanted them to be like a wasteland, so it's all good. ;)

All in all, your works excellent, and I can't wait for more. :)

06-08-2007, 01:22
Thanks for your comment, this is the stuff that motivates me.;) And indeed, the bases are pretty bland right now; I'll add patches of snow at a later point (once I get to my gaming store again and pick up some snow effect).

06-08-2007, 01:45
Nice job. I'm utterlly amazed at the great work you've done on these guys. Can't wait to see the Cold One Knights.

06-08-2007, 09:00
loverly painting sigur, really liking the purple and green,

though the face do look a tad odd to me...

06-08-2007, 09:13
man those shades are smoking hot, love the colour work you did on them. very clean painting with some sweet results, the faces are awesome too.

chapter master brutus
06-08-2007, 10:58
my converted khrone champion i didnt want red cloth so it is black instead
[img=http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/3117/dsc0309kp0.th.jpg] (http://img511.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dsc0309kp0.jpg)
blood for the blood god!

07-08-2007, 16:25
Nice painting sigur!

07-08-2007, 17:59
Thanks for the comments again.

@chapter master brutus: Uuh.....thanks for sharing. I think this one slipped into the wrong thread though.

Anyway, here's another update. Five Cold One Knights are finished:




The whole job is a bit rushed but they look okay I think. Not so sure about the Cold Ones but at least something's finished.;)

10-08-2007, 07:58
Sorry for double-posting.

The next unit - Dark Riders. Every Dark Elves army should have at least a unit of those (due to a lack of playing and generally poor generalship on my side, this is just a theory of mine) so I'll paint up two of five miniatures each. Here'a a WIP shot of the first one:


10-08-2007, 09:41
nice, you really can paint purple well!

10-08-2007, 09:42
Looking very impressive Sigur; nice work :)

11-08-2007, 22:05
Thanks guys although I'm getting suspicious about these "you're painting purple well"-comments. Does everything else look like poo or what?:p


Lookie, a new picture! My painting (and general) panic is bigger than ever so I'm proceeding quite well. I even toyed with the idea of painting this Nurgle Lord I've been writing about after I had completed the BfSP comission thing. I'd greatly prefer painting Orks but I need to get the Nurgle guy done (as well as some more Dark Elves of course). Never promise a friend to paint a miniature for him/her. You can't charge prices that would justify the work and it's just....meh. I mean, when painting for this store I did the BfSP box for, it felt like "altight, I have to get this thing right". When painting for friends, it's more like "yeah, sure :rolleyes:". Maybe I'm just a selfish prick towards friends though.:p

Anyway, this isn't a big update but the Dark Riders are almost done now. The steeds need some more work and the browns could need some more highlighting/shading. AND of course the bases....sheesh, it never ends.

12-08-2007, 06:56
Makes note : Sigur , selfish prick. Never to ask him to paint anything for you. :D

Can't believe how fast you are cracking on this month. Lovely stuff.

The purple is especially good. :D

(I don't like your use of red but your reasons are well documented and its a purely subjective, limited palette thing, I have going on in my head, rather than anything wrong with your choices).

12-08-2007, 10:01
Alright, now I know what this "the purple's really nice" is all about.:p Seriously, I pondered leaving away the red for once on those Dark Riders but just couldn't think of any other colour to use on those rivets on the gloves or the top of the spears as I wanted to avoid gold but then I gave it a try and I actually like it quite much. For some reason, now that I have the picture in front of me and the miniatures to my left, I think the red should be even brighter.:D

Anyway, thanks for your honest comment. I saw the Space Marines Squad in your project log and I think I understood what you mean with your thought of limited palette.

the squirrely prick ;)

edit: a little side-thing I'm working on, the above-mentioned comission for a friend.


Not really much done yet, just metallics and inks.

12-08-2007, 13:11
Sigur, you prick, that purple is really well done!

I also really like the freehand symbols and the eyes and teeth on the horsies. Little, high-contrast details like that really make the miniatures "pop".

And, y'know, though I'm all for "limited palette" and I personally prefer more subtle colours, I do like the way you're using red. Bright colours are very much part of the Sigur™ Painting Style. ;)

13-08-2007, 00:56
Purple, Gold, Silver, Black. Why mess with the classics? Nice work all round, the clean paint jobs are the key.

One teensy bugbear of mine, I can see the joins on the horses necks. Two minutes worth of greenstuffing for a unit but makes them look luvverly :)

16-08-2007, 00:55
One teensy bugbear of mine, I can see the joins on the horses necks. Two minutes worth of greenstuffing for a unit but makes them look luvverly

I'll give you that one (no comment on "the classics" though). I remember GSing the joints a bit when assembling the horsies but it seems like it wasn't enough.

So I decided that those guys are next on my list. 10 Executioners of Har Ganeth (110 points):


I pinned them this evening and, boy, those guys are huge with their swords. They need some more priming (bought them as shown in the picture) before the real work can begin.

Apart from that, I did a bit of work on the commission:



And here, my weekly low: The darned coffeepot the Nurgle guy is supposed to hold in his left hand.

Looks like a funny gnome at this point, doesn't it? The cone on the top will be dremelled to look like a proper cap (which of course will be much smaller than this thing is now) and a little knob will be added to the top.

This week's highlight doubtlessly was when I aquired a 5th edition Dark Elves army book for very cheap and a whole lot of great miniatures for nada, thanks to a kind person. The lot includes a very dynamic (read: dancing), two-headed Lord of Change, a cool dwarven Warmachine crew (~1988), around 13 Chaos Warriors/Champions from the same time, a box of plastic IG for Space Marines, the old, odd-looking Juggernaut, an old Bloodletter (crouched, long limbs), an old Demonette (insect-like head, proper slaaneshi breast config, ...) and some stuff that still is avaible/quite common (Griffon, Hellhound, new Juggernaut, ... ). All in all: A box full of wonderful stuff I'll make some pictures of once they are stripped off the 1cm of paint on them.

That's it for now. Good night.

16-08-2007, 08:09


16-08-2007, 11:04
The lord of Nurgle is looking great; I really like the blending on the cloak :)

19-08-2007, 04:05
Everything's coming along nicely, the Cold One Knights in particular look excellent. The purple, (you knew it was coming ;)) looks particularlaly good, and that Nurgle Lord looks excellent. Mind sharing the recipe for the armour and cloak? I chose Death Guard for the 'Tale of X Gamers', and those colours are the best I've seen in a long time. I'm looking forward to the Executioners, if you can paint them as well as the rest, this army is going to become a favourite of mine. Any special plans for the army conversion wise?

Keep it up. :)

19-08-2007, 16:22
Thanks for the comments.;)

@BarbedHawk: Thanks, I'm glad someone likes the Cold One Knights. On the recipes for the Nurgle guy's cloak and armour; I'm making heavy use of colour mixes, on all miniatures (which often results in redundant layers of colours that look totally the same :rolleyes: ).

For the cloak, I used three layers of mixes of Chaos Black, Vallejo Model Colour's Reflective Green (which is a very Nurgle-esque colour; quite the same as Catachan Green, maybe a little bit darker) and a hint of Vallejo Model Colour's not very tasty Chocolate Brown (which looks a bit like Citadel Scorched Brown but less reddish) with a bit less Chaos Black each time followed by a wash of Black/Chocolate Brown/Reflective green and two or so more layers of Reflective Green with a bit of Brown mixed in and a wee bit of Vallejo Game Colour's Pale Blue (I assume that Bleached Bone or White would do good as well) and finishing highlights with the same formula but considerably more Pale Blue mixed in.

On the armour, I used a basecoat of Boltgun Metal (kept the recesses on the armour black), respectively boltgun metal drybrush on the chainmail parts which I gave a black wash later on. For the emblems (fly on the right shoulderplate, Nurgle logo on the breastplate), I used Vallejo Game Colour Brassy Brass (anything brassy/coppery will do). Then I gave the whole armour some heavy washes of different mixes of black/chocolate brown/reflective green. Make sure you get much wash into the "deeper recesses", like around the emblems, between plates of armour and around rivets. For finishing it, I did a few little highlights of Boltgun metal on most exposed parts like rivets and the edges of the emblems. The scythe, which isn't really finished yet, got a few sprinkles of rust (hull red) too and apart from that, the same treatment as the rest of the metallic parts.

As for conversions - I'm a lazy bugger so I'm not in the mood of doing those too often. But as GW still denies us fighty characters for Dark Elves, I have to do a few. I really should put together a list of Nobles/Highborns I have to convert. So far, a mounted Noble with great weapon is done (posted him/her before) and a pretty big banner pole for a BSB or just to be mounted on a General. I also will make some banner poles on the standard bearers bigger.

I guess I'll need the following fighty character miniatures:
.) Mounted, with one-handed weapon (Blade of Ruin), sea dragon cloak, heavy armour, shield
.) Mounted, with lance, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak
.) On foot, with great weapon (Draich of Dark Power), heavy armour, sea dragon cloak [to go on a chariot]
.) Mounted, Gauntlet of Power™, sea dragon cloak, heavy armour, shield

As for miniatures, I have
.) Rakarth - who would be a shame to get cut up but there's no place for a guy with a sword and a whip in 7th edition. But technically, he has a shield and a hand weapon on the model so all he'd need is a Sea Dragon Cloak
.) Malus Darkblade on Spite - which I should heavily convert or just cut up and use for several conversions because you see that bugger in so many DE armies.
.) Old DE General with Lance and Shield - he's considerably smaller than all the others but looks evilē and you can tell that he's bad to the bone; kinda like Joe Pesci in Scorsese-movies. He'd also only need a Sea Dragon cloak and is good to go.
.) Executioners Champion - he'd be fairly easy to convert to the guy on the chariot. All he needs are some scales on his cloak.

Apart from that, I still have several Cold One Knights with Lances to turn into Nobles. If anyone has suggestions on conversions, I'll gladly lend you my ear.;)

As for updates....uh...I've been lazy again, playing DotA but purple on the Executioners is done as well as the silver parts and the rims on the chainmail (well, half-done). Red and gold will be a bit more predominant on these. Red to show their connection to the temple of Khaine and gold...well, originally, I wanted to use as little gold as possible in my army but using colours other than metallics on armour is causing my head to hurt.

No news on the dreaded coffeepot so far.

21-08-2007, 07:59
I like the Nurgle chappy so far.

(Not very colourful though. :D)

22-08-2007, 02:34
(Not very colourful though.)


Anyway, lookie here guys - an update

First, the Executioners:


I'm pretty sure that some won't like the red on the rims of the chainmail parts but I like it and I wanted to stay true to "the classics" a bit.;) The golden parts are by no way done yet; this is just a basecoat of Brassy Brass. I also have to do the eyes which is a thing I don't look forward to at all.

But this isn't all for now, I hope you'll excuse...

22-08-2007, 02:43
...my double-post!!

Here are the latest pictures of the Nurgle chappy:




It's a bit hard to spot but I did some pus dripping/running out of the leporous skin of the horse in some places. I'm really not sure if it looks good, maybe I just have to make it stand out a bit more.

There will be a wee bit more of contrast once all the heads, skulls and ropes are done. Here's the main part I did in the past days - the pot o'fear:


Pretty pleased with how this one turned out so far after I added some finishing GS. The hand which is going to hold the coffeepot is also converted already. It was easier than I thought really, all I did was a little bit of cutting on the thumb and the pointing finger, then I bent the fingers to a fist.

I hope that you like all the stuff. As always, there are a few more pictures (of the Nurgle dude) in my photobucket folder.

22-08-2007, 04:57
The nurgle-guy looks good and grim, very realistic (and I cant wait to see that pot all done)... But, executioners are just excellent – those red rims and purple robes are teh win, contrasting nicely with those metals. A bit cartoony, but not too much (and cartoony is what I like).

You are one amazing painter, like you didn’t already know it :)

Now get more done!

22-08-2007, 06:51
I love the nurgle fellow.

That should surely be the coffee pot of DOOOOOOOOM. :D Its great. I can't believe you made a lid like that out of that blob of Green stuff. Great work.

If you want to keep the painting subtle you may be able to draw attention to the puss by dullcoating the model and then returning and painting the puss with gloss varnish. that can work well for picking out and drawing attention to parts of a model. (Just an idea).

Is that his fian base? I have another idea. What are your plans for the base?

I also like the Executioners. (Red included. :D) Suitably dark and grim but the flashes of colour just lift the models from being toooo dark. Nice job.

Loving your work sigur. Really motivating me to raise my level and paint stuff to the same standard.

22-08-2007, 09:53
Beautiful; work Sigur :D
The blending on the Nurgle lord is brilliant, and the coffe pot is great :D

The executioners are great too, except for (you guessed it), the red; i just feel it clashes too much with the purple. Which is a shame, as otherwise I think they're fantastic :)

22-08-2007, 10:32
sigur! Oh my god how the hell could I have overlooked this thread for so long? First of all: Subcribed. Secondly, 5 stars, thirdly...

Despite the ENTIRE dark elf model range being the biggest pile of poo ever to deface GW's glory you have done them fantastic justice. The green suits exceedingly well, those shades are awesome. But my faves are the executioners and the warriors. So dark and brooding, not your typical emo-elf look at all. I mean the warrior models are just cheese on toast but your painting makes them look like something Rackham would knock out.

Keep up the good work son!

22-08-2007, 10:45
Nice purple on the Executioners there, Sigur! :)

The red is good, very in keeping with Sigur Style™. What I would say, is that having it all down at the bottom of the model looks a bit unbalanced. It's the only bright colour, and you have most of it around the lower edges of the mail (with just a few small patches around the top). I'd try and work some more red (or maybe even some purple) into the top of the model somehow.

The Nurgle bloke, by contrast, is excellent but the antithesis of Sigur Style™. This is no bad thing - the subtle, natural shades look great (and very appropriate for Nurgle) and show you aren't just about bright reds and excellent purple. Good coffee pot.


So yeah. Good work. Especially on the purple. You paint purple very well. :)

22-08-2007, 13:27
Thanks guys for your comments guys! I just hope my ego-swollen head fits through the door now.:p

@Exo: Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it. I guess the idea of adding such a bright red was a combined efford of me not knowing what else to do, a certain fondness for highlighting red and this 4th/5th edition DE army book I got for next to nothing a week ago.

@Harry: After dremelling the blob to a shapeless bit of nothing, I replaced it with "plan B" (= a ball of GS cut in half) to be honest. I had to realize again that Dremels™ don't work too well on GS; it's just too soft and tends to get fuzzy. Adding those really thin "sausages" of GS annoyed me to no end again; I wonder how some people here on WS are able to do such great things with GS while I regress to the state of a 5-year old when being confronted with the stuff.

Thanks for the suggestion on the pus. Doesn't sound like a bad idea.

The base is from an IG heavy weapons team IIRC. Apart from the direction sign with the crow on top, the base will be wasteland. The client doesn't want any grass on the base but mushrooms. I might even go as far as putting the fella onto some kind of rocks plateau. He's not even glued to the base yet.

@Arhalien: Yayaya, differing opinions!:) As stated in the earlier post, my form of art is controversial. See me as the Marilyn Manson of the painting world (see the ego comment).:p

@Luke: Hello and thanks for subscribing. That's funny, the DE range is viewed as one of GW's best WHFB miniatures by most. Before I started playing them, I didn't like the Cold One Knights miniature too; they are a bit over the top with their overly funky helmets but with the time, I grew fond of them. Dark Elves are the very incarnation of cheesy villaindom. Let's just hope GW don't go even more rackhamish with the upcoming DE miniatures like with the new Wood Elves which I think are quite "meh". But the preview High Elves miniatures look quite GW-ish again. Oh anyway, thanks for your input.;)

@McMullet: Let's see....
™................................................. ................2
Mentionings of Sigur Style..................................2
Mentionings of how AWESOME the purple looks......2
Reacting to "coffee" with "*thumb*"....................7
Something actually meaningful............................check

-> GOOD POAST!!!!1

Seriously, your concerns about the unbalancedness are an interesting point. There are those cords on the draichs which are going to be painted red so this might work against the "heavy-buttom"-ness. Yeah, the Nurgle fella is looking quite different to what my stuff usually looks like but the miniature is very different to the kind of cheesy DE minis.

So thanks again and now I'll stop typing because I just stripped some metal Chaos miniatures and my fingers are hurting.

22-08-2007, 13:33
As all before me have said, amazing work Sigur! I really like the natural palette you're using on the Nurgle dude - that's some very nice blending and some of the most realistic metal work I've seen going! Outstanding - can't wait to see him progress.

As for the executioners, I'd agree with McMullet about it being perhaps a little off balance with the red/purple only in the bottome half of the minis. Perhaps you could incorporate some red filligree on the helmets or something - it would only need to be subtle but could make a quite surprising difference...

Anyway, I'm sure whatever you come up with will look excellent. Thanks for putting up some great work. :)


25-08-2007, 15:05
Heya, here's a minor update just because I have some spare minutes:


I never thought I'd be so pleased with this thing in the end. Whoops, I gotta go.;)

25-08-2007, 18:17
Sigur, dare I ask why? :p

25-08-2007, 18:47
Lucky you, I'm drunk and so I'll tell you:

Some friends of mine had arrived to celebrate my birthday. Go me!:p

25-08-2007, 19:09
Happy Birthday. (You prick!) :D

25-08-2007, 23:42
Happy Birthday Sigur! Nice Tea Pot of Doom you have there :) Any scones of Chaos to go with it?

26-08-2007, 10:41
Not sure if that explains it, but I'm not going to go any further :p

Happy Birthday btw :D

26-08-2007, 12:02
@ Sigur, nice work mate. What colours did you use for the Nurgle Lords armour?

26-08-2007, 14:34
Cheers guys!;)

@hastings: From an earlier post:

On the armour, I used a basecoat of Boltgun Metal (kept the recesses on the armour black), respectively boltgun metal drybrush on the chainmail parts which I gave a black wash later on. For the emblems (fly on the right shoulderplate, Nurgle logo on the breastplate), I used Vallejo Game Colour Brassy Brass (anything brassy/coppery will do). Then I gave the whole armour some heavy washes of different mixes of black/chocolate brown/reflective green. Make sure you get much wash into the "deeper recesses", like around the emblems, between plates of armour and around rivets. For finishing it, I did a few little highlights of Boltgun metal on most exposed parts like rivets and the edges of the emblems. The scythe, which isn't really finished yet, got a few sprinkles of rust (hull red) too and apart from that, the same treatment as the rest of the metallic parts.

edit: Because I'm too lazy to paint right now and want to brag, here's what I got for bday from three friends of mine:


It's some kind of....miniature....presentation...thing. But it looks cool, the discs (which are made of slate) are rotateable. Oh, and the guys made it themselves. :cool:

29-08-2007, 19:09
I love all these recent models Sigur. :) I'm glad that the TOFP has got so many people active on these forums!

Now onto the constructive critique.

The Executioners and the Nurgle chappy are all beautifully painted, but my problem with these (sorry!) is not with the technique but the overall feel. My problem, I think, is that these models lack a certain focal point on the model. The Nurgle chap is awsome, and obviously not finished, but needs a point on which the eyes settle on. The coffee pot would be great here, especially if it has a contrasting colour scheme, although this may make the model look silly. The Executioners are alot easier - if their eyes were brighter, they wouldn't just be beautifully painted, they would be fantastic to look at.

Now I'll go and finish up my Dwarf cannon crew for this month's TOFP. :)

- Huw

30-08-2007, 05:04
Thanks for your constructive critique, Huw.

The Nurgle guy's coffeepot will indeed look quite different from the rest of the miniature; white with a blue floral pattern any maybe some blue rims so it will most probably look a bit silly but that's what the client wants.:)

Interesting point on the Executioners; I'll try to make the eyes jump out a bit more. The thing is that it's a pain to paint them. These full helmets with the chainmail leave even less space to paint the eyes than the Cold One Knights's helmets but I'll see what I can do. Today I had an idea how to make the "unbalance" a bit less strong; let's see how this turns out.

06-09-2007, 16:21
Attention, shameless double-posting again!

A few days late for the Tale of X Gamers, the second unit for August's work is done - Execuioners of Har Ganeth:


The lighting seems to have swallowed the highlights/shading on the metallics a bit so imagine them to be a bit better in real-life.;) This unit wasn't that much of a blast to paint to be honest. Too much armour, too little faces, cloth and such. But anyway, the unit is ready for the tabletop (eventhough they will hardly see a real game), apart from the snow that will be added, no doubt.:p

Anyway, that's it. Next thing on my list is Rakarth. I decided not to convert him.

06-09-2007, 16:24
Awesome. Awesome..to the max! I love em, the red detailing really does set them apart from regular dark elves.

06-09-2007, 18:15
Thanks Luke. I'm using the usual scheme and then add seemingly random colours, that's what I'm going for.;)

13-09-2007, 17:13

Alright, it's been some time since I posted the Executioners. This isn't a real update, just a bit of "I'm/The project is not dead yet".

For the next two months I'll paint Rakarth, the uber-beastmaster. As usual, I'm using slightly different colours. Not quite sure on the whole colour scheme so I'm asking you for your opinions and suggestions.




So this is the current state of the fella. What do you think of the colour scheme? Currently, I'm thinking of what colour I should use on the rims of the back of his seat. Silvery metal looks all nice but it would most likely require me to paint the whole back of the seat in metallics and I definately wouldn't fancy that so I thought of going for black. Also, this plate with the grinning grimace on top of the seat...the original painting scheme sais gold but I want to avoid too much gold. And what about this huge, pointy thing on his helmet? Should I go for gold, the green I used on the other spikes or maybe silver?

I'm thankful for every helpful comment.;)

13-09-2007, 17:21
For the top of the helmet the green-y colour could look good. Not sure about the back of the seat though.
Not too keen on the purple glove linings though I have to say.

13-09-2007, 18:20
Nice Sigur! You almost make me want to start an army of those traitorous dark elves

16-09-2007, 21:06
Thanks for the input, Arhalien, the green helmet-top-thingy really turned out looking good. Apart from that green thing, I have to admit that I didn't do much on Mr.Rakarth because I spend lots of time doing bases this weekend. After finishing the bases, I thought it's finally time for a few army shots:





[to be continued due to image limit]

16-09-2007, 21:28

This is my army so far. While taking the pictures, I decided that I finally need a theme, a general (who, as we know, is WIP at the moment) and a name. A funny coincidence happened while I took the photos....the tv was running and while I was sitting there, admiring my army, some uncheery fellow held a speech to Alexander the Great (Colin Farell) about him being nothing but a useless boy without his army.:p

Anyway, as you can see, I didn't have the time to do proper bases for the Corsairs which is a thing that has highest priority on my to-do list, as well as getting some proper banners on those poles. The Bolt Throwers will also get some nice(r) bases. I think I still have a few of those big, round bases that come with the IG heavy weapons boxes.

I admit, the whole thing looks a bit cluttered but I don't have a gaming table apart from that goblin green-coloured grass mat by GW which wouldn't have fit at all so I decided to put them onto those casing parts of my PC. Maybe I'll even do some kind of army presentation showcases...what were they called again?

So far, I'm pleased with my army. There are lots of weak spots in the painting, especially on the miniatures I painted earlier but that's a sign of progress so it's okay.

So let's have a look at my army:

Rakarth/Highborn on Black Dragon - currently WIP
Noble on Black Pegasus - primed
Noble on Cold One - not even assembled or converted
Noble on Cold One with Great Weapon - 70% done
Noble on Foot/Chariot/Executioners Champ - 20% done

Sorceress on Foot - done
Sorceress on Foot - done
Assassin - primed

5 Dark Riders - done
5 Dark Riders - primed
20 Warriors with Spears and Shields - done
12 Warriors with Crossbows - done
15 Corsairs - need a few minor touch-ups and proper bases

5 Cold One Knights - done
5 Cold One Knights - primed
Cold One Chariot - done
Cold One Chariot - still in box [yes, I bought a new box o'stuff]
6 Shades - done
6 Harpies - primed
10 Executioners - done [standard bearer, musician primed]

10 to 15 Black Guard - primed
Reaper Bolt Thrower - done, needs proper base
Reaper Bolt Thrower - done, needs proper base
Cauldron of Blood - not even converted/assembled yet

Aargh, still so much left to do. Anyway, I started painting this army in early April if I remember correctly so this is about half a year of work, eventhough I had the Corsairs almost finished and the Warriors half-finished then I think. Whatever, I hope you like the army so far.

Oh, and here are two new pictures of Rakarth by the way:


So that's it for this update, I hope you like the pictures. Looking forward to your comments. Happy sunday night!

edit: As always, there are more pictures to be seen in my photobucket account.

16-09-2007, 21:47
Nice to see any army shot of youre army sigur. And I definetely can't wait to see Rakarth finished. The snow bases look awsome as well, mind if I asked how you did them?

16-09-2007, 22:00
Cheers Dino! There's one thing about Rakarth I forgot to mention: I got myself some Foundation paints - Mechrite Red and Gretchin Green. Those colours cover really, really well; it's pretty amazing. Yet, I'm not sure if the asset is that big since you get some kind of base colour you need to shade and highlight. I'm used to starting with a rather dark colour and then working myself up to the highlights.

Anyway, you don't want to hear all this. How I did the snow? I got myself some bicarbonate and did it pretty much exactly as in the tutorials on Coolminiornot. Mix PVA glue, bicarbonate, a few drops of water and some White paint, apply the stuff to base, cover the mix in bicarbonate and that's it. The less water you have in the mix, the more "fluffy" the snow will look and the less will the mix shrink while curing. The only problem I encountered is that bicarbonate powder gets in places you don't want it to be and it's a bit annoying to get rid of it on textured bases. I'm pretty sure you also should varnish the stuff since otherwise it will spread bicarbonate powder forever.;)

16-09-2007, 22:04
Absolutley gorgeous work Sigur, the rich purplke really ties everything together and the nice golds set everything off well. I'll admit I was a little skeptical when I first saw some of your colour schemes but you're pulling it all together really well, excellent stuff.

Rakarth is looking nice too, the red and the green compliment each other nicely :)

17-09-2007, 01:32
Very inspiring sigur!!! The army is going along fantastically well! Strong color scheme, crisp paint job, and interesting models makes this a real STAND OUT!

Great job!

17-09-2007, 01:55
Well now knowing how to make the snow, but is their a way to store it and how do you apply it?

17-09-2007, 11:35
@Saulot: thanks mate! ;)

@Dino: I store the bicarbonate (that's a funky term for baking soda by the way) in a glass with a screw-top (I think it once contained dip sauce for tortilla chips). As long as it doesn't get wet, you can store it pretty much whereever you like. Storing the PVA-bicarbonate-etc.-mix is a bit of a toughie....Unless you have an air-tight container I'd say it's impossible and even if, it isn't really worth it because the stuff is quite cheap, you don't need it that often and the bicarbonate has the habit of sinking to the ground if you don't stir in the mix for more than 30minutes something.

For applying the stuff, I used my trusted cutter knife extra blade I also use for applying PVA glue or other stuff to bases. You can use any flat, scoop-like thing of course. Or toothpicks. Whatever you can get your hands on.;) Try it out, it's really not hard to handle, cheap and leads to nice effects.

19-09-2007, 09:12
I wish i had your determination!

29-10-2007, 13:34
Speaking of determination (*coughcough*), here's a little update. Pictures first, text later:



After a busy second half of September, a busy October and a few distractions (pieces of evidence A (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/Orks/testgoff4.jpg), B (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/my%20IG%20armies/baneblade2.jpg) and C (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/my%20IG%20armies/valhallansquad15.jpg)), good old Rakarth is finished now and the dragon is reassembled after a lamp fell onto it and the joints got loose.

As mentioned above, the whole miniature will be 400-500pts in the end which suffices for two months worth of submissions for the Tale of Manymany Fantasy Painters project. The only thing I have to do is finishing the big beastie within the next few days. So I'll go and fill some gaps on the dragon now. As always, I'll be very pleased about comments, critique and replies in general. Seeya later!

29-10-2007, 15:15
I was going to suggest a neutral colour might look better on the boots than purple, but then I remembered what your style of painting was Sigur ;)
Put simply, very nice work :)
Will the dragon be painted in the same way as the cold-ones?

29-10-2007, 16:07
Thanks Arhalien. Probably brown boots and gloves would have looked better for the overall look indeed but can you see how AWESOME the yellow-red brims contrast the purple?;)

"I'm the dandy Dark Elves Lord who you're too scared to mention
I spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention." -> Yeah. Something like that.

The dragon won't look like the Cold Ones at all. It's a black dragon after all, so I'll at least try to keep a bit of black on him. The wings will be dark purple, the horns and stingy things on the back probably will be the usual bone/claw scheme. Not sure about the belly yet.

30-10-2007, 00:55
Very, very impressive sigur! Very bold on your part to stick with your palette, and it's really paying off! Rakarth looks very much like the army is built around him! Well done! :cool:

01-11-2007, 00:44
Welcome back, Saulot. Long time no see.;) Thanks for your comment. It sounds a bit like "I do NOT agree with your choice of colours" but positive in the main part. As I said above, maybe a bit less colour would have been better on rakarth but....well. For a little part, the purple boots and gloves were laziness. I had the receipt for purple in my head and the pots were open already...

Anyway, Happy Halloween, by the way. I'm quite sick, on antibiotics and that's why I'm still highlighting every scale on that dragon instead of getting out of the house and drunk. Here's a picture of what he looks like at the moment so you guys get an idea of what he'll most probably look like in the end:


As always, the digicam swallowed quite a lot of the highlights. In reality, the scales don't look like they are just coated in grey.:p The fangs, horns, beak, claws and other spiky bits will most probably painted with the classic GW formula (= bone colour). Do you think it should rather be black highlighted up to red maybe? The belly of the beast (watch out, catchphrase!) will most probably stay black, with minimal highlighting.

That's it for this minor update. Let's see how long it takes until I got it finished.

edit: tiny update, all the scales are highlighted now.

Crazy Harborc
01-11-2007, 01:25
Sorry you are ill. I LIKE THAT dragon!!! It looks darn good to me. Maybe, you should not get well....stay sick....paint more dragons;)

01-11-2007, 02:57
Very nice ! Good painting as allways, you know i look at that dragon and can allready feel myself getting nostalgic about "old models" with the advent of the new Helf drag that is. Get better soon.

01-11-2007, 03:21
Cheers, Crazy Harborc and Auronthaw!

The purple skin on his "ears" is done now too, as well as the teeth:



I'm still not decided on the horns yet. Technique-wise especially. Does anyone of you have a good technique for painting those rippled horns?

01-11-2007, 03:42
Nice to see that youre back with a vengeance(or dragon if yo brefer).

The horns id saw do a half way point from how you did the dragons skin and the dragons scales(does that make sense:confused:) As for technique unfortunetly youre on youre own on that one but might I suggest kind of how you did the beasts teeth with some variation.

01-11-2007, 04:08
why not use sililar colors as you did the teeth for the horns?

01-11-2007, 16:42
After quite a lot of requests and threats, I'm convinced to use the same scheme on the horns as I did on the teeth.;)

(does that make sense) To me, as a foreign devil, no.:)

That's the current state of things:

01-11-2007, 17:13
Welcome back, Saulot. Long time no see.;) Thanks for your comment. It sounds a bit like "I do NOT agree with your choice of colours" but positive in the main part.

It IS 100% positive! hehe

I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that you are, indeed, using a very wide color palette-- thusly running a very high chance of ending up with a cluttered army. HOWEVER, you have managed to come up with a very cohesive and visually striking force, without sacrificing any of the main colors that you wanted to feature.

Quite impressive, the way you were able to pull it off. ;)

ps. the dragon is scary! :eek: Great job!

Crazy Harborc
01-11-2007, 20:37
Sigur......IMHO, it's a great idea to paint the horns as the teeth were done. I admit it....I'm lazy, I would leave the horns as they are OR give them a wash.

01-11-2007, 21:21
Sorry if I offended you man it's just some times i've tried to explain things and nobodys understood what I was trying to explain.

But any way the dragon is coming along nicely.

01-11-2007, 21:47
@Crazy Harborc: Wow, for the first time in ages, I don't feel like a lazy person.

@Dino: No offense taken, buddy. I just couldn't comprehend the sentence.;)

Here's here's the current state of the mini. Cookies for everyone who spots the difference since the last mini-update:


Considering how long it took me for this step, I feel lazy again.

01-11-2007, 22:14
erm, you;ve finished the horns on the head by adding another highlight? :confused: THat's about all I can see ;)

Crazy Harborc
02-11-2007, 02:27
My main love is the gaming itself. Whenever I have tried to paint like the pros, I start feeling like the painting is work.:( I paint to relax and to get the models covered with paint.

02-11-2007, 02:29
Good to know. And now that I see this I'm actually kind of glade you didn't go for my idea cause what youre doing is better.;)

02-11-2007, 16:10
nice one, I love the purple wings...

02-11-2007, 17:47
@Arhalien: No cookies for you, Mister. It's the spikes on the back!;)

@Crazy Harborc: When I'm actively painting, as I'm doing now, I like to pretend that it's work. That way, I feel a bit less like a parasitic slacker sometimes. Until I ask myself why I'm doing all this.:p

@Dino: Thanks. I'm also glad how the spikes on the back turned out.

@cyrus: Cheers, mate. I had a look at your log too and it looks very interesting. Can't wait to see how you're doing the Black Guard miniatures.

02-11-2007, 22:06
what colours do you use when painting purple? I really like the purple on the shades...

02-11-2007, 23:01
@cyrus: All I use is thin layers of Liche Purple and mixes of Liche Purple/Black and Liche Purple/Bleached Bone or White. When I started painting Dark Elves, I used mixes of Liche Purple and Warlock Purple for highlighting but soon I realized that Warlock Purple makes the colour look very artificial and "aggressive" so I stay away from it now.

Alright-o, the dragon is finished and so is Rakarth.




The highlights could be stronger all around, the winded horns on the head could look sharper (= stronger highlights, deeper shading), the purple parts of the wings could be highlighted stronger too and the highlights around the slits on them could be neater but who cares. The bigger problem is that The guy I bought off the miniature one and a half years ago or so didn't have the base that came with the miniature and the dragon is a bit front-heavy so I'll have to come up with a base as soon as possible. Now I also regret not having converted the legs a bit to make it look a bit more dynamic like as if taking off a huge rock with one leg in the air already and one leg standing on the cliff or something like that. It's always the same: A miniature is never finished; there's always stuff I could do to improve it but I'm three days behind the schedule, the miniature looks nice enough as it is I guess and I hope you like it.

I'll post pictures of the dragon with Rakarth as soon as the superglue on the pin is dried and some GS to keep the pin in place is a bit cured.

03-11-2007, 01:27
Alright, the curing has been done, Rakarth is pinned.




And here's a little picture of how much I've painted in the TOFP project so far:

In total, I have about 2180pts of Dark Elves painted. Not bad, I'd say. For the next month, I will paint sic Harpies and a Noble on Dark Pegasus. About time I finally paint this one.

03-11-2007, 02:29
Looking good Sigur! I absolutely love the dragon's wings. Great work!

03-11-2007, 05:44
those horns look really good man, and the army together is looking pretty fine too

Crazy Harborc
03-11-2007, 20:12
The dragon AND his cohorts in Dark Elfdomness:D dooo look very good.

I must admit a little disappointment however. As I just looked at the dragons horns....again.....I realized just how great those horns could look.....IF only they were painted with red and white alternating stripes.

And...and...and for the coming holiday season....perhaps a red nose..No, no, no.....make that a shiney silver christmas tree with flashing lights:D

I leave now.:angel:

03-11-2007, 20:51
I leave now.:angel:

:mad: You better... and watch out for those Valhallan snipers.


04-11-2007, 19:27
Right-o, here's what I'll be painting in November. A "Hunter" Noble with interchangable mount. He is equipped with heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, lance and (enchanted) shield; maybe the Seal of Ghrond too. I did quite a lot of pondering on how the miniature should look like. Originally, I had planned to use the 5th edition DE general miniature for this one but I had to find out that he wouldn't fit onto the Pegasus any more after I added a bit of chainmail barding and a saddle a long time ago so I went for a Cold One Knights champion (the one with the dragon on his left hand; I have three of those and don't have much use for the miniaute. To make him look at least a bit different, I exchanged the tip of the lance with the tip of the Manticore-mounted beastmaster's spear and added Malus Darkblade's sea dragon cloak. I also experimented with a pole with heads of slain enemies on his back but it would have made the miniature look too cluttered. Not sure which shield I'll aso add later; probably some very old, round shield to represent the enchanted shield. For now, he'll be mounted on a Dark Pegasus so I get this monster painted for once. The base is just temporary.


And a unit of six wonderfully out of focus Harpies. I hope you like the details on the cork.:p


November will be a busy month, so I hope I will be able to finish these in time.

10-11-2007, 19:05
Here's the first update for November. Pretty late, considering it's the 10th already.


Indeed, it doesn't look like much compared to the first picture I posted. The purple on the wings is as good as finished. Maybe a few more final highlights. I always highlight too little, not daring to go from almost black to almost white.

Hunter Noble™:


As a quick idea, I want this guy to be green. And I wanted to try the technique most of us first encountered when GW released Asrubael Vect. The 'Eavy Metal guys painted a marble-like texture on his Raider or Wyvern (are these called Raiders and Wyvern in english?) and I tried to recreate this on the green parts of this Noble's armour. What do you think of it so far? I think I'll panit the pattern even brighter in some spots but in the pictures you can see the general idea behind this guy's armour. Since it's a standard unit champion miniature, he should look a bit different in the painting scheme at least. The sea dragon cloak will be painted as the others in my army, the drake on his left arm probably will be painted as Rakarth's black dragon (Black with purple wings). I might add some red or gold; at the moment the miniature lacks another colour I think.

Alright, that's it for today, keep checking this thread for further updates.;) Comments, suggestions (especially on how to paint the skin of the Harpies) and critique are welcome as always.

11-11-2007, 11:26
You've done a really wonderful job Sigur. This is the first I've seen of your Dark Elves. Though, won't it sting a bit when right after you finish painting them up the new army book comes out? Are you planning on updating your miniatures at all when this happens? Not that they need updating in the slightest, speaking from a painting perspective that is. I just know how I am and I never can withstand the temptation to replace older models for current ones. :( I'm weak I know, it's why GW loves people like me.


11-11-2007, 12:46
Thanks for your comment.;) And it stings horrendously indeed, especially since I saw the pictures of the new Cold One and presumably, the whole rest of the miniatures range will be amazing too. On top of that all, the miniatures I'm now painting are mostly 6th edition ones, so I don't even get the "real old miniatures"-bonus.:( Not sure how long I will be in the hobby any more (yeah, sure. :rolleyes: ) but it's too early to say wether or not I will get many new miniatures (yeah, sure.:rolleyes: I'm just as weak and possibly weaker than the average GW customer).

At least I learned one thing: It's better to start an army which has it's army book released no more than a year ago, even if it's almost bandwagon-jumping.

Little update, by the way: The pet dragon and the pennant on the lance look good in red.

edit: I just noticed a terrible thing - The marble pattern on the legs is opposite (top right to bottom left) to the pattern on the rest of the body (top left to bottom right). D'oh.

12-11-2007, 23:42
Hurhur, another update. Painting this Noble is more fun than layering all this black on the Pegasus or painting a regular unit of Harpies of course so he's proceeding well:





As you can see, the little pet dragon is very red. Maybe a bit too red so he distracts from the Noble himself - you decide. I just enjoy painting red. It just seems to work so well. ;o) In fact, it went so well that I decided to paint the rims of the GS'ed barding on the Pegasus red too. I'm quite happy how it turned out; the guy looks quite menancing now. Following Harry's advice from the TOFP thread, I made the marble pattern a bit brighter overall and even painted the blade of the "lance" that way. The shield (http://www.solegends.com/marauder/marshields.htm) (Dark Elves shields sprue; the one in the lower right, with the lion's head) is primed now too.

Looking forward to your comments and critique. I'm interested if you think that I've overdone it with the reds on this one.

edit: Yes, I'll fix those bleached bone spots on the back of the dragon. Silly me, messing this one up.
edit2: Oh, and there are a few more pictures in my photobucket folder.

13-11-2007, 08:11
A good and clean paintjob you have done here.

What I like, the marble looks good. you use diffrent colours to devide the diffrent areas which result in a more detailed miniature.
I converted your miniature not only ny using diffrent bitz also ny some sculpturing work.
Most important thing to me, you paint a dark elf ;)

What I dislike ist the colour schema in itself. Iīm not a fan of schemas which base on complementary contrasting colours in an area percentage of 50:50. Contrast is important, but you should use it wise to devide diffrent areas. The complementary contrast is one of the most standing out contrasts besides warm / cold and is often painte it saturated colours, so these areas stand out of the background. Using this effects on many ares the eye hasnīt a fixing point and your miniature is looking chaotic without an eyecatcher. Next critic point in terms of colour choice is that you use to many colours, here red, green and violett as main colours. This effects leeds also to a not harmonic miniature without a fix point.

Some general tips concerning choice of colours

work with less colours (limited palete)

light colours stand out, dark colours stand back
saturated colours stand out, unsatuated colours stand back
Use light colours for the most important part of your miniature
Use saturated colours on small details so that these stand out
Use unsaturated colours on large ares to stand back

Some Tips for better your painting

From technical side you should try to get a more contrasting blending. There are less highlights and shadows and your colour look to constant.

hard critic I know, but you ask for it and I think your paintjob is good enough to climb the next level ;)
If you have further questions, donīt be afraid to ask.

Happy painting

13-11-2007, 09:28
Many thanks for your reply, GeOrc. I'm honored to get feedback from a celebrity of the druchii realm.;) Thanks for your critique too. Sadly, I don't have much time to reply now; once I get home, I will have a closer look at the miniature and see how I can improve my painting.

I see what you're referring to in terms of my choice of colour. Many times I decided to learn a bit about colour theory but then again got bored and ditched it. It happens quite often that I'm unsure about colour schemes and the use of single colours within them.

The highlighting thing...yes, you're right. I think the root of the problem is that I fear the messy close-up looks of miniatures if I highlight/shade stronger.

13-11-2007, 10:10
The marble armour looks excellent. :) The texture really comes out well and makes the whole model look majickal and shimmery.

The red barding is very... you. Pure SigurStyle™. :D

GeOrc is right about your colour choices, but then we've all been telling you this for ages. :p You seem to like these bright colours and, whilst it doesn't fit with classical colour theory or the modern muted/realistic style of painting, it does have a wonderful retro appeal. :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention - the red dragon looks a bit flat - I think it might improve with either more contrast or a second colour.

13-11-2007, 10:50
That Hunter Noble is stunning I love the cloak and the armour.

14-11-2007, 08:40
Here an example of a less coloured dark elf miniature which is very good for explaining colour theory:


The miniature has three main colous:
purple, brown, grey

these colours consist of two coloured colours: purple and brown
and one uncoloured colour: grey

purple is neutral and brown based on red and directs the miniature in a neutral / warm position on the colour circle.

This is the principle of a limited palette using three colours, two coloured and one uncoloured. Using two colours near each other will garanty that the result will be harmonic. Avoid choosing colours opposit to each other like green and red.

Further you find minor colours, green, red, etc.

The eyecatcher of the witch elf is the skin. This is important, because itīs a female and has a lot of female attributes which are worth showing ;) Thatīs why the skin is vey light and consist of greyish colours based on bleached bone because these grey are warmer then the neutral ones with normal greys.
All other things around the skin are in darker colours so that these create the background in that the skin stand out because of itīs light colour.

I used massively the dark-light contrast on this miniature to seperate connected areas. Also the colourde-uncoloured contrast is an important tool to seperate ares and to enlarge the "detail-depth" of your miniature. light dark you always find on the transistion skin - surounding and coloured - uncoloured (gold-silver) you will find always on armour parts. Further I used complementary contrast for emportant details like the colours in the face. The eyeshadow is magenta (warlock purple) and the eyecolour is green both colours are the opposite on the colour circle and are a complementary contrast to each other. The result is that both colours bite each other and stand out. Rememeber on small areas itīs imporant to work with saturated colours!

I hope you enjoyed this small excursion into colour theory and how it is represented on a miniature.

Regards GeOrc

15-11-2007, 20:14
GeOrc is right about your colour choices, but then we've all been telling you this for ages. :p ...

Don't make me look like the retarded kid who keeps on showing up with his underpants on the head in class each morning.:p

The highlights on the dragon are stronger now by the way. I think it improved and looked really cool now.

@GeOrc: Thanks for the little more in-depth advice. I'll heed the words of wisdom about colour theory on my next project (not sure if I can resist the urge to use ALL BRIGHT colours if it's a fantasy army though.;)).

17-11-2007, 20:12
Well, I painted ...something. A bit of it at least. And the photos swallowed the highlighting. In real-life, it's stronger, I swear!:cries:



You see, I'm pleased with what I have done on this miniature so far but how satisfying is it when the pictures I make turn up to look ****** like this? Sheesh....

17-11-2007, 21:48
Dont worry it happens to the best of us, cool mini by the way.

17-11-2007, 22:23
You haven't placed enough emphasis on his bum! Sorry, harsh words I know, but it had to be said.

18-11-2007, 14:22
You haven't placed enough emphasis on his bum!

Amen to that. Needz moar bumz.

The red on the armour looks cracking. What do you think of doing the rivets in plain metal though? I love the contrast that gives over red parts.

02-12-2007, 23:00
Thanks for the comments viol*coughcoughcough*a and Herr Doktor von die McMullet.

Since reading your posts, I got myself to spend some more time on this Chaos dude's bum and it was well worth it.:p
*waits for the laughter about this cunning innuendo to fade*

Just for fun, I used this weird Lukas Acryl Silver Bronze metallic paint to hightlight the chainmail. The "metallic chips" in this one are much bigger than on your usual metallic paint so it looks quite a bit shinier on textured surfaces. Maybe I'll post pictures of this later but it hasn't changed much so I decided not to post pictures at this point.

Much more importantly, November's over so I better get my lazy "**** in gear", as they say in painting logs, to get my Tale of Fantasy painters stuff done for this month. It's always the same with me and this project: dashing ahead in the first week, taking a 2-3 weeks hiatus due to real-life obligations, laziness and general lack of motivation and then one week of excessive painting. But this time, it's even more harsh than usual. Late October, November and December are quite busy months at the college I'm going to and I'll be graduating in the upcoming semester so there's also stuff to do for the diploma project already. Another thing that distracted me from painting is that I've been playing a bit more dota than I did the month before. :-P

Until two days ago, the harpies were in no way finished, same with the Pegasus (which is more or less still just primed with a bit on the wings painted.

So, within the past two days, I did some more work on the Harpies with the goal of finishing them as fast as possible. So the paintjob is a bit sloppy but they better get finished fast and then I'll focus on the pegasus so I don't have to pull a joker for this month.




The brown/beige parts of the skin are done now; maybe I'll add some wash and a brighter layer if I have the time. The black on the legs is almost done too; just some more finishing highlights on the more textured parts. Then all there's left to do are the claws, eyes and some more details as well as the hair and these small scales. Some time between all this, I'll have to do the bases; at least paint and drybrush the rocks on the bases. It's the first time I'm using cork to make rocks so let's see how it turns out.

I'm sure the tons of comments will fuel my motivation to finish it all in time so fire away. :O

02-12-2007, 23:07
Wow, nice harpies, never really liked the minatures before, but those look quite awesome. Good god man, you've almost inspired me to actually paint!

chapter master brutus
03-12-2007, 12:11
i like the paint scheme on the harpies it doesnt look too demented and evil it really appeals to me (to me maybe not to everyone else) they still look cool though keep up the work :)

04-12-2007, 00:01
Alright guys, the harpies are finished:



...almost. I still need to shade/highlight the tiny metallic bitz a little but I'll do that tomorrow. I also cut some bristles off an old brush to make brown, high grass but this will have to wait until the whole army is finished; then I'll add it to the bases (read: never).

Thanks for the comments, violenceha and chapter master brutus. I have no idea why you don't like the 6th edition harpies, violenceha (get your lazy butt up and paint, by the way ;) ). Compared to the 5th edition ones, these are pure gold. More harpieness, less demonic ugliness. Oh, that reminds me of the swarm's leader, ***** the Harpie (the left in the front row). After getting killed in one game, she fell off the table and landed on the worst possible place: with her face on the stone floot. So she lost her nose and her hair has a severe cut but this makes her even more furious and savage-looking.

Anyway, tomorrow, I'll start serious work on this Pegasus. I'm not planning to use a precious joker on November.

Comments and critique are highly appreciated as always. Seeya tomorrow and good night!

04-12-2007, 01:59
harpies look sweet

07-12-2007, 17:04
hey-heeey! The stuff for November is finished to an extent it suffices for Tale of Fantasy Painters, yay! Just two days ago, I thought I might have to pull a joker. Currently, I'm recharging my cam's batteries so pictures will be up in a few hours.

Now, without a pause, on to December. My current plan: 12 RxB elves and the command minis for the Executioners. I think this would come in at 151+about 60 points in total. Problem is, I have to order another Executioners sword-blade at GW; not sure how long it takes until I'll get this one. The alternative would be a Cauldron of Blood or another chariot and five dark riders. which I would have to convert first. Anyway, see you again when the pictures are done.

08-12-2007, 00:40
Alright, pictures are up now.

Hunter Noble on Pegasus:

Again, those harpies:

And two pictures of what my army looks like at the moment:


There's also a unit of 16 Corsairs and 2 RBT painted up but they don#t have proper bases yet so I didn't include them at this point. Suuuure, the dragon also still has to rely on his old Valhallan friend to stand upright, but he makes such a nice centerpiece. ;o)

The dark elves warriors with repeating crossbows are assembled and primed now; tomorrow I will order the draich-blade. Let's see how long this will take.

As always, comments and critique are highly welcome; it's what keeps me painting.

08-12-2007, 00:50
Those white sheets are suspiciously clean!
Pegasus looks awesome. Army looks awesome.

Crazy Harborc
08-12-2007, 03:23
Great looking DEs.......Now, IF they only can get a decent Armybook. Oh, maybe by March...yeah rrriiight!!

13-12-2007, 14:08
Really loving the skin-tones on the Harpies Sigur... any chance of finding out the recipe for it?

fantastic job :)

14-12-2007, 09:43
Well done Sigur, you crazy Squirrel.

14-12-2007, 12:32
Just subscribed Sigur.
Love the harpies - very Van Helsing -esque


14-12-2007, 16:26
Looks really good. really like your painting... what can we expect after this?

14-12-2007, 20:46
Yay, replies! *does a little dance*

@armos: Why of course, good Sir. here we go:

.) Primed black

.) VMD Chocolat brown (This somehow became quite an important one in my palette; I'm using it, sometimes mixed, sometimes not, as a base for everything brown)

.) VMD German Camouflage Medium Brown (Is there a colour with a longer name?)

.) Now the layering starts (lotsa very thin layers): Graveyard Earth mixed with VMD German Camouflage Medium Brown(maybe another layer with more Graveyard Earth mixed in), pure Graveyard Earth, Graveyard Earth mixed with Kommando Khaki, pure Kommando Khaki, Highlights with a mix of Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone. Finishing highlights on the most exposed parts with pure Bleached Bone.

The black parts of the skin were painted pretty simple: Chaos Black, Highlighting layers using a mix of Chaos Black, Codex Grey and Skull White.

The purple parts on the wings are painted as usual, maybe a tad darker though (again, many thin layers):
.) Mix of Black and Liche Purple
.) Liche Purple
.) Liche Purple and Bleached Bone
.) the same mix again, but with a bit more bleached bone for highlighting

@Erestor: Thanks, you crazy ...what are you after all? You're from Australia so I guess you're a wombat.;)

@daemonkin: I'll take that as a compliment this time.:p Thanks.

@grhino: Currently, I'm painting another 12 Crossbow Elves and later this month, the Executioners will get their command (champion, musician, standard bearer) as a gift for christmas. I also seem to have a good few painting commissions for the next months if everything turns out well (I really hope so because I need the money).

I will post a few WIP pictures of the crossbow elves later this weekend so new pixplz are on their way.;)

15-12-2007, 02:36
My wife tells me I drive like a wombat!

It's also something I used to be when younger, it's a slang term for ...you know.... Adult concepts

Wombat - eats, roots and leaves...

Not any more. :angel:

Colour theory issues aside, this is a stunning army.

15-12-2007, 02:55
Yeah, I decided to handle it the same way certain loons people handle the evolutional theory. So hear my official statement on this issue: The flying spaghetti monster told me that my colours looked okay so colour theory has no significance whatsoever.

15-12-2007, 07:26
Works for me.

Evolution is clearly bunk. As if we ever get better at anything.... Huh!

15-12-2007, 09:17
Yeah, I decided to handle it the same way certain loons people handle the evolutional theory. So hear my official statement on this issue: The flying spaghetti monster told me that my colours looked okay so colour theory has no significance whatsoever.

Is ickle Sigur Squirrel the tiniest bit tipsy? :p

15-12-2007, 10:44
AAAAAYE will show you tipshy, orang-utan-woodelvesh boy! *swings tiny fists*:p

On a serious note, the RxB Warriors are coming along quite well. The proceedings have nothing to do with the schedule I set up earlier this week but anyways...pictures will follow later.

21-12-2007, 22:33
Hey guys! The last tests before christmas are over and I finally have time to paint and therefore update again.

Today, the first batch of Warmaster stuff arrived; three Goblin chariots, six stands of Bretonnian Men at Arms, six stands of Bretonnian peasants, a blister of Boar Boys and a giant. Pretty mixed stuff; the guy I'm painting it for first wanted to see how I paint stuff or something. Anyway, this is the first time I'm holding Warmaster miniatures in my hands and the detail on those miniatures is pretty amazing. And of course they are more tempting to paint than WHFB DE at the moment.

Here are some pictures for you. Starting with the currently WIP Dark Elves (the shields are also about done; they still need to be highlighted though):



This dude is a conversion I made when assembling the DElves; he's some kind of mascot of the unit, inplying the dark elf just scored a hit on something (reminiscent to the fact that usually one elf in all of my shooty units actually kills something before the unit gets slaughtered in a terrible fashion). I hadn't planned this. Working with plastic miniatures - which I rarely get my hands on these days - somewhat lured me into converting. I more or less had to chop up and reposition two arms plus resculpting the index finger and thumb.

And now for the Warmaster stuff - I started with the Men at Arms. Must be around a decade since I last painted a Bretonnian miniature.



As I said - nice miniatures; a bit less over-the-top funky and more 5th-edition-like than the current Men at Arms miniatures for WHFB. They don't look too spectacular at the moment because I haven't added the army's signature colours at this point (because I don't know them yet). If the paint pots you can see in the pictures aren't enough for you, I did a size comparison shot for those who don't know how tiny these fellas are. It can be found here (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/Warmaster/sizecomparison1.jpg).

Expect some more Warmaster stuff in here within the next weeks and months and just in case we don't meet again within the next few days - happy holidays, merry christmas and a happy new year, noble people of Warseer!

21-12-2007, 23:53
You got some mad paint skills going on! Very nice stuff!

Little Aaad
22-12-2007, 19:34
HI! *subscribes*

Can you do me a favour? Please can you make a Hydra I want to see how you would do it and it will make a fine addition to your collection!

22-12-2007, 21:21
Warmaster, how quaint.

Merry Christmas to you and yours Sigur.

Look forward to more updates later.

23-12-2007, 17:37
@Skrekkugle: Thanks mate.

@Little Aaad: Sure, no problem if you don't mind sending me a Hydra. ;o) Maybe I'll get one since it will take a bit longer until the new DE armybook will be released than I assumed and I'm running out of druchii stuff to paint. I also like the beastmaster with the ponytail and the whip. Let's see. Until then, I suggest having a look at Harry's Hydra he painted for the Tale of Fantasy Painters. (either in one of the TOFP threads or Harry's very own painting log) It's an older miniature but looks very cool.

@Erestor: Thanks, have nice holidays too. My father, my sister and me just finished decorating the tree. An extra cookie for you for using the word "quaint". It's a good word. Very ....delicate.

I sent the commissioner guy the WIP pictures I posted with the last update. He's very pleased and gave me green lights on using any colours I like on the Orcs and basically everything, yay! So I was able to finish the Men at Arms:



Here's a first shot of the (still very WIP) boar riders:

Not much to see yet, I'm mainly posting this for you to see somd different WM miniatures as this isn't a system which too many people play. I hope I can keep up the pace like that through the holidays so I get as much stuff finished as possible. I really have to be cautious not to get into details, highlighting and all that too much so I don't waste too much time and don't lure the guy I'm painting this for into false hopes of getting too much for the money he pays. :o)

I hope you like the stuff, expect some more updates within the next few days. I just have to keep myself away from eating too much so I don't get lazy. :-P

23-12-2007, 17:49
Very nice M@A: I like the green and white heraldry :)

24-12-2007, 04:47
Yum cookies!

It's not the food that makes you lazy at Christmas, it's the beer, wine, port, champagne, gin, whiskey, and..... I forget........ that's what makes you lazy.

I have been banned for painting for two days by She Who Must Be Obeyed. Bummer. More time to drink! Ya!

By the way, love those Warmaster guys. The boar boyz look wicked. The men at arms look oddly organised...

24-12-2007, 05:40
Cheers for the Recipe Sigur... I really need to get hold of some Vallejo paints, I never seem to see them on sale anywhere though which is irritating

25-12-2007, 11:10
I would hang on a bit on that Hydra if I were you :winks:

Lovely, Lovely painting ... as always. (The Dark Elves and the Warmaster stuff).

Happy Christmas buddy.

25-12-2007, 13:18
@Erestor: I thought of your comment last night, when I was sitting punch- and beer-drunk at the table.:p

@armos: It's not absolutely necessary to use Vallejo colours. I think they cover a bit better than GW's, on the other hand I had terrible experiences with Vallejo's Game Colours (they _always_ looked incredibly shiny, even after much shaking) and Vallejo Model Colour's Black also comes out shiny, even after repeated shaking, applying thin layers only, etc.


I would hang on a bit on that Hydra if I were you :winks:

*Immediately drops all plans on getting or even looking at a Hydra* WHat do you know?:p

Thanks for complimenting my painting and happy holidays to you too!

26-12-2007, 00:44
Right-o, my dear readers, the boar riders are finished.





There could be a thousand things made better of course, like adding finishing highlights to the skin, a few washes, other highlights, etc., etc. but this isn't want the customer pays for. He said he wanted a basic level so he could field the miniatures and considering this, I failed on this unit because I got distracted by details. I often fall victim to thoughts like "...but it NEEDS another coat of highlights, it would so much neater" on things that are a skull of 1mm diameter. Just yesterday, a friend of mine gave me a big *rollseyes* because I make next to no money in relation to how many hours I spend on a miniature. There's also my acute painting inefficiency to blame of course.

Anyway, enough of that whining. Next thing I'll paint is a giant. The cool thing about Warmaster monsters is that they are indeed monsters in size. The giant stands a head taller than a Space Marine which, in WM terms, is gigantic indeed. Oh, and he actually looks good. I wouldn't have thought that GW made a single good-looking giant miniature since marauder times but this guy actually looks like a big, beardy, angry dude with a club. And by saying "dude", I mean that he's looking like a human being. Exactly what a giant is supposed to look like.

I hope I'll be able post you some results on that soon.

26-12-2007, 08:33
Those 10 mm boar riders look better than most 28 mm.


26-12-2007, 21:58
Yay, another thing finished: El Gigante





This dude took me about about 6 or 7 hours and was quite a lot of fun to paint. As I wrote in the last post, he's about one or two heads taller than a Space Marine and I could have a bit of fun layering skin (a think I tend to enjoy quite a lot). Again, I made minimal use of typical skin colour paints and mainly relied on browns and bleached bone along with a bit of Elf Flesh in various mixes. I still need to make more use of washes and glazes though I think. I use them too rarely, that's why I still haven't fully figured out how to use them properly. And last but not least, the usual murmur: He could look better of course but I just don't want to invest even more time into this miniature.

This leaves me with the chariots (surely interesting; expect quite some red) and three bases of Bretonnian peasants (meh, boring. All browns and such) to do for the first batch of Warmaster stuff. I guess I'll do the chariots next. Which means assembling and priming first followed by painting the smallest Goblins on earth. They are single bitz and must be about 2,5-3mm tall. Nice contrast to the Giant.

@mrtn: Hehe, thanks mate. I think you exeggarate a bit, but still thanks. ;-)

Looking forward to your comments and critique; this is what keeps me motivated and painting.

28-12-2007, 15:08
You're right, that's a very nice model. Nice painting too.

29-12-2007, 11:04

Having just read all this thread i must compliment you on some very well painted figures.

I really like the Dark Elves you did, and I will be drawing some inspiration from the BfSP box you did I still have mine to do :(

Keep up the good work


29-12-2007, 11:12
Hi folks and first i wish you all a Happy New Year:)

Just wanted to say that the BFSP box looks very nice painted and as ive just returned to this hobby for an absence of 15 years i just got it meself.So i have found great ideas and inspiration for painting the greenskins once more.

Nephilim of Sin
29-12-2007, 11:19
The WM Giant only took seven hours? And it could look better? :cries:

I think something like that would take me a week, and look like "I" only spent seven hours on it.

Have to say, I love the hair, it is very fluid and IMO perfect. Furthermore, the base really enhances the model. Very well done, as usual. I will keep my eyes peeled!

29-12-2007, 11:36
That Giant is stunning Sigur; the skin is brilliant and the fur also looks great :)

30-12-2007, 13:31
Update time (probably for the last time this year)! The Bretonnian peasants are done:



I said the next thing I'd do would be the chariots, right? Well, I had to notice that there are a certain bit missing (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/Warmaster/chariotmissingparts.jpg) so I have to redo it for all three chariots.

Well, on to the peasants: Quite boring miniatures (sorry, little leaden fellas), especially after painting this giant, but I'm glad they're done. They were supposed to be all brown and grey and such so I didn't have the opportunity to use flashy colours. To go a bit with the army theme (which I decided to be green and white, see the Men at Arms for reference), I went for grey-ish green hoods and ....tights.

As I was looking at the second picture, I noticed that I forgot painting a peasant's neck-hood-thing green. I'll correct that immediately. [...] done. Yesterday, I should have played 40k but the guy who came up with the idea went skiing a few hours before we should have met so 2007 ends with sigur having played 1 (one) game of tabletop goodness.:( So I finally got myself Dark Crusade. I like the way they handle the campaign (campaign map and all); the single battles are more diverse than one would think and the new units are fun to use (IG heavy weapons teams ftw!).

So after the latest pictures, some whining and OT-babbling: Thanks very much for your comments guys.

@Vengance&AnjinSan1966: Thanks. All those miniatures you get in the BfSP box (at a very good price) look at bit daunting at first, but if you do them unit by unit and once you figured out your way to paint them, it goes pretty well, given you have a proper motivation. This box is a perfect occation to start your own painting logs.

@AnjinSan1966: Welcome back to the hobby, by the way. If you used to play GW games, you'll notice that much has changed.

@Nephilim of Sin: Well, things always could look better than they do, don't they? It's always comfortable to think "I could do better if I had more time". And usually, I'm a slow, inneffectual painter, always having to go back and forth, noticing that I left out the last layer on this skull, remembering that I should have painted this and that when I had the other paintpot open and so on. This comes into effect when painting units, but it isn't that bad when painting characters. And I can take no credit for the base; you get it like that in the blister.

Anyway, I'm off to play some Dark Crusade to give you some time to compose your comments and critique.;) Seeya later!

Morglum Necksnapper
30-12-2007, 13:47
Nice painting, looks lovely!

30-12-2007, 14:20
Great work Sigur

You painting style is so clean

Keep up the good work


PS Happy New Year Everyone

30-12-2007, 15:39
Sigur, you have any pictures of your corsairs yet?

30-12-2007, 16:02
Thanks for the replies and happy new year to you too. :)

@Player8: Well, yes, albeit pretty bad and old ones. I assume you only need them for painting scheme inspiration or something so those should suffice (I should redo the purple parts, I guess):



30-12-2007, 18:49
@Player8: Well, yes, albeit pretty bad and old ones.

Hmm old.. I'm not sure:
Still got a few of these from Marauder. Don't know what GW is doing with the Dark Elves, but I like the old mini's better than many you showed. I like the way you painted them though. They sure gave me some ideas.

30-12-2007, 19:26
Indeed, I apologize.;) When I wrote "old", I meant that it's been a while I painted those and took the pictures. I also have one of them old Corsairs and while I agree that the overall style of the old DE is very cool (the old helmets, the skull icon, wild hair on sorceresses and witch elves, ...), there are some miniatures that just aren't very well done. This corsair I own for example...his legs are just terribly short and the old DE assassin is one of the very few old miniatures I just don't like.

Crazy Harborc
31-12-2007, 01:06
Hey dude/sigur.....Thank you for providing the memory jog. Got 3 or 4 blisters of that guy (and friends) in my dust covered new blisters to paint box. The box on the back of the storage shelve behind other boxes of goodies.

31-12-2007, 10:03
@Erestor: I thought of your comment last night, when I was sitting punch- and beer-drunk at the table.:p

Ha! me too, when I was lying in bed, thinking about painting.:)

Hope you had a good time...

Happy New Year.

BTW, love the Giant and the Men at arms.

31-12-2007, 10:45
Those peasants look really nice.

Happy New Year!

the vicar
02-01-2008, 05:03
I'm loving your Dark Elves, Sigur.

05-01-2008, 00:44
Update time again and this time, it's all Dark Elves again. As every month, I'm running more than short on time to complete my TOP stuff so it's high time to get some stuff finished. Here are the first WIP pictures of the Executioners command minis:



The lighting made the shading on the metallic parts vanish a bit, as usual and, as you can see, there's still quite some work to be done but at least the metallics are finished so there's mostly detailwork to be done. I also have to do some work on the champ's cloak which I painted some time ago when I painted him to about 20% first. He was one of the first DE minis I ever got and acted as a Noble on the chariot for the first few games.

The more attentive among you will cunningly have spotted that the musician has no blade on his draich. The sad story about this resolves around me being too lazy to go to GW and bitz-order it.

The rest of the TOP stuff for December, 12 Crossbow-toting Warriors, also got a bit more attention which means that they have proper bases now. The shields and details still need to be done though.

On the Warmaster front, I assembled and primed the Goblin chariots but did no painting to speak of (drybrushed the wolves). A friend of mine who's much into LotR (not the game but the ....stuff. You know, the movies, the books and everything.) got blister of Elves for Christmas and he wants me to paint them so, given I have enough time to do them, expect to see a bit of LotR in here too. I only did one LotR miniature in the past as a part of another commission which you can also find in this thread. But for now, it's all Dark Elves. I have to stay focussed.

@Crazy Harborc: Hey, three or four blisters of them makes a whole unit. Wouldn't that be the perfect occation to start your own Druchii army?;)

@Erestor, mrtn and the vicar: Thanks and thanks again for wishing me a good new year. Let's see what I make of it. New year's night was a rough one because of an overdose of sparkling wine and the cheapest and most terrible vodka possible (the year started with a new vomiting record and a three-days inability to do anything but sleeping and playing computer games).

Crazy Harborc
05-01-2008, 01:28
Ummm.......I have about oh, 3000 to 4000 points worth of 5th and or 6th Edition DEs gathering dust:D I am waiting for them to step up and be manly Elves. Manly Elves?? I don't know I just say, I mean type the stuff.:D

05-01-2008, 02:02
@Erestor, mrtn and the vicar: Thanks and thanks again for wishing me a good new year. Let's see what I make of it. New year's night was a rough one because of an overdose of sparkling wine and the cheapest and most terrible vodka possible (the year started with a new vomiting record and a three-days inability to do anything but sleeping and playing computer games).

Dude, that is harsh. I make a point never to drink cheap alcohol, and never to drink Guinness. The hangovers are Soooooo 1991. Still it is hard to fit in time for PC games these days. Any opporunity can be a good one.;)

Sadly for us here in Australia, new years eve means summer, and there is nothing worse than a hangover when its hot. :( That's one reason I've matured enough to not drink to excess any more. Life is too short for hangovers!

Those excecutioners are very nice. I like your gold technique. Care to share?

05-01-2008, 03:11
@Crazy Harborc: Oh....uh....get them painted, ye lazy git!;) My interpretation of your posting is that you're waiting for the new army book so DE will be ZOMG OVERPROWERD!!!!11 but if you paint them, it will be "jumping on a bandwagon". Painting them now and suffering though some months of being the only thing in the Old World being called a "finesse army" is way cooler. I guess. But I shouldn't think about such stuff, otherwise I'll cry again.:p

@Erestor: Oh yes, hot climate multiplies hangovers by ten. And stop this oh so mature babbling alredy!;)

The way I'm currently painting gold is still in development and I have yet to improve it but it basically resolves around:

.) a basic layer of Vallejo Game Colour Brassy Brass
.) covered nicely by GW Burnished Gold
.) partial wash with some brown-ish colour with black mixed in (I left the black away this time so it looks oh so red)
.) a slight, partial wash using purple
.) Highlights with a mix of chainmail and burnished gold

Of course one could always use a full wash instead of partial washes followed by more layers of gold, different layers with different mixes of gold and chainmail and so on. You can always go loco on having 10.000 layers instead of one or two. Of course it looks better then.;)

05-01-2008, 10:12
Hi Sigur

Great looking DE there, the red and gold really stand out against the dark armour

Keep up the good work


PS thanks for stopping by my log, Yours was one of the main logs that got me motivated :D

05-01-2008, 18:33
Tiny update, mainly the banner pole, the instrument of the musician and reworked cloak and details on the champ:



Other news: I dropped the Lord of Nurgle to the ground.

Paulo Cavalcanti
05-01-2008, 19:37
Hi Sigur..

I'm more a lurker than a poster... and i've been folowing your thread for a long time!!

All your work is great, but i'm realy loving the way those executioners are turning out!! Just beautifull..

Can you tell how are you doing the reds of the executioners??

Thanks in advance!

05-01-2008, 19:49
That command group is fantastic, especially the champion.

05-01-2008, 23:17
@Erestor: Oh yes, hot climate multiplies hangovers by ten. And stop this oh so mature babbling alredy!;)

Ouch!, I may be old, but I still play with toy soldiers, how mature can I be!:p

Crazy Harborc
06-01-2008, 01:24
Erestor......30 more years and you will be OLD.

sigur..........Almost all the DEs are painted I was looking them over today I am betting on a major change in the DE's metal minies. IF/when they do come out AND if I like the new versions/replacements.......THEN I get the new ones.;)

06-01-2008, 05:06
Erestor......30 more years and you will be OLD.

sigur..........Almost all the DEs are painted I was looking them over today I am betting on a major change in the DE's metal minies. IF/when they do come out AND if I like the new versions/replacements.......THEN I get the new ones.;)

hopefully not- the DE metals are some of the best out there. Id like plastic corsairs and DRs maybe, but I like the executioners and the much debated witch elves.

Hydra would also be nice :)

back OT - great minis sigur - been following this for a while now, keep it up!

06-01-2008, 07:27
Erestor......30 more years and you will be OLD.

Thanks mate.. ;)

10-01-2008, 21:03
A minor update - semester's end is keeping me kinda busy, yadda, yadda...

And because I was so pleased with the latest pictures fate decided to make those come out real crappy:




Yup, Gobbo chariots. I hope you like what you see anyway.

Thanks again for the replies, guys. It makes me especially happy if I can lure lurkers into posting of course.;)

@Paulo Cavalcanti: The red on the executioners armour is a basecoat of Vallejo Model colour Hull Red (high pigment density) followed by red gore and successive layers of mixes of red gore and blood red, pure blood red and thin layers (glazes?) of blood red mixed with bad moon yellow until it get's quite orange.

The cape on the champion works a bit differently; almost no Hull Red and almost all red gore (the first few layers mixed with Machrite Red), only a little blood red (we all know how grainy it tends to get when watered down). Basically the same with the tip of the banner pole.

12-01-2008, 06:46

The chariot looks great sigur, the Yellow really pops out.

Keep up the good work


14-01-2008, 04:16
Thanks for your kind comment, Vengeance. I think the yellow popping out is the only thing you can vaguely see in these crappy pictures.;)

I'm currently uploading the new pictures to my computer, so let's see if those turned out any better.


Phew, alright, they look better. So, on to the official part of complains, excuses and vanity. (= the part with the letters and which you don't care about because there are PIXPLZ!!! ;) ).

This is the first whole batch of WM stuff I've painted to the commission. As alwas, the motto is: It could look a lot better, I should have been done with it a lot earlier but it's done so it's done. I already invested way too much time into it considering what the guy pays me.

By the way, a friend of mine (the one with the LotR elves, as you might remember from my update 9 days ago) approached me a few days ago, asking if I could paint his two elves the way they looked like on the GW page. Of course not, but I'd see what I can do, I replied, so he asked me how much it would cost him. After some thinking and considering that he's a friend and all, I said that it would cost him 8€ each. This statement caused my present friends to start flaming me for charging so little and so on because, unlike me, they are part-time grown-ups so they know about money, how to handle it (= they do not do anything wargaming-connected:p ) and stuff like that which, apart from the usual "doubting this miniature painting stuff as a whole and panicking about everything"-business, again made me putting "make up a price list" as a top priority for 2008. Am I just an otherworldly troll, living underneath a brige with my toy soldiers or is it incredibly hard to everyone to make up prices for commission painting? Anyway, I'll come up with a price list within the next few days and ask you guys what you think of it. As I know hardly any wargaming/miniature painting people in real-life, I have to rely on you, random internet strangers.:p

14-01-2008, 04:27
Oh, right, the pictures. Sheeesh...

The whole bunch:

Orcs and Goblins:
(Note the number of boar riders on each base. You get six strips of two riders each in every blister which means that there's four boar riders on each base normally but you can get a fourth base of riders out of each blister if you cut three of the strips in half and make a fourth base. First time I worked with plasticard, by the way.)


Action-packed battle scene!!!

...and a little bonus image (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/firefighter2.jpg) of another thing I built too this week. =)

Basing WM miniatures (especially those strips of infantry) is quite annoying due to you not being able to really reach into the gab between the strips once they are glued to the base so I always glued the first strip to the base, sanded, painted and drybrushed the first half of the base, then coming back and glueing the second strip to the base and do the basing on the other half. Quite time-consuming and boring (yet, you can mess up the luverly paintjobs you did earlier) so it took me, being a guy who doesn't like basing too much, mor than two days due to lack of motivation.

Anyway, let's be all sunshine-y again, I should be going to college in an hour after all. You leaving comments, critique (maybe some WM person comes up and tells me that there are many better ways to do the bases

14-01-2008, 05:01
think this is my first comment on here, but anyway...

great work on the dark elves, and especially on the Warmaster stuff! I just wanted to point out though that the Giant is from the Battle of Five armies game, not from the Warmaster range! Still fits nicely though. The WM giant looks more like the forgeworld one if anyone's wondering. I wish i'd had the patience to get around to painting my WM Empire to match my Fantasy army, but ended up flogging it.

14-01-2008, 05:13
Oi, thanks for pointing that out, sparks. And I already thought GW had made a decent giant for O&G....:(

edit: Because sleep is for the weak and college is for fools, I finished the RxB Warriors (see page 23) by adding shields. They, along with the Executioners command unit, also got their bases snowified.

14-01-2008, 10:36
Long time follower of this thread, so following your comment about luring lurkers into posting I figured it was time I posted myself! Might prompt you to meander over and have a peek at my elves as well... ;)

I am a huge fan of your Dark Elves. The High and Dark Elf ranges seem to look particularly good with smooth and crisp painting, so your style suits them very well indeed. The army as a whole is beginning to look really impressive... are you planning to 'snowify' the corsairs any time soon? Would be good to see them taking their place with the rest. So what are you planning on adding next?

The warmaster stuff is looking great as well. I like the boarboyz in particular.

14-01-2008, 18:33
Hehe, welcome to the thread then. Good to see that I could lure someone into posting here.;) I had a look at your elves some weeks ago already but now I will return and drop a few comments of course.

I might do the bases (and some painting) on the corsairs quite soon, thanks for the idea; I had almost forgotten about those fellas.

Speaking of snowification (this homunculus of a word is getting scarier by the minute...) - here are pictures of the finished RxB-elves and Executioners bases:


(here you can see the command group accompanied by their 10 closest friends you met a few months earlier)

By the way, I got my Codex Orks along with a Trukk today so I'm having kind of a hard time focussing on the druchii along with my commissions and the constant temptation of 40k.

15-01-2008, 17:49
Great work so far Sigur.
Do you plan on painting the edges of the bases ? I think it would be better to have them painted rather than unpainted for a more finish look.

And I like your color scheme a lot, especially the red edges of the armor.

17-01-2008, 11:59
Nice work on the Executioners, I'm a big fan of those models and the unit is beginning to look very nice. What plans have you got for the banner? Judging by the army shots earlier, you haven't done any banners for this army yet, so I'm intrigued to see what you come up with...

Looking forward to the snowifying of the corsairs... looks like they may need a bit of touching up to bring them to the standard of the rest of your army, but from the looks of things a quick bit of work on the purple and red should take care of that. And going by the TOFP, a converted Cauldron of Blood is up next. Oooo....

17-01-2008, 12:34
Those dark elves are turning out really nice with the snow bases, I'm surprised I haven't seen that often as it works wonders with the typical DE colours.

17-01-2008, 13:30
Thanks a lot for the replies.

@azhagmorglum: You're right, I have to repaint quite a lot of base edges (a thing I tend to be too lazy to do after the bases are all done). To my defense: most of the stuff on the base edges is bicarbonite I just have to brush off. Thanks for reminding me anyway.

@Drakemaster: I'm also intrigued what I'll come up with for the banners.;) I'm stil torn between paper (easiest to work with), giving chopping up soda cans another try and trying to get some plastic banners, maybe from the HE range, so I have bigger spaces to work with. They definately will have freehand stuff on them but at this point I'm still too busy with other stuff.

True, the Corsairs need a bit of a redo and proper bases; as final diplomas are coming up in spring, I thought of keeping this on my list as a cheap month's work for ToFP (just don't tell Harry about my obscure plans :p ).

Yup, the Cauldron is coming up indeed; I'm in the middle of work with it. As rumors and developments in the VC army imply, the Cauldron will be able to move again so I'll try to make it look like it's actually moving. It's based on the 5th edition CoB; a way superior concept/miniature to the current one in my opinion.

@lilljonas: Yup, it's not really much work and works very nicely. Just imagine I'd be using the usual static grass and brown bases - they would make my well thought-out, balanced colour scheme look like a mess.:D :p

17-01-2008, 13:52
I really like your dark elves...
Very "okd school" in term of choice of colors ! :D

17-01-2008, 17:59
Thanks for commenting tancrede. Why do I keep on hearing politely/diplomatically-worded comments about my choice of colour? In an asutarian forum I posted my pictures, a guy was less polite and assumed my colour scheme might be some form of psychological warfare.:p

Anyway, WIP pictures of my Cauldron of Blood:



The second picture shows where the chains are going to be. I'm not particularly happy with how the skin of the slaves is turning out; I might have to redo it. What do you think of them? Generally, the painting is very WIP but I wanted to take a break and let you know what I'm up to.

So....actually, I should study...yerch. See you all later!

17-01-2008, 18:03
I think the skin looks good; maybe the layers could be blended together but the overall pale effect works nicely :)
Good use of marauder bits adding them.

Oh, out of interest, where is Asutaria? (never heard of it ;))

17-01-2008, 18:17
Thanks. The Marauder minis are so overly "barbarian" that I think that they fit quite well with the original CoB model. Making those arms on the 1st slave fit properly was quite some work. Combining Marauder arms and Catachan arms, chopping them up, GSing and all..

McMullet once described Asutaria as being "somewhere in continental europe and next to Narnia. [A land where]...squirrels the size of men walk about, nicking chocolate...". That's about the truth.

17-01-2008, 18:34
Did I say that? Well, fair enough. I wonder where that map I drew has gone, that might help.

As I said to you earlier on MSN Mr. Sigur, I love how you've taken a pretty poor model (a big pot of blood on wheels) and made it into a great concept that really embodies the cruelty and capriciousness of the Dark Elves. With the slaves haluing it the wheels make a lot more sense (we don;t have to believe there's a moped engine hidden underneath the make it go) and it makes the DE look properly nasty as well.

I'm not sure how you feel about this, but some object source lighting from the fire would make this model look excellent. Go on. You know you want to.

I like the skin, it looks very unhealthy like that, though maybe some injuries fromt he whippings, beatings and so on would be a nice addition. One thing I don't like, painting-wise, is the bright red fuzzy ropes the slaves are using to drag the thing along - they look too bright and don't seem fully continuous.

Anyway, all in all, it's a simple conversion (conceptually at least, even if the arms were a pain) that improves the model a lot. Good work! I shall not dip my thumb in your coffee for a period of 12 days and 17 hours.

Oh, the purple on the hair is really good. You paint purple very well, has anyone ever mentioned that?

17-01-2008, 19:24
Why do I keep on hearing politely/diplomatically-worded comments about my choice of colour? In an asutarian forum I posted my pictures, a guy was less polite and assumed my colour scheme might be some form of psychological warfare
For me, it's not a bad thing...
I always feel a little nostalgic of the time I begun to play wargames... And this choice of color gave your army a very dark look. Very dark elves, in facts !! ;)

Nice blood cauldron, too ! I love the slaves, and the hairs of the furies ! :D

17-01-2008, 19:31
Did I say that? Well, fair enough. I wonder where that map I drew has gone, that might help.

Can I get a sensible answer from you McMullet? (or is that a silly question :p)

Alex Under
17-01-2008, 20:19
Love your Dark Elves. The executioners are my favourite and I think the skin tone on your slaves is cool, it's a good contrast with the pale skin tone of the elves.

17-01-2008, 21:19
Sigur, really nice stuff you have here. I'm especially liking the WM stuff... just out of curiosity, is it the same scale of epic? The orks are incredibly well painted for being in such a tiny scale (and you're tempting me to take off the shelf my dusty epic guard army, which is still waiting for some more brush love... must... resist...:wtf:)

Some tips on how to paint purple, mate :p :D ?


17-01-2008, 21:29
Toschenko, IIRC warmaster is 10 mm, Epic is 6 mm.

That pink hair is very old school, I have to say. :D Great start on the model.

18-01-2008, 06:28
@McMullet: Thanks for your elaborate and well-thought out C&C.:) I misquote you on all kinds of things if I'm sure that you won't notice. I hope you don't mind. I remember you saying once "why sure you can misquote me on all kinds of things".

The whipmarks and such are already planned, thanks for reminding me though. They would strengthen theconcept of the DE as being curel and capricous. I actually considered using a few zombie bitz to use them for the slaves but weedy, half-dead slaves wouldn't make the pot o'blood move an inch. The Marauders have a bit of evil iconogryphy on them and look more fitting (huge slave-thugs) so the choice soon changed to Marauders. I'm also pretty sure that the CoB miniature is actually a marauder miniature so... (geddit? geddit?)

Source lighting, eh? I hate you.:p *goes to look for examples and tutorials*

Shame that you don't like the red-fuzzy ropes. I already got me some thick wool for them. I thought that it would look okay with proper highlights and all. But I'll use small chains now.

Oh, the purple on the hair is really good. You paint purple very well, has anyone ever mentioned that?


P.S.: Thank you for not ravaging my coffe with your thumb for the next time. I appreciate that.

@tancrede: Same here. Especially in WHFB, I think that more colourful armies look much better. You have all these impressive cavlary and ranked-up infantry regiments with banners, flags and all that so "all black with a bit of gold and silver"-schemes don't appeal to me on those.

@Toschenko: As mrtn mentioned, WM miniatures are quite a bit bigger than Epic ones, here's a comparison to a 28mm DE Warrior - link (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/Warmaster/sizecomparison1.jpg).

Are you serious about the purple or is this just some more mockery (see McMullet's post :p )? Anyway, it's basically the same as with every other colour: Thin, multiple layers are the key. I start with a mix ofLiche Purple and black and then working my way up to a very bright mix of Liche Purple and white for the highlights. When I started painting DE, I used Warlock Purple to brighten up the colour but it made the purple look very artificial and cheesy. Cheesy looks is good but only to an extend.

@mrtn: Thanks. First I considered painting the hair white but bright purple/pink fits the army better and is easier to do.

18-01-2008, 08:34
@Toschenko: As mrtn mentioned, WM miniatures are quite a bit bigger than Epic ones, here's a comparison to a 28mm DE Warrior - link (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/Warmaster/sizecomparison1.jpg).

I was about to throw in the garbage all my painted epic stuff... fortunately now I can keep them *puts the cover back on the bin*
The orcs are still awesome though (as is the rest): I paint 15mm scale so I know what a pain it is to do a neat job on a crapload of tiny minis...

Are you serious about the purple or is this just some more mockery (see McMullet's post :p )?

lol, I didn't read McMullet's post but that was the sense... I've been following this thread for long even if this was my first post (ehm, maybe I shouldn't have said this...) so I can tell you this: you are a very neat painter, with ALL colors :p (and for this sake, I like your color schemes)

Anyway, it's basically the same as with every other colour: Thin, multiple layers are the key. I start with a mix ofLiche Purple and black and then working my way up to a very bright mix of Liche Purple and white for the highlights. When I started painting DE, I used Warlock Purple to brighten up the colour but it made the purple look very artificial and cheesy. Cheesy looks is good but only to an extend.

*writes this down on his big recipebook*


18-01-2008, 11:17
Loving it. Very good conversion so far, nice and retro as well. Actually somehow reminds me of the 'War Altars' that many races were allowed to have in 3rd edition Warhammer, carried by four priests/whatever.

As far as the skin goes, I think it works very well. Makes them look quite sickly and also suggests a non-old world source for the slaves. Which works well with the background as it happens... the tribes north of Naggaroth are the Hung, who are noted as looking 'oriental' in contrast to other marauder tribes.

The only thing I'm not 100% convinced by is the Hag herself. I like the altar guards, more dynamic poses than the present ones, but I think the Hag model is... less good. Might it be worth replacing her with the present CoB Hag - a far superior model IMHO - or are you set on using her as is?

18-01-2008, 12:57
I must comngratulate with you for the very good work and your incredible application to the hobby! (and also your brave for playing DE:D-i'm joking, i love DE miniatures-).

You don't lose interes in painting after lot of model with same colors???

Nephilim of Sin
18-01-2008, 14:43
(Looks at Sigur's models; looks at own models...:cries:)

Looking very nice. I love the addition of the shields on the Repeater Crossbowmen, very well done.

However, the most striking thing for me is the icon on the Executioner's standard; it really pops out and catches your eye, and as usual, very fluid.

As for the cauldron, you have turned an old model and made it better than contemporary. That is an accomplishment. Coupled with the old style of hair, I believe I just might be subscribed. Keep up the great work!

18-01-2008, 17:03
Woah, lots of traffic here the past two days. Very nice.

lol, I didn't read McMullet's post but that was the sense... I've been following this thread for long even if this was my first post (ehm, maybe I shouldn't have said this...) so I can tell you this: you are a very neat painter, with ALL colors :p (and for this sake, I like your color schemes)

Thanks, and yes, you shouldn't have said that this was your first post. I would have thought that you posted in this log earlier and I would have had a guilty conscience for not remembering it.;)

@Drakemaster: Sadly, I don't have Warhammer: Armies, only the 3rd edition rulebook so we can't start a nostalic conversation about war altars.;) But I like those old, weird, wheeled things like the Empire War Wagon, old Cauldron of Blood, Hellbell (or what the name in english was) and so on. They make nice center-pieces. The new CoB Hag indeed is a very nice miniature (the nicest part about the new CoB) but I like the old one because of the hair and the mask. There's a great "blood cult leader"-feel about it. But I'll see if I can get the new Hag in case I need another Sorceress on foot.

@modificorko: Welcome to Warseer! Miniatures I paint for commission tend to give me a break from the DE painting. Apart from that, there are so many different colours on my miniatures that painting them doesn't get boring.

@Nephilim of Sin: Yay, another subscription! I'll keep on posting updates so you don't get bored.;)

Today, I did a bit more work on the slaves. Highlighting the skin a bit, smoothing it out and starting to paint details. The skin still doesn't look quite right on their backs.

I also did a bit of thinking on the source lighting thing McMullet suggested.

20-01-2008, 12:47
I've fallen a little in love with your dark elves, is that ok? :p I really like the red touch on the executioners, I'm trying a red theme with my DE so I might steal it a little if that's ok :)

Once the new DE are out with their supposedly new hydra, I think you should add one to your force, if the new model is an improvement ofc. :) I'd really like to see you paint/convert one!

21-01-2008, 20:45
Hey Glorfindel. Of course it's okay to fall in love with my DElves but remember: You can look but you can't touch.;)

...well, you can but only at the bases at this point.:p

I'm pretty sure that there will be a new Hydra so I'll wait a bit until I add one to my army but the temptation is persistant of course.

Alright, here's a new picture of the CoB:


Yeah, it's terribly out-of focus, sorry. But you get an idea about what I've done in the past four days: mainly the golds on the Witches, the masks, a bit more work on the Slaves (I think that the fact that DE make their slaves wear purple trousers really brings out the cruel and capricious character of the druchii) and some touching-up on the cauldron part itself.

The next batch of warmaster stuff (Bretonnians only this time; supposedly a bunch of knights, mounted Yeomen and archers) will arrive later this week.

21-01-2008, 21:08
Very good stuff Sigur :) The red things on the front of the cart are excellent!

21-01-2008, 21:52
Those marauders, I could barely tell they were marauders, fair play mate;)

22-01-2008, 01:36
(I think that the fact that DE make their slaves wear purple trousers really brings out the cruel and capricious character of the druchii)

Ah, truer words were never spoken sigur! :p

The CoB looks awesome, all the colors are very well done!

24-01-2008, 23:45
Cheers guys!

@poorbareforkedanimal: Well, the left arms and the guy in the front's head are Catachan bitz.;)

Two days ago, the new batch of Warmaster stuff arrived. It's about a million Bretonnian archers (mass painting has already begun), a unit of mounted Yeomen(?) as well as a unit of questing knights. The loon I'm painting this stuff for wants every questing knight to have his own colours/heraldy so I'm afraid I'll have to charge him extra for that.

I also received the two LotR elves I'll paint for a friend of mine. I immediately wanted to prime them but there was a problem: Lazy sigur didn't shake the spraycan before applying the primer so the priming was incredibly grainy (it looked like the miniatures had been lying around in an attic for centuries and had cought about a millimeter of dust) and the primer went off just by touching the miniatures so I had to strip them and prime them again.:rolleyes: So rememer kids: ALWAYS shake your spraycans for a minute before using them. I'm sure I'll always do it in the future now.

27-01-2008, 13:35
Double Poast!!!

Here are a few first WIP pictures of the new Warmaster stuff:



Well, yeah. It's 48 Bretonnian archers. Nothing exciting but at least I can do three units at once. They will get glued on the stands in this order:


That means I'll have to cut up the strips and (after some cutting and filing) will have to glue single archers to the bases. A task I'm not looking forward to. I also feel that they look somewhat messy (the white parts will get a few touch-ups and shading later) and the painting process isn't too exciting. I just want to get them done as fast as possible. A new thing I started while doing those is logging the actual painting time so I know how long it actually takes me to paint stuff. I plan to do so in the future too and see how ineffectual my painting really is in terms of time.

Maybe I'll post another update tonight so please reply, otherwise the mods will beat me with sticks for triple-posting.;)

27-01-2008, 14:21
The archers look great Sigur, a really nice balance of colours. Why are you attaching them to the bases like that? Is this a stipulation from the customer? It seems like a lot of work.

Prince Sairion
27-01-2008, 17:16
Lovely looking Dark Elves Sigur, as much as it pains me to say it as a High Elf player;)

Love the slaves pulling the cauldron along, perfect dark elf style. Your army is one of, if not THE best in tofp. Great work.

28-01-2008, 00:28
As promised, here's my weekly sunday-way-too-late-in-the-night update (hell, it's 2:30am already!?):


The archers are finished. They aren't perfectly neat but sufficiently neat so I put them into the "finished, yet to be based"-box and went on to something different:


It's not much yet but at least the face on the right guy and most of the armour is finished. A friend of mine gave those to me, along with some money and the order to paint those for him to represent his character in a LotR pen&paper RPG (remind me to ask him for the colour of the hair of his character).

Thanks for replying and saving me from triple-posting.;)

@McMullet: Yes, the customer wants me to put them on the bases this way. He also offered me to pay more for the knights who are supposed to have different heraldy colours each which is a considerable boost for my painting motivation. But yes, it will be quite some work basing those archers.

@Prince Sairion: Thanks for such a great compliment. There are a lot of great armies around in the TOFP project though.

Let's see what I can get done within the next week. Make sure you pay this log a visit every few days, I'll keep you updated.:p

28-01-2008, 06:39
Sigur those Dark elves are looking sweet.



28-01-2008, 07:34
Bretonnians have archers?? :wtf: I guess that a warmaster battle is one of the few places where one could see them :p

Mind you sigur, I'm liking those too much for my taste: if I start collecting a warmaster army (dwarfs, what else?) you're getting the responsibility :D

The LotR elves are... meh, I can't judge these for I never liked that GW range, sculpts are usually terrible and there are way too few dynamic poses for a skirmish game (I mean, they're not going to be ranked up, why they have the same lack of poses as the WHFB minis?). Maybe I'll like them more when they will be finished... I trust in your skills :D

Waiting for the next update,


30-01-2008, 00:22
Thanks for the replies again.;)

@Toschenko: Don't be afraid, I'm pretty sure those "archers" are Pegasus knights in disguise. Go ahead, collect a WM army. Those are fun to paint and judging from other specialist games and random people's opinions it's a nice game. And just in case you're short on time to paint them, you can invest a bit of money in an enthusiastic painter.:p

Yeah, well, the LotR minis...judging from my experience (= three miniatures), the casts aren't too great but they are indeed more natural than the usual WHFB/40k miniatures. It's nice to paint something entirely different for a change, I guess. Me, I don't give much about overly dynamic poses, so that's not that much of a problem for me.

Anyway, on to my new half-past-2am-update. This is today's work:



I guess I'm getting used to painting Bretonnian peasants, may they be horse-mounted or footslogging. Those are about done, all I need to do is shading the white parts a bit, painting the hair and maybe do a bit on the saddles here and there (invisible in the pictures) and, of course, the dreaded basing which will be done when all miniatures are finished.

This means that, after 8 days since they arrived, only one unit of Questing Knights and six chariot-crew goblins (now the customer guy explained why they came with the latest bunch of Brets; he has lots of painted chariots at home but the crews are unpainted. Not a big deal to do.) are left to be done. Not bad. Maybe the fact that I'm logging the time I paint helps a bit with the productivity.

Good news on another front: I spent more than half of the money for the first few WM miniatures already for a big bunch of old Orks which arrived today. Really cool stuff, the Super Cyboar-riding Boss for example. Yes, I already feel bad for having spent money on new miniatures.

Anyway, let's see if I can finish the Warmaster stuff within the next week (I certainly hope so); wish me luck.

edit (30minutes later): Oh, sod it. They're finished now. The white is shaded, the boots are done, hair is painted (three different haircolours) things are tidied up and even the saddle things got a black coat and highlighting.

30-01-2008, 07:57
cool, i got a whole box of old dark elves from that era somewhere, dunno what to do with them tho! maybe build a small army perhaps? :P ill see what you will do with the altar, much better model than the newer one.

30-01-2008, 08:47
Sigur, I have a question for you: since I'm still figuring out a way to paint reasonably fast my FoW army, would you tell me the basic steps you follow while painting warmaster stuff? I mean, not colour recipes, just the steps: like "I start from X undercoat, then paint Y colours...". Something along these lines would be very appreciated :)

Thanks in advance for your time,


30-01-2008, 14:25
@Kaos: Why OF COURSE you'll build a small army, just like everyone of us in a few months.;)

@Toschenko: You're lucky today, buddy. I'm in a good mood and have some time so I'll try to be helpful while having my delicious lunch.;) Sooo...let's take the mounted squires as an example.

I tend to paint from the "Inner parts" to the "outer parts" of course so I don't mess up the surfaces I painted earlier. As another rule of thumb, I guess I tend do paint "rough" and big areas earlier so I can go on to the details later (I guess everyone does so). The first thing I do is figuring out what I'll drybrush and do it first of course. I also tend to start with things that annoy me or things I haven't done before.

So for the squires, this meant that I did the horses first (along with highlighting/shading/whatever necessary), followed by the dark-brown doublets (VMC chocolat brown followed by heavy Graveyard Earth highlights) on the riders, then I did the lances, then the faces and hands. After that, I painted the white parts then the green parts. I did the metallics last (reason is that my fine metalics brush died and my current one never keeps the tip probably. Well, I guess, I don't always do the annoying stuff first).

Not sure if this is of much help for you....oh, a thing I tend to do while waiting for the bus or on similar occations, I think about the miniatures I have to paint next and make up little lists of the order I'll paint the different parts on. I guess that helps saving time.

Let me know how the work on the FoW miniatures is going once you start painting them!:)