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06-02-2010, 13:56
Blimey! It's all iridescent or some such word. Great work. The squiggly bits really stand out.

The muted purple-grey robes look good too.

06-02-2010, 13:58
Whaddaya think, Sirs?
That you sir, rock extremely hard!
Really cool freehand on the robe and coat, I wish my paints would stick like that when I throw them on minis. (Yeah for my sake let's pretend it's the paints... :shifty:)

The other sorcerer is also very³ well done!
I'm wondering if he's the reason BoC and WoC split, I could imagine the Gors were a little offended by him displaying all those Beastmen skulls. :p

07-02-2010, 00:30
Those patterns on the 2nd sorcerors cloak looks stunning!

07-02-2010, 02:10
The ltd ed sorcerer is looking great! I really like the swirling pattern in the cloak and the hem of his robe is superb. You get a gold star for this guy sigur, he's definitely the pick of the litter!

07-02-2010, 19:12
@Catferret: Hey, did you just insult my paintjob? ;)

@Gargobot: Thanks muchly, kind sir. The thing about the skulls is a valid theory. I suggest we start a thread in WHFB background. I bet it will spawn a 15 pages "discussion".

@Elfboy: Cheers. It was nice to try something new.

@jdp: Thank you. I didn't think he'd turn out that well after the first sorcerer came out pretty rad.

Pictures will follow later.

07-02-2010, 20:01
My dear, you have been productive. Great to see your Chaos army progressing. You have somehow succeded in giving metal on metal a fresh vibrant look. But I must say that the biggest smile came when I saw all those Hoplites. Are you thinking of doing any marks or signs on them as well? And how are you finding the models? If I recall correctly, those are Irregular minis, right? I have browsed their site a number of times, but it is hard to see the quality of the minis.


07-02-2010, 20:07
That 2nd sorceror is awesome. simply made of win!

Now, i'm going to be controversial here, and say that the first one isn't as good as I've seen from you Mr Sigur. :eek: Let me rephrase that - the horse isn't your best work. The rider is great, but in those photos, the highlighting on the horse barding (especially the front) looks a bit thick, not as fine and delicate as you usually done...

Sorry, but I'd rather be honest (and I expect nothing less when you head over to my next log ;)) and i hope you see where I'm coming from

07-02-2010, 20:21
@Fredmans: Thanks for the comments. The Hoplites won't get any marks. I haven't worked with metal 6mm before. I'd say they are okay. The detail isn't overwhelming but okay. The hoplites are nice sculpts, the archers a bit less so. But they're alright overall. The minis are manufactured by Baccus (http://www.baccus6mm.com/), a UK-based company.

07-02-2010, 21:57
@Crube: Hey, how did you ninja in a comment before my reply? Anyhow, thanks for your honest opinion. You're right, it was a pretty quick job. In my defense, the transistions between the highlights and the darker metallics on the barding is a bit less stark in normal lighting conditions but one could argue that it's a bit of a quick job. Hm. Great, now that's stuck in my head. Might have to go back and redo it a bit. ;)

2nd Sorcerer is finished!




Hope you like him. There could be done much more on this guy and some will find the horse boring compared to what could be done with all the space on it but I wanted to keep it very simplistic, just like the outer looks of his cloak. Apart from how the swirly pattern turned out, I'm very pleased with the metallics on the scythe. It also could look better of course but it's okay for now. You'll also notice that I tried something new on the horse's head gear as well; I wanted to give this patterened style a try for ages until a Warseerite who's log is also in fantasy logs reminded me of it again by painting an awesome Heroquest sorcerer and using this thing on his helmet. I unfortunately can't seem to find his log at the moment.

Anyhow, C&C welcome as always!

07-02-2010, 22:00
Doesn't beat the "Shaman" ;P

08-02-2010, 00:43
@Alubath: MEH. :p

Just putting together a chaos chariot. Wow. Maybe I just got rusty because we get all these plastic kits nowadays but I really start to admire 13something years old sigur's (and his brother's) work on the chaos chariot we put together (without any pinning or GS) when it was released. And it's still in one piece somewhere in my bitz box.

These things are kind of annoying to put together I think I might have managed to finish it now but I best not touch it before everything's dry and such.

Next up: Chaos Knights unit#1 and/or chariot#1. I'm a bit ambi...thing (you know, the word which ends like "oiouoiouiuiuiuoououos" and means that you like something but don't like it) about the Chaos knights because on one hand they're all armour which is kinda easy to paint, on the other hand, they're all horns which I hate painting. So, all in all, it'll be an OKAY painting experience I guess. Let's see.

08-02-2010, 01:44
Well I'm pretty impressed. The simplistic horse puts the focus on the sorcerer were it belongs, so I think it's a good decision as long as the sorcerer is well painted... which he definitely is. (babbling - it's getting late :))
Almost 4am, are you pulling a night-shift?

08-02-2010, 02:32
@Gargobot: Yeah, something like that. Let's see how long I'll manage to be somewhat productive but for now I'm pretty pleased with my work becaaaaause....

....I built a Greektower!



AWESOME, isn't it?

P.S.: Based the hoplites and stuff, now I need to paint, drybrush and grass them. Yerch.

08-02-2010, 02:46
Pffft. Leaning tower of pizzas is better. :shifty:

Cpt. Drill
08-02-2010, 04:12

I have always admired your beautiful warmaster stuff from afar before but I couldnt resist the power of the greek tower!

I am looking forward to seeing them all finished and ranked up (or the tower again). I really admire your painting stamina, I find it hard to finish much more than a unit a week (even thats pushing it). Keep up the wonderful job of spreading Warmaster based love.

08-02-2010, 10:26
@Fredmans: Thanks for the comments. The Hoplites won't get any marks. I haven't worked with metal 6mm before. I'd say they are okay. The detail isn't overwhelming but okay. The hoplites are nice sculpts, the archers a bit less so. But they're alright overall. The minis are manufactured by Baccus (http://www.baccus6mm.com/), a UK-based company.

Baccus it was. I would say, however, that those sites are comparable in layout ;)

Well, I have to say that they look neat enough. Then again, you are an excellent painter. Sometimes a good paintjob obscures a lack of details. In my own work, I sometimes feel that I paint texture and features that are not there, but rather should be there.

On another topic, I just purchased my first Warmaster figures, so I will soon be able to check them out.


08-02-2010, 10:32
nice work, especially the warmaster stuff. about to start my journey into warmaster with Chaos and the Empire. Just have to say I am inspired!

08-02-2010, 12:42
The tower of power rocks! How close is that army to being done? There can't be that much more to go figure wise I'd imagine, those ancient greek lists don't have tons of choices beyond the big three you have in the bag already...

08-02-2010, 19:27
@Catferret: Well, I don't have any pizzas. Now stop whining. :p

@Cpt. Drill: Thanks. I've been painting these guys since late december already so I don't proceed too quickly on those guys.

@Fredmans: I know what you mean. Be assured, there is pretty neat texture and folds and such on these guys. The detail isn't bad for 6mm I guess. Nice to hear you getting some WM minis. What army are you starting with?

@Armond: Thanks, that's great to hear. If I were to start WM, I'd probably do Empire as well. Do you have a painting log for your WM stuff?

@jdp: Well, there's still one unit of light cav, one unit of heavy cav and some single officers to do. And all the basing. Boy, I'm really not looking forward to doing this.

Update time again!



Nothing too spectacular, mainly basing and basecoating. I'm having a hard time ranking these guys up. They're HUGE.

C&C welcome as always, see you later!

Crazy Harborc
08-02-2010, 23:51
I AM impressed...maybe a little jealous too. DARN good looking Chaos minies. Da boyz will be a lookin new friends to kill, pillage, burn and raaaa....UM, I mean makes friends with.:evilgrin:

09-02-2010, 02:37
@Crazy Harborc: Good to know you're still on board. ;)

Smallish update:



C&C welcome as always but I'll be asleep for the next few hours.

edit: they are darker in real life.

edit: I HATE PAINTING HORNS! GAH! It's tedious, useless crap and slows everything down SO much.

09-02-2010, 20:47
well i think they look awesome! :D

even tho they are all armour they are not boring.. nicely done!

09-02-2010, 23:47
@Bennonator: Thanks. :)

A few details on the Lord added:


....and some more on the knights:



Hope you like everything. On the Greek front, I finished painting all the hoplites (the spears of the front ranks weren't finished) and I drybrushed the bases. Need to add the static grass now and then they're finished.

C&C welcome!

10-02-2010, 07:23
Realy nice and clean! i like them! :)

10-02-2010, 13:17
@Dark Ritual: Thanks, it's about time I finally finish stuff again.

I have the Chosen almost finished, the Knights almost finished, the Lord on Daemonic and horse-looking steed was finished last night and these Chaos Hounds also are about 60% finished.

But first I will focus on the Greeks so I got those off the table.

10-02-2010, 14:18
Seeing those knights, I really... REALLY would like you to tackle my Space Hulk Terminators... LIKE REALLY! ;)

11-02-2010, 01:57
@Alubath: Thanks. I'd also much rather paint these awesome characters rather than endless hordes of horned metal dudes. ;)

Hey thar, I finished the last two units of Greeks today and based the whole lot:


I think I should add something to the Hoplites though; The front ranks should get some finishing highlights on the shields. Not sure if I'll do that now though, I feel a little headach-y and weird as I always do after using static grass on lots of miniatures and I don't want to stir up even more of the stuff by going back and fiddling around with the minis before the glue dried and I can remove excess grass.

edit: baaah, humbug. Did the finishing touches anyway, Greeks are finished now and the room's covered evenly in static grass.

Lord Azoth
11-02-2010, 07:44
OMFG!! I´m amazed you painted all of them..when I painted my plaque (only 12) I almost got mad!!...


11-02-2010, 13:20
I can see why you'd want to pay a poor Austrian to paint all of those...

Looking good. :)

11-02-2010, 23:54
@Lord Azoth: Sorry, what plague are you talking about? Is that some sort of ancient formation? :p

@mrtn: Thanks. It will take some time until I do something like that again. But then, I currently have real doubts of being able to ever make this whole commission painting thing "work" for me.

Aaaaaaanyway, here's the finished Chosen. The level of detail on these guys is insane.

Ranked up (a thing that isn't easy to achieve):

A better view:

And a shot from the back:

Hope you like them, I'll put them into the glass cabinet now so they may collect dust.

Crazy Harborc
12-02-2010, 01:39
First, the Greeks.......GOOD GRIEF!! WOW EVEN!!

Now, The Chosen....Rank up too??!! Beats the heck out of how mine looked. Mine were those old fashioned plastic ones too.

Lord Azoth
12-02-2010, 07:05
really beautiful unit, your metallics look awesome

12-02-2010, 16:09
Your chaos warrior army is comming along nicely. I can't decide whether I like the chaos knights or the chosen. They both look just plan awsome. Keep it up man.

12-02-2010, 17:29
@Crazy Harborc: Heya, thanks for replying. Took some trial and error and some shifting to get these guys ranked up.What old plastics were your chosen? The first "regiment box" ones with the hunchbacks and the metal parts to make the champ/musician/standard bearer? Or the monopose chaos warrior dudes from Heroquest? ;) Happy Birthday by the way. I hope you had a look at your bday thread in teh Wastes by now.

@Lord Azoth: Thanks. I think the Vallejo wash I'm using on silvery metallics works a bit better than Badab Black in this case.

@Dino: Thank you. I'll upload pictures of the finished Chaos Knights as soon as possible. There's some gig I have to attend tonight, otherwise I could have finished them today. So maybe it will take one more day until I have them finished. But be sure that they're well on their way.

So, Chaos Knights are well on their way to getting finished. I also started painting the crew and horses of the first chariot. Regular Chariot horses were replaced with horses from the new chaos knights set.

13-02-2010, 03:09
Righty, knights are finished:






Will gladly read your C&C. :)

Glad I got these off my table. Next up: Chariot!

13-02-2010, 03:24
Yea still can't decide which I like more. The knights look really sweet. Can't wait to see the chariot.

13-02-2010, 10:38
I am pretty damn sure, this army will win lots of "best painted" in Tournaments... I am looking forward to the chariot - will you do conversion work on that one, or are you going to take one of those 5th edition chariot straight out of the box?

13-02-2010, 23:49
@Dino: Thanks. :)

@Alubath: As I'm told, this army is going to be fielded at a big tournament so I hope they better win "best painted". ;) As I wrote earlier, it's basically the old chariot right out of the box but with the horses replaced with Chaos Knights horses.

Here's a first WIP:


So you see what I'm heading for with the thing. Painting has been a bit slow today because I didn't get enough sleep. Will get more stuff done tomorrow, maybe I'll be even able to finish the chariot tomorrow night.

C&C welcome!

Crazy Harborc
14-02-2010, 00:21
My Chaos Knights and Warriors were/are a mix of old, old (smaller too) metal and plastic ones.

I have a fair number of them from The Battle Master game. They are halberd bearing warriors. I also bought boxes of the multi-part plastic ones Ranking them up was real fun:mad:. The knights were a big thrill too.

14-02-2010, 01:23
Chariot looks of to a good start. can't wait to see it on the base.

Crazy Harborc
14-02-2010, 01:30
Perhaps a long chariot base........A peasant just coming out from under one of the wheels. Legs and arms still raised into the air.:D A warrior or peasant being devoured by one/both of a/the horse(s).

Oh, so many innocent fun scenes are possible.:evilgrin:

14-02-2010, 14:13
@Crazy Harborc: I also still got some of those Battlemasters chaos warriors. They look pretty badass. I'm pretty sure Harry used them for chaos warriors in his Khorne army. And concerning your basing ideas....erm...yeah, maybe on the other chariot. ;)

@Dino: Your wish is my command. (eventhough the base is just primed really)




14-02-2010, 14:55
That's one massive chariot, was a great idea to change the horses.

16-02-2010, 03:21
@Gargobot: Thanks for dropping by. I agree, changing the horses really makes this chariot look mighty heavy but I can't claim the laurels for that idea because the client suggested it. It included a minor bit of converting and bending of the middle part thing between the horses (I'm not a professional charioteer and even in German I have trouble thinking of an appropriate Term. It's probably called Steg or something.) but the new horses fit quite well.

So the chariot's finished:



I didn't get as much work done as I'd liked to. Truth is, I was mighty hungover today. I actually wasn't able to do ANYTHING (apart from trowing up violently in the early morning) for the most part of the day. It's terrible. I used to recover amazingly fast from nightly booze-ups but I must have lost this ability some time ago. Crazy Harborc surely will rejoice about the fact that I'm getting old as well. :p

Anyhow, the chariot possibly needs some neatening up in some places but it's done mainly. I also started assembling, basing and priming the first unit of Marauder Horsemen. (no pictures for now because they're being primed and still have to dry) Everyone was so impressed with the kit when it was released, even more so than with the chaos knights if I remember correctly, and it is a cool kit indeed.

I only saw the minis at Warhammer World and the lighting was pretty bad so I faultly assumed the horses were as large as the ones on the Knights but thankfully they are not. They are reasonably sized and look good. The way you put them together looks weird at first but turns out to be quite clever because in the end it almost nowhere shows where the parts went together. Mould lines have always been bothering on horses (especially the mane and the tail) but they were very few on this box. There actually are variant heads for the horses (I think that there's 6 to 8 in the box for five horses) which are very well done. The Marauders themselves are good as well. There are only five torsi which are all the same pose. That's a bit of a letdown because it would have been nice to be able to pose the upper body a bit differently and it would also helped with using the bits on other kits like Catachans or Marauders on foot. There are loads of different heads in this kit. I didn't really count but It surely aren't less than 11 very different heads. If you are a Space Wolves or White Scars player and aren't happy with the about 1,350 heads that come with the new SW boxes; here's some more very good barbaric heads. The whole kit also seems to be pretty mandatory if you want to make an Attilan IG regiment. I just wish I'd thought of all those additional heads before I assembled the chaos marauders regiment. The added variation and just awesome faces would have really added to the thing. Oh, the weapons you get are also pretty awesome. I'm pretty sure that there's all possible weapon loadouts in the box, with the exception of bows but I'm not sure Marauders can get those in the new army book.

So...yeah, it's a neat kit. :)

Hope you like the chariot, next thing: five Marauder Horsemen with Musician.

16-02-2010, 03:39
The chariot looks really nice. I serioulsy can't wait to see the horsemen.

16-02-2010, 04:25
@Dino: Thanks, I hope you won't have to wait too long. :)

After some finishing touches, I just put the chariot into the cabinet and had to notice that I'm seriously running out of space on this panel:


Had to put the Blackguard somewhere else already and once the Horsemen are done, I'll have to put the Corsairs (who cleverly hide behind the chaos knights) somewhere else too).

Anyway, an excuse for some kind of army shot there. Hope you like it. :)

edit: Interesting. With the flash turned off, my camera seems to love blues while it really likes to enforce reds on everything when the flash is turned on.

16-02-2010, 09:47
Made of equally great parts win and awesome. That's all I have to say.

16-02-2010, 22:10
@Aulbath: Thanks a lot, Sir. :)

First WIPs of the Marauder Horsemen:

...and their formidable horses:

Would have loved to show you the dudes sitting on their horses but I noticed a thing I don't like much about these minis; the riders are more or less designed to "snap fit" onto the horses. It's kind of hard to get the riders onto the steeds and it inevitably scratches some paint off but once they're on the horses, they fit perfectly and don't even move a bit. Still, I'm one of those people who like to sit the riders onto the mount for taking WIP pictures or even just looking at the mini and enjoying it. Not possible with these. Anyway, I hope you like them. Apart from painting these dudes, I used some drying time to add some sculpting to the dragon ogres. Got no pictures of those yet, but they might be the next thing I paint after these Horsemen.

Mr Feral
16-02-2010, 22:47
Looking as sharp as always, the gradient red on the shields and the horses are looking mighty fine. :)

17-02-2010, 02:19
Horsemen are really of to a great start. Your horses look sweet. Keep it up.

17-02-2010, 03:36
@Mr Feral: Thanks. I'm surprised how well the shields turned out actually.

@Dino: Cheers!

Here's some more WIP pictures of the horses, hope you like them:



These Horsemen start to bore me. I went into this with the bold idea of getting them done in two days but as always I underestimated the detailwork and overestimated my stamina (wimp!).

And here's some kind of preview pictures of the Dragon Ogres I'll do next (possibly):



There's 4 of them. As I've written earlier, I added these GS scales (not that visible in the picture of the second dude) last night.

Hope you like everything, C&C welcome as always!

17-02-2010, 10:35
Great looking army!

Love how the giant turned out, very slick!



17-02-2010, 10:45
Sigur, have you ever done a tutorial for your lava bases?

Lord Azoth
17-02-2010, 10:47
really beautiful skintone for the horses, wuld you mind telling the recipe?..

Mr Feral
17-02-2010, 11:17
Awesome, can't wait to see them finished.

A small question, what weapon options come in the set?

17-02-2010, 11:20
Yay, replies! *rejoices*

@CMDante: Thank ye, Sir!

@Tommygun: I don't think I have. Or I might have. Dunno. It's pretty simple: clean base (I also tend to "shave off" most of the texture on these new bases which have a pretty strong texture), sculpt some little islands with milliput where the mini's feet are going to be, glue on some pebbles and the occational lava bubble (little GS balls cut in half) or even a just-popped lava bubble (small piece of GS, push rear of paintbrush into it, smoothen out the borders). Sand the little islands, prime, paint little islands grey, drybrush (2 stages), paint flat parts VMC Hull Red (60/40 mix of scorched brown/blood red should work as well), layer up from there with mixes of Hull Red, Blood Red, some Yellow and white. I use a 60/40 mix of Sunburst Yellow and White for final stages.

@Lord Azoth: Sure, it's a basecoat of VMC Chocolate Brown (best brown evar), Devlan Mud Wash, Highlight with mixes of Chocolate Brown and Kommando Khaki, wash again.

@Mr Feral: Spears, hand weapons and two-handed flails (oddly enough).

17-02-2010, 14:16
Horses look really sweet. I know full well how though it can be to paint horses some times.

Dragon ogres look interesting. Might want to beaf up the dragon bodies a bit.

17-02-2010, 14:30
@Dino: Thanks for the input, I'll look into that. And yeah, horses can be a pain to paint. For a commission long ago, I think it's not even covered in this log as it was before I did the battle for Skull Pass, I had to paint white horses for a HE army. That was painful.

I thought it would be a good idea to deliver you with high-res pictures of woodgrain on this window frame and super-big trees:



I'll take individual photos of the units as well (at least the different ones. :p ).

17-02-2010, 15:11
Nice dusting on the window frame, looks really natural. :evilgrin:

I noticed one thing when I saw the army pic, for 2 months painting that's a whole lot of Chaos dudes. Not to mention you also painted Greeks and (carefully) built Greek towers in that time. All the while I'm struggling to keep up with the ToFP, so I'm really impressed.

Anyhoo, horses do look good.

17-02-2010, 15:24
Those marauder horsemen will look ace when finished! Interesting project with the big lizards, will see where this leads!

Hard to see those small dudes but i think theyre looking great as an army together.


19-02-2010, 20:52
@Gargobot: Thanks, I used pigments before but never in that way. Took me about 3 days until I got the window frame just the way I wanted it. :p Yeah, I got a fair bit done in the past 2 Months Also did a small Warmaster army, mind you. But I too don't manage to keep up with my To40kP stuff.

@Kaos: Yeah, the army shots of the Greek didn't come out perfect. But then again, it's 6mm scale so close-ups don't look that breathtaking either (as you will see in a second).

I've been unwell for the past days and I really don't feel like painting at the moment but at least I managed to make some more pictures of the finished Greek:

Archers and Psiloi (http://www.europabarbarorum.com/i/units/eleutheroi/greece/rebel_akontistai.gif):

Armoured Cavalry:


Light Cavalry:



19-02-2010, 20:52

And last but not least, a unit of Hoplites:


Their "underskirt" determines their unit. Those are unit BLUE. I really ran out of unit colours. For instance, there are 3 Brown units, all different shades.

As you can see, the closer pictures look a bit weird. Remember, it's 6mm scale, about half the size of WM miniatures. Painting the Hoplites was a chore as you all know too well but these cavalry guys actually were pretty quick and fun.

19-02-2010, 21:16
...Their "underskirt" determines their unit. Those are unit BLUE. I really ran out of unit colours. For instance, there are 3 Brown units, all different shades.

Alexander has order the Beige and Taupe troops to attack the flank!
This is Madness!

Crazy Harborc
20-02-2010, 00:43
Well......my pink and yellows will just sneak around a hill or two and hit somebodies green and pinks in the flank.:D The pastel raiders attack again!!

20-02-2010, 04:56
@Tommygun, Crazy Harborc: Hey you two in the last row! Stop your nonsense. :p

I glued the riders to the horses now and some detailwork on them has been done. Also added the shields. They look fabulous in my opinion. These models are just so cool and the pose with the spears and round shields and stuff looks just so great. Really makes you want to play some historical system.



Hope you like them as well!

20-02-2010, 05:36
You are not mistaken, they look great! Keep up the good work!

20-02-2010, 06:56
They do look fantastic.
I don't know about historical games but it makes me want to go paint my Marauder horsemen. :D
For me, the horses need a bit more variation in colour but I have often compromised reality in favour of a very tight scheme myself.
Also those Dragon Ogres look like they will be fantastic. Can't wait

20-02-2010, 08:06
*mutters* need to finish my horsemen *mutters*

20-02-2010, 08:41
@Armond: Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way. Thanks. ;)

@Harry: I see what you mean about the horses but I've been trying a new thing on them, going for a very limited palette by using Devlan Mud in varying quantities on almost every single colour. Glad you like the converted Dragon Ogres. I'm also quite eager to see how they turn out.

@Aulbath: Indeed so! They're pretty cool to paint if they're only five.

In the past hours, I put Vulkan He'Stan together as well as the Slaanesh Lord on boobworm. And boy, is that an adventure. Did you know that the boobworm consists of not any less than six parts? This even tops the old metal dragon's torso.

20-02-2010, 08:55
@Aulbath: Indeed so! They're pretty cool to paint if they're only five.

Well make that only 20 for me... ... ... T-T;

20-02-2010, 09:09
Well make that only 20 for me... ... ... T-T;

Ahahahahaahahahahahahaha. :p

Oh wait, I also have to paint 10 more of those guys. :eyebrows:

You know, it might be the lack of sleep but it's awesome how the boobworm and its rider are balanced. They'd make the perfect top for a new Greek Tower...

20-02-2010, 10:11
woah i think its awesome you paint that up in such a short time....the whole chaos army looks insane...how long did it take you exactly to paint all that up now?

20-02-2010, 11:04
I just read the last 4 pages, and those chaos folks are great ! I especially like the chariot, it looks massive, there's a few odd details but that doesn't disturb it.

And congrats on achieving that 6mm greek army ! That's an impressive amount of work. What are the different unit colors for the different hoplites ? I am curious :D

21-02-2010, 14:10
great work sigur, what a loss that you dont do more mordheim-compatible stuff :cries:

22-02-2010, 11:20
@Breazer: I'm pretty sure I commenced working on the Chaos army on the January fourth or fifth.

@Ancre: Thanks. :p Red, Green, Green (little mistake there), Scorched brown, bestial brown, gryphone sepia, blue, yellow, black, some other colour.

@Asp: I'd love to do some Mortheim in the future. Not having to paint a whole army, you can invest much more time in single miniatures and it also never gets tedious working with smaller warbands.

Little update:




Basically random stuff. The Marauder horsemen aren't even quite finished but I got bored of them so I put together the Slaanesh Lord and the Tzeentch Lord on Disk (as you can not see in the pictures because they're all too dark). As I had the GS and pinning stuff out anyway, I also assembled Vulkan He'Stan, a Space Marines special character. I will paint the Slaanesh Lord first and hope to get him done quickly. :)

22-02-2010, 16:33
@Fredmans: I know what you mean. Be assured, there is pretty neat texture and folds and such on these guys. The detail isn't bad for 6mm I guess. Nice to hear you getting some WM minis. What army are you starting with?

Every time I take a peak in your log, you have finished another unit. Your chaos army really comes together well, and the marauder horsemen looks their part of it, despite lacking metal armours.

Clever use of underskirts for hoplite unit designation purposes. Looking at the miniatures, I could only see three options: the helmets, the shields or the underskirts. Your choice of underskirts has the advantage of looking unified from your opponent's point of view, and distinct from yours.

I just received some Chaos miniatures for an Epic army, but having seen them in real life, I am very tempted to assemble and paint Empire, Skaven or Orcs and Goblins. Another part of me wants to convert a Wood Elf army.


22-02-2010, 17:00

Some more details on the Marauders:


Some work on the slaanesh dude and his mount (sorry for the bad pictures on the latter. Hate the yellowness of my lamp).






gotta go, seeya later!

22-02-2010, 18:18
Sigur, I am out of words to describe the greatness of this all... constant extremely high quality from you.

I think this army should be featured somewhere, and you need more exposure to the world... have you ever considered joining some "painting team" of some sorts? Not doing commissions, but grouping simply for making awesome paintjobs that make scrub-painters heads like mine explode.

23-02-2010, 04:17
The boobworm is my Fave model. I cant wait to see it finished.

23-02-2010, 08:55
Your chaos army is outstanding! Marauders are my favourite. The metalics on the knights are great. Can you write how did you paint them?

26-02-2010, 14:58
@Aulbath: Making heads explode, eh? Sounds like a plan. Well, I'd love more "exposure". Don't know about painting teams. In my experience, they're mostly painting for golden daemons which is a community I looked into a few times but the forums entries often seemed a bit weird. But sure, I'd love to have my minis featured somewhere. I've had some requests from webzines to feature pictures of some of my minis but somehow it never really worked out (mostly because these webzines cesed to exist). Maybe I should get a blog of sorts at least.

@Melchiah: Thank you. I'll do my best. ;)

@Krzyek: I'm pretty sure I wrote it in here one or two times already but here you go: Boltgun metal base, wash with Vallejo Black Shade, highlight with chainmail/mithril. Pretty simple recipe.

Chaos Hounds are finished:





Glad I got those done. Borders of the bases are tidied up now by the way.

oh, by the way. I put together the second unit of knights and based the dragon ogres:

The client converted them (I just added a few details) and the looks splendid.

26-02-2010, 19:44
Great job on the hounds, now I'm really looking forward to those Dragon Ogres. :)

Mr Feral
26-02-2010, 20:28
Smooth Chaos Warhounds, they certainly look the part. :)

27-02-2010, 11:48
Especially love the bases on the Chaos Hounds! :)

28-02-2010, 13:54
@Gargobot: Thank ye, good Sir, I'll try my best to finish the dragon ogres quickly.

@Mr Feral: Cheers!

@Lordmonkey: Very polite of you, Sir. :p

Dragon Ogres WIP:

Chaos Knights unit#2:

28-02-2010, 17:38
nice going, sigur

01-03-2010, 03:26
The dragon ogres are very promising, I look forward to seeing them finished. This will definitely be a force to be admired at the end of the day!

01-03-2010, 18:10
Duuuuuuuudes! Update!!

@Asp: Thanks. :)

@jdp: I'm pretty sure that the army will look pretty good when it's finished.

Dragon Ogres:



I did a little fun thing on the big hammer, painted the woodgrain onto the big club and that's all that's noteworthy really. Hope you like'em. :)

01-03-2010, 20:13
this is such a great army, a shame the bases are so high-fantasy that i cant host it on my mordheim page :(

but keep going, sooner or later there might be coincidence :D

Mr Feral
01-03-2010, 20:21
Love the Dragon Ogres, both the palid and green skintones are looking as sharp as ever.

What bits were used for the legs may I ask?

01-03-2010, 21:13
@Asp: That's the only problem? The bases? :eyebrows: Hmm, that sucks. Isn't there a way to just pretend it's streams of orange juice?

@Mr Feral: It's weird; I've been asked this question on another messageboard as well. The lower bodies are the still-current dragon ogres. They're mighty fine sculpts eventhough some might not like the faces. Actually, if they did dragon ogres these days, the lower parts would look much worse in my opinion because for some reason GW sculptors just don't know how to do organic parts any more. It's all so edgy and anguar these days.

01-03-2010, 21:14
Dragon ogres are shaping up nicely. Really like the lavaeffects for the stone weapons.

Crazy Harborc
01-03-2010, 23:11
Gee, maybe, just maybe, painting using some pastels in soft shades would help recruit more players to try dragon ogres.:D OR perhaps some happy, smilie faces on armour/shields....maybe on the dragon ogre's rump.

03-03-2010, 15:18
@Dino: Thanks. It's a little thing I tried out. It can never be wrong to know another simple technique for making weapons "pop".

@Crazy Harborc: Awesome Idea. I just ordered 500 Dragon Ogres online because I'm totally sold on your idea. :p

Dragon Ogres are finished:



Well, almost finished. Crazy Harborc reminded me that I had planned to maybe add some tatoos like on the giant. Apart from that, the banner needs soome more highlighting/shading and some freehand work. *shudders*

edit: The banner pole of the Slaanesh Lord just snapped. I knew this would happen. Poop.

03-03-2010, 16:37
They look great, but being picky, there still is a rock red on the banner.

Love the bases!

Crazy Harborc
03-03-2010, 23:46
sigur.......Bummer about the standard pole. When you drill the holes in the parts remember to go deep on both halves. Piano wire instead of a paper clip. OR a bigger/thicker paper clip might work too.

SOoooo, which one of the guys gets the heart that says "mom". OR another tattoo......how about USN with an anchor?:evilgrin:

Mr Feral
03-03-2010, 23:51
They'll be amazing after the freehand and touching up of areas are done. :)

Any ideas on what will go on the banner yet?

04-03-2010, 01:20
... you mean they'll be even more amazing, they're pretty awesome already. :)

04-03-2010, 02:54
These guys look really well. But yea you missed some stones on the banner.

06-03-2010, 20:38
Thanks for the heads up about the red rock, guys. Thing is, there's several details that are sculpted onto the banned that aren't painted yet, like some rocks you noticed and straps as well. I won't paint them until I got the freehand and overall banner done because there isn't much use in painting the small, exposed details before having finished the big surfacre underneath. ;)

@Crazy Harborc: Thanks for the suggestions on how to fix the banner pole. I might look into that. This pole really is very very thin. Dunno if you ever worked with them, but they are almost as thin as the paperclips i'm using for pinning usually.

So I haven't done anything freehand yet, mostly because I didn't dare to. I don't have much routine with painting big freehands and this banner is just huge.

So I did some work on the chaos knights I primed earlier. The metallics are almost done by now. After that, it's horses, the red parts, horns, horns, horns, finishing details. Then, the shields and to finish the job - banners.

I also put together Archaon, the biggest and baddest (http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/nes/wizard-lucas.jpg)of all. He looks awesome. Required quite a lot of gap-filling but that's not that problem. The problem is that I started a new can of primer (yes, I already used up a can of black primer within the past two and a half months) and I don't know if it's a bad can or if I shook it wrong or whatever but it's one of those cans that get the primer very grainy, matte and crumbly. I had that in late summer on the Salamanders I painted. Annoying.

Anyhoo, I'm trying to fix it right now. His base is done already and I tried to get a little funky on it. Well, as funky as I get at at least so not much but I tried something to make him look more dramatic. I actually haven't planned to take pictures for this update, but whatever. Just a second...



You probably can guess what effect I was going for on Archaon's base. I think it didn't work out that great but at least it doesn't look totally ridiculous (I would have hated having to remove the GS again).)

The knights are WIP as mentioned before. The two knights on the right hand side need their metallics to be highlighted properly. In the background, you can see a part of the chaos dragon's tail.

Crazy Harborc
06-03-2010, 20:57
Each photo of them, they look better and better.;)

You really need to move closer to here. OR just store your toys here.:angel:

07-03-2010, 00:15
I can't guess what effect you're going for on Archaon's base. :(

07-03-2010, 00:58
I guess the stones are being swallowed up by the lava (?). Looks good. :)

09-03-2010, 21:10
@Crazy Harborc: Would be a shame if they looked worse each time I post updades, wouldn't it. ;)

@mrtn, Gargobot: Alright, so it seems like I created what can be called a "basing effect fail". I tried to go for an effect of the lava "gushing" against the rocks Archaon stands on, like the lava behaving more turbulent around him. Something that implies unholy powers like boiling seas in apocalyptic visions. Stuff like that. Uhm....well, I guess boiling lava doesn't seem that unusual. :eyebrows:

Aaaaanyhow, still trying to fix the primer on Archaon and did a little painting on the knights:



Nothing really new. Nothing we haven't seen before. Just keep in mind the metallics are a bit darker in real-life, you all know what the photo lighting does with metallics. ;)

Hope to deliver with more updates soon!

10-03-2010, 14:47
I do quite like Archaon's base.... I would personally have trid to get a couple of lava 'bubbles' in there to try and represent the boiling gushing lava, as without it does look a little.... erm.... flow-y in places, a little too gentle if you get my meaning...

A couple of small polystyrene balls cut in half may work?

Just a thought - the rest looks ace as normal :)

11-03-2010, 12:07
@Crube: Thanks for backing me up on the base. ;) I guess adding bubbles will improve the look indeed, did that earlier. I usually have a little reserve of small balls of GS of various sizes for making bubbles because I usually end up with little quantities of GS after the work is done so I started turning them into stuff I could use on bases some day like bubbles, little mushroom hats, roots, etc.

New pictures!

Knights in outlandish colours after I tried to fix the yellow tint on the pictures:


A little better WIP pictures of Archaon, Lord of Badass:



Hope you like them, see you soon!

Crazy Harborc
13-03-2010, 00:27
I like them very much!! Darn good looking minies......EVEN....( Booo hiss, hiss) for Chaos. Oh yes, da boys out for a little ride to discover flowers in springtime.

Oh, oh LOOK master....children in the meadow, gathering spring flowers.YES!! CHARGE the enemy, the children!!:evilgrin:

13-03-2010, 13:08
Everything looks gorgeous - great job :eek:

I'd just recommend you to paint Archaon's and the steed's eyes in the same way you did the chaos star on the back quarter of the horse - this would link them to the base (in a chaosy way :D) and put a focal point on the faces of the two characters composing the mini.


14-03-2010, 20:59
@Crazy Harborc: Weirdo!! :D:D

@Toschenko: Thanks, done and done. Horsie's eyes are glowing now. No much else work on Archaon.

...proceeded with the Tzeentch dude though:




He reminds me a lot of Rakarth I painted earlier in this log.

Also put together another chariot, basing it at the moment.

C&C welcome! :)

Crazy Harborc
14-03-2010, 21:11
Oh...my...goodness.:D I really LIKE IT!!! See, see...now....THAT is what can happen when you fart fire.:evilgrin:

14-03-2010, 21:14
Is it Mr. Mustache now?

They are looking good.
I'm trying to make flaming lava bases for my Legion of the Damned right now.
Having problems the the flames, it takes too damned long.
I have been adding lots of big bubbles and probably will drop the flames.
I just hope I can get the paint right.

14-03-2010, 22:25
@Crazy Harborc: Thanks muchly, Sir. :) As we're dealing with a robe here, it seems like the fart crawled out at the bottom of the robe as well as the collar. Why the halberd is on fire probably has to remain a secret. :shifty:

@Tommygun: I figured people would take me more seriosly with the old "stern looking avatar". Painting flames is a chore. I suggest you really just stick to the lava bases and maybe add tiny flames in some places. Painting lava takes some time but it's doable within a reasonable timeframe. Having flames on each base really takes long though. I find adding stuff like bubbles or small rocks to wider areas of lava very helpful because you have to do less smooth blending. Lemme know if you want a recipe on how I do lava.

I'm currently waiting for the first coat of paint on the base of the chariot to dry and watching Columbo.

14-03-2010, 22:37
The knights look great, and the flames on 'Tzeentch dude' are very well done.

Why the halberd is on fire probably has to remain a secret. :shifty:
Yuck?! :eyebrows:

15-03-2010, 00:08
as always this is some great painting, sigur. love the TMM on the knights. nicely done.
and that sorcerer is just on fire.

sorry, i couldn't resist. :D


15-03-2010, 11:16
Loving everything of yours of late! Those knights and Archaon are just ace! Looking forward to more :)

16-03-2010, 19:27
@Gargobot: Thanks. Painting flames is always more annoying than one would think.

@Kenzaburo: Arrrgh, I suffer from that pun. ;) Anyway, thanks.

@Vinsanity: Alrighty, will post more then!

Soooooo, I finally got some new cork and thicker metal rods (sold as "gardener's wirde" but metal rod sounds more manly) and was able to do the Tzeentch Lord's base and thought it was time do try to put together the chaos dragon. "lolwud", I head you say, "chaos dragons are gosh-pip-pip-darnit-easy-tallyho to put together, old bean. You must suffer from the hickups for saying such a thing!". Well, it took some pinning eventhough the guy's mainly plastic.

Prepare to get hit by something AWEOSME (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dsggg1vQELc&feature=related)*:
*)you read right, this thing is so awesome that it took the word awesome - even in it's caps-lock form - and totally messed it up!


I'm pretty hyped about this thing now that I see it put together for the first time. Sadly, it doesn't look as awesome in the picture but let me tell you; it's big. And I'm allowed to praise it that much because it wasn't my idea. So no blowing my own whistle or something. The concept and converting was done by the client, I just put it together, pinned everything so it doesn't fall apart and added some small bits.

It's rather satisfying to see that with every project I do, I learn new stuff and always feel that I'm not only doing something new but also something grander. I'll finish the new chariot first (at least to 80% or something) and maybe the knights before I will start painting the dragon and I actually didn't want to show you any pictures before the work on him starts but I got hyped when I saw the assembled thing in front of me.

16-03-2010, 19:34
I can see that you knocked over some cans of paint in excitement over the dragonfight too hehe. :) That will look really impressive when done!

Is it the metal chariot youre making or a conversion?

Also its nice seeing normal fire on the Tzeentch dude, keeps it together with your army.


16-03-2010, 19:35
*jaw dropping to the floor*

16-03-2010, 21:01
@Kaos: Thanks. The chariot itself won't be converted but the horses have been replaced with new chaos knights horses as on the first chariot and the crew has been replaced with a crew made from the 2004(?) plastic chaos warriors.

16-03-2010, 21:07
That's an impressive dragon !

... does it holds on place well ? It doesn't look balanced and I have the impression it will fall off quite often. But that said, you probably have a super heavy base to hold him in place.

( and how are you going to send him back to his owner ? won't it break in the mail ? )

16-03-2010, 23:33
Bam. Looks incredible so far... really jaw dropping
Absolutely no wonder that you got hyped :D

The Tzeentch-Lord on disk is also very good. I like how you painted the fire coming out of him, keep it up!

17-03-2010, 01:38
@Ancre: Thanks. :) This block underneath the dragon's base is solid lead or something and weights surely half a kilo. It's almost impossible to fall over. The model still is in 5 parts (lower base, upper base, dragon, pegasus knight and flames, rider) that are just stuck together. If I had glued everything together already, it would have been almost impossible to paint.

@Indreth: Yeah, I'm not sure the size really comes across in the picture. It's pretty impressive. Thanks for the compliments on the Tzeentch dude as well.

Speaking of the Tzeentch dude, he's finished now. Can't take any pictures at the moment because there's still some GS to cure on the joint that holds the disc but I'll upload them tomorrow or within the next few days.

Crazy Harborc
17-03-2010, 23:26
THAT dragon is great, AWESOME is the word. Hopefully the owner/user in its first battle will have better luck than I would. Blankety, blank cannons:(

18-03-2010, 23:44
Wow! That's an impressive dragon. Man, I'm really looking forward to see this beasty painted.
But how will you get that monster back to the client?

19-03-2010, 02:14
@Crazy Harborc: I hope so as well. At least he seems to be able to handle pegasus knights quite well. :p

@Gargobot: Thanks. The client will pick up the dragon and the stuff I painted so far personally in a month or so. So time is very short on this guy.

2nd chariot (WIP):


Tzeentch Lord (WIP):



Can't say that I'm very pleased with the pictures or the looks of the stuff. The wash kind of acted weirdly on the steeds and there still are a few things on the Tzeentch Lord that need fixing eventhough I had wanted him to be finished tonight. Not a very satisfying evening. The crew on the chariot still looks a bit comically leaned backwards eventhough I bent the "spine" thing on the chariot quite a lot and all...whatever. These horses are just so much larger than the regular ones. I don't even feel like uploading these on the other painting logs, I probably should just go to bed.

19-03-2010, 09:25
that chariot looks pretty cool...just a bit sad of the whip arm...but nothing much to do about that...
i must say that the colours work pretty well even though they are so simple....i think its the bases that really makes them come to life....great going anyway....your client will be very pleased i think

El Aartos
19-03-2010, 09:35
I think the chariot looks great. Even though there are not much part left from the original one, I think this should be very good. Those horses just look way better than the original ones and the warriors are fine too. There's nothing wrong with the chariot itself, it's design is quite cool and this way I might get one of them too I think.
Good job!

19-03-2010, 11:13
Nice painting. One niggle is that one of the scythes are put flat side against the enemy. If they are to work properly they should be fixed, and not go round with the wheel, so this chariot would deal "D6 + ½ + a slap" impact hits.

19-03-2010, 12:47
Thanks for the kind comments, guys. :)

@Breazer: What about the Whip arm? The fact that I had to mutilate a metal mini to get it or the fact that the way the dude holds it it reminds you of one of those "fun" leashes with "invisible dogs" in the end? ;)

@mrtn: :D Well put but I always figured that the scythe blades would rotate with the wheels. The image is somewhat more vicious to me (eventhough the blades on the mini are huge, thick and bulky) and they did rotate in Gladiator after all. :(

19-03-2010, 13:16
Lovely looking models!

19-03-2010, 20:58
looooking good, sigur.

tzeeentch is my favourite

20-03-2010, 18:38
Sigur, I have a quick question/ need some advice from you. I am painting my Araby camel riders and am having a defil of a time getting a decent color on the camels. What colors did you use on the ones you painted for a commission last year? They looked nice and I am at a block on mine. Thanks!

The dragon blow torching the Bretonian looks great btw. Can't wait to see it get some paint!

21-03-2010, 02:19
Sigur, I have a quick question/ need some advice from you. I am painting my Araby camel riders and am having a defil of a time getting a decent color on the camels. What colors did you use on the ones you painted for a commission last year? They looked nice and I am at a block on mine. Thanks!

The dragon blow torching the Bretonian looks great btw. Can't wait to see it get some paint!

Not to derail the thread too much, but I just read WD 338, and the recipe for the southron camels was
Graveyard Earth/Bleached Bone => Desert Yellow => Bleached Bone => Skull White.


21-03-2010, 03:38
Thanks mrtn, I apreciate it! Now back to our regularly scheduled project log...

21-03-2010, 14:32
Thanks for the kind replies everyone!

@jdp: I used a basecoat of VMC Khaki Grey (kind of looks like a 40/60 mix of Graveyard Earth/Desert Yellow) and then probably drybrushed with a mix of VMC Khaki Grey and Bleached Bone. Then some inking with either devlan mud or gryphone sepia in the deeper decesses (mostly around the legs, the face and such).

WIPs of the Dragon:



The chariot and the Tzeentch dude are finished now. No pictures of them for now because you saw very finished versions already.

21-03-2010, 15:22
Hu, sexy dragon! :D

21-03-2010, 16:22

Dark Apostle
21-03-2010, 18:17
Awesome dragon! I guess that base is pretty heavy, or the whole thing is in risk of toppling over :) Could we have a close-up of where the dragon is attached to the base please?

21-03-2010, 19:10
Thanks for the replies everyone!

@Dark Apostle: Yus, there seeems to be a solid block of lead under the 50mm base and eventhough the flames being pretty heavy, I don't think it will ever topple over.

Here's the requested close-up:

And two more hastily-made WIP-shots because my camera was running low on battery:



21-03-2010, 19:51
Looking so very good already, I especially like the photo with the head. Can't wait to see this guy finished.

22-03-2010, 21:52
@Alubath: Dankesehr. :)






22-03-2010, 22:01
One word, Awesome!

22-03-2010, 22:57
No one has said it so far, so I'll just point out that the chaos dragon is AEWOSME!

Seriously, the conversion is excellent (I hope you pass all these complements to the converter) and your painting is just the job. Beautiful flame effects on the wings. How will you do the jet of fire? Reverse highlights up to red? Can't wait to see it!

Crazy Harborc
23-03-2010, 00:29
A really GREAT two headed dragon. Looking very good.

Um....how, how did you get it/them(?) to go on the paper?? Two heads, so do (they) have two as* **les??;)

23-03-2010, 00:54
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome in all shapes and sizes.
The lava-like wings look great, and obviously go very well with the base.
Will there be an equally awesome rider?

23-03-2010, 03:14
Thanks for the camel formula Sigur!

I like how the dragon is progressing, interesting take on the wings, much cooler than basic black, not that there would have been anything wrong with that either!

23-03-2010, 12:29
@Cassarus: Exactly. ;)

@McMullet: Cheers buddy. The guy who converted the dragon is reading this log so I guess he's aware of the awesomeness of his dragon. :) As for the flames...yes, it's probably going to be regular red fire. Thought of using purple or even green for a bit but I'm not sure about that. The blue on the Bret is already stretching the colourscheme and adding another colour could either make the whole thing "pop" or look weird. On the other hand, there might be enough red feiry stuff on the base and dragon already...

@Crazy Harborc: Threatened the dragon to paint his tail pink if he doesn't hold still.

@Gargobot: Yus, the rider is already in the making and about 50% finished. It's old Egrimm van Horstmann (slightly converted) and looks very good on the dragon. The only problem: He's heavier than I thought and even makes the dragon dangerously top-heavy. Leverage effect at work, people!

@jdp: Thanks, I also like the effect. Got the idea from looking at Baudross' wings (got the old bardboard slipcase along with Egrimm) and thought it would be a good idea to have the new dragon look like Baudross a bit (albeit in a slightly updated and darker way) so Egrimm doesn't feel too alienated or sad about losing his original pet dragon.

25-03-2010, 13:35
Still doing inspirational work there Sigur. I just love the patterns on the dragon's wings. Far more stylish than the block colour that most people seem to do.

I do wonder if red/yellow flames would be a bit too much on this model. Maybe go for a yellow/white instead?

If the model is in danger of falling over you could try positioning the dragon to point up more. That would shift the centre of balance back towards the base. Tall models present a whole different set of problems - such as getting in the way and being knocked over - but at least it would stand up.

Edit - Another solution to the tipping problem would be to have a second fire breath which is much shorter and lighter for use when gaming. The one with the Bretonian could then be a display piece.

29-03-2010, 12:57
@Flatline: Thanks for the input, I probably will go for yellow flames as you suggested, maybe even with a green tint. The problem of tripping over isn't that grave; with the rider added, the state just went from "pretty much unshakable" to "it's possible to be knocked over if you give it a push in the right direction".

Sorry for the lack of updates of late. My order at Maelstrom has been delayed a lot (ordered it on the 5th, received it just three days ago) and it had some important tools and paints and such with it. Apart from that, I've just been lazy to be honest, got a cold and Chaos Rising all of which kept me from painting.

But I returned last night, finished the Dragon Ogre standard bearer and almost got the knights finished apart from one freehand banner which I plan to finish today.

My camera's battery is acting a bit weird again; been charging it for three days now and it still claims to be empty. Hope to get some pictures up later today.

29-03-2010, 16:36
Super happy picture time!

Dragon Ogre banner finished:

2nd Knights unit finished:


As you probably noticed, this unit has two standard bearers. Before you all scream "omg rtfm n00f"; I actually forgot (wasn't in the mood) to paint up a standard bearer when I did the first unit so one of them is going in the first unit and some dude from there will take his place in this unit. The left banner is freehand painted.

Egrimm van Horstmann WIP:

The picture isn't took good but here's a first picture of the badboy who made me go through quite a lot of trouble. He will ride the chaos dragon.

Hope you like everything, see you soon!

29-03-2010, 17:33
Impressive as ever ! The dragon does attract all the attention to himself, but what I like most is his rider. Your banners are wonderful as well, I wish I could freehand like this :)

29-03-2010, 17:52
Whats the status on the boobworm?

30-03-2010, 07:05
That dragon is ace Awesome, wish I was nearly as good a painter as you man..

30-03-2010, 09:25

Just want to give you mad-props for your bases. Really really like them.


30-03-2010, 12:39
@Ancre: Thanks. :)

@Melchia: After reading your post, I sat down and finished the boobworm but the problem still is the rider. I just have no idea how to pin that darned banner pole because it's so thin. I'm afraid I'll have to dremmel all the banner pole from the back of the banner and the other part of the pole from that back part of the rider and replace it with a new rod. Annoying and really off-putting.

@Asylsoekande: Cheers mate.

@Qooky: They aren't that hard to do, just a little time consuming and you need a little extra material.

Not much news from the painting front. As I said above, the boobworm itself is finished, the rider is not, I did Archaon's shield last night so even this guy is slooooooowly moving towards getting finished. Well, can't do anything about it but to get to work again.

.....or I just write some off-topic bloggy stuff in here. ;)
Other notable news: I'll do a Mortheim Dwarfs warband in a few weeks. Exceptionally cool miniatures; a nice selection of Avatars of War, Reaper, etc. minis. Should be good. :)

As for another dwarfy occurance: Yesterday I got my Squats/Scrunts order from Olley's Armies for my 40k IG. I really hope I find time to paint those up sometime soon. The minis look mighty fine.

A little tabletop gaming club centered around my LGS came into life recently and they asked me if I could do a painting workshop. Of course, I'm mighty proud of that (that's why I'm bragging in here :p ) but I'm also very nervous already because I never tought before and actually hardly ever talk to people about painting (offline) because none of my friends paint minis any more and even back when they did, they didn't really chat about it.

So what would you like to see in such a Workshop? I think that the level will be mainly about the basics; removing mold lines, priming, basecoating, watering down paints, brush care, drybrushing, washes, etc. Stuff like that. Has anyone of you been to painting workshops yet?

30-03-2010, 15:23
That sucks, its always the nice looking ones that are a pain in the butt.
kinda like cars and women...:shifty:

30-03-2010, 16:56
The banners look absolutely great.
Oh, AoW minis coming up? Nice.
And good luck with the Workshop!

31-03-2010, 12:12
Hey Sigur. I love those banners. I can never paint anything that neatly. In fact my only criticism would be that they look at little to crisp and clean for Chaos, but that may be just down to how I imagine Chaos to look.

As for the painting workshop, may I suggest you ask the LGS what they want you to cover? If they are just looking to cater to beginners then everything you said is great. If they expect some more experienced painters then think about some useful tips - ways to do weathering, NMM, shading and highlighting, etc.

31-03-2010, 16:31
@Melchiah: Quite true. But I fixed it. The back of the banner looks a bit less neat now but at least it's fixed and nobody will notice once it's done. The banner pole is also a bit longer now.

@Gargobot: Yus, the AoW Dwarf Engineer, the Noble from Dwarf Tales, some Tale of War Dwarves, etc.

@Flatline: I see what you mean about the banners but I'm pleased how they are at the moment. :) As for the workshop, it's going to be the basics mostly.

Picture update. Now that the problems with the Slaanesh Lord are out of the way, I went on with painting him. At this stage, he doesn't quite fit on the Boobworm yet (this will require some GS'ing) so they're shot seperately:







31-03-2010, 16:32

...aaaand Archaon:



31-03-2010, 22:12
As always, your stuff serves as inspiration for all of us. The chaos folks are awesome... but the dragon... what is a word that is better than awesome?

Crazy Harborc
01-04-2010, 23:18
I really like the worm-rider. Oh, for a LARGE oil drum full of super strength "Raid" bug killer.

sigur......your paint jobs make me want a Chaos Army. Actually, wiping one out kinda sounds like fun too.:D

02-04-2010, 00:08
I'm wondering if moving around is rather pleasurable or painful for the boobworm.
Anywaaaay, love the swirly patterns on the Slaanesh Lord.

03-04-2010, 17:42
@mousekiller: Thanks for the kind words. :)

@Crazy Harborc: Yeah, this army grows on to me as well.

@Gargobot: I tried it and it's not too comfortable. :p

A quick update on stuff with a surprise entry - Khornedude!




Pretty pleased with the Juggernaut is turning out. Glad I chose the red over silvery metal.

Have a nice evening everyone!

03-04-2010, 18:15
MMMM! Khorne.

Looks good. Not overly "red" but just enough. Good Job.

Crazy Harborc
03-04-2010, 19:16
Oh YEAH.......here Juggy, here juggy, good boy, oh yeah! Hey Juggy.....fetch the rocket. Watch me launch/fire it....that's it chase it!!!

03-04-2010, 23:20
@Gargobot: I tried it and it's not too comfortable. :p

:eek: *Fighs his own imagination* Ugh...

Anyhoo, awesome red on the jugger. Will Khornedude get some of that too?

04-04-2010, 07:03
Awesome red on the Jugger.... just fab...is that scorched brown through to blood red, or something else?

Fenix Felder
04-04-2010, 07:30
The new khorne lord on juggernaut is my favorite gw miniature of all time, and you sir are doing it justice! Great work on the blending on the jugger im eager to see it finished

04-04-2010, 23:56
@Melchiah: Thank you. I really tried hard not to make it overly red because that would break with the general theme of the army. I think I got a pretty good middle ground.

@Crazy Harborc: :cries: Stop throwing rokkits at my Juggernaut!

@Gargobot: Nope, hardly any red on Khornedude at all.

@Crube: Thanks. :) It's all mixes of chaos black and blood red with some sunburst yellow for the finishing highlights. I almost never use Scorched Brown any more. I just find no use for it. If I want brown, I go for VMC Chocolate brown and mix it to make it darker or lighter, if I want dark red, I use VMC Hull Red. These two are on almost every single mini I paint because they make such great basecolours.

@Fenix Felder: Yeah, I have to admit that the new Juggernauts are really, really well done. Come to think of it, I have all incarnations of Khorne Juggernauts here at the moment. Maybe I'll do a comparison shot some time soon.

Alright, not much new for now. The Juggernaut is finished, Khornedude is about 80% finished. I felt like assembling something so I put together one of the two remaining units of Marauder Horsemen. Seeing how this huge chaos lot slowly gets finished, I decided to dig up the old to-do list I had started for it a few months ago and update it.

Archaon - WIP, 65% done
Slaanesh Lord on demonic steed - Steed done, rider 50% done
Chaos Lord on Steed - done
Tzeentch Lord on Disc - done
Chaos Lord on Chaos Dragon - WIP, 45% done
Mounted Sorcerer of Chaos - done
Mounted Chaos Sorcerer - done
Khorne Lord on Juggernaut - steed done, rider 60% done

16 Chaos Marauders - done
5 Chaos Marauder Horsemen - done
5 Chaos Marauder Horsemen - primed
5 Chaos Marauder Horsemen - on sprue
10 Chaos Warhounds - done
10 Chaos Warriors - on sprue

6 Chaos Knights - done
6 Chaos Knights - done
Chaos Chariot - done
Chaos Chariot - done
10 Chaos Warriors Chosen - done
4 Dragon Ogres - done

Chaos Giant - done
Chaos Spawn - done
Chaos Spawn - done
Hellcannon of Chaos - unassembled
Chaos Shrine - unassembled

So I have about three quarters of the thing finished. Gah, I hoped it would be more. Getting tired of Chaosy stuff.

06-04-2010, 18:08
An update on the Slaanesh guy:





Only things he needs done is a little detail on the weapon and maybe some touching up on the banner and the golden lines on the cloth.

Hope you like him. :)

06-04-2010, 19:52
Yes, I like him. :)

07-04-2010, 12:38
Excellent choices of colours all beautifully executed. A stunning centre-piece for the army.

07-04-2010, 21:29
What are you planning on using for a rider for the dragon? I'm at a loss as to what to use for mine, so was wondering if you had any ideas in the works.

08-04-2010, 01:22
Loving the Juggernaut, really nice blending work on the red. :)

08-04-2010, 01:43
Well who doesn't like snake boobies.
The skin tone on the snake is very subtle and very well done.
I think it is the best part of the model.

08-04-2010, 07:24
Seeing Slaaneshguy™ and İKhornedude on one page with their different mounts makes me think of all those old series like Saber Rider where every char had a different ride. Good times. :)

Anyhoo, nice painting as always. And again a lovely freehand on the banner.

08-04-2010, 17:37
@mrtn: *rejoices* ;)

@Flatline: Thanks. There's quite a lot of centerpieces in this army actually.

@Ayliffe: A converted Egrimm van Horstmann, i posted a WIP a few pages ago. A shame I had to cut up such classic mini but he's turning out well.

@Lew_b81: Thank you very much, Sir. :)

@Tommygun: In-deed. That skin on the boobsnake took me quite long to finish actually.

@Gargobot: Totally! They should team up with Nurgleperson (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/Chaos/lordwip1.jpg) and Tzeentchgirlboy (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/Chaos/tzeentchwip6.jpg) and fight crime or something.

Alright, so.....the second unit of Marauder Horsemen is based and basecoated now, Slaaneshguy is finished and the Chaos Warriors are put together and primed. Not awesomegreat news but alright. I'll try to finish the Warriors and Marauders as quickly as possible now. Khornedude is 90% finished I'd say, just a quick overhaul on the rider. Archaon is shaping up well. I'm not quite happy with what the horse looks like (I don't care for it's name after W'soyrach(sp?) died. :cries: ). I'll have to do something about that.

Then, there's that dragon. Egrimm is as good as finished, the dragon needs the horns and claws painted as well as some details on the wings, the base needs finishing and some detailwork and that darned Bretonnian pegasusknight needs some serious work. Just like those flames. And after that, it's even more Marauder Horsemen, Hellcannon, Chaos shrine, ...

Aaaaaaaargh, there's no end to this!!

edit: New pictures will be uploaded later tonight or tomorrow. I uploaded some of the chaos stuff to CMON though. I'd be grateful if you could drop by, vote and maybe leave some feedback if you like. :) You can find the link to my CMON stuff in my sig. Thanks.

08-04-2010, 19:32
It must be very tiring being this amazing, your work is sickeningly good, everything you've done from the warmaster to the darkelves has inspired me, which is a very admirable and desirable quality. Keep it up, i wait with baited breath for the next instalmet!

08-04-2010, 20:54
Rated and commented on CMON, good sir.

11-04-2010, 22:00
Hi again. :) Wow, we really fell back to page 3. This is crazy. Here's an update:



Sorry for the lack of updates lately but the past week has been pretty crazy. With work? Studying? Haha, no way, my friends. Mainly drunkedness and the silly new Army of Two game. :eyebrows: Is there ANY way to find that game good? The gameplay is nice and you shoot stuff in co-op witch always is neat but every single thing that is result of the creative process in terms of design, story and some gameplay issues is just incredibly dull, annoying, wrong, insulting or just soooo dumb. Anyway, that's it for this update, I'm tired. Seeya later. :)

12-04-2010, 10:22
Ah, these show how extremely good your metal is... now let's have a look over at cmon.

12-04-2010, 11:00
@Gargobot: Thanks for the reply again. :)

Bam! Chaos Warriors finished!




I'm really starting to worry that my painting level might decrease while on this project just because it takes sooo long and the motivation is starting to suffer.

Anyhoo, hope you like the Warriors.

12-04-2010, 13:06
Love 'em! Love every bit about them. This is how undivided Chaos Warriors should look.
Have you thought about putting lighting effects from the lava bases onto the models themselves? It would be a whole lot of effort sure, but I'm sure you would make it look stunning.

12-04-2010, 18:21
that helmless warrior looks really good...
its interresting still how such a simple painting scheme seems to work really well

12-04-2010, 19:43
Honestly I don't see any quality decrease ;). And since I lack the ability to stay focused on a project for more than two or three weeks, I'll tell you that there's always someone who feels worse than you (seems like the half-full cup, I know :p)


Crazy Harborc
13-04-2010, 01:19
Hey......bossss....the evaluation team is here for our yearly inspection.:eek:
Oh...mam... Concerned citizens for the treatment of pets is here to walk your dogs/cats/hamsters:evilgrin::evilgrin:

Those guys DO look like they can "discuss" any "problems" and reach an "agreement" with whomever about whatever.

13-04-2010, 20:04
Excellent work as ever, Sir!

Love the cloaks, and the skulls on the cloaks especially. Personally, I'm not overly keen on the helmetless one - I don't know if it's the angle of his head or what... I dunno. Still very well done, but not my favourite.

And don't worry about the quality - you're still doing magnificently.

14-04-2010, 17:26
Thanks for the replies. :)

@Lew_b81: You mean OSL or some kind of lava stream effect as on the weapons of the dragon ogres?

@Breazer: Well, red/silver/black is a classic I guess.

@Toschenko: Yeah, I'm really glad I'm able to focus on a single project for a long time. I see many people constantly switching and that must be a real strain. But I also have problems with focusing, hence this weird trend of me painting some unit up to 60 to 80%, then switching to another unit, doing it 40 to 50%, then going to a third one and so on. And it really takes some time until I actually get my lazy **** in gear to finish the first few units.

@Crazy Harborc: :D Amazing. How do you keep coming up with surprising replies every single time?

@Crube: Thanks, I think I finally have painting skulls down. Shame you don't like the helmetless one. I really couldn't bring myself to have him wear a helmet as well, mainly because I wanted to paint a head for a change also because it's impossible to blow his horn if we wore a helmet. The skin is a bit more pink than on other minis in this army I think. Maybe that's what you don't like about him?

Alright, something Mortheim for a change:



This is a smaller commission I agreed on doing because the miniatures are just too exquisite to pass this one on. I also have a little more time for the Chaos-stuff than I thought and I really needed a change so I thought I'd do somethign Mortheim for once.

The miniatures are from various companies including Reaper, Avatars of War and Tale of War miniatures; no GW minis in this one. There will be five of six more (including a host of characters and slayers) but I thought I'd start with doing the B]eardlings so I got those done before I start with the minis that require even more individual attention. Still, these guys are very cool and detailled minis already. They don't look like much for now and I'm not really sure how far I want to go with them in terms of flashy colours or if I want to very much stick to natural colours.

Some of these minis are really interesting and remind me of older GW Dwarfs because they don't wear a lot of armour (hate tendency of overly armour-plateing current GW Dwarfs) and some look very much like Rangers or Rogues. Very good stuff and fun to paint. I also get to practice with colours I usually don't use that much.

I know, they don't look like much at the moment, but the main colours have to be done before I can go on to the more interesting and flashy details (and beards).

Hope to post updates soon!

14-04-2010, 19:46
Next Update: Hair (not too insignificant with Stuntis)



They look a bit more interesting now. :) Hope you like'em.

14-04-2010, 19:53
Love 'um, Love 'um, Love 'um.

Where did these these last three guys come from?

14-04-2010, 21:07
The last three miniatures are from Reaper minis Harry.

Like the dwarves. The reaper minis that most. Keep it up.

14-04-2010, 21:47
Especially the guy in the lower left with the blone hair is amazingly awesome!

14-04-2010, 21:52
yay dwarves ^^

the one with the crossbow is my favourite

looking forward to adding any slayers to my mordheim gallery

14-04-2010, 22:20
@Harry: Thanks. :) Dino answered the question already.

@Dino: Cheers, trying to get these guys done quickly but I notice that I'm getting tired now.

@Aulbath: Thanks, the one in the lower left indeed is a very nice mini.

@Asp: Yeah, the guy with the crossbow has a very dynamic and unusual pose for a (non Slayer) Dwarf.

I have to say that my favorites are the one holding his cloak and the one that looks like a slayer but he isn't one. This one's face and pointing finger is just awesome. I have to take a close-up shot of his face and pointing finger. He looks really Old-Testament-arian [not a proper word but I couldn't find a good translation for alttestamentarisch].

Anyhow, I reworked the brown and green a bit:





Still didn't get the backs of the cloaks right which is getting a bit annoying. Pleased with how the thigh of the guy with the crossbow turned out though. This is probably the last update for tonight. Getting sleepy.

15-04-2010, 01:04
Your client has a great taste in minis (and an impeccable taste in painters :p).
The earthly tones are exactly right for a dwarven mordheim warband, is the one showing the most skin going to be a slayer?
Oh and for some reason my painting advice folder has no entry on how you achieve your awesome blonde; so how do you achieve it?

15-04-2010, 12:41
@Gargobot: Thank you, Sir. The one showing more skin isn't going to be a Slayer, he just takes pride in his physique I suppose. But there are two Slayers coming up with this warband. The blonde is a basecoat of VMC Khaki Grey with hair painted onto it by using mixes of VMC Khaki Grey and Bleached bone followed by final lines with pure Bleached Bone with possibly some Bleached Bone/White mix on top. Use some Wash (something brown with a red hint) to ink deepest recesses or places where skin and hair.

Hear ye, hear ye! Here be ye olde Update!



http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/Mortheim/detail1.jpg (Detail shot of the basket pattern I painted onto this ...flask container thing on the dwarf in the right.)



Painted bedrolls, some coppery details, details on the silver metallics and, according to the client's request, added red brown to the palette.

I now am entering the stage of the famous last 20% of the work that take 80% of the time and effort.

Welf VIII.
15-04-2010, 13:45
So far an outstanding paintjob on some very interesting miniatures.

Can't wait for the last 20%.

15-04-2010, 14:29
Very nice. Now if only you would paint up an entire dwarf army for yourself. That I would love to see.

15-04-2010, 16:31
WOW! That is epic! I love the textures and highlighting. Those minis have so much character, and that fu-man-chu is awesome.

Crazy Harborc
16-04-2010, 02:38

I do admire your abilities. I really can't paint to your level. I do and have already been "forced" by what I've seen of some of your work....to push myself to go to a higher skill level. THAT said....I'm lazy...soooo I slide back into my long, long time habits.

How do I come up with funny remarks? When I have certain "little thoughts" I just MUST get them out of my head. The best way is to post them on Warseer. Once I type the words and click "submit reply".....it's out of MY head and the words become any readers. Translation....darned if I know how I do it.:D

Lord Azoth
16-04-2010, 09:48
really beatiful unit, very realistic colour schema... congratz

16-04-2010, 13:20
@Welf VIII.: Thanks. The level of detail and the great sculpting is a bit tedious to paint but really motivate me to keep going.

@Dino: Nah, Dwarfs aren't my cup of tea in WHFB and I'm actually not that much of a Dwarfs person. You know these guys who are way into Dwarfs, always play them in pen&paper RPGsa and such? I guess I'm more of an Ork guy. Apart from that (and as I wrote before), I'm not a fan od the current GW Dwarfs range. Then again, I recently got my order from Olley's Armies with a bunch of really cool Space Dwarfs.

@Ashton.Sanders: There's some very cool and diverse hair- and beardstyles across the whole warband. A really great mix of miniatures.

@Crazy Harborc: Hehe. Well, you may be scary at times but you're one of the most loyal followers of my logs so just go ahead and spread the randomness as long as you keep on replying in here. ;)

@Lord Azoth: Thanks muchly. :)



The first three Dwarfs are finished:


Now I gotta pick up some new primer. That chaos army is just tearing through the cans. That's the third empty can of primer since late December. Hope you like the Dwarfs, I'll be back with some more Stunties soon!

16-04-2010, 13:46
Nice looking stunties. :yes:

17-04-2010, 17:39
@mrtn: Thank you. :)



Nothing new on the Beardlings front but I finally got new primer and glue so I put together the characters for the Warband and started painting them. Again, very cool miniatures. Not a great fan of the static pose on the Noble and the face of the Slayer with two handweapons looks a little weird but it's ok. The one with the latern makes up for it. He's pretty awesome (made from resin as well). For some reason, his face reminds me of Kevin Murphy (http://wordballoonpodcast.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/kevin-murphy.jpg) but I don't really see why.

Anyhoo, this is it for today, hope to deliver with upates again tomorrow.

17-04-2010, 21:53
Whoa !!! Impressive dwarves, I am a dwarf fan, even if I don't play them much in pen&paper rpg games. But yours are really impressive. Where does the guy with the lantern comes from ? I hope he's not oop, because I want him :)

17-04-2010, 21:57
great log, love the chaos warriors, the khorne lord ad the dwarfs

17-04-2010, 23:05
I'm subscribed to your thread, and I would have to say, and I'm not a dwarf player, those stunties are my favorites of your work.

You have really bought them to life, excellent work my friend.

18-04-2010, 00:58
Oh sweet. Can't wait to see them finished.

18-04-2010, 01:12
Okay if those are the heroes I guess the two shirtless ones aren't just doing the ladies a favour. :p
The noble's pose is a bit static, but the lovely gold makes more than up for that. He probably just doesn't want to get his armour messed up. You know like when women have arranged their hair some way and keep a stiff neck the whole evening not to get it messy?
Oh and what I just noticed: The bases look great!

18-04-2010, 23:54
Thanks for the kind replies, guys!

@Ancre: The dude is the Dwarfen Miner from Scibor Miniatures (http://sciborminiatures.com/en_,shop.php?art=795) and made from resin. Very reasonably priced though.

@logan054: Thank ye, I'll try to finish the Khorne Lord soon.

@orlanth1000: Thanks a lot for subscribing and complimenting. ;)

@Dino: Trying to get them finished ASAP.

@Gargobot: Thanks for the explanation why the Noble is standing like that. It all makes a whole lot of sense now. :cheese:

Speaking of the bases; these have been a little extra I made from milliput and GS because the standard bases I usually do for no extra charge would have made the minis look a whole lot less awesome. But I made a mistake by just being inattentive. There's a specially sculpted resin base for the Noble and I totally forgot about that while doing these bases for the characters so I'll have to rip him off the base again and put him on his proper base which is a bit of a shame but whatever.

Picture update:


I didn't proceed all that much, just some skin and beards. Hope you like'em. ;)

edit: the head at the feet of the Noble is his second hand for swapping.

19-04-2010, 00:30
How do you use a second head as a hand? :confused:

19-04-2010, 17:53
@mrtn: Why of course! Especially in the clustered areas that Mortheim is, the possibility to look around a corner with as little exposure as possible is vital! Hence the additional head to swap for a hand. (just a typo, sorry. :p )




Note that I changed the colour of the chest armour of the Noble. After the last update, the client contacted me and asked me to change it to leather armour so he doesn't look too golden overall. I also put him onto the proper base now.

As for the beardlings, two more are finished now which makes for a total of six finished Dwarfs.

19-04-2010, 19:09
I think you need one of them AoW dwarves for your warband.

19-04-2010, 20:48
This one (http://arena-deathmatch.com/images/aow09.jpg)'s coming up as soon as I receive it. According to the client, it's on it's way.

19-04-2010, 22:07
Love the dwarfs Sigur- wonderful painting as always. I love the soft tones you get an the scheme is suitably "dwarfy".

19-04-2010, 23:58
That is a nice one, but the slayer one is good too.

20-04-2010, 01:27
man.. i never fall short of being amazed when i come check your plog.
love the dwarfs and actually in particular the way you are highlighting your skin and green.. is it just the picture or are you going to "as light as" bleached bone highlights?

20-04-2010, 05:17
I've said nothing for ages, but I'm looking at your thread every time I come on Warseer.
Wonderful work on your chaos stuff, man, but your dwarves are really cool looking !

21-04-2010, 16:30
@silverstu: Thanks, I'm really glad with the colourscheme on these guys. Also a very welcome change from mass-painting minis in a rather artificial scheme.

@Melchiah: Yeah, I suppose there are enough Slayers in the warband already.

@dwarfhold13: Thank you. In places, I go even beyond bleached bone and mix it with white.

@tancrede: Merci, it's good to know that you're still following my painting log. ;)

Sorry, not pictures at the moment. There just wasn't enough new stuff I painted on the Dwarfs to make picture updates worthwile. At the moment I'm just adding details, touched up the bases and such. The Dwarf with the handgun and latern is finished.

Uhm....picture updates later tonight. :)

21-04-2010, 17:34
I like your work on the dwarves quite a bit! The naturalistic pallet really suits the models. So is the nobles head pinned or magnetted? I've never tried swappable stuff on a man sized figure before, how does iot look swapping back and forth?

Welf VIII.
21-04-2010, 17:51
Uhm....picture updates later tonight. :)

Yes, yes!

as others said, I likethe natural colours, everything seems very... organic.

21-04-2010, 19:14
@jdp: Everything's magnetized on these guys.

@Welf VIII.: Cheers.

...and here's the Update!

The two dudes who are still WIP but almost finished (one shot with each of the Nobles' heads):



And here's the finished Dwarfs:




21-04-2010, 19:19






I still need to redo the metallics on the weapons a bit ...*sigh*
Apart from that, I hope you like'em. :)

Morglum Necksnapper
21-04-2010, 20:36
Great painting, realistic yet smooth, just topnotch! Lovely models.

24-04-2010, 11:16
Nice and characterful minis - your painting really adds to these in a pleasant way :D. I really like the natural tones you used on them, and the gold is top notch!


24-04-2010, 15:19
... and the skin tones are ace too... :)

27-04-2010, 23:04
@Morglum Necksnapper: Lovely models indeed. And thanks for the compliments. ;)

@Toschenko: Cheers. As I said before, a very nice change from all the silver/red/black.

@Crube: Cheers. These faces have been a joy to paint as well.

Pictures time!


Um-Berto Bertl's warband of fierce Dwarven adventurers has been fighting their way through Lord Darkevil's dungeon for hours and they finally approach the evildoer's lair. Thirsting for a death in glory, the Slayer twins Murloccruncher and Hobbitbreaker couldn't await Bertl's command and kicked the door in. Just in time to disrupt the dark ritual to summon M'urdar Da'fkil, the daemon of terror! A bloody battle against the minions of the dark gods ensues....


Our stout heroes stand taller than usual after proving victorious over Lord Darkevil's henchmen. Once again, the villain himself manages to flee though a secret trapdoor, not without shaking his fist at Bertl and vowing vengeance before he vanishes.


The champions of light spend a few moments of chanting the Final Fantasy "winning theme" while the Dungeonmaster manages to find the loot table and a wide array of thematically and gameplaywise appropriate items materialize. "W00t!"


Laden with all kinds of terrific new weaponry, our brave warriors take some more time to pose.

Sorry for the rather bad picture quality. I'm not used to shooting with the dungeon set.
The slayers got their tattoos, the huge bunch of extra equipment got painted now (sans a backpack that still needs some extra work). I got back to work on the Khorne Lord and he's basically finished now. After that, I got back to work on the second unit of Marauder horsemen but I didn't manage to proceed much. Boy, I'm so sick of painting WHFB chaos dudes and there's still soooooo much to do. I'm kind of sick of painting altogether at the moment to be honest. RL is catching up with me and there's several unsettling things that interrupt painting these days. Still, I hope I can give your updates more frequently again now...

27-04-2010, 23:37
Nice and fun pictures, I wondered if I'd wandered into Welf's thread by mistake. ;)

As to feeling sick of painting, the only advice I have isn't really applicable if you're painting other's minis for money, rather than painting what you want when you want it.

27-04-2010, 23:41
Thanks for the comment, mrtn. Yeah, I might have tumbled into Welf's thread a bit lately. Unfortunately I don't have as awesome environment for the dungeon as he has.

27-04-2010, 23:59
Wow! Mind blowing painting; wherever the customer takes his/her dwarfs they'll surely be the best painted warband around.
Got to call my buddies, I really want to play Mordheim now. ^^

Dark Apostle
28-04-2010, 06:50
that warband is simply stunning! Cool pictures as well, especiall the first one - it really gives the impression that the slayer charged right thorugh the door in a very comic-like way!

28-04-2010, 13:50
Fantastic stuff sigur especially at the pace you paint. Keep it up mate.

28-04-2010, 16:23
Very nice dwarves. They all look so cool. Any chance of a full fledge dwarf army?

28-04-2010, 19:00
Dwarves = awesome.

Welf VIII.
28-04-2010, 20:14
These are really, really great.

Just one MINOR point: Considering your outstanding skill and talent I would have wished you would have put some light reflections on the lantern bearers.

28-04-2010, 20:35
Thanks for the kind replies. Glad you like them Dwarfs. :)

@Gargobot: I think so. :) Problem with Mortheim (more so than with Necromunda even) is terrain I think.

@Dark Apostle: Cheers.

@deathskullork: Thanks. Still, considering how much time I have at the moment (or at least how much time I dedicate to painting), I could get sooo much more done. I mean, look at milosz. This guy paints fast.

@Dino: Sorry, still not full dwarfs army. The reasons: I don't like the current GW Dwarfs, I don't want to paint full armies at the moment (and when I do an army, I like to have every option i might like from the army book as a miniature), a huge backlock of commission stuff to paint AND also lots of my own minis to repaint.

@Aulbath: Well, after having painted these minis, I think there might be something to that.

@Welf VIII.: Thanks muchly. Again, I apologize for the dungeon lacking any proper furnishing. ;) I would have loved to tinker around with OSL on these guys. Thing is, I'm not getting paid for that and I'm already doing more than I'm getting paid for on these guys.

Slowly proceeding with those Marauder Horsemen. I'm really getting allured by this huge box of Space Marines I have to do next just because Chaos is so boring and still is so much do to. *whinewhine*

29-04-2010, 22:37
Righty, Many piccies for your viewing pleasure.

Current state of Marauders Horsemen unit#2:


...and the HELLCANNON:

Now that cannon was a bit tricky to put together. One half of the barrel is a bit badly cast and bent. Impossible to bend into the wanted position so I had to use quite a bit of GS (and very basic sculpting) to make everything fit. Some other parts were a bit tricky as well but in the end I made everything fit. Yay!

Chaos Dwarfs crew:


Getting the opportunity to paint Chaos Dwarfs of course if a most welcome thing, even if it's just the 2003 versions. Pretty neat minis. Would have loved to paint on some backhair but in the end refrained myself from doingt it. :D


29-04-2010, 22:40
Some pictures of the finished Slayers, now with their tattoos (and to counter the evil presence of the Dawi Zharr):




Hope you like the stuff, C&C highly welcome as always. :)

29-04-2010, 22:59
I have been admiring this plog for a while. Really great stuff. Your work shows a practiced hand a very even style. I love those dwarfs I hope we get to see some more of their adventures.

30-04-2010, 11:46
Excellent tattoos... nice and crisp.

And what do you mean by back hair on the CDs...?

04-05-2010, 01:51
@Dragoonzero0: Thanks a lot. I for my part am looking forward to finally being done with these Dwarfs.

@Crube: Thank you, Sir. The outfits of the chaos dwarfs really make them look like sweaty miners and I thought that backhair would really add to the minis given how exposed their backs and shoulders are.

Right, the last two Dwarfs arrived:


The face on the guy in the right is terrible. He looks like an Ewok. His right eye is barely visible from the sculpt. I also varnished the other Dwarfs and the 12 kilos of extra stuff they got with them. Some annoying, numbing work that took me two days.

Off to more cheery stuff - the NEVER-ending chaos commission:





04-05-2010, 01:58

The bunch of cogs and wheels that come with the kit:

Just for the sake of completeness; the last finished Chaos Dwarf crewman. Just because it's nice to be able to show you something that's actually finished for a change.



04-05-2010, 13:32

Hmm...... Sorry about that. Just felt I had to say it. Nice job on the dwarves. Can't wait to see these two all painted up.

And nice work so far on the hell cannon. Keep it up.

05-05-2010, 16:39
It seems like the AoW minis aren't of the best quality, this is at least what I've been hearing. And the one time I held their Slayer in my hands there was a similar problem with the eye.

Anyhoo nice painting as always. The inside of the cannon barrel is breathtaking, I really said "Wow!" aloud.

05-05-2010, 18:37
I've found the detail to be shallow or the surfaces to be grainy on AoW models. They seem to lose a lot between the greens and the final cast. I think resin would be a better approach for them.

05-05-2010, 20:08
I just read / looked through all 63 pages and WOW. Very nice job and love the Warmaster. Are you taking any more commission work right now, I have Warmaster I need painted and you do a top notch job.

07-05-2010, 01:40
Hooray, hooray, replies! :)

@Dino: The client dude also wants me to paint additional Dwarfs. But sorry, there's soo much other stuff to paint and it's all not mine. But I'm sure I'll be painting Dwarfs again sooner than later.

@Gargobot: Thanks for the comment. Yeah, the quality of the AoW mini doesn't seem to be that awesome which is a bit of a shame. Their greens are so stunning. But it's still a nice mini. Thanks for commenting on the cannon. At first I thought of going for some kind of purple or even green flame (and lateron make the flames the Dragon spews that colour as well) but I think that good old standard flames still work best and are more true to the limited palette I try to use.

@Catferret: My thoughts exactly. There seems to be a reason they display the greens on their website rather than the cast metal minis. Resin probably would be a better medium for that.

@harthag12: Welcome to Warseer. :) I'm honored that your first post is here in my log. You got PM.

Right, new pictures:


Love the look on the crossbow dwarf's face. Like he's really concentrating for shooting the crossbow basically from his hip while the Engineer nonchalantly shoots the handgun without making much of an efford. In that regard, these two really fit together well, showing the experience and confidence of the older Engineer.
Hope you like them. :)

edit: Hint of the day: When painting brown from a dropper bottle and having a drop of super glue on your palette with some dried brown paint underneath, you probably will destroy your favorite brush.

10-05-2010, 15:11
Righty, Right-o, the Dwarfs are teh finishedz0red:

First off, the latest Dwarfs in their finished state:

Frontal shot (http://www.justdesktopwallpapers.com/images/filmstv/pulpfiction/1280/pulpfiction.jpg):

Their glorious backsides:

Detail shot as well as the other arm variant for the Engineer:

....and here's the whole happy bunch:


I'm pretty pleased with how the job turned out and so is the client. Hope you are as well. :)

10-05-2010, 15:18
But what is this! A horseman with a big sword riding a horse with an unpronounceable name that is the heir to a horse with an even unpronounceabler name? A clock saying that the end of times is nigh? :eek:

A wild Archaon appears!



Hes still al little WIP of course but finally coming to a finish. By the 23rd of May I have to finish him, the dragon, five marauder horsemen and the Hellcannon. So, let's see how well that goes. :)

C&C welcome as always!