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28-10-2006, 21:13

I've decided to start a dwarf army for my return to WFB and would like some opinions from the resident Longbeards.

It goes a little like this:


Dwarf lord, Great Weapon, Shield Bearers
Mro Steel, RO Resistance, RO Stone
Mro Challenge
- 281


Thane, BSB, Mro Gromril
- 115

Runesmith, Shield, 2x Ro Spellbreaking
- 127

- 50


24 Warriors, Shields, Full Command
- 241

24 Longbeards, Shields, Full Command
- 313

15 Thunderers, Musician, Standard
- 225

15 Quarrellers, Musician, Standard
- 180


18 Hammerers, Shields, Full Command
Ro Battle
- 289

10 Miners, Musician
- 115

Cannon, Ro Forging
- 125

Bolt Thrower, Engineer, Ro Burning
- 65


Organ Gun
- 120

TOTAL: 2246

Dispel dice: 5 (2 Runes of Spellbreaking)

The BSB goes with the Longbeards in the middle, with the warriors and the Runesmith on one side and the Hammerers and the Lord on the other.
The shooty stuff will deploy on any available hills or on the flanks. The Miners will kill the enemy shooty things or attempt a nice flank charge (whichever is appropriate at the time). The Dragonslayer will seek honourable death in combat with any big nasty monsters my opponent might have.

Grumble away!

29-10-2006, 12:54
15 is an odd size for shooty units (Thunderers/Quarrellers) and if you deploy 5*3 then you are wasting at least 5 shots. I'd also dump the Standard and musician - these units should never be in combat (unlikely I know).

I'm also concerned about the lack of killing power from the Lord, although that depends on the scale of attacks that get allocated to him.

Finally, I'd be looking at increasing the size of the Hammerers - in my army they are the regiment that gives the most consistent performance so they get all the shiny bells and whistles to help them even more.

29-10-2006, 16:55
personally I'd drop the dragonslayer, the std and mus on the shooty units, the musician on the miners and the runes on the BT and :

- add another BT
- add 5 more Hammerers

29-10-2006, 17:16
@WLBjork: I didn't intend to deploy them 5*3 anyway (unless deployed on hills). :) I had something like 9 in the front and 6 in the back in mind. How about finding points to make them both 16 strong, and deploy them 8*2?

I think the lord will do fine. I'd rather have him survive to strike back than spent points on killy runes and have him killed before he can do anything. And I don't really want to make him more expensive than he is already.

@Endlessbug: But I really like the Dragonslayer models! :D I think I'll stick with him in the end. The Standards and Musicians on the shooty units will go as both you and WLBjork suggested that.

I do like the idea of adding 5 more Hammerers and a second BT, but I'll have to scrape a lot of points together to get this done.

I'll look into both of your suggestions. :)

15-11-2006, 19:58

Just one qustion: why the dragon slayer - that is the most random selection if your not going to take any slayers most opponents will and now can just kill him as soon as he gets near them,, or just leave him since he is alone and cant do much anyway. so i advise spending the points on something more important and more useful, such as an extra rank for you miners/hamerers. : )

15-11-2006, 20:27
I would drop both the thunderers and quarrerlers to 10 with no command and with these extra points tou could take another bolt thrower and a few more hammerers. I personally agree with making a lord that can take a beating and still be kicking. With a GW you will be able to do some decent kills. Also i support the idea of a dragonslayer. A lone character is very moble, especially for dwarves who have short legs. As long as you keep him from being shot at, he is a great piece to tie up ambushes or flankers for a few turns. And if he does he is well worth 50 points.

15-11-2006, 20:28
What are you faceing with does runes on the lord? Have you played with the list yet? Better to take 3 x 10 shooting units with music instead of 15 men and banners. Why does everone make there lords so expensive?

15-11-2006, 21:20
With the Lord with your Hammerers, are you only going to have 19 models in the unit? If so, I would try to get at least one more Hammerer. 3x10 shooting units I have to agree with as well.

15-11-2006, 21:43

people make their lords so expensive because they are centerpeices of their armies, and all the work that goes into them needs to be worth it / make it worth the effort. also you can give a fluff to a lord and make them sound proper and respectful and they can represent their characters hardness by giving him cool trinkets (which he may have compiled on his travels).

Also if you put your lord on shield bearers then they count as two models - so the 19 model unit problem isnt really relevant.

Personaly i dont think there is too much wrong with the list but yiull find problems you need to iron out just by playing with it :

(p.s damn! i forgot: get rid of commands in shooty units maybe have a veteran, but if you need the points for something else then screw the veterans. also the miners: dont use them willy nilly you need them to support your units not just die in the first 2 turns : ))

20-11-2006, 10:57
I know its nice to bling-up your lord. But with dwarfs its hard to get them in combat if your opponent is carefull. That is why the rune of challenge is so nice. But the rune of steel is to much except against cavelry/ogre heavy armies. Oh well.

Dead Dwarf Society
20-11-2006, 12:40
The basis of the army is good with big blocks of infantry. I would suggest dropping the missile units to 10, and using the extra points for another bolt thrower. With two of these you don't really have any need for the canon. You could change it for stonethrower, which would be useful as you are likely to be outnumbered.

I would suggest rather than pay 55 points for another rank of hammerers you buy the rune of battle (+1 combat res) for them. It's only 25pts!!!!

IF you really want the slayers, then drop the minors for a small unit of slayers, otherwise you beloved dragon slayer is going to get stuffed.