View Full Version : 500 Pt Skaven Army

28-10-2006, 22:16
I am posting my most used 500pt army and would like some help with it as for dropping and adding stuff. Mind you this is mainly for fun.

Plauge Priest:
2x Hand weapons
Bands o' Power
Warp Stone Ammy

Clan Rats x20

Clan Rats x20

Tunneler Team x3

Tunneler Team x3

Warp Lightning Cannon

I cannot find my written copy so I am not sure if I had command or not in the clan rat units, tell me what you think, so far it has won its few battles that it has been implemented in.

29-10-2006, 01:37
The bands seem a waste of points without anything else to suck up the enemies DD - your betting that they roll 3 or less on 2 or 3 dice...

Drop it, imo, and get your crat units bigger - 20 is way too small, imo, since you rely on ranks for ld, and your gonna start losing ranks fast with 20 models

29-10-2006, 03:53
I under stand that but the battles I fought prior didn't require me to get in charge range to deal with the foe, due to tunnelers and the WLC. The bands allow some character killing and unit choppyness which i fondly used. I understand about ranks and CRats well, but I need a fair argument as the list played well every time I used it. And the DD has failed for the enemy at times. Its nice to have if it works.

29-10-2006, 17:07
I agree with Lantorel, the bands of power are pointless, the power lvl 4 with no other magic will rarely work, 1 in 13 times if I calculate correctly, once in 3 games. You'd be better spending the points on 5 clan rats for the hand weapon and shield unit (this might end up giving +2 to CR, outnumbering and rank if some are killed)