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29-10-2006, 12:19
Death Korps Of Krieg Project

Hi guys, hope all is well.

Well I've been putting this off for ages and what with all the bits and pieces I've been working on recently have finally decided to get an IG army done.
I'm starting off small to begin with as I'm a bit of a conversion nut and get easily distracted.
I'm going for a Death Korps of Krieg army because apart from being really nice models I'm a big fan of siege/trench warfare and these guys fit the bill imo.

Getting started.
First off I'm planning on the the following to get a basic force together.

HQ Command squad consisting of converted DK models.

Infantry platoon - Command squad and two Penal infantry squads

Stormtrooper squad (using the grenadiers doctrine so it counts as a troops choice and I can get away with not having a second financially expensive platoon).

Leman Russ

Demolisher/Basilisk/second Russ not sure which yet.

The Leman Russ "female"...

As I'm patiently awaiting the bits from Forge World for the infantry I turned my attention to the Russ. Using left over bits from an conversion and a new kit that I bought yesterday I have the following model so far.



I've gone the more traditional forty kay route and given the Russ a more first world war look by elongating the hull so that it can straddle trenches and adding female sponsons. This however doesn't mean that this tank has four heavy bolters. The idea is that the sponson targeting rules allow you to target pretty much down both sides so to represent this I've added rear firing HBs as well. The gunner just switches weapons to fire at any targets behind. :)
The turret commander is just a stand in for now as I'm planning on converting a DK tank Commander for the finished model once the bits have arrived.

29-10-2006, 13:34
That is one cool looking, huge converted tank. Very WW1 I think. Excellent, now get that finished and nicely painted, and we will be some happy wargamers.

And oh yeah, I might steal that idea in the future :cool:

29-10-2006, 13:35
Very nice work on the elongated hull!

I'm looking forward to some Death Korps action :)
It's always nice with some inspiration.

29-10-2006, 14:51
Any chance of a guide on making this little number - the kreig guard my penal legionnaires wouldnt mind one of those...

29-10-2006, 15:27
damn that's a nice conversion, you fooled me into thinking it was a forgeworld kit. Concerning stormtroopers, will you be using the old armaggedon style stormtroopers with gas masks?

29-10-2006, 15:45
Cheers guys! :)

ExoCowboy: Thanks mate, feel free to use it. Only downside is that it takes two Leman Russ kits to make this monster. I'm just finishing the tracks at the moment but I'm itching to get started on the paint job but have to wait for FW bits.

Machinepriest: Thanks mate, I've still got a few things planned for a Chimera and maybe a Basilisk yet. Not sure what to do about Sentinels though.

asmodai_dark86: Yeah no problem, I have to build another one when I can afford it so I'll post a step by step guide when I start on it. :)

HiredSword.: Thanks mate, that's a compliment in my book. :)
I'm going to wait for the Death Korps Stormtroopers that are coming out sometime in the near future. Only downside is the cost of the models, that's why I'm cutting corners and including a penal legion platoon to cut down on the overall cost of the army (Penal Legion infantry platoon for around fourty quid rather than something like eighty quid for a proper Death Korps platoon!).

29-10-2006, 17:01
i didn't realise they were releasing DK Stormtroopers, that should be cool. For the penal legions, will you be sculpting gasmasks for all of them? If you want a good commissar, look for the steel legion commissar, i don't think its limited edition, but it's a damn good model, i'll try and find it;


it's based on an old model, but it doesn't look half bad, just a suggestion.

Inquisitor lorr
29-10-2006, 18:11
Thats awesome.For your commander why don't you use the Dk tank commander from FW,he'd look awesome astride that beast..:p

29-10-2006, 19:08
Hiredsword - was that to me? If so then no I used a bit of bad english. The Krieg will be an attatchment to the penal legion army; part support, part executioners if they start running.
And my comissars are going to be detectives and the like rather then comissars as I already have arbites for my storm troopers (and thats enough thread-jacking for now)

Cheers cant wait to see the guide :D

29-10-2006, 19:59
I may have to nick you idea its great

29-10-2006, 20:17
HiredSword.: Yeah but I haven't seen them up close as yet just in leaked GD pictures. I've got some rather nifty conversions planned for the Penal Legion troopers and Commissar, what I'm going to to is...ah but that'd spoil the surprise wouldn't it. ;)

Inquisitor lorr: Tahnks mate. I had thought about that but I've decided instead to convert one of the heavy weapons troopers to fit the turret. The turret commander is nice but the model is a little out of date now. :)

asmodai_dark86: Sounds like a good idea to use detectives to me for your army asmodai, I'll have to check your log to see what you're up to. :)

[b]Captain_Wolverine[b]: Thanks mate, please feel free to use the idea. :)

29-10-2006, 20:42
spoil the surprise damn you!

This is just an idea to make them more WW themed; why not have a dead DK horse on a heavy weapons base with the team taking cover behind it? Bullet holes and everything.

I think things like commissars would work really well for a bleak and no nonsense image the Death Korps seems to give.

@asmodai_dark86; i didn't mean you, but your army theme sounds really interesting, i'll have to check out your log.

30-10-2006, 19:00
Hmm, that horse idea isn't bad actually. I have a whole heap of Brettonian horses lying about that I could convert into a dead one. There's no way I'd convert a FW one though as I'm guessing the models are going to be at least bajillion quid each! I was thinking about using the cow from the WFB Giant sprue as well.

30-10-2006, 20:26
cow would work, i think the bretonnian horses would work better though. Any more progress?

30-10-2006, 22:57
Yeah but not alot as I'm still waiting on the FW stuff. :(


I've finished the bulk of the model now, all the tracks are in place. Just got to add the commander and heavy stubber, some minor detailing like drilling weapons, a few extra rivets here and there and it'll be ready for painting. I'm toying around with the idea of adding some sand bags to the front of the tank on the top of the driver's compartment, not sure though.

I'll have a bash at the horses sometime later in the week and see what works, thanks for that idea mate. :)

bobert the great clen one
30-10-2006, 23:05
kinky stuff there dog house!

30-10-2006, 23:31
the conversion is just stunning.
i don't think i would attempt such a thing without a mitre box - i haven't got the stones to attempt a hack and slash on £50 of plastic :(
what's the scheme going to be?


31-10-2006, 23:16
Cheers guys. :)

schoolcormorant: Not sure just yet about the colour scheme. I'm either going to have to wait for the IA book, paint it the same colour as the Gorgon on the FW website or go with a scheme of my own design. :)

This is what the Demolisher turret will look like when I get around to making the second tank.



01-11-2006, 00:49
The tank is looking sweet.
And as for the Tank Commander.
I think you do right in converting your own... I have both the advancing squad, a heavy weapons team and the Tank Commander which is out of scale compared to the newer models.

02-11-2006, 21:41
Thanks Machinepriest :)

Well the FW stuff arrived today and I've wasted no time in making the commander. Still need to add GS stuff and I've started GSing some sandbags on the hull.




Might add some bits to the helm to distinguish from the regular DK guys.
Dead easy conversion and the spotter and las-cannon from the kit will be used for the Penal platoon so nothing goes to waste.
Can't wait to get painting...

02-11-2006, 22:29
Thats bloody kool man, love it. I to just stared on my krieg army, so looking for some insperation.

Still learning
02-11-2006, 22:42
Show Us Your Troops !

02-11-2006, 22:46
I have to agree with stilllearning's comment, I really would like to see some of those nice Death Korps troops.

02-11-2006, 23:44
Got to wait untill the end of the month to begin a proper Death Korps platoon but I've just started on the Penal platoon and the Colonel model (turning out to be quite a nice conversion so far). Penal legion are just a cheaper stand in untill I can afford the real deal, thirty two quid for ten men is pretty expensive so I'll have to build them over time and gradually phase out the stand-ins.
I've only got the one Death Korp infantry model so far though without including the tank commander. :(
I'll post wip pictures asap. :)

03-11-2006, 16:53
that tank is looking really good now. Have you thought about doing a similar design for a chimera but topless and with a front hatch, sort of like the troop carriers in the Normandy invasion?

03-11-2006, 17:22
that tank is looking really good now. Have you thought about doing a similar design for a chimera but topless and with a front hatch, sort of like the troop carriers in the Normandy invasion?

Now that's just spooky! :eek: That's exactly what I'm doing. :)

03-11-2006, 23:26
Now that's just spooky! :eek: That's exactly what I'm doing. :)

you can get some inspiration from 'dog green three beach' which is a golden demon diorma, familiar to people who own the IG collectors guide. google it you may find it :)


04-11-2006, 11:01
Now that's just spooky! :eek: That's exactly what I'm doing. :)

what can i say, other than i have mind powers.

Also, i tell you what would look really good, krieg snipers. Possibly based off the vostroyan ones or maybe normal guardsmen with a cloak and a longer barrel plus camoflauge. Not sure how well they do in games, but man they would look good.

Edit: maybe buy some GW barbed wire for bases to get a trench theme going.

04-11-2006, 20:28
schoolcormorant: I know the one you mean, I'll have to dig out a picture of that one for inspiration. Not sure if I can use a front ramp for disembarking with the Chimera though instead of a rear.

HiredSword.: I was actually thinking of using the special weapons team doctrine instead of rough riders (dread to think how much they'll cost) and having three snipers with spotters. I was thinking something along the lines of the German Sniper in Enemy at the Gate.

Quick update: Commander and test batch of penal troops.



For Colonel Rhienhart I've used the FW Commissar torso, a FW veteran cadian head and the legs from the vehicle sprue. I had to GS the nose due to a casting fault and have added the lower half of his longcoat. I've still got to blend in edges, add the folds and the little details like the tassles on his belt and the buttons on his coat but it's shaping up.
For weapons I'm going to have an aid or servitor carrying a plasma pistol and powersword. I'm trying to make the unit up out of junior officers and aids to represent a regimental hq.
I wanted him to be larger than life so I have left off the rebreather to represent his social standing and rank. Chances are he comes from a noble Imperial household and has access to exotic technologies that allow him to improve his body. The idea is that he is probably several hundred years old but has been augmented so that he stays young, the lack of rebreather shows that he has an osmotic gill fitted.
To his troops he is seen as indestructable, with troops telling stories of how their grandfather fought alongside him at some famous battle. It gives the illusion to his men that he has been blessed by the Emperor himself for which I'm using the trademark item rules to demonstrate this.

Penal troops

This is a very simple idea, remove all chaos icons from the chaos militia models and Imperialise them a bit. These guys are the testbed models before GSing begins but I have enough to form two units and I'll add a Death Korp command squad to lead them. Once I've got enough Death Korp together to form an army I'll use these to start a smaller Savlar Chem Dogs army.

Inquisitor lorr
04-11-2006, 21:11
Very cool commander,great green stuff work.-i have recently started doing exactly the same,although mine remains a commisar.Those penal troops could really work if you get them right

05-11-2006, 00:13
I'm glad you're doing snipers, and spotters are another good addition.

I like the commander as well, maybe add two metal studs to the side of his forehead (like some marine heads have) to show augmentation. That's some really good fluff as well for an explanation for his trademark item.

This is a very simple idea, remove all chaos icons from the chaos militia models and Imperialise them a bit. These guys are the testbed models before GSing begins but I have enough to form two units and I'll add a Death Korp command squad to lead them. Once I've got enough Death Korp together to form an army I'll use these to start a smaller Savlar Chem Dogs army.

are you sure you don't have mind powers? seriously, i was going to suggest you make the penal legion chem dogs, what better have excuse to have two of the coolest IG regiments in one army! This army is starting to become similarily close to an army i was dreaming of making.

For the HQ, some floating skull servitors would look good, relaying commands to different units etc.

I had a cool idea for a Krieg commander, but i might share it if you need extra ideas,

05-11-2006, 15:38
Yeah the servitor skulls are a must. Because of the pose of the colonel it's tricky deciding what to have carry his weapons as he's far too important to carry his own.
I'd like to make a command consol of some sort as well so that he can control the battle. I was thinking the FW sensors might work but will probably make my own. Maybe an aid carrying it on his back.
If you want to share your Krieg idea go for it unless you want to keep it for yourself that is. :)

05-11-2006, 20:42
nah, i was waiting to see if you actually did have mind powers. :)
It's also because it goes kind of against what your general stands for, anyway it's mainly fluff. I was thinking of having a commander who was blind due to suffering from the poisionous winds of Krieg. Stricken with blindness he now uses servo skulls as his eyes and has become even more efficient with them. Relaying messages across the battlefield and giving a stark reminder to his troops of his watchful gaze, the skulls of those that have failed him terrify both friend and foe alike.

Feel free to use it, i just liked the idea the troops being accompanied by their dead brethren, creepy but the skull idea is suitably krieg-like.

05-11-2006, 21:03
I love the idea about a chem dogs army, I might have to look into something similar as well.

05-11-2006, 21:19
MAD MAN-A-TRON: I think that it'd be a really cool army to make, especially now that the Chaos Militia models are available. With a little work it'd look really nice and a damn sight cheaper than DK (Thirty eight quid for twenty as opposed to thirty two quid for ten).

HiredSword: I knew you were going to say that! :D

Now that's a really cool idea, creepy but cool. Maybe it'd work for a Commissar as well, I can just picture the troops cringing in their bunkhouse, lying awake at night as the whine of servo skull pass-by, fearful of his gaze.
Sort of blind justice thing. :eek:

Quick update

The Doctor

This is Rheinhart's personal surgeon in the making. I've just started to do the GS work so it's really rough right now but I have laid the base for the rebreather mask before I can start sculpting the details, eventually it'll resemble the DK masks.

The Vox-officer

This is one of those ideas that come from nowhere. I wanted to add something different to the unit so I'm adding a horse lead by the coms officer. The horse will be carrying the unit's packs as well as some long distance comms devices. At the moment it's just a Bretonian horse but I'll remove all the shield emblems and add the rebreather mask based on the prototype pictures I've seen around here. The Vox Officer will have a fully sculpted head except for the hat which is from the vehicle sprue.

06-11-2006, 22:26
damn they're nice, the horse idea is really nice aswell.

07-11-2006, 02:50
I really like the idea for the Vox-officer. Your CO is amazing aswell.


07-11-2006, 21:25
Thanks guys. :)

Here's a quick update on the surgeon.



I've still got to bulk out the mask around the eyes and tidy it up a little but it's getting there. :)

07-11-2006, 21:39

Outstanding models! The medic just looks great - a fine mini over all.
Your thread will be watched now even closer :)

07-11-2006, 21:51
Looking good so far (as all of your stuff does Doghouse!) Fits in with the DK very well despite being mostly cadian. Looking forward to seeing the completed article (are the true scale World Eaters still on the go by the way?)

07-11-2006, 22:15
man that looks so awesome. Great gs work

bobert the great clen one
07-11-2006, 22:16
do u reckojn it would be possible to clone u so i could get the clone to make me all the models i want!

Inquisitor lorr
07-11-2006, 22:28
Doghouse...how is my army supposed to compete...:p

I'm going to steal all these ideas-heh heh,even if i don't mean to,i'll probably end up copying.And you did the commisar guy that i've been planning for so long-and you spent a fortune on death korps.So basically you've done everything i want(ed) to do......

That Medic is awesome..again the green stuff work is outstanding.

07-11-2006, 22:29
excellent GS work, i'm looking forward to seeing some of your stuff painted.

08-11-2006, 03:01
All your models look awesome so far, Loving the russ, and loving the commander and surgeon.

Keep it going.

Are you going to be making a standard of some type?

Still learning
08-11-2006, 06:19
you must tell us how you did it,

08-11-2006, 07:28
I am very impressed. The Officer, the Medic... Lovely models, great ideas, horribly good modelling!

Now get painting and show us how one of the coolest armies ever gets done!


08-11-2006, 08:07
Hey man what did you use for the pipey bit for the gas mask? I'm trying to make a steel legion medic and yeah. Fabulous models by the way :D

08-11-2006, 09:26
Very good modelling work. Did you use a guitar string for the medic's breathing tube?
Awesome conversions anyway. Keep it up.

11-11-2006, 18:25
Cheers guys. :)

rivers3162: As I'm still getting the bits and pieces together for this project the WE will hopefully be returning very shortly.

bobert the great clen one: If I had a clone for everytime someone's asked me that...they'd be four of me.
Atleast it wasn't a request for genetic material like some guy did one time... :eek:

The tube from the Surgeon was made from a guitar string and I will probably have to make a standard at some point. :)

Quick update...

Early WIP of the Vox carriers horse, the baggage is shaping up from left-over GS from other projects which is forming the base for the detailed work. The head is inspired by the proper DK horses seen at GD.


11-11-2006, 18:40
i dont know how many times more i can complement doghouse before i seem like a big stalker ..... i do belive that i may have passed that point :D, but i DO really love that horse

11-11-2006, 23:40
This is one awesome project, can't wait to see the next update! :D

12-11-2006, 04:27
To quote a few people from this thread:


This is some prime work. I LOVE converted armies of all kinds. It makes them stand out more... Which is hard to do with IG.

Keep it up, can't wait to see the finished project.

12-11-2006, 05:51
This army is SO personalised it blows me off my feet the moment I saw it.
I really like the "Goth" look of the krieg, together with the filthy chemical grenades they used in WWI , I might want to try this too! I really like the doctor. I can already see him riding amongst the troops while steam is coming out of his mask, darth vader way!
ok enough ************ , its ******* awesome! I want an update! And I want it now!!

Easy E
12-11-2006, 07:16
Love the horse idea, very WW1.

12-11-2006, 22:09
Thanks guys! :)

Here's the test colour scheme for the army, not too sure about it though.


12-11-2006, 22:24
It's a bit fuzzy, but I think you should lighten the color of the boots a bit. Make them stand out slightly.

Over all the color scheme reminds me of Armageddon Steel Legion... Is that what you were going for?

Inquisitor lorr
12-11-2006, 22:40
Looks good-thats the kinda thing i tried for one of mine....It looks cool,but unfinished.

They're damn hard to paint so you've done well.

Oh and how did you do it?

12-11-2006, 23:36
Love that horse....that's a statement I never thought I would utter. Not publicly anyway.

Conversion work on the models is up to your usual standard. Which if you ddint' already know or haven't worked out from everyone elses comments is bloody high.

13-11-2006, 00:01
Cheers guys! :)

Gandhi: I as thinking the exact same thing actually, it does look kinda like the steel legion. I'm going to do the boots scorched brown, maybe add a camo pattern to the coat. Too tempting to use a WWII german pattern but I'd rather have a forty kay look than the obvious german theme.
Sorry about the blurry picture, got too close with the camera. :)

Inquisitor lorr: I know exactly what you mean. They're a nightmare to paint and too damn expensive to have loads of trys at it. I used a charcoal mix of black and codex grey for the legs, head and armour bits and graveyard earth with brown ink for the coat. Once dry I went over it with graveyard earth and a little kommando khaki mixed in.

Rictus: Thanks mate. :)

Still learning
13-11-2006, 02:48
It would go well with a desert themed army. Sort of like Afrika Korps.

13-11-2006, 07:00
I'm thinking of getting some of these Death Korps myself, and your project log is the only reason. Thank you!

As for the colour scheme, try realistic colours such as dark, leather-ish brown for the masks, and the rest is great how you're doing it.

Inquisitor Kallus
13-11-2006, 13:32
Amazing conversions there Doghouse, I especially love the look of the Leman Russ, very fitting of the Krieg. I could see it sitting alongside a Gorgon and not looking at all out of place, good job. Can't wait to see your stuff painted, but, for the love of the Emperor, get rid of those mould lines on the Russ sponsons. Im looking forward to any more updates

13-11-2006, 14:51
Good God-Emperor, you've done some great conversion work!
I'll be following you closely.


13-11-2006, 19:18
Wonderful stuff so far, DH, especially love the chem-dog penal troopers - that one with the heavy bolter is a gem. You're making me look into those FW chaos militia again, which isn't a good thing! Keep up the work, definately excited for updates.

- Salvage

14-11-2006, 00:10
well i have on complaint, this topic is too short, i want to see more of your work w/ guard!

other than that, bloody awsome!

14-11-2006, 10:32
well i have on complaint, this topic is too short, i want to see more of your work w/ guard!

other than that, bloody awsome!

:p That's done it!

14-11-2006, 16:50
The hoof-beards of the horse makes it look really like a work horse with that gas masks and up-coming packs.

Go for a darker colour scheme, with mud splattered or dust dried all around the lower trenchcoat.

14-11-2006, 18:32
;1073940']The hoof-beards of the horse

They're called feathers. Not trying to be pedantic but I need to post something to stop this stupid announcement:

Hello ZAChos it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?

15-11-2006, 07:50
Feathers? English is the world's most insane language then... ;)

Wolf Scout Ewan
15-11-2006, 16:39
Yeah... they are called feathers.

Hoof beards sounds twice as stupid.

15-11-2006, 19:38
Hoof beards sounds twice as stupid.

Hoof beards? :wtf: ...

Wolf Scout Ewan
15-11-2006, 22:02
;1073940']The hoof-beards

Blame him not me!

16-11-2006, 14:36
Hey! The hair around/above some horses hoofs should logically be more likely to be called hoof beards than feathers?

16-11-2006, 14:48
Hmm, that horse idea isn't bad actually. I have a whole heap of Brettonian horses lying about that I could convert into a dead one. There's no way I'd convert a FW one though as I'm guessing the models are going to be at least bajillion quid each! I was thinking about using the cow from the WFB Giant sprue as well.

If I'm not mistaken, wasnt there a mordheim casualty model of a dead horse produced at some point?

16-11-2006, 15:04
hey dog house once again you have shown your brilliance ! i love these guys i saw them over at WIP and loved them then and still love them now. Cant wait to see more of the penal troopers

16-11-2006, 16:44
The medic is just so over the top amazing, its just freaky. Show us more!

16-11-2006, 16:49
(Mass-hysteria from several members) SHOW US MORE!

16-11-2006, 21:13


17-11-2006, 00:00
Thanks guys! :)

Going to be a little slow on the updates untill I get paid at the end of the month and can get some serious work done on them. I'll try and post some progress before then though. :)

17-11-2006, 12:26
Thanks guys! :)

Going to be a little slow on the updates untill I get paid at the end of the month and can get some serious work done on them. I'll try and post some progress before then though.

:cries: :cries: I love this blog!

Keep it alive! :cool:

17-11-2006, 18:42
Will do mate! :)

So what colour should I paint the Colonel? Given that he is an old school Imperial Officer what about white or would that be too much?
Maybe black and grey?

17-11-2006, 19:01
Will do mate! :)

So what colour should I paint the Colonel? Given that he is an old school Imperial Officer what about white or would that be too much?
Maybe black and grey?

Give him a dull black coat, thats stained with mud and dust through the centuries. You know a nostalgic coat, like a grandpa would have. Try to give him an Iron hard face, like a ruthless *sshole .

17-11-2006, 21:07
I'm looking forward to seeing more, I think your test model looks quite well, I also cannot wait to see those tanks painted.

29-11-2006, 18:31
They are looking great mate, a characterful army full of origional ideas!
Can't wait to see how this turns out.

13-12-2006, 20:53

Hurry Up with some new photos!!;)

14-12-2006, 18:28
Yeah we need to see more! Argh Project Log addiction!

16-12-2006, 02:58
Your conversions rock. Wish I had those kind of skills with Greenstuff. Looking forward to your next update.

12-01-2007, 18:39

Great ideas! I have the feeling that I'll enjoy this...

12-01-2007, 18:45
Could there be a major strike to make DogHouse's employers pay him more this month - I'd certainly like to see more.


Wolf Scout Ewan
12-01-2007, 19:23
Any hoof-beard based developments?

12-01-2007, 19:26
Any hoof-beard based developments?
It seems to have become a permanent reminder on this thread. :D


Wolf Scout Ewan
12-01-2007, 19:27
On that note... antenociti has dead horse models.

13-01-2007, 18:35
:D Ok, ok, I can take a hint! :)

I'll post some new pictures sometime over the next few days. :)
I'm literally just about to start painting the colonel and medic within the next few minutes.
Waiting on a GS shipment before I can finish the command (probably monday or tuesday) and have a few more bits left to do on the tank before painting begins.
Not entirely convinced on the test model colour scheme though, might have to try something different as it looks a little too steel legion for my liking.
Maybe grey coats?

13-01-2007, 18:58
Grey Coats always works! lol Check out some of the other DKoK threads, I have mine up but you'll have to search the many pages of my log.

14-01-2007, 03:36
Right, first update in a long while...

Colonel Rheinhart.


I've basecoated the model black and picked out a few of the details to see how it'd look if I actually left him black.
I quite like it actually, still have to do all the highlighting and stuff on his clothes but I think this may be his look. :)
It does show how old the model is though, the gs work could do with a touch-up here and there.
I purposely left him unarmed, I'll add a servo skull carrying his weapons on a seperate base so I can use different combinations for him. He's far too important to have to carry his own weapons. :D
I might give him an entourage representing bits like Auspexes and the like, I want to go all the way with the gothic nature of forty kay if possible.
Easiest way of me ever being able to afford this army is to go Grenadiers.
I can't find my codex right now but I think that it allows you to take three Stormtrooper squads as troops choices but they can't deepstrike, etc.
It'll make a nice elite personal guard for him and a nice money saver for me as I'll only need twenty five models minimum instead of fifty five. :)
Got a second Leman Russ lined up ready to be assembled but I have to put the finishing touches to a commission piece I'm working on before I can add more to the army just yet.
More asap.

14-01-2007, 04:02
Can't wait to see more mate! I got a game in with my DKoK tonight! It got stopped halfway through, but the Marines were getting their asses handed to them.

14-01-2007, 13:30
Nice one! :D

14-01-2007, 13:57
woo updates!

Looking good and i like the idea of a scuffed black coat. There are loads of cool ideas you could do for his entourage (i really like the servo skull idea, says a lot about his character).

Have you seen the old empire illustration of luthor huss on horseback with his followers cowering bellow on foot (one is holding a shield to avert his gaze). you should give that atmosphere :D

14-01-2007, 14:30
Reinhart is goddamn sweet. I may have to steal that idea.

Angel Robertson
14-01-2007, 15:17
Wow! Painting looks great on his face! I have seen a fair bit of your work on the BnC and on waaagh forums but i think this army could top the lot if you finish it!


14-01-2007, 15:21
Thanks guys. :)

HiredSword: I'm not sure if I've seen the picture but I know what you mean. I was thinking something along those lines. :)
Not sure if I should go all black for the uniform or paint the tunic and trousers a differnet colour?

Sojourner: Be my guest! :)

Angel Robertson: Thanks mate! I'll definately be giving my best shot. :)

14-01-2007, 15:49
That face is amazing.


14-01-2007, 17:50
Doghouse, I know what you mean about keeping it all black. A dark brown for the trousers might be quite good though and gold/yellow for the bits on his jacket.

14-01-2007, 18:42
I would go with a dark red for the chest, but with gold for the braided bits...

You're right about the Grenadiers doctrine, it basically means that you've payed points for better equipment for your men, but not given them the specialist training that they need in order to deepstrike or infiltrate...

I really like whats going on here, so don't stop!