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30-10-2006, 00:03
i thought iŽd post my gobbo-list here to get some reactions and pointers by all of you. i got a whopping 100 pts left, they will go either on some more command-types, free 30 more and throw in a second spider unit, add nets or add a wolf to each wolfreider unit, what do you guys think of this and the list in total? im also thinking of decreasing the NG blocks to create a smaller decoy unit and hopefully trick some guys into thinking its a fanatic-bomber. all thoughts welcome


38 NG spears - 160 2 fanatics 50 musician 4
40 NG spears - 160 2 fanatics 50 musician standard 12
20 NG bows - 60
5 wolfriders bows - 65
5 wolfriders bows - 65
5 wolfriders bows - 65
5 wolfriders bows - 65
10 SpiderRiders - 130 920


10 Squig hoppers - 150
1 Wolfchariot - 60
1 Rocklobber - 70
2 spearchukkas - 70 350


6 Trolls - 240
1 Giant - 205 445


1 Goblin Warboss - 65 428
Murtogs Best Basha - 15
Amulet of Protectyness - 25
Tricksy Trinket - 25
Enschanted Shield - 15
Light armor - 3

1 NG BSB - 55
Bad moon on a stick - 50 pts

1 NG Shaman - 50
Pipes of Doom - 35

1 NG Shaman - 50
Horn of Urgok - 40 total 2143

30-10-2006, 10:36
noticed a mistake, the warboss wont have enchanted shield and lightarmor.

30-10-2006, 13:43
I am currently working on a 2250pt goblin army for a tournament myself (QFA-IV). Consider these suggestions:

1. Split up the spider riders or make the unit smaller. They cant get rank bonus and should be used in terrain (hopefully taking less casualties).

2. You could drop 2-3 squig hoppers to save points, the unit is far too random to put so many points in it. Just one bad roll and they get charged and destroyed.

3. Drop some trolls. That unit would either be far too wide to be practical or have trolls in the second rank doing nothing. It is also a costly unit that has a risk of being stupid (and hence worthless). Their regeneration is good enough as protection from shooting.

4. Warboss is looking good, keep this config =)

5. Bad moon on a stick is not a very good option. It is ok if you keep it by your general (LD7), though not great. The BSB is also very easy to kill even with rank and file models, as he only has 2W T4 and no save. I would prefer the "Banner of rerolling panic tests" or whatever it is called, to keep your units facing the right direction.

6. Drop one shaman and take dispel scrolls on the other one. Perhaps you could move the pipes of doom to the BSB instead, if he doesn't take a banner. Use the last hero slot on another big boss maybe.

EDIT: My suggestions will free up some points, a good use for them is to flood the table with more gobbos.