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Necro Angelo
30-10-2006, 19:27
I've been playing a few games with Wood Elves recently, and as they're upcoming and first Fantasy army I thought that it would be worth asking for the sake of tactics, is it worth purchasing the champion for a unit of dryads or wardancers? I mean for a Branch Nymph you can get a whole extra dryad, and all the nymph does is give you an extra attack... but it can still be singled out by enemy attacks and you might just be wasted before you even get to use that extra attack. Same goes for wardancers I guess. The only benefit I can see is if you're up against a weak army like goblins or skaven you can use the challenge to deprive them of their champions extra attack, as they'd fear the overkill. Hmm maybe I sound a little cocky... but are there any wood elf pros here who can give me an oppinion? Like I said, I'm fairly new to fantasy and I was wondering if that champion could make all the difference between a lost combat and a win.

Murderous Monkey
30-10-2006, 23:01
Champions can also be handy for stopping a nasty combat character decimating your unit. Suppose an exalted champion is baby-sitting some Marauders and your wardancers are engaging them.

If he's got the helm of many eyes your wardancers might disappear before they cut those marauders to pieces... so you challenge, sacrifice the unit champion and then slice up enough marauders with you wardancers (and maybe another charging unit) for it not to matter.

Also magnificent if you plan to run a character of your own with the unit to stop anyone blocking your character from decimating the rank and file.

Conclusion: Champions are useful things for lots of comat units and look cool... but are hardly essential.

EDIT: Note that I've never played wood elves so this is just general advice. Also, I'd have a wardancer champion because the two swords model is just amazing.

30-10-2006, 23:07
You really need to decide by playtesting if the unit's command actually boost the effectiveness of the unit.
With any combat unit I would always take a champion as they always boost the effectiveness. You may get an extra model in the place of a champion, but it will most likely be in the back rank and not attacking. The champion on the overhand will be attacking twice.

31-10-2006, 00:30
You may get an extra model in the place of a champion, but it will most likely be in the back rank and not attacking.

There's the winner. You'll rarely outnumber with dryads or wardancers, so you'll normally have a few models in the bank rank twiddling their thumbs. A unit champion might only give you three attacks, but that's one more than you'd normally have. Add the versatility of having a unit champion, and I'd go for taking one over the extra body anytime.

That said, I wouldn't go out of my way for a unit champion. Just do it if you have the spare points, and take them instead of taking extra bodies.

Goq Gar
31-10-2006, 03:26
Skirmish units, especially wood elf units, tend to be very quick. This means combat on turn 2 usually. Your unit will be hitting alone while the rest f your army lags behind, so every extra attack you can get is worth it. Besides, if your unit gets decimated, you still get SOME attacks with a champ.

31-10-2006, 07:28
I ALWAYS give my wardancers a champion... do the +1 attack and that champion has 4 attacks, nothing to laugh at.

31-10-2006, 09:43
I always go for a champ in my x8 units of dryads and always in my wardancers, partly beacause if I have a wardancer noble with them, which i sometimes have, i dont want him to get squashed by a super killing hero, i rather have him hitting the rank & file and let the champion die in a challange. WD Noble = 2W 3T, he dies faaast, and with a Str of 5 when charging he will have a hard time killing any hero with 1+ or 2+ save in a single round of combat, and will most likley die when the hero strikes back (mine has died in a challange vs a Beast Herd Champion...). The other reasons i take champions to all my skirmishers is as mentioned hes always in the front row and always have something to hit, and WDs & Dryads win their combats by killing alot, not by outnumbering, by command or by ranks. Anything that can boost their hitpower is welcome and a champion isnt all that expensive.

Necro Angelo
31-10-2006, 10:10
Hmm well thanks for all the advice guys... I'll try some champions out sometime.