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30-10-2006, 19:34
I currently play a Skaven army and i'm looking for something new. Right now i'm really looking at an undivided chaos mortal army.
I enjoy playing a balanced list. I'm in no way a powergamer and despise them. With that said, does anyone have any suggestions on which army i should pick up?

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30-10-2006, 20:52
Short answer: no.

Long(er) answer: we don't know what kind of armies you like, except you said you maybe are into Hordes of Chaos. Go with the army you like the 'feel' of. Slow? Fast? Warmachines? Infantry? Cavalry? Monsters? etc etc etc. Go with the army you like the look of. One way or another you're gonna spend a good deal of money on small pieces of plastic and metal, so it's important that you pick models you like - also because you are going to spend alot of time sitting and smearing paints on said models.

So if we are going to help you, you need to give us lots more information. What models do you like? What do you like to play against? Is money an issue? Time? How is your playing style? Do you want something that plays similar to skaven, or something completely different? Do you want to play a 'good' army? An 'evil' one? Should there be alot of conversion possibilities? Should you be able to use models from other ranges than Citadel? etc.

pinball wizard
30-10-2006, 20:56
just do one that appeals o you, then even if you are crap and lose every game you can still say, well i do like he army

(trust me, its happened to me)

have fun, choose wisely