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31-10-2006, 10:31
what do you think about this armylist ?

here my Gobbolist (the Blackork is not fluffy but i like him)

Goblins 2000 Pts


1 Goblin Warboss @ 185 Pts riding a Gigantic Spider (in the 30er GObbo-unit)
Warboss Imbad's Iron Gnashas [30]
Amulet of Protectyness [25]
Ulag's Akk'rit Axe [25]
Gigantic Spider [40] Pts

1 Black Orc Big Boss @ 149 Pts riding a Boar (in the Troll-Unit)
Spear; Heavy Armour; Shield
Horn of Ugrok [40]
Boar [16]

1 Goblin Shaman @ 152 Pts riding a wolf
Magic Level 2; Little Waagh
Staff of Sorcery [30]
Nibbla's Itty Ring [20]

1 Goblin Shaman @ 152 Pts riding a wolf
Magic Level 2; Little Waagh
Dispel Scroll [25]
Dispel Scroll [25]
Wolf @ [12]

Rank and file and Bigguys:

20 Night Goblins @ 85 Pts
1 Fanatic @ [25] Pts

30 Night Goblins @ 173 Pts
Netters; Shield; Standard; Musician,Boss
1 Fanatic @ [25] Pts

29 Night Goblins @ 200 Pts
Netters; Spear; Shield; Standard; Musician,Boss
1 Fanatic @ [25] Pts

5 Trolls @ 200 Pts
1 Giant @ 205 Pts


1 Rock Lobber @ 75 Pts

2 Spear Chukka @ 70 Pts


5 Goblin Spider Riders @ 76 Pts
Spear; Short Bow; Shield; Musician

5 Goblin Spider Riders @ 76 Pts
Spear; Short Bow; Shield; Musician

5 Goblin Wolf Riders @ 76 Pts
Spear; Short Bow; Light Armour; Musician

1 Wolf Chariot @ 63 Pts (xtra Crew)

1 Wolf Chariot @ 63 Pts (xtra Crew)

Casting Pool: 6 (+2 bounded spells)
Dispel Pool: 4 (+1 to dispel / 2 Dispellscrolls)

Models in Army: 124

Total Army Cost: 2000


The huge Gobbos-Units are the center of my army.. flanked by the trolls and the giant, who also can rush over the flank... and then back to the middle of the field...
optional: the giant can go with the Gobbos to attack a Unit in the same turn (Waagh)

the artellery decimate the rank and file units of my enemy to give the gobbos a chance to win in Hand-to-han combat.
or take a good shot on expensive/hard enemy units..

the spiderriders support the trols/giant at the flanks
the Wolfchariots and the Wolfriders going to get shooters and light Kav/chariots

Magic: dispel is ok... enough power to damage also !

the waaghBoss is a good supporter fot the gobbos an well protectet with his amulet and the nets...
with killingBlow he is (can be) a killer...

the blackorc is a perfect leader of the trolls... not fluffy, but a goblin does no good job in that case .. so the trolls can flank, if i want them to do...
maybe i change one troll to some more nightgobbos... the next games will show...

some pictures of converted modells of this army:

Necro Angelo
31-10-2006, 10:45
Looks good to me, I'd know about how annoying the goblin magic can be... I don't like the fact that you can now have black orks in an all goblin army but oh well you seem to know what you're doing.

31-10-2006, 15:18
Your warboss is not allowed to ride the spider and join a unit. You only have two units of 30 night goblins, don't you think that's too low in a 2000 pt. battle?

31-10-2006, 15:30
Where does it say that a Warboss on a Gigantic spider can't join a unit? As far as I can tell they can.

31-10-2006, 19:51
[QUOTE=woytek;1045017]Your warboss is not allowed ...QUOTE]

i donīt think so !


Two 30er Units are not enough... but no points free...
but the table is almost full of units... on this hand 80 Nightgobbos are enough !

01-11-2006, 11:33
Sorry, my mistake. I was confused with giant cave squigs!