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01-11-2006, 01:11
ok folks my best friend and i decided that what we lacked most was fully painted army in fantasy. For us the best part of the hobby actually is the converting and building phase! so to make a long story short, this is a 500 point tzeetch list where I am being an evil army for the first time. We are buying and immediately painting 500 points of our respective armies, tzeetch mortals and tzeentch beasts, then buying another 500 and painting etc.... We are also doing a campaign centered around the 2 forces as they grow which will by and large decide what I get for the next 500 points. This army has a unique background and the units I choose mostly will be because I love the models and the background I create.

That aside I was wondering how you folks think this army would fair against other 500 point armies.

chaos sorcerer- lvl 2, spell familar
(the idea is that he beginning down the path of tzeetch but hasn't proven himself worthy quite yet for the mark of tzeetch. If his first battle goes well I will upgrade him to an exalted champion!)


Chariot of Tzeetch-
Frankly I just love the dark elf chariot so I am getting it and converting it fully
(If it performs extremely well I will mount my character in the chariot in the 1k game!)

Chaos warriors of tzeentch X 12 - full command, shields
(just love these models to death.

Overall do you kind folks think that it is at least a competitive list?

01-11-2006, 02:11
In a 500 pt game I think this list would do well. Its got good magic, a fast, hard unit, and a primary block. However your units are expensive and it might be difficult to play against a mobile army since it might be hard to protect your flanks. Just curious, how are you fielding those 12 warriors? 6x2 I assume? With new rules for 5 wide you'll want as many units in the front rank as possible to deal out some damage, its not like CR counts much for such elite infantry anyway.

01-11-2006, 13:00
I would take a group of marauders horsemen with flails instead of the chariot, and with the points left maybe some more warriors, remember you need five models wide to claim a rank bonus.

01-11-2006, 13:14
There are two problems with this list in a 500 pts game, first of all, your sorceror has nowhere to hide and will get beaten and eaten by archers.

Second, you lack mobillity, you have nothing to deal with fast cavalry of any kind, I would either replace the Warriors with a unit of Marauders and a group of Marauder Horsemen, or I would drop the Chariot in favour of some Marauder Horsemen and a Daemonic Steed for your Sorceror

01-11-2006, 13:49
thanks for the response guys! I really don't know much about how to play chaos.

I know that I need 5 wide for rank (in fact even in 6th I never played with 4 wide). I was going to put my sorcerer in the warriors unit for protect.

I understand the reasoning you guys are saying for dropping the chariot. I definitely want to include one at some point, but it makes sense that it is a bit much for 500 points. I like the idea of the marauder horsemen with flails. They now are more useful since GWs don't get +2 strength on horseback.

Maybe a unit of 8 with a musician and flails? I don't have the book in front of me right now as I am at school in the computer lab (live offcampus from my college), but I know that I will have some extra points left off. I like the idea of a daemonic steed and then join him with the marauders I assume?

thanks again guys this really helps!

01-11-2006, 15:53
A unit of 5 with Musician and Flails will cost you 81 pts and be all the Fast Cavalry you need untill 1.5k

The Daemonic Steed idea was to provide him with a higher movement, the abillity to actually hurt opposing units of Fast Cavalry, and the fact that hits are randomised between him and the steed when it comes to shooting.

Warriors should be fielded in 2 ranks of either 6 or 7 when playing other gods than Nurgle IMHO, and they should be given Hallberds or Additional Handweapons allong with their Shields

02-11-2006, 19:55
Just as a quick update. I purchased the warriors today and built them. I decided to carefully carve off the horns because I like the look of the helmets without them.

On the note of building them, I built them with shields and HWs. Would you guys suggest I give them the additional HWs or a halbred? I do like the idea of str 5 ws 5 troops but is it worth the points? Also on that note, how would I model a halbred on the warrior if he already has a shield?

One more thing, the model I was given for the sorcerer is on foot so what would you suggest since I can't take him as mounted on the daemonic steed? I was thinking the armor of damnation and add another marauder to the horsemen

02-11-2006, 20:16
Halberds are great if you play against opponents with lots of high toughness units or units with heavy armour (or both, in case of Dwarves).
Additional handweapons are great against all other units and against Brets (since their increased ward save against STR5+ attacks basically nullifies the effect your halberds have on their armour).

As far as modelling is concerned, the easiest way would be to drill small holes in the weapon hand, insert a small, staff-length metal rod and to put the head of a regular axe on top of said rod, I think.

02-11-2006, 20:29
Oh, there are ways of putting him on a Daemonic Steed without much sculpting skill required.

Get a 50mm base and a packet of greenstuff, and, bits-order some Dark Pegasus Wings.

Make a big blob of greenstuff and put it on the base, smear the greenstuff on the edges of the blob so that it seem to be forming out of the base, smear and pull the blob untill you get what looks like a blob rising from a pillar of flame.

Shape the Blob into something less-blobby of your choosing, add the wings of either a Dark Pegasus or a Furie, put Sorceror atop Blobby's back and you now have Blobby, the daemonic steed that rises from the flames with either very cool and big wings, or some not-so-cool and not-so-big wings to give that Non-flyer feel

02-11-2006, 20:58
Ok, time to go purchase some small rods for the conversion. Looks pretty easy after I get the drill for it and the rods. I do like the idea of str 5 attacks or choosing to use the HW and shield. I like to have the option at least.

OR I could just go with the handweapons since I can't exactly purcahse the stuff needed to build the halbreds right now. I have the swords anyway so it would work. ::sigh:: silly money why aren't you more plentiful?

Neknoh- I like you sig by the way. My brother is in the marines, and I am doing the JAG program with the marines in a few years