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01-11-2006, 02:41
Some friends and I are considering getting into Warhammer fantasy. After doing some research, I have decided to play High Elves. Is there anything I should know before buying? Strengths, weaknesses, useful units and tactics?

01-11-2006, 02:54
IMHO High Elves do not play like they should in the current edition. They will have a new army book soon.

Things you should note are:

- Archers are terrible, it feels wrong playing an elf army without bows
- Most of the elites are also terrible, it feels wrong not using those sweet models
- When people are looking for an example of a terribly priced unit from any army, they generally refer to Pheonix Gaurd (or Lothern Seaguard).
- Almost everything is overpriced to some degree, it is not a big deal other than with the rare elites.
- The easiest way to win with highelves is taking an all cavalry force. This does not sit well with my idea of massed spears and bows.
- The second easiest way to win is with massed magic, something your opponents will not appreciate.
- All up there are very few units in the HE army that are worth their points values. This leads to very static and cookie-cutter army lists for what should be a very adaptable and varied army.

I say these things as a highelf player and someone that does use every unit, but mostly so I can show off my painting. If I were trying for an efficient force, 50+% of my models would not have been on the table since 6th edition.

I hold out some hope of improvements with upcoming army book. I think that GW realises that DE and HE have it pretty rough at the moment.

I really like the models at least hehe.

P.S If this has not turned you off...

firstly decide if you want an entirely cav force. If so it should be obvious what to buy. IMHO Go for eagles over RBTs in a cav army.

If you decide on an infantry or mixed force, I would buy in this order:
- a box of spearmen
- box of silverhelms
- another lot of spearmen (could get silverhelms if you want)
- 2xRBTs
- Scouts or Eagles (I prefer eagles for 2k point games)

Character choices depend on how much you like magic.

01-11-2006, 04:30
I bought the battalion and converted some pretty sweet looking mages out of the archer/spear/cav sprues ... that, and by about mid-next year hopefully the archers will be a good choice again. I think starting with the battallion box isn't a bad idea, all things considered.