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01-11-2006, 09:29
This is my 2000pt lizardmen army vs a mortal chaos army what do you think about it?

2000 Pts - Lizardmen Army

1 Saurus Oldblood @ 308 Pts
General; Light Armour; Quetzl; Tepok; Mark of the Old Ones
Sword of Striking [30]
Enchanted Shield [10]
Glyph Necklace [30]
Charm of the Jaguar Warrior [20]

1 Saurus Scar-Veteran @ 181 Pts
Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Quetzl; Itzl
Aura of Quetzl [30]
Venom of Firefly Frog [15]
Cold One

1 Skink Priest @ 145 Pts
Magic Level 2; Lore of Heaven
Cloak of Feathers [30]
Talisman of Protection [15]

1 Skink Priest @ 125 Pts
Magic Level 2; Lore of Heaven
Dispel Scroll [25]

10 Skink Skirmishers @ 70 Pts
Scout; Blowpipe

10 Skink Skirmishers @ 60 Pts

1 Jungle Swarm @ 60 Pts

20 Saurus Warriors @ 340 Pts
Spear; Shield; Standard; Musician; Quetzl

20 Saurus Warriors @ 300 Pts
Shield; Standard; Musician; Quetzl

3 Kroxigors @ 174 Pts
Great Weapon

1 Stegadon @ 235 Pts

Total Army Cost: 1998

My plan is to put my Oldblood in the saurus unit with spears and the scar-vet in the other saurus unit. These units will advance down the middle of my army with the stegadon and kroxigors been screened by skink units who will go down my flank.


01-11-2006, 11:06
Hmm, Quite nice.

I see that you've embraced the prospecty of the 'leapy lord', i find him much more effective with a great weapon however. This allows him to smash chariots and other big things (heavy cavalry anyone?). 5 STR 7 attacks is nothing to be laughed at, flank charge some chaos knights and.....
Secondly I'd lose the enchanted shield and give The oldblood the aura of Quetzl.
His 3+ save (scaly, quetzl, light armor) and high tougness (T5) should protect him against S4 and below, anything likely to hurt him will be S5 and above (he is T5). The 4+ ward save is bloody awesome.

In this way you have constructed a near indestructable character who can dish out an immense amount of pain, this hard hitting unit is a great tactical advantage in a Lizardman army. (lacking cannons etc).

What is the purpose of the scar veteran, and why is he mounted?
Saurus can generally hold their own. The points could be spent better elsewhere. If you are adament in taking him at least remove his magic gear.

2 Mages are enough for magic defence but you may have trouble getting spells of depending on how your friends play. It is a good amount however.
Why the cloak and talisman? He is a skink, not a real lizard. hide him somwhere.

Units of 20 are immensely good. these boys are unstoppable. ive seen a unit hold against a charge of 20 empire halberdiers, and 2 flanking units of detachments (10).
The spawning does however eat up points and more importantly Special slots. A 4+ save and T4 is generally enough for protection.
Having said that playing chaos can be dangerous as they are your equals, but with higher WS and I. Perhaps your choice of the Quetzl spawning is relavent here.
Also consider a tepok spawning for added magic defence.

2 solid units of 10 skinks are a healthy choice, try and free up the points to make the second unit scouting.

The jungle swarm fills the extra core slot ill assume.

Kroxigors are a good choice for this assignment as there will be no shooting to destroy them. their low WS may let them down but overall a solid choice. hopefully they'll survive the enemies magic.

I've never been a big fan of stegadons. Their low Ld for most of the part lets them down, even with Cold-blooded they can run away at some very innapropriate times.
Their LD five with cold-blooded is less promising than a normal soldiers LD 7.
A big expensive uniit such as this is a liability with low LD.
You may think that it will be more useful for causing fear and terror, but against chaos this is hardly worth it.
Undivided have rerolls.
Korn have Frenzy, and therfore are immune to psych.
Slaanesh are immune to psych.
Nurgle cause fear, so will only suffer fear.
The unit strenght us too low to 'outnumber by a fear causing enemy' and it will only succeed in making marauders flee.

For some Ld calculations, check out avian's work.

This is one unit you should definately leave at home.

Salamanders however are a must, lots of armor peircing attacks can whittle down those chaos units to manageable sizes. A unit of 2 or 3 can easily accomplish this. Just remeber to target infantry, the sheer number of attacks can make the armor saves and T4 of chaos near useless.
With bigger units, misfires become less of a problem as you have 9 skinks for the eating and the slamanders only get annoyed when all are gone.
Expect that each salamander will misfire one turn in the game(1/6 chance on the artillery dice), and there are still plenty to go around.

Perhaps some terradons for march blocking and to counter fast cavalry?

Anyway these are my thoughts, you may accept or reject them as you please.

Thanks for your time,

01-11-2006, 19:02
For a non-slann army you sure have spent alot of points on characters IMO. You've got some good magic defense especially if you're playing chaos other than tzneetch you'll do well. I do reccomend diadem of power for one of your priests though, its an outstanding item. I like your oldblood build but Im thinking that the scar vet isnt quite necessary.

Your saurus blocks look good and with skink screens, but why a jungle swarm? I assume its filling that extra core but they are soooo worthless with new swarm rules it'd be better just to get an extra skink screen or de-spawning one of those saurus blocks.

Kroxigors are amazing, best ogre sized unit IMO. As for the rare choice, Im personally a salamander man, but Ive heard some great success with steggies. Especially against tough elite units steggies should be good whereas sallies are choice against lightly armored infantry. Either way both rare choices are phenomenal, its really just about play style.