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01-11-2006, 20:12
I have played WFB on and off for about a year, only playing in small games now and again. I wrote a story behind my non evil Tzeentch wortshipping tribe and everyone at my gaming store was pretty impressed.

My problem is this- in every single game I have only had my Chaos Warriors standing at the end. My cavalry, heavy and light goes out to molest stuff with my Hero, then are slaughtered. My Warriors mop up. Alot of my victories have come down to amazing rolling though; I know this won't last forever.

Can I get a decent guide to help me get back into the game without being crushed by the new Edition etc and in larger games?

01-11-2006, 20:33
tzeentch are a powerful army and can win games by playing fairly basic warhammer, and also by being very clever and subtle.

There are a bunch of chaos tactica threads on here, have a look around in the tactics forum, have a read of those and try to filter out the advice that applies to how you want to play the game.

I like to take a bit of a flying circus with a tzeentch army, screamers, characters on discs and furies are staples. Some people like to use blocks of horrors with flamers in front to shoot at units as they charge in.

I believe one person even made a half decent shooting army with chaos, so it can be done.

02-11-2006, 04:26
Tzeetch characters can be expensive point wise. I find that Tzeetch wargors in a huge beast herd (8 gor/14ungor) works really well with the staff of Darkoth and a powerstone on one wargor and a dispell scroll with the goretooth on the other. Make sure they have great weapons. Placing them in a beastherd gives them 360 line of sight for spell casting and magic missles. Plus, the fact they can move in skirmish formation and you get to pick how your troops line up in battle makes a very huge difference in keeping them alive or really dishing the pain.

Also, screemers are pretty good at 33 pts each. 3 of them are good mage hunters as you can charge the front of unit, and align them so that 2 models are touching the mage. This gives you 4 pretty good attacks to kill the mage. At WS 4 and strength 4 you can do pretty good. Plus, you can take out warmachine crews very easily with them. I have not used the slashing attack as it rarely comes about for me.

Tzeetch wariors are the weakest type when it comes to leadership. So I try to use undivided instead of Tzeetch troops.