View Full Version : Centigor Dos and Don'ts

01-11-2006, 23:10
I want to create a beastmen army with more Centigor units than the average. I realise they are not the most effective drunk horse/man warrior available in the Warhammer world but I want to use them.

I have a couple questions. How many should be in a unit? Which weapons to equip them with? Any secrets to making them more effective?

01-11-2006, 23:17
I have fielded units of 5 and 10 before and find that ten works well and with command work out at about 170 points, which isn't bad. This gives them a rank bonus and as they're cavalry models a chance to outnumbere their foes.
They are a great flanking nuit as they are movement 8 and can even move through woods to provide a nasty surprise to units/wizards hiding in or behind woods.
As for equipment, I didn't think they had options other than throwing axes IIRC. Never taken these so I can't comment.
Overall, a good unit that I never leave behind.

02-11-2006, 04:46
I take to units of 7 with full command and sheilds, they work reasonably well. Personally with cavalry I never take ranks, as you may as well expand the front rank to get more hits, and one shot at a unit of 10 and you've lost the rank bonus anyway.

Its great having a unit that can move through woods though, 1st turn move into a wood, shooting at them is at -1 and then charge, drunken is a problem either way but it fits what they are.

02-11-2006, 09:14
I don't play BoC, but I have faced Centigors a couple of times, and I always try to kill them quick as hell, which is not easy if they hide i some woods turn one.

Their main advantage is their extreme mobility, so if you use that to your advantage, you could well use 2-3 units of them.

I would take them 6-7 strong, not more, and never go for the extra rank, unless you want huge units of like 20 Centigors. Which I would not recommend.

02-11-2006, 15:23
although drunken can be a burden, if they're used right, frenzy usually works to improve their hitting power, they also cant reliably be lured and baited.

The stupidity thing can be a problem, however, the chances of rolling a 1 for the drunken test, AND failing a stupidity test too are less than 1 in 12.

Not to mention the cheapo way of making them even more powerful by sticking an aspiring champion battle standard bearer in there with the beast banner, plus he improves their leadership to 8 which is all the better for passing stupidity tests.

I would say units of 6 are a good number, maybe with a champion and musician, as you're going to get a flank charge a good deal of the time, the standard is less important, but if you want, you can go all out for the extra +1 combat result.

I always take sheilds for them, if they ever get charged, you can turtle them with no disadvantage, and it gives them a respectable save, which coupled with their T4 makes them moderately resilient