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02-11-2006, 10:12
Ok, so this was a 900 hundred point battle between Necrons and Tyranids that I and a friend fought at his house. The mission was Annihilate on alpha level.

The lists:


Hive Tyrant
Venom Cannon, Bonesword and lashwhip, Warp Blast, Toxin Sacs, Enhanced Senses, Extended Carapace 197 pts

4 Warriors
Deathspitters, Scything Talons, Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, Leaping 168

1 Lictor 80

26 Gaunts
Fleshborers 156

16 Hormagaunts 160

8 Genestealers
Extended Carapace 160

Heavy support:
2 Bio-acid Spore mines

2 Bio-acid Sporemines


Necron Lord
Staff of Light, Phase Shifter, Phylactery, Gaze of Flame 160

14 Necron Warriors 252

14 Necron Warriors 252

Fast Attack:
3 Destroyers

7 Scarab Swarms

This is from my point of view:
The terrain was mainly trees and rocks. In my deployment zone there was a rock and some trees to the right, while in the middle left of the board there was a big rock with some trees next to it.
In the middle right of the board there was a smaller rock with some more trees for cover.
In his deployment zone there was a low wall (defended obstacle) and some more rocks.

I deployed my hormagaunts to the far rightwith the warriors behind them.
In the middle I had the Hive tyrant supporting the Gaunts and the Genestealers were on the far right. The Lictor and the Spore mines were waiting in reserve.

The Necrons deployed the Scarab Swarms next to the rock in his zone and one warrior squad and the lord behind the wall. The Destroyers were set up to the left of the warriors behind the wall and the other warrior squad to the far left.

Lets begin then:

Tyranids turn 1:
The Hive Tyrant surveyed the battlefield, its whip twitching slightly at the thought of the hunt. The prey that had been following had suddenly disappeared and in its place some kind of strange non-organic skeletons had appeared as from nowhere.
The Tyrant was slightly confused as to were its prey had gone but it decided that they must be beyond the skeletetons.
It ordered all tyranids it could reach to hunt these beings down and find its prey.
Its puppets, "Hormagaunts" had the prey called them sprung forward with great speed and the larger ones behind them barely managed to keep pace.
The Tyrant trudged forward when it suddenly saw three floating skeletons.
They didnīt appear to have any wings to stay in the air and the Tyrant wondered how they could be there. It summoned up the energies of the Hivemind and with a great gout of green flame it struck down all three of the beings. One howerer, to the Tyrants great surprise, actually brought its parts back toghether and went back into the air.

Necron turn 1:
The Necron lord stared coldly at the things advancing towards them, they didnīt matter to him. All he cared about was to bring back find the weakling race that had fled from these creatures.
His memory could not find anything on these creatures. They could not be creations of their ancient and hated enemies.
They were howerer, fine treats for his master. If he could gather the life energies of these creatures creatures and bring them to his master he would surely be granted his masters favor. He ordered the last of his destroyers to blast the gigantic creature that had destroyed the other two destroyers but not even the unholy energies of the destroyers Gauss cannons could harm the beast.
The Lords bodyguard opened fire against the beast to but their firepower couldnīt even scratch it.

Tyranids turn 2:
The Tyrant was furious! These beings had dared an attempt to harm it and that would cost them all they had! It drew its minions to even greater speed, the mental whip of the Tyrant almost proved to be to much for the smallest ones.
The Spore mines started to rain down and started to float around and into the Necron ranks. One of the mines came into contact with a necron warrior exploded and the acid that was released turned the warrior in a molten pile of scrap.
The Tyrant unleashed another blast of flame this time against the warriors who were covering behind a wall but some kind of mystical shield protected them and the attack failed to do any damage.
A shadow stalked behind the warriors and suddenly a lictor revealed itself from bare rock!
The lictor prepared to throw itself into the warriors but at the last moment was hindered by the scarab swarms and ripped apart under a mass of shiny scarabs, it did however manage to bury its feeder tendrils into of the scarabs and transmit the knowledge to the Tyrant. The Tyranids now knew what they were fighting.

Necrons turn 2:
The Lord realised that their enemies were starting to get close, way to close.
He had no doubt that his warriors would be able to phase out before being overrun but then he would fail to find the race they were hunting.
The last remaining destroyer sped around the rocks to escape before the beasts could reach it.
The Lord commanded the warriors to its left to destroy the largest of them before it could crash into their lines.
This time a single shot managed penetrate the armor plates of the beast and it roared, probably more in anger than pain.

Tyranids turn 3:
The tyrant drove its puppets as hard as it possibly could and this managed to bring the "hormagaunts" into combat with the warriors, the metal bodies of the beings as unable to protect them from the sheer number of stabbing beasts, three of them drowned in the horde that went on them.
They only managed to fell two of the beasts in return.
The Tyrant didnīt managed to harm any of the other "necrons" as they were apparently called, with its powers.

Necrons turn 3:
The Lord were starting to consider phasing out as the beast were now way to close for him to like it.
His doubts were swept away as the other of his sqauds wiped out the four armed beasts that were enchroaching on them in a massive volley of close-range gauss fire.
The last remaining destroyer used its gauss cannon to punch through the body of a single small beast.
The scarabs howerer was of more use as they to engaged in the swirling melee between the hormagaunts and the warriors.
The gaunts howerer were by far faster and wiped out several of the scarabs before they got a chance to get in close enough to attack the hormagaunts directly.
3 more of the gaunts were killed but the Lord started to realise that he were fighting a losing battle. Soon the rest of the beasts would join the combat and overwhelm them.

Tyranids turn 4:
The Tyrant could see that the "necrons" were faltering as more and more of his minions reached the melee.
It would have victory once it itself got into the battle. And that wouldnīt be long...
The ones of his minions who werenīt already in combat now charged into it with all the speed they could muster while the Hive tyrant started to gain speed, the ground trembling with every step. It threw its massive body into the the group of warriors, crushing 2 of the warriors without even pausing.
Another was squeezed in the whip, the entrance of the Tyrant, decided it for the Necron Lord, he ordered his warriors to retreat, but the slow warriors were easily caught by the hormagaunts and hacked down while they were trying to retreat.
this left the Necrons leaderless as the their Lord was impaled on the tip off the tyrants venom cannon.

We quit here because there were far too few necrons left to actually make a difference, so the results:

Tyranids win! It was a fun game and the highlight was when the Necron Lord was crushed by the Tyrant.
It was really hard to write from the tyrants point of view as it (or he) is a tyranid and really lacks a personality, but I think I managed it pretty good:
I leave the critics up to you.

Hatake Kakashi
02-11-2006, 10:20
why did the necron player waste his fire power on your tyrant :S

02-11-2006, 11:10
If you whack 3 destroyers at once, your opponent can't attempt we'll be back rolls. There has to be another unit nearby where the survivors can join.

Anyway, good win on your part. But the poster above is right; he should never have shot the tyrant.

02-11-2006, 11:34
I know he should never shot the tyrant but the first shots was because he had nothing else to shoot at, and this was one of our first games in wh40k so we forgot some things, gotta learn as you go.:angel:

02-11-2006, 12:02
Uh hoooo, such a static Necron force at 900 points nothing you can really do about it unfortunetly.

Wait till he gets a few more destroyers and monoliths then it turns the tide on those darn Tyranids!:chrome:

Warlord Kyle
03-11-2006, 03:34
Praise the hive mind!!! The necron play is like my friend, always trying to make up for quaility of shoots at my carnifex with quantity:D