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17-03-2005, 23:54
Hey all

Just thought i'd post up the latest army list ive come up with in my search for a druchii army i can win with.

I've included a little section under each unit as to how i try to use each unit.

Well, here goes

Draleth, Dark Elf Noble 132 Points
Heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield, seal of ghrond, blade of spite.

This is the general, normally he sits back in either of the main infanry units and advances alongside them. The seal is for additional dispel abilities and the blade of spite is there because i've found it useful to be able to not have to roll to wound on occasion (3 attacks normally gets me one or two auto wounds)
Kardan, Dark Elf Sorcerer 140 Points
Hand weapon, 2 dispel scrolls.

just a cheap as possible scroll caddy - along for the dispel's

Korjan, Dark Elf Noble 191 Points
Heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield, lance, dark pegasus, death mask,

If all goes to plan this noble will accompany the chariots and dark riders on a flank and then get behind the enemy. the idea is to use the pegasus to make full use of the terror that the death mask gives
Garak, Battle Standard Bearer 105 Points
Heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, battle standard.

Simply along to give me the benefits of the battle standard - cheap as I could manage

5 Dark Riders 97 Points
Spears, light armour, hand weapon, musician.

5 Dark Riders 97 Points
Spears, light armour, hand weapon, musician.

Because it seems that no army should be without them, extremely useful and cheap enough aswell.

15 Warriors 145 Points
Shield, spear, light armour, hand weapon, full command.

15 Warriors 145 Points
Shield, spear, light armour, hand weapon, full command.

These units are there to give a little back bone to the army - a stable force of infantry marching across the table. Normally deployed on eiter side of the executioners and generally one unit contains the general, Draleth.

20 Executioners 250 Points
Heavy armour, draichs (Great weapons), full command.

Love the models, my favourite unit in the army, also not to shabby in the game i find. Usually accompanied by the battle standard and flanked by the 2 units of warriors

Cold One Chariot 97 Points

Cold One Chariot 97 Points

Cold One Chariot 97 Points

Cold One Chariot 97 Points

To add a little speed and hard hitting power to the army - they will be used on a flank and multicharge the enemy. fear is also a bonus with these. They will work in a group with the pegasus mounted noble and the manflayers

Menghils Flayers 287 Points
Menghil - hand weapon, repeater pistol, great weapon.
5 Flayers - hand weapons, repeater crossbows, great weapons, full command, banner of khalad

Another unti of which i love the models. I've used these a few times and found them to be great - good at both combat and shooting. Best of all the banner of khalad generally dissuades my opponents from bothering about them and as such earns me easy vp's from small units and warmachine crews. Works alongside the rest of the fast stuff in the army

Total Points - 1977

4 hero slots,
4 core slots,
4 special slots,

WHat do you think of the army? any glaring problems and such? what would you change and why?

Comments and criticisms wanted



18-03-2005, 08:00
I would drop the manflayers, they seem expensive (almost 300pts :eek: ). For those points you could buy 2 RBT:s and some extra spear elves (for full rank bonus). But if you really like the menghil models, I think you should use them :) .

18-03-2005, 10:37
Now, I'm a huge advocate of building an army that's prety before it's effective (I have a full command group in my DR :D ) but the first thing I see when I look at your list is zero firepower, and second only one really crack CC unit.

I would immediatly drop 2 of the chariots, one of the hero's - maybe the BSB, as it can be done without in a high LD army like DE - and if you can bring yourself drop the manflayers. This saves a lot of points.

Invest first and foremost in a pair of RBT's. If you take no other ranged firepower, 2 of these can just about cover the job in a 2K game with their multi shot function, and at 200pts for the pair it's never worth leaving them behind. They can also thin enemy units before your T3 infantry gets to the slashing which is also useful.

Next put cross bow's on those DR! I know it can be expensive, but it's worth doing. Even if you only do it on one unit, those extra shots are useful - remember that's potentially 20 shots. The modifier is high, but they have a good BS to start with.

A cheap sorceress would be useful. With everything at T3 even simple spells like fireball can hurt, so it's worth taking some kind of defence. EDIT: you already have this, ignore this comment

If you drop the Manflayers, get either some CoK's or Black Guard. CoK's, assuming they don't go stupid can break most lines - modify one of your nobles to be mounted with a great weapon, and you have a great unit. If you use these take as many as you can afford.

Alternativly, the Black Guard. I love these, because they are just beautiful Fortunatly, while expensive they can hold up anything. Take enough of them and nothing will break them on the first charge, because they run an unmodifiabe LD 10. If you've retained the BSB they could re roll oif they're close enough and you can't. Park them in the front rank of the meanest enemy unit and line something up in the flanks.

Bear in mind please, I'm really rubbish at Warhammer, but have played DE for years...

-- Imbroglio

18-03-2005, 10:39
I totally agree with kaffe, on the manflayer issue. The inclusion of 4 chariots rawks pretty hard. I'd look into dropping one spearmen regiment in favour of some RxB's with shields, giving you something to do in all phases of the game, and upping the other to 16 in a 4x4 formation (unless you plan on having a character in there). How about using the flayers as shades?

I'm not too thrilled about the noble with the deathmask, but let us know how he works out for you!



18-03-2005, 10:42
Yeh take RBT's at least 2. I think maybe drop the cheap noble and beef up the other to make a formidable general as a footslogger is pretty useless.

Any particular banner for the executioners? I usually take a banner of murder when im not playing CoS.

I think mengil is quite potent as ive seen him in action and did very well against the ogres.